JesusGod Makes HIS LIGHT SHINE in Christ in our hearts in 2 Corinthians 4:6 through Jesus Light of the world. His Light Shines in our heart to give LIGHT of Knowledge of the Glory of God in face of darkness. Jesus is our Good Shepherd and Source of Light to help understand God better to lead a shinning life in Christ Jesus. people-are-like-stained-glass-windows-5Father LORD God, Sent LIGHT of LOVE to be Shinning in the midst of the darkness, shiningJesus, Light of the world, Shines upon us to reflect light to reach out to all in love to be an example of love everywhere. Christ Jesus Lives in us to giving us His Light to overcome darkness of world. So Temple is precious place of worship of God by priceless precious gathered ones.  8840efa30adc23c695c5bf1325de1d87JESUS BIDS US SHINE so our lights shine in Christ the Head of the Church before men so that they may see your good works in , Christ in God to Glorify FATHER God. So God’s Temple is Body of Christ made up of individual bodies joined in love of God to reflect Light of JESUS Christ. Through us to lead others from darkness into the Glorious Light of Kingdom of God Christ. IMG_20160604_094022Arise and Shine for your Light Jesus has come and the Glory of God is Risen upon us to change life from eternal death into everlasting life. Grasp and take hold of the Light Jesus Christ in you through you to reach others as Ambassador of Christ. It is vital to allow GOD’S LIGHT to shine in us because with the Spirit of God in us we can bless, promote, share good news. 


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