0432fb5fe9e55ef968f9e0163760552a.400x268x1.jpg JESUS WILL VISIBLY RETURN IN PERSON AS FLESH AND BLOOD to earth as Bible says. The Bible says All Eyes shall SEE Jesus. An invisible person is not SEEN. Jesus is coming again! He said as He told His disciples,“I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again so where I am you will be also as stated in John 14:2-3. This message is repeated during time of His ascension as His disciples watched Him ascend into the clouds; two angels stood by them and said, “Men of Galilee why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven in Acts 1:11. This is plain enough. This same Jesus will come back in person in flesh in to earth in same way as seen to heaven!16_jesus-returnAnyone who does not believe Jesus is Coming Again in Flesh is antiChrist. The deceivers do not acknowledge Jesus Christ is Coming in the flesh. So go out into the world as deceivers and opposers of the Lord Jesus. Bible in 1 John 4:3, so anyone against Jesus Christ is not from God. So test every spirit because the ones who do not confess Jesus Christ, has come in Flesh is not of God. This is spirit of antiChrist. So beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because of so many false prophets gone in the world as antiChrist. People who refuse to believe Christ will RETURN in PERSON VISIBLY in the FLESH fight God Himself. The Plan of God will not change or be stopped, twisted misinterpreted by those who continue to lie to cover up the error of false predictions of 1914 saying Jesus already appeared in spirit, not true.Rapture.jpgJesus has Not Yet Come Back in 1914 so stop deceiving people. Jesus WILL BE BACK IN PERSON SEEN BY ALL on earth. Do not believe lies God does not exists as Flesh and Blood except as invisible Spirit this is NOT True. Bible says all Eyes will SEE Jesus return to earth and Jesus Says when you SEE me you SEE Father God. So ask God’s Forgiveness for error like the wise churches who restored church after similar past errors of false predictions. It sin to mislead people according Bible in Ezekiel 33:3 /3:33. Stop insisting on lies pretending Jesus already returned and so will not return again in the Flesh. Again, further extended twisted versions teach Jesus turned into Archangel Michael so cannot Come back on earth to live here. Such misinformed ideas about Jesus is not true because Jesus and Archangel Michael still exist as two living beings. Jesus did not dematerialise into invisible form but REAL PERSON VISIBLE WILL BE SEEN BY ALL ON RETURN to earth. God APPEARED IN HUMAN FLESH 44 TIMES IN BIBLE SEEN, ATE WITH PEOPLE SO GOD DOES COME IN FLESH LIKE JESUS CREATED IN PERFECT IMAGE OF GOD. All humans are created in God’s Physical Flesh Image as Father to His Children.ahnsahnghong-in-the-flesh.pngWhen Jesus ascended first into heaven to present Himself to God after resurection in Glorified body in John 20: 17, Jesus told Mary, ‘Do not touch me, for I have not yet ascended to my Father; I must ASCEND to My Father and your Father and My God and your God. Jesus returned to earth on same day in John 20:19 so went through wall as the doors locked in Upper Room and visits disciples in GLORIFIED FLESH. Despite Glorified body Jesus was back on earth as Flesh and Blood before His final ascension in 40 days. Yet some continue fabricated lies using any selected verses to try to diminish, belittle, reduce Jesus Christ Highly Exalted HONOURED Son of God in Philippians 2:9. God Bestowed on Jesus Name Above all names at the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow and tongue confess Jesus is Lord to Glory of Father. Jesus Exclusively Earned His Sacrifice of redemption for mankind. No other name given among men under heaven can by mankind be saved, only Jesus Saves.the-second-coming-of-jesus-christ-when-why-and-how.jpgTEXT ABOVE SAYS THE LORD HIMSELF WILL DESCEND FROM HEAVEN WITH A SHOUT LOUD VOICE OF AN ARCHANGEL AND TRUMPET OF GOD. JESUS APPEARS BOLDLY AND PUBLICLY FOR ALL EYES WILL SEE JESUS NOT INVINSIBLE SPIRIT lies people to be claim God’s favourites by special covenant replacing Christ and Jews to rule earth as kings or queens. So nobody can ever replace Christ or Israel chosen by God, Saved First, due to the GREAT Sacrifice of Jesus as Jew to Jews First and all NATIONS according to God’s Agenda. Accept Jesus the ONLY CHOSEN VALID GOD’S SON not a replacement by some people in a special covenant. They claim Jesus not flesh and blood to inherit God’s Kingdom on earth special chosen ones ‘replacing’ Jesus and Jews in Spirit of God overcome flesh to live in spirit. A limited 144,000 randomly select few are changed in twinkle of an eye exclusively transfer by rapture to reign in heaven as kings, priests not true. The real 144,000 Jews are documented in Revelation 7:9 from the 12 tribes of Israel (Jacob). AND ABSOLUTELY TRUE JESUS WILL BE SEEN IN THE CLOUDS BY PEOPLE ON EARTH DURING RAPTURE OF ALL BELIEVERS IN CHRIST ALIVE WITH BELIEVERS RAISED FROM DEATH GO WITH JESUS TO THEIR PREPARED MANSIONS IN HEAVEN.tumblr_llig8qMvAV1qizvnso1_500.gifJews keeping accurate record of living history so know their family tree. Those who refuse to work with God hate Christ Trinity God twist word of God are setting themselves up to be slaughtered in great tribulation if stubborn antiChrist and do not repent. Some are rescued in Rapture others are left behind will face choice of consequences. Absolutely so true God’s Mercy and Compassion extends by Love so will not to wipe out completely earth to annihilate earth due to evil of sins of mankind. God allows all stubborn thrill horror seekers of evil remain on earth to be ‘entertained’ by wicked violence and destruction. Stay behind on earth due to unbelief mocking God’s Rapture as devil levitation. The Great Tribulation Rescue by Christ is Grace of God in Answer to prayers of remnant to shorten evil days. God grants relief and respite break from evil to those fed up from destructions of mankind among each other preferring instead the joyful peaceful PRESENCE of God through RAPTURE in the interim.the-rapture1.pngBelievers in Christ seen taken up in the great tribulation motivates to believe in shaken to the core by simultaneous evil happenings, awaken in their sense then receive Christ. Shocked intensity of type of evil violence unseen before on earth finally challenge some to understand the true exteng of wrath of God. Those who believe rapture into heaven publicly seen by the whole world. Believers in Christ stay in heaven for 7 years impacted by trust, confidence in God for all accepting Jesus Christ. Countless multitudes from various nations tribes, languages accept Jesus through the evangelism of 144000 Jews working with Moses and Elijah back in Flesh from heaven on earth to save people. In Revelation 7:9 says, After this vast crowd too great to count people from every nation, tribes, languages, standing before the Throne and before Lamb Jesus in Heaven. Serve God day and night 24/7 compared in chronological earth time to highlight understanding God’s Temple in HEAVENLY Dwellings praising God and Jesus for salvation and victory.1-thessalonians-4-5-rapture-7-638 Jesus physically returns with God and all saints in heaven back to earth in Second Coming. Rule for 1000 years in PERFECT PEACE but wicked evil rebellious people are completely wiped out for rejecting Christ as Son of God Only Chosen Way. After 7 years Jesus RETURNS TO earth PERMANENTLY to New Jerusalem living in their midst and satan bound in Abyss. More people living during the 1000 years accept Christ as their Saviour. At the end of the 1000 years satan let loose briefly then final judgement and punishment. If God’s Mercy extended time to persistent rejectors of God’s words expires is a final total annihilation in hell fire awaiting all non – repentant rebellious ones. Those who still refuse to change to accept Jesus as KING of Kings LORD of lords when He Returns to rule for 1000 years on earth will perish according to the word of God. Absolutely nothing else saves mankind except Saviour Jesus Christ. The Titles, Status, Ranks, wealth, riches, material possessions become totally useless so cannot save except by bowing knees to acknowledge Christ is LORD of all. Those ridiculing and mocking God better get their act together before it is too late to say sorry to God to be saved. Got it?



    • Absolutely TRUE Jesus Will Return Sooner than many think. The signs of the times and birthpangs of great tribulation plus the rate of earthquakes, floods disasters point to Jesus YESHUA MESSIAH Coming Soon. Thank you for you comments, God bless you.

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