1corinthians6_18Jesus Set Perfect Moral Example, Joseph in Bible run away from sexual sin when invited to freely indulge. Joseph did not sin against God as good example warns against sexual sin. In Galatians 5:16-17, Bible says walk by the Spirit of God and you will not gratify desires of the flesh. Lustful desires of the flesh are against the Spirit of God, and desires of Spirit against flesh, opposed to each other, to keep from doing right thing to Obey God. As God’s TREASURE, Precious, Priceless Holy Temple, God’s Spirit Dwells in you. Submit to God, Acceptable Pleasing keep body pure under Holy Spirit Control and RESIST devil to flee from you.James-4-7-Submit-To-God-And-Resist-The-Devil-blue-copyGod’s Help is needed to overcome sexual sin readily available. God demands body, the flesh to be preserved Holy to God not to indulge flesh but to be living sacrifice and testimony to God. People do not realise sex sin against God if not taught properly. God’s body is not meant for a sexual immorality but for God’s Spirit to Dwell in as Child of God. So sexual sin affects own body, cuts God off Spirit by fleshly soul ties. Sex is designed by God so great, and wonderful to enjoy to share moment of intimacy to express true love affection for another. Since the world recognises sell sells quickly, encourages, promotes, portrays sex as a harmless fun for pleasure and for relaxation relief.nehemiah-leadership-principles-20-728Sex adverts permeate all levels of society on TV in the news, magazines, cartoons, films, comedy, drama music culminating in pornography. Most people feel sex is a right to indulge in by consent of partner if both agree to be at it. This concept tied to constantly shifting official age for sex makes sex seem harmless and easy to be involved with any partner. After all both gain by enjoying pleasure derived from sex. It leads to over sell sex and over kill as many see sex as their primary relief of tension. So must have sex at all cost with anyone by manipulation, deception, date rape violent debauchery murder for sex.Good newsPerverts use sex to try to fulfill some sort of pain, anguish, relief enjoy thrill secret stolen water is ‘sweet’ adventure. Looks for next fix and forgets sacred sanctity of privacy of sex. A person’s life constitues more than sex. Boiling life down to sex a priority shifts attention from a real deep love intimacy genuinely shared by caring couples, partners. Media sex adverts sell sex directly, constantly, influence minds to indulge to have some of what a model has to live happily ever after sex. Sends a wrong message through media by actors, actresses directed to pose in certain way pretend coitus sex scenes, use abuse sex for selfish gratification entertainment.T-sexualHarrass-enHD-AR1Women’s equality commitee noted that online pornography has led to increased acceptance of sexual violence aggression harassment towards women. The society normalised culture of sexual harassment in schools mean that girls are changing behaviour rather than boys challenged. Change must come with shift in attitude among the wider population. Women’s Equality Committee conducted a recent investigation into extent of the sexual harassment and violence in schools. Heard girls called slut; wear shorts under skirt to prevent boys peeping underwear in playground behaviour not challenged to confront to stop in the name of “boys will be boys” having fun.d9e0e909b7538b812a62fa62933ba352.jpgThere is sense of normalised culture of sexual harassment in schools where girls do not feel able to report it and instead change own behaviour such as wearing shorts under their skirts.” The healthy relationship charity Tender, asked the school how sexual harassment could be stamped was out told, “if girls can wear trousers.” So rude attitude towards girls is compromised by blaming girls instead teaching boys from 5 years about respect for the girls private body part boundaries early to note seriousness of their sexual harassment. So crucial to teach etiquette to boys and girls to learn to respect girls, women. Men must understand women love mature responsible spouse; strong but a caring sensitive man, consistent, reliable, not controlling behaviour for only their sexual gratification abuse.2015-02-10_1657.pngNaive children perfectly copy what they see as a normal acceptable in society. Do not understand pretend sex unexplained to them sexplay to portray sentimental love and romance with sex undertones to gain viewers on TV. As viewing rates soar more sex programs made ensure channel high subscriber list. Unfortunately, such dangerous trend triviliase sex to a young naive child and causes more harm than good. Lack of the CORTEX BRAIN means they do not know serious implications of consequences of unprotected sex destroy lives. Young people must learn by 5 years respect for a girl’s body, personal space boundaries, selflove dignity, confidence, inner beauty to understand true value of Godly love. Girls not to lead boys on by a friendship presumed as asking for sex.b7ce46f21dae9f094be2e1fc7a61efdfSex is not proof of true love as people are deceived often to commit sexual sin by a man who uses this lie to abuse women. A real man who genuinely loves God never will ask for sex before marries his wife. A virtuous woman must help man to have self control to train him to be faithful to her after marriage. Helping the man to indulge before marriage contributes to unfaithfulness cheating after marriage. If they do it with you to sin against God they will do it you to hurt you exactly as you allowed thinking you were so extra special and different from the previous women used and abused by him. So not only do you offend God it can cost your salvation in the Kingdom of God. Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Do you not know the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, men who practice sodomy, thieves, greedy, drunkards, nor revilers, swindlers will inherit kingdom of God.0772b41df63cb61bbce302726f9d16dd.jpgThe consequences of sexual sin is widely known diseases ranging from dormant STDS, HIV, AIDS, costs millions of lives of millions innocent babies killed daily by by the reckless free sex concept. It is shocking to promote the free sex on one hand but conceal real damages to a life detroyed by free sex notion. Children not taught or exposed to the horrific damage because considered traumatic to a young mind. Many seek affection through lust misold sex escapades brag swaps online. So real hurt is emotional cost to families, costs billions to raise children raising a child trying to learn and have a career. It puts cart before horse bolting door after horse escapes. Prevention is better than cure to avoid untold grief caused by sex. Society must stop glamourising sexual sin sexualing children !!! True love and genuine affection is expressed through real respect for God’s body as Temple to keep pure and Holy for God’s Spirit to dwell in. Submit to God resist the devil, he will flee from you in Jesus Name.


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