family-scripture-study_1300345_inlJoshua watched his parent’s reading the Bible to the family sharing stories about the Goodness of God. His parents told the family living history of God and Jesus with pictures and paintings illustrating the stories. He watched family routines daily whem his parents woke up in the morning till night time when he went to his room to sleep. His parents seemed so precise almost exactly on time each day like clockwork. They knelt by their beds each morning together as he walked in to say good morning. He sometimes also knelt by parents sides to join them pray. It was their dedication and love that was the best example he saw and wanted too.married_couple_praying-3Joshua noticed his parents thanked God for everything in their lives, for family, grand parents, friends, work, their home grateful for blessings asking God in Jesus for strength to overcome challenges plus endless list of other numerous matters. Sometimes he dosed off beside parents while at prayer. His little sister Charlene prayed with her dolls too beside her bed too in her room. She seemed to catch the prayer bug as he heard her prayers when he passed by her bedroom into his own bedroom. At times he heard her clearly praying with an innocent voice thanking God for family, favourite foods, siblings and her dolls. It is interesting for Joshua to watch his little sister seem to take to prayer like a duck to water effortlessly. So Joshua wanted some of what she has inside her to be as keen to love God and be full of joy and love. Each morning and night Joshua overheard sister’s prayers. Sometimes praying for him to be closer to God to enjoy a special friendship with Jesus the Special friend of all children.200322906-001Joshua heard Charlene talk to Jesus and God freely kneeling beside her bed like they were in her room with her. He was impressed with her trust and confidence in God and her Joy. At times his parents went with Joshua to pray in his room too with him and with Caleb in his room also Joshua began to pray by his bedside like the family telling God starting about his day, asking God for forgiveness, praying for his friends everyday and also at night time.  He begun to understand what he was missing by not praying as much as his family members did. He found deep peace and calmness inside him so not as angry and frustrated as he used to feel. He felt Presence of God around him so did not feel shy anymore about praying.fall on your knees.jpgJoshua’s new found faith, trust in God to call on God always was highly significant knowledge impressed his parents. They raised him by good example. So did not pressurise him into following their belief but trusted he will discover God in his own time. His parents talked about God and worked on communicating clearly and frequently to ensure family tensions are resolved quickly. The family operates with utmost respect and best intentions as first port of call of duty of care to any emotionally triggered responses. Joshua begun to read the Bible online, on phone played healthy video games inspiring his faith. He was amazed by the wonderful Christian Biblical teachings confirming all his parents taught him at home. He was surprised to learn about good news promoted and shared among peers so realised the world was not just full of evil negative news. He was happy to discover God in other families and children who knowingly love God so want to do the tight thing by Pleasing God everyday.ne13may27-ALL-hearing-with-the-heart-N1305_Romney_Heart_2527_prayingFamilyJoshua was impressed by other families who lived like his own family praying so assured he doing the right thing, humble to believe in God. He was happy to know he had a Special Friend Jesus who Loved children and prayed for them too from heaven. He understood his parents did not have all the answers to problems of life but relied on God to be with them. As his confidence in God grew his strength in God increased because he realised the Bible has answers to all problems in life as his parents told him daily. He felt the joy seen in his parents especially in his little sister Charlene. Knew in his heart he was on the right track to focus on God as much as he enjoyed playing sport and playing football with friends. He learnt Bible living history creation of how God created all different people from same race in Adam and Eve praying to God too.Ghana-family-praying.jpgSo Joshua sees for himself that children from all over the world pray too and love God as much he does. He feels he truly belongs to a BIGGER Family of God’s Kingdom in Christ. He understand this life is not perfect yet as God Wants it to be caused by the world to go through the unecessary problems of life. He reads on matters affecting him and the world and asks for further clarification from parent if his unsure about anything he read. His parents are happy and willing to answer his questions pointing to specific Bible texts to prove these are God’s words to live by. Joshua continues to grow and to learn more about the world surrounding  him. He prays for all his friends and all still searching for answers in the wrong places encouraged by sceptism in God. He is believing God to continue helping him believe throughout his life into the future eternity into infinity. So learning to love all people as the children of God.praying-couple1-425x280.jpgThose not understanding about Love of God he prays for and applies God’s word to difficult asking what would Jesus do. He learns to torelate others knowing all have the same equal rights as himself to live on earth to enjoy family life as much as he does. He prays for others to learn more about God to remember God in the days of their youth as God Commands. He is learning to partake of good positive things to build up to respect others. He found out people may be less fortunate than himself but not reason to despise, mock or ridicule them. He looks out for children isolated without friends in the playground and encourages them. His mother sometimes gives extra food and fruits to share with children in need. MOM.jpgHe is understanding about Bible word and the world as a whole discovering God is changing things around to bring total peace on earth through Christ. He has good days and bad days, learning to lean more on God genuinely to help peers. He is building a good relationship with his parents to gain Godly Wisdom. He does his best to listen to his parents as God has Commanded to Obey parents so it will be well with him to live long. He is not perfect but does his best to please God to do the best he can. He sees other people enjoying precious times in parks playing music worshipping God. Realises God is praised and worshipped all over in the world in different places according to each culture. Joshua is trained to be nice to other people even if some people are different in lifestyle, tastes, demeanour.Karen-Ard-Photography-Beverly-Hills-Estate-engagement-session-Fab-You-Bliss-001.jpgAbove all, he learnt to Trust Jesus to be with him always surroubded by Heavenly hosts of God Sent to be with him always. He calls on God to be with him in tough times. He thanks God for all blessings he receives because of God’s Favour. There is so much to learn from the wonders of God and the universe. These information is so precious to Joshua he looks up with great confidence to coming of God day or night. This is the hope Joshua has always looking forward everyday to the joy of the LORD God as his source of strength. This confidence in believer holds onto to God to keep on keeping in God in Christ. Boy-Looking-at-Stars-MED.jpgThese days Joshua watches out with joy and hope to the beautiful universe and the wonders of God’s Creation. After he sees the stars, glorious planets, wonders of night sky he kneels down and to pray to God again before settling into a sound sleep. He dreams often about the visions and dreams God stated in Joel in the last days as part of end – time prophecy that both children young and the old will see visons and dream dreams. God talks to children as much as HE Talks to adults so deals with all people. He writes down his visions and dreams his parents are amazed about wonderful messages God Reveals to Joshua. If people responds to God RESPONDS so draws near to them. GOD DRAWS NEAR  AND REVEALS HIS SECRETS TO THEM. God loves people to love HIM to discover God as Joshua did. 25a521f4c0ba0444d1f96f0d867b5a74.jpgJoshua gets into bed each night assured of Jesus Present in Spirit with him in his room. He listens to his favourite Gospel music songs to calm Himself down after looking at the wonders of God in the sky. The other children all over the world also know that Jesus loves all the children of the world. Whether they are red children yellow children black and white children Jesus owns all these children no matter where they live on earth. Jesus cares for them all so intercedes for God’s answers to their prayers. Their angels in heaven watch over them too and are sent to help them when in need, sad, lonely, needs a special friend. Joshua Loves Jesus and so warns those hurting them it would be better if a millstone hung around their neck and drowned in the sea than attack HIS BELOVED CHILDREN on earth. God is preparing HIS KINGDOM for children because God says encourage children for theirs is the Kingdom of God. Jesus Says adults must humble themselves like the children to be worthy to please God.  



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