Racism in living history turns Jesus into white from black airbrushed and touched by the Pope. The headquarters of Roman Catholic church is in Vatican City, Rome. And they could afford all the best artists at the time, so they were able to dictate exactly how Jesus was to be depicted. At that time, there was a big trade in black Africans, they did not want Jesus Christ looking black for their mere commercial reasons. Museums also chiselled noses, bleached sculpture as the general trend to adapt black features to white to make history seem like artefacts were made by whites. Like other things accomplished by black people due Credit of Jesus death and resurrection again alluded to white history. Race appearance of Jesus Christ is discussed on a number of occasions by Eisler, quoted in the book by Dobschütz’ monumental Christusbilder about race of Jesus, ranging from a white Aryan Jesus to black African Jesus. In a recent lawsuit against Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City claims an artwork of Jesus hanging on a museum walls is a “racist propaganda” because pieces depict Jesus as white. The federal lawsuit argues this makes “government speech” racist. So contemporary audience in this case urge people to rethink context that plays into displaying exclusive white privilege as a culture advantage perspective. Politically correct society requires inclusive people representation paramount as the trend in moment for the kind of conversation on Jesus’ authentic original image. jesus.jpgThe most accurate image of Jesus Christ real face put by forensic anthropology, first appeared in a BBC documentary in 2001 called Son of God. Black Jesus did not look like the pop culture renditions of Son of God often seen. Dark-skinned Jesus with short, coarse hair and a beard, renews interest in depiction of Jesus. It opens dialogue once again, Jesus colour traced interpretations through history. Historians discovered, stated by Harvey the birth, growth and evolution of white Jesus imagery dates from antebellum era exploding in twentieth century based on empire founded in notions of race. The whiteness of Jesus integral development of “colour” served as a function of white supremacy. The colour of Jesus mattered in justification of what many did in His name. Whiteness of Jesus continues to support the ongoing white supremacist narrative. Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, wrote in 1898 in beginning imperialism, “God is a Negro” as Turner’s black deity constructed holiness through black God Jesus to white interest. Within racist framework, declare d/evil black depicted in pictures. The black Jesus contradicts perceived notion of only white as good. FaceOfJesus-435x375Despite the black Jesus forensic evidence from scientists; biblical scholars and the theologians, all declaring Jesus black, by overall mountain of evidence white Jesus remains the norm in movies, Television programs, books, media, paintings in museums churches, and in homes across the world, Jesus still depicted as white. It is interesting when confronted with the overwhelming amount of evidence that concludes Jesus is black, white invested in whiteness of Jesus default and say it does not matter what colour Jesus is in defense. Yet mattered enough to doctor Jesus white. The Living History rhetoric of Jesus imagery story from description of those who lived with Him though He posed for portrait or sculpture. Even in modern times forensic science depends on eye witness descriptions to construct face, height, size, shape, profile as good enough to reconstruct and jog memory of the public to help solve cases. So how much more the Son of God well-known and well travelled seen by many people accurately portrayed by His generation. Others deny Jesus’ appearance and focus specifically on His ministry to make His Physical Person, Invisible, Insignificant.hollywood-jesus.gifInvestments in white Jesus is very high because it strikes at the core of heart of racism challenging stereotype prejudice forces people to have reality check based on Truth. The truth is Jesus’ priority was to win hearts and minds of all kinds of the people He interacted with so colour did not seem to matter. When nativity scene dark-skinned baby Jesus seen on a desk, some resented display saying it changed who Jesus was. So some think black Jesus is frivolous, sensationalistic likely to instigate activist project, which designed can spark propaganda dialogue. Black Jesus shocks so many people, quite and offensive to radical Black Theology Afrocentrism white Jesus is preferred. So those aware adapt image of Jesus to try to redress grevious injustice against Son of God. Given that thr dominant culture writes history and textbooks to influence mind and shapes the thinking process outcome. Those who contend Jesus was not white fight an uphill struggle against a deeply embedded belief. Continue to argue for a more inclusive, historical interpretation of Jesus using the judicial system to be heard. So debate continues especially in academia as black studies unearths more historical anomalies facing modern Church as multicultural Body of Christ. Church is a multicultural family of God since time of Jesus made up of all the people from all nations.
Jesus ancestors from the tribe of Semitic Jew, not Arab, is a tribe of people who lived and live in the Arabian Peninsula. The anti-Semitic sentimental feelings played part turning purposefully Jesus into white man. Race questions of Jesus’  ethnicity  turns out to be far more complicated than simply identifying Jesus as a Jew turned white God. Jesus was regarded as a ‘traitor’ who sold out outside Judaism betraying technically disloyal to Jews. So meant some rejected Jesus as Messiah. It is problematic to represent the image of Jesus as a black Jew in Churches blaming Jews only as responsible for killing their beloved Messiah. So seem abominable to depict image of perceived enemy, prefer white Jesus. People forget that all have sinned and fallen short of Glory of God. made-of-god-julian-pastordawn-copyFuthermore, Europe was among the first areas where Christianity really took hold in era which created most icon artwork depicting Jesus. Since then the majority of inhabitants of Europe as fair-skinned people, depicted Jesus as a religious deity having their similar physical attributes. It is still an important issue go some but others feel it does not really matter as it might do more harm than good trying to change visibility of Jesus Image as black. In a global multi-cultural society people want to feel heard, acknowledged, heard and appreciated. The constant depiction of TV adverts of white in a positive light and blacks in a xenophobic derogatory manner fuels and contributes to racism. If a Perfect black Son of God Jesus Christ is not good enough for a white Christian Church then there is a serious problem of Faith looming over the horizon. For it seems the white washed Jesus preferred sends wrong message black is not right.28-funadamental-beliefs-1-51-638As a result, portrays blacks as inferior at the highest level at the helm of affairs so reinforcing institutional racism. There is a notion of high self esteem associated with white privilege and low selfesteem issues if people bleaching themselves to look white, light, fair skinned. Although Sovereign Almighty LORD God deems a race acceptable as HE desgned people, it is mankind that insults God for making people different. Racism is alive, well so permeates all areas of life. Most people do not realise NOBODY HAS CONTROL over their image as person fearfully and wonderfully made in the Perfect Image of God. So targetting some people based on race is ignorance at the highest level. The earth belongs to the Patent Owner God Decides and Chooses the melanin pigmentation of all the people on earth. It is really sad to promote, construct life deliberately purposefully highlight white as good and black as evil is offensive to God. Many will give an account to God on how they treat His PRICELESS Creation on judgement day. Judgement begins in the House of Prayer for ALL NATIONS as Jesus described Temple Church of God.ba15adfdbcb878a85559b31c6606b9d1Why gain whole world based on racism and lose the soul in hell? Alexander the Great instructed his people to parade his body after death with his hands opened and empty signifying his mighty hands conquered nations but left it all behind. The confusion and bigotry of racism still rages on starting from the First Born in Creation Jesus Christ, to all aspects of life based on fear. Fear of the unknown that if others are valued, treated right as equals perhaps they will demand even more to take back what was usurped by slavery and colonialism. Jesus advocates justice, fair treatment of the poor people often underdogs, flotsam and jetsam of the earth? Why would those responsible for depriving others display portrait of a black Jesus nemesis a constant reminder to treat blacks well in the offices, homes, premises, schools or churches? That is the last black person they want to see to prompt their conscience to make them feel uncomfortable while enjoying their free rich pickings globally. Above all, it God who has the Final Say on the Image of His Son Jesus Christ. The Bible says to rely on God not to lean to own traditions of men. When Miriam and Aaron queried Moses about his marrying black wife God so angry struck Miriam with leprosy. So Moses prayed and interceded for healing delaying the Tabernacle journey for days. In other words Miraiams actions affected whole community as she suffered racist remarks against Moses and his wife. So racism OFFENDS GOD directly and Black Jesus bleached white might be just icing on the cake of God’s fury at man-made miracles turning his Son into whiteman.8ac014647232c1c056d9c3c6a7c17f51Jesus and Israel family tree blood line is traced through the Covenant of God with Abraham from Iraq. The accurate living history traced to Ur in Iraq today is fairly certain to identify colour of Jesus skin. It is true Arab Conquests in 690 BC played a part in diverse races settling in Syria, Palestine, Nazareth, some converts of Judaism proselyting. However, Jews keep accurate DNA records of Jesus geneology in the Bible traced to Adam. Exceptional, willingness of Jesus to Surrender His will to God’s WILL Transcends race. For true believers in Body of Christ, in Church of God Jesus Said on the Cross it is Finished by His Accomplished Sacrifice that saves matters ABOVE ALL else. Because in the twinkle of an eye the body flesh changes into a glorious heavenly body out of this world. So not wise to cling to only a flesh which turns dust to dust and cause such actions to offend to God lose salvation. Believers within Church of God in Christ need to FOCUS MORE on Sinless Son of God in Bible Scriptures to maintain faith. Multicultural Church of God consists of people from all nations under heaven.
So no need for racism against Jesus the The Son of God who who Sacrificed His Life as a Ransom for many from all sins and  racism prejudice. So important for Christians to expand the Church to allow creation of a community able to worship Jesus who builds bridges not barriers. It is essential to enable those who bear the name of Christ to look forward to book of Revelation 7:9, to worship together from all nations, every tribe, language, pray, worship God together. White image of JESUS must not destroy Faith of a true believer because a racist is accountable to God and equally deserves Mercy and the forgiveness of God like all other sins against God. It not fun or pleasant to be at receiving end of racism but hating the racist is not Acceptable to God. A Living history of Jesus family tree documented by numerous people from all the tribes under heaven gathered for that passover feast year. All desperatly in need of the Saviour Jesus Who died to save all prayed “Father Forgive them all for they know not what they were doing.”crucifying Jesus. Many eye witnesses in Jerusalem in Israel for 33 years saw Jesus alive here on earth clearly remember Jesus features and ministry as Son of God and King of Kings. Pilgrims praying each year from all nations under heaven reminiscent of streets of Jerusalem filled 2,000 years ago duting passover saw and heard about Jesus. Reliable eye witnesses knew Jesus Personally, talked dined so accurately describe Jesus throughout History. 
Acts 2, verse 9, states following list of all people and places in Jerusalem 3 times a year. These are, “Parthians, Medes and Elamites and residents of Mesopotamia. Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia Pamphylia, Egypt, parts of Libya of Cyrene, visitors from Rome, Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabians.”All these people in Jerusalem were Jews, as the text says: “There were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews, devout men from every nation under heaven.” Most were Jews by birth but in the crowd were Gentiles converted to Jewish faith. Devoted Jews and proselyte Gentile-Jews were present each year in the crowd from every nation under heaven every year for 33 years in Jerusalem those particular days. About 3 million Jews and converts in Jerusalem, going to temple, on appointed days. The three major festivals in Hebrew calendar called for the people of Israel to be there at the temple. These were “pilgrimage” festivals of Feast of Passover–“Pesach,” in the Hebrew language in early spring; the Feast of Weeks, “Shavuoth,” which occurred fifty days later, in later spring, or “Pentecost,” means “fifty days after Jesus Resurrection.” The third major pilgrimage festival, Feast of Booths, or Tabernacles, “Sukkoth,” in the fall.
For all festivals, made pilgrimages to Jerusalem to the temple as a significant undertaking when all the Jews lived in land of Israel itself. When Jews scattered from Israel living in the far away distant lands the trip to Jerusalem was big deal. Thousands make trip, “devout men from every nation under heaven.” A remnant Jews lived in the land of Israel but most scattered in Jewish Dispersion, Diaspora. In 722 B.C., northern kingdom of Israel fell to Assyrians, dispersed the northern tribes, out of the land in every direction, settled in far distant lands. After fall of north, about a century later, around 600 B.C. Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, deported people of Judah, the southern kingdom to the east, in Mesopotamia in Babylonian Captivity.” The Persian king Cyrus issued edict in 538 B.C., Judahites returned to Jerusalem, others settled in in Mesopotamia. The Jewish dispersions existed during New Testament times. So accurate image of Jesus widely known as most saw or heard from him directly.
The Jewish people were scattered all over the East and the Mediterranean world, living in many nations for centuries and speaking native languages of respective countries. These Jews would still come back to Jerusalem and go to the temple for the annual pilgrimage festivals of Passover, Pentecost, and Booths. This is why these people from all these lands were present in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost as God’s plan. God arranged all people be in Jerusalem, in or around temple area to hear the word of God to spread it abroad. God caused, “sound like mighty rushing wind, Bible records Holy Spirit fire fell on believers united in prayer in unity of mind, heart with one accord. So 3,000 observant Jews saved REMEMBER Jesus very well enough to document original icons painted Jesus thousands of years black corresponding to the kind of people in ancient history. I am sure Jesus wants more souls saved in Christ in God for everlasting life rather than bickering about his colour, person or race. All desperately need the Saviour Jesus Who saves all, prays Father Forgive them for they know not their doings.”

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