Single people get married in experiment as apprehensive of love and marriage so given choice to try before you buy in test run before deciding if this is for them or not. Experiments strongly independent couple moving into relationship to hep over come phobia of giving up their love of their independence. So agree to live together for one week in this experiment filming every moment to figure out what they both want. They discover necessary the changes involved in setting up home together so making room and space for each other. It is interesting to find out how both learn to adjust to each other’s personality and differences. They visit friends to observe their married lifestyle to help them plan how to focus, include, interact to involve each more their new relationship. After visit the young man picks few tips on making couple photo in house to grace it to feel more like home. The man impressed by other’s marriage prepares a meal to surprise his wife too. The lesson here applies idea of marriage to find out potential problems to address them to solve problems. Choice is given to remain open to commitment to take it further in actual marriage if both agree. Sexual intimacy part is withheld to help focus more on bonding, learning to gel together to form a marriage relationship to meet each other’s needs better. This process can be a possible set up to help some people try before you buy to ensure they really want to join together for life. In other cases marriage is much deeper so week is hardly enough to get to know person enough to marry. Marriage is like taking up 30 year mortgage so the house and location must be right. So to keep up in order to achieve a very high standard required they felt best thing to do is to compromise. Both begun to take more notice of the other’s needs to care for the other. They had to learn to adapt to their friends to be more likable and to have special couple time acceptable to friends and family. It is similar in some ways to an experiment to choose couples based on personal profile, interests and hobbies among others. The experiment found couples who agreed to marry but it did not last long. It was not successful as an unnatural unrealistic setting live on TV. Though experiment was organised by team of talented experts, professionals and a free furnished home to live in. It did not last long as family plays major part in marriage relationship eventually.

An attempt to train young people on real life experiment to help learn to manage family life and work simultaneously. So a real home life including raising family and babies was arranged for potential young people who plan to have children to fulfil their lives to be happy. The real life crying babies given to some with the real parents nearby with expert support to guide the young people. This brought reality shock of family life to them with one refusing to corporate to do anything realising it was too much. So discovered it was nothing like a walk in the park as imagined in their fantasy utopia in their head. These experiments do bring reality check to awaken naive children thinking of finding love from a baby to feel loved. As they finally realised the sacrifice and the hardwork involved in raising family and children combined with work found out it was not a picknic in the park. It was not as much fun as they thought so in the end made up their minds to hold on to their youth further to enjoy their lives, go to college, train in a skill career before setting up home. Some had to call upon their parents to come over to help them run their home. It turned out that raising a family is not as easy as they had imagined prior to the experiment. These experiments attempt to replace a natural traditional family choosing or arranging marriage by mutual agreement. To some extent, anticipation of new relationship seems exciting adventure in beginning however, pretty soon dust settles down mundane work sets in to run home. It is shock of their lack of awareness of  the responsibility involved causes them to rethink their fantasies. In any case the world allows people freedom of choice to do what is best for them in personal life regardless of the outcome. This is a new way in addition to online dating or other methods that works best for people. So opportunity is given for some to fulfil the desire of their heart and enjoy their choice and decision. 



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