In John 17:24-26 Bible says Jesus Prays for believers and Church of Christ to be one in unity with God as He and Father God are One in Unity. Jesus prays Father God Keeps in faith all the people God has given Him. Jesus Prays before Ascension into heaven for the flock to continue to hold onto God’s word, to promote, share Gospel Good News. Jesus wants disciples to continue in God’s words to ensure the Church grows in His Physical absence as He transfers by ascending into heaven. It is necessary to pray as Jesus leaves them behind the first time on their own after 3 years. Although well- trained by Jesus as Apostles, ministers, efficient, competent Jesus did not take anything for granted. They went on many outreach missions by themselves teaching, preaching, and healing with power imbued from God on High in Christ so experienced. However, prayer was essential to connect to God. 
Jesus Prays although He Knows or Trusts His disciples confidently to do the Works of God. Yet still feels need to Pray for all believers as He leaves them all behind on earth. The disciples are to minister to help new believers grow in unity of love, to impart Spirit of God through word of God to new future believers. So the same Good News Message Jesus shared, taught promoted still available to all those who believe in Christ. Jesus, Anointed by God came to save all those who believe in His Father God Almighty. As Head of Church and the Founder departs further afield to heaven after fulfilling great commission so Ascends into Glory. Sometimes chaos or strife can destroy the church without head. Jesus’ Prayer is Crucial, Important, Essential, because leaders and founders are Ambassadors of Christ in God. When a leader goes into the world to win more souls mother church members sponsor new church growth. People understand a Church Belongs to God not to the pastor, minister in charge or messenger servant representing One True God on earth.
Churches have good success happening if not centralised or designed to revolve exclusively around mere mortals. Jesus wants His Departure to enhance growth of His Church. Jesus is in Spirit with His Church for wherever 2 or 3 gathered God is in their midst. Jesus sent Holy Spirit to be with believers 24/7 to teach, guide, to comfort and to bring to remembrance all believers study in the word of God. Jesus taught leaders to pray to God for Church, and teach members to associate in love and unity in Church of God in Christ. It is critical moment as departure of founder can affect fickleness of human emotions to surface.  When people vying for power places and positions of authority clash or personalities involved take sides if not discipled properly.  Structured hierarchy of authority sets in place in advance like Jesus entrusted the leadership of Church to Peter to Oversee on behalf of Christ.
Jesus prepared for a transition of Church smoothly by prayer to God for disciples and new members. Without prayers the Church can face troubles erupting if the biggest contributors want to control or dictate where to sit in church, colours of carpets or leave because certain kinds of people allowed into the Church. Some wrongly perceived others as inferior or beneath their class, race or status. They may want to run the show or to control young inexperienced pastors. Others may be wolves in sheep clothing trying to sow discord, confusion to defile others from faith. Jesus Prays for Spirit of unity in church not to talk behind the people’s backs but be reconciled in God in Christ. Jesus Continues Interceding in heaven for His Church so in due time believers in the word of God who join His Church will relate in unity by love and by One Spirit in Christ in God. Old members of church to help new members to grow in faith and be encouraged to FOCUS more on God through the Holy Spirit helping by love understanding, tolerance to build up new converts.
New members need to be taught God’s Higher Standards to lead a new lifestyle worthy of God’s Name. The believer is carefully helped by Holy Spirit become transformed and renew minds in Christ. Old lifestyle habits not pleasing to God gotten rid of by prayer, or fasting and Biblical Counselling. So not all people growing up in church can automatically understand the church formalities and traditions. Understanding needs of new converts in the church to cater for new members help church growth not untold damage to Church. Jesus always Seeks God’s Face in prayer for His Decisions so Advises His Church to do so. Not to lean on own understanding but to commit a congregation and leader in God’s Hands daily. Jesus does not like to Hear or See Church bickering over flimsy doctrines fights so does not lead to winning more souls. Those entrusted to the Father God in Christ Jesus Pray to join Him one day in Heaven in Glory to see His Glory. 
As One Given Power and Authority over all in Christ, Jesus wants all believers to be brought into heaven and to join other saints and all the whole company of the redeemed to behold His Glory as beloved Friend and Brother of the Children of God. Believers are the Ambassadors for Christ on earth. God’s Whole Purpose of salvation is to restore mankind to find true ETERNAL PERFECT HAPPINESS illusive to world due to sin of Adam and Eve. Jesus saves, declares Name, LOVE, Character of God, HIS Doctrine and Spirit. To be ONE with God is Ultimate LOVE of Father God and Jesus. Before foundation of world Jesus is the LOVE OF GOD so Jesus prays for believers to abide in Christ Love with God. Being joined to Jesus Christ by ONE Spirit in God by love.
 Believers are to be filled with all fulness of God to enjoy blessed Life of Hope not yet achieved in this life. Jesus wants believers to taste heaven on earth by Godly Lifestyle not conceivable to some to fanthom. Jesus is preparing a place in Heaven for believers in Christ in or before Rapture if Christ tarries. JESUS is encouraging believers of Blessed Hope in Christ some have no idea great things Father God bestows upon them in future and even in our present state on earth. Jesus is teaching disciples importance of praying to God for believers as an act of the Will of God to receive the same Glory of God imparted to believer Glorified.
Jesus gives Glory revealed in all believers so believe in Jesus to be more like Christ in signs and wonders, but saved too, not just because of performed miracles but makes it into heaven by seeking a deeper level of connection intimacy with Father God. The believers are to pray to receive Glory to do greater works as they have more time on earth than Jesus. So Jesus assures believers to know God and trust God directly. While in heaven they will remember time spent with Jesus to recall teachings. The believers in Christ know and trust Jesus.“This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.”John 6:29“He who believes in me, as the scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart and belly shall flow rivers of living water.’John 7:38. Jesus ignites the flame of faith in a believer must keep it burning by exercise faith. believe. God manifested HIS Glory in Christ so same Glory manifests now in believer. Believers by faith that endures   will see the glory of God on earth and in heaven by faith. The Glorious doors of Kingdom of God will open for believers.
 The believer is to remain grounded and rooted in Christ just like is Jesus Rooted in God so all may be perfectly united, so the world may know God Sent Jesus by love for one another. As God LOVES HIS Son Jesus so God LOVES believers too. So much that God Willingly Gave His Only Begotten Son to die to save believers in Christ in God. Jesus Prays in John 17: 24 Father, I want those You have given Me to be with Me where I am, thatthey may see the glory You gave Me because You loved Me before the foundation of the world. 25 Righteous Father, although the world has not known You, I KNOW You, and believers You sent Me know You as they receive and trust in the word of God The Good News Gospel in Christ is for the whole of this world to know God in Christ in everlasting life. Jesus Promised nevdr to leave or forsake His Church no matter what the circumstances faced in life. The Church Marches on Victorious in Christ in God. With Authority and the Power of God in Christ His Majesty Jesus.

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