a62623e05e7a2f19dcbb4a0fb28683f9.jpgChrist is Head of Church of God and all people together belong to God in Christ. The Church does the will of God by active listening and hearing HIS VOICE through the Bible words in Jesus Name. Bible is Source of information point of reference on issues pertaining to Christian belief lifestyle. Jesus Sets a Good Example by demonstrating how Christians need to live relating with each other. Within a particular church one finds a whole list of diverse people from all nations and tribes as it is in heaven. It is especially exciting and fascinating too to eat many sumptuous meals presented in heavenly like feast on day celebrating various nationalities. One sees beautiful people wearing diverse costumes as the Christian Ambassadors of all nations. In Christ the body works together by love.unity-is-found-in-gods-wordChrist’s Body consists of many different people in the Church of God so globally comprises of all various tribes, nation’s, cultures and the people. God is the Head of Kingdom of God through the Church. Yet like any typical family members look similar in some ways but vary in others. Sometimes almost cultural shock to see the format of another church similar in belief to one’s own church. Diverse in function yet relevant context so clearly professing Christ as Head acceptable to God. It may not look like another church but same God, same faith, one baptism. God in His Wisdom created many people to Glorify HIS marvellous and wondrous works. The Church displays God’s beauty and Manifests the Sovereignty of God. A Church is Firstly Foremost about God as Christ Obeyed God even to death for us. In return, the church members become the body of Christ through salvation.

In The Body of Christ TRANSP


The body is joined together in Christ by accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour of all who receive and confess Jesus died and rose again. Christ tells us to treat Church as a hospital for various treatments and needs. It means the members needs are different so taken into consideration in making provisions for various leaders to be responsible in each department. The many functions of Church are compared symbolically to physical body parts, roles and support for each role played in body. The Bible describes the different roles so says the eye cannot feel superior to the hand or the hand feel that it plays bigger roles than the feet. Each has specific role tailored to their intrisic design by God so cannot complain does better than others in function. Similarly God tells Churches big players who are movers and shakers are equally valued like smallest widow’s mite in God’s Eyes. Each has role to play as much as various gifts, talents, skills, or the abilities required. In addition, the Spiritual Gifts of God given in measure to work together as part of the team.Fan Pu Happy Jesus - One in Christ papercut.jpgEach part of body of Christ represents an eye that sees physically and spiritually as visionaries. God Directs them to see beyond the norm so function in gifts and callings. A mouth represents gift of the gab oratory to speak into people’s lives to encourage, comfort, preach, teach or sing. The mouth speaks a prophetic word into the future events that come to pass. The hands have ability to touch others to hug, comfort, and pray for their healing and deliverance. The feet visits to bless send gifts, help by activities required to ease pain, provide a useful service. Each role overlaps sometimes, so one person performs all these functions at the same time occasionally. Whenever each gift or role is performed there can be a certain issue with those not familiar with roles or gifts God Ordained. From an outward perspective can seem strange if not fully aware of function of God’s Spiritual Gift.02252014_KR.jpgChurch is interwoven tapestry garment or coat of the many colours performing diverse roles of Jesus Brand like pieces of jigsaw puzzle. No two pieces of function are identical so this means one cannot compare, assess or measure their role or function based on preconceived ideas of logical reasonings or analysis. Roles are not one size does fits all in function as much deeper and directed by Holy Spirit in line with the word of God. So knowing how God operates since the foundation of the world helps to better understand the things of God in Church. God cannot be boxed into any single format based on assumptions of any particular concept or man made ideas. These points are made to help members to cooperate with the leaders to please God in Obedience.The-Body-of-Christ-243x300.jpgConsequently, especially to help body of Christ focus to worship and praise God. The Church is a bit like a hospital where people are nursed back to health to gain a better interest in God. It is the real pleasant place for relaxing so above all make comfortable and safer by Light of Christ. Those being transformed into hope of Glory help gain confidence in God about the heavenly. So the mood, atmosphere, general lives of the various members of diverse colours of people are met. Direct planning highlights specific areas of needs of the general features of all the members in healthy way pleasing to God. The body is like an industry with the many facets of people coming in and growing up, passing through the growth spurt of development from birth cradel into glory. The Spiritual ambience takes cognicence of each stage helping create ambience for each member. As much as possible within time slots available and the budget constraints of each church. In spite of commitments body of Christ has evangelism still at the heart of Church.the-church.jpgJesus, though Head of the Church of God did most of His teaching, preaching and healing outside a specific building. So He went out and about with His disciples in the market place, at seaside resorts, the mountain tops and in Temple at times.  He also visited homes and met people privately who came to learn about God. Based on Jesus model of ministry some Churches are without borders globally teaching out millions by radio, TV, on the streets or meeting as home groups. Modern technology enables disciples to study the Bible online, in a social media setting or by correspondence courses. It is found in the Bible that some met from home to home, eating together and also praying together. Therefore the Church is not limited to any particular building. In fact, due to new trends in the Church some meet in hotels, football stadiums or in secret as underground Churches. It is part of reason some Churches are fast becoming redundant empty for newstyle hightech sophisticated worship. Modern multipurpose Church buildings include a complex and incorporated shopping mall bookshops, restaurants, hairdressers or Bible College, accommodation like open door gated community. So Church comes in many shapes and sizes according need of the location of the people. Wherever or  whatever form Church of God may be Christ is Still Head and people His Body. 


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