Upbuilding men in education will be key to teaching youngsters who have not yet joined social media platforms politeness and respect for women. The controlling behaviour of some now officially made an offence against women has roots in the macho image appeal that projects as strong or more important through such aggressive patterns of behaviour. Its root cause lies much deeper inadvertently not only in actions just tip of iceberg. Some men think being powerful means must pick on weaker gender and the children. Some women are aggressive too saying hurtful things to the spouse, partners, friends online, causing distress. Solution is to give the next generation essential self -confidence self -value training not to project life onto others as extension of self in culde sac relationship thinking. It will help bring awareness of unrealistic demands on women as adults. Men need to better understand women’s emotions, feelings, needs and moods. Men through training will understand, adapt to unique specific needs pertaining exclusively to women men may not know but essential. Hot debates group discussion takes place on helping people value women and each other better. Upholding a sound ground rules between men and women in early years reveals clear that differences exist, so clearly defined, taught regularly to be dealt with to get along better. A lifestyle led by the men exclusively in boardroom misses out on the other side of the coin.7408zoom.jpgA look at deeper lever level starts from the womb with the conception of male and females in first 3months showing an identical features in an early stage. Then during the beginning of the second term of pregnancy, babies clear features are recognised as a boy or girl. The XX or XY Chromosones cells hormones shape both babies to grow specifically as girl or boy accordingly. Some mothers can tell a gender of a baby before ultrascan due to baby movements and other sensations felt by mothers including the heart rate, pulse and size of stomach shapes. Others use taste for some foods and heightened sense of smell, swelling of feet, activity of baby kicks as clues, common features, by expectant mothers to know gender of a baby. Mature wiser mothers nurturing expectant mother due to own experience can tell indepth gender beyond natural look. So hospital scans confirm a gender for people prepare shopping for colour of clothes, prams, beds, cots, toys suitable. Right away, blue colour mostly used for boys pink for girls in Western countries. Early baby psychological conditioning of boys in tune with nature requirements.blessings-images-quotes-sayings-pictures_701.jpgSimilarly family shops for pink items identified for girls programmed to be more girly. This trend continues into schools as boys clearly identify with boys in the playground more and adult males featured around them. The girls grow encouraged by society to be feminine. Puberty changes continue in boy’s voice changes as they learn about genital part experiences. The girls grow breasts and learn about private areas of body and the menstrual periods. Both encouraged to be more masculine or feminiline in line with fashion, culture appropriate roles. Schools teach lessons on reproductive organs and process, changes in moods  swings due to hormones. These trends become ingrained in memory and also entrenched pattern of behaviour of role of boys and girls turning into men and women in adult lives. As these process continues, skills and training designed for each gender is reinforced. During employment trend continues in men’s skills, domestic type of work for women. Eventually progress was being made by encouraging both genders to choose any careers without gender labelling jobs. Is seen as a good sign of integration of men and women. Despite efforts to help both genders coexist, still certain differences exist unaware in childhood conditioning.63f75a613ee93ca52fcfcfb5919189b8.jpgYoung women often expect men to talk to them as if they are girlfriends. They want open deep free conversations so to share their deep feelings to support each other. The men prefer quiet moments to watch football, play games or they read newspapers. The men expect the women to join in without interruptions to talk or tell them about their day. Both have very different outlook on relaxing woman if desperate to offload her mind to their man. If the man not interested sees the woman moaning, nagging, complaining distracting from focussing on his games on computer. So not fully understand a deeper emotional needs of woman. As nurturers, women have the capacity to look, glance, read decode people. There is a deeper insight of merely observing people yet knowing instantly naturally more than meets the eyes automatically. For example, some lack deeper indepth voice recognition in conversation to pick changes in tone, voice, body language, or silent love messages, scent, colour, size, shape, height, favourite food, or minute details usually noted by the women.god-helps-those-dpIt is amazing specific things women pick as clues making decision subconsciously. Others do little things such as fidgeting, nervous smile, frown, inability to focus on what does not interest them present themselves in uncertain way. All these actions mean some women expect a man to pay more attention in more detail to recognise and read their minds. Natural female tendencies are more sensitive so important and meaningful to women for men to consider these issues. Women assume that men already know these things by now because an adult. On the other hand, the man expects the woman to be more in tune with intimacy desire requirements and to respond instantly. Men tend to be outwardly referenced by looks and those appealing as attractive for sex. The two means of using physical looks and sex means lack of deeper level of personal knowledge and development before commitment. Interaction limited to the physical need of sex overshadows bonding. This means a woman wants to marry a man like her best girl friend to talk, shop or do things together. One is to love God first and whole family so one develops confidence to grow and mature.give-birth-to-the-vision-joaynn.pngMen tend to zoom in faster for a physical side of romance passion but cool down to zero emotion after sexual intercourse.  A woman wants to be loved, be embraced, held often, hugged, kissed comfortably, appreciated, verbally and told beautiful. A man may drop of to sleep soundly yet woman may feel dissapointed lying in bed looking at ceiling. Or on the phone to text best friends or research shopping items to buy. It may come as a complete surprise to some but knowing this will make relationships better in the world. In terms respecting each other to realise how both function will change things to become improved. Conscious training to prepare both to treat others according to their gender difference needs helps to communicate better. So understanding improves communication to help avoid frustration felt by both unable to express themselves. These natural tendencies of traditional generational gender roles are define how men behave towards women and vice versa. On a personal level both want to feel loved, heard, highly valued and appreciated. Yet each seems unable to really get across their true feelings or emotions. Conditioning boys to be boys to play with boy’s toys, girls encouraged to play with dolls seem as necessary so acceptable norm. To sustain community roles and functions of each gender these are separate human relations generally.IMG_20160519_212107Focus, too much emphasis on each other as separate entities mean they are not prepared to deal with other’s needs. So to correct misconceptions to support a gender properly both need to know how men and women operate in life. It is said men are from Mars and women are from Venus metaphorically speaking. There is a symbolic element of truth to an extent because physical earth exists inbetween Mars and Venus. This implies there is a direct block in communication between both so needs extra effort to overcome the block in communication. There is a need for the effort to consciously get to know women better to respect them. All human beings are born by women and so play vital role as God’s co-creators. So necessary to train young boys and girls to develop a good attitude towards each other early. Most often form an opinion about each other by TV drama scenes or playground break times. It is essential to educate both early about proper respect for each other. From 5 years old children can understand sharing toys, asking for things, have due regard for one another to include friends in conversations.God's opinion.jpgIt is important to teach good manners to take turns to express real true feelings emotionally feel heard not ignore quiet ones. Adults, teachers and significant others must not awaren their comments and jokes influence children for life. An awareness of emotion and love feelings understood by young children some may not be able to verbalise deep feelings of affection to others so use kiss, pull a girl’s hair, hug, put arms around a girl. Some think real adult intimacy ‘fighting’ in bed copy similar action ‘innocently’ as seen in cartoons, films or in real life. People think cartoons seem as innocent fun but scenes in cartoon sometimes unsuitable inappropriate. In addition, children watch role models or team of experts so want to be like them. Pressure to be like due to their low self-esteem neediness, thinking it is only the others responsible for their happiness without equal input can make them feel happier in life. Pressure other made responsible for his total happiness not reciprocated. Begin to look for partner to meet needs rather than help meet each other’s need through interdependence. Such ideas are formed so tend to make teenagers look for love in wrong places instead of God.Connect-1140x460.pngThe pressure on youth to grow up and be independent means many do not stay at home long enough to mature to learn family. Without the practical experience or involvement helping to understand relationships better, learn from women they become involved and make it as they go along learning the hard way. Though seem to profess love for each other, yet cannot relate. Jesus stayed hom 33 years with a foundation to upbuild values. Relating to others must start from 5 years using play activities at the children’s level to teach love. Good seeds planted early starts to bear good fruit if boys LEARN EARLY TO RESPECT GIRLS AND WOMEN AND VICE VERSA. The world will be a better place if both males and females are deliberately trained to recognise and understand differences early. Young children watch adults relate with to form copy ideas of love seen. Others see romantic cartoons displaying perceived affection concept of love expressed in films. Make life-long impression on them. They often watched loved up couples, imitate them without chaperon support. Many misunderstand reality of demand, pressure relationship thinking without others have no life so impose their happiness upon partner.64fc26f76d1ea307a705e660a51d5e8cIt is impossible to demand others fulfill all unmet needs from an early childhood. Each person must seek professional help first to overcome issues that can damage the relationship. General misconception is great lovers will fix all life’s problems for them. Ability to understand both is a work in progress to relate better. There is need to treat women with due regard greater respect lacking in some because of macho views of men about women. So women need to be trained to talk to men in specific terms straight to the point to tell them needs not take it for granted he should remember. Men wired providers traditionally so externally referenced go out to work. Women attach more deeply to children as extension of themselves due to body contact in pregnancy better equipped emotionally bonded to care for children. Feminism however demands equal right so men compelled to take on nurturing role not originally. Lack of any unfavourable atmosphere not conducive to love or sex. Underlying tension does not auger well. A meaningful successful outcome depends on good indicators of circumstances and events. So falling in love alone is not enough to resolve life-long issues of marriage or sex. This is why relationships dismissive of these matters cannot thrive. This is the reason why men and women deserve the proper understanding from an early age.tumblr_nhhyem3xn51r9bipco1_500.jpgRelationship compromises both parties involving extended family. The isolation causes pressure from anything affecting each other. Real expectation is originally to be part of bigger family for support for the couple’s own good. Men cannot be possessive to exclude a woman’s friends and family who embraced him in family to take over to isolate her. A happy wife is a happy life so mansions, cars, gifts, holidays not enough because a personal hands on one-to- one relationship is what women want. Though not too close for comfort  as each have me times, man caves, girl’s night out, continues family. Forsaking all others to take to hold vow disconnects all previous potential rival contender hand in marriage. A marriage licence is not guarantee to abuse spouse to cut off and isolate woman because the new sole owner monopoly management. Extra support helps women flourish and be happy. How can the emphasis on only academic education lasting a few years take precedence over matters pertaining to life beyond infinity be left to chance. The sixties education trained people to play real roles as part of a team. Modern society tends to draw people away from God Who said it is not good to be alone so created Eve for Adam. Studying God’s Principles of marriage, helps work God plan for marriage for mankind.God-the-reason-to-never-quitLove and sex seem not the only reason to marry or to relate but does involve much deeper needs not taught in the textbook. Economic issues mortgage and children, work schedules, baby sitting, affect love, sex among others. These fundamental matters need to be properly addressed to educatepeople involved to know what they are letting themselves into before they embark on such journey of life. The two major complaints in relationships is the lack of understanding of each other’s perspective to help transition to mature love levels if not damages a relationship beyond repair. The men cannot assume in a relationship is just sex only to make them happy without applying the golden rule ensuring woman’s emotional health and well being. Some men mistake their provision of material needs for family as equalling love and affection. So wonder why spouse not content and happy seem being away on business reinforces their relationship better. In reality partner not addressing needs sooner festers causing resentment damaging relationship. Men must be trained before dating sets in to be aware and more sensitive to women. It is important to teach responsibility in a relationship on how best to respond to mood swing and emotional outbursts. A relationship has unpredictable episodes so had to be prepared for in advance. So some women complain their men never there for them.” The other complaint is there is not enough intimacy connection felt deeply by those women. The women feel alone even in relationship in many ways so find it hard to relate and to trust the men to be there for them when they need them most. Emotionally available, listening, deep heart connection to help safeguard their hearts in God in Christ. 6e5426e42cdd5d426a39d245fc668379Men complaint that women nag, talk too much and have too many arguments. So fight about not having enough sex and so feel not loved. Such men feel lonely in a relationship yet actually want intimacy as much as women. They feel intimacy is better if there is less fighting enjoy more sex. Enabled deeper connection enhance affection, increases respect so both do not feel alone anymore. Such a genuine emotional connection, in turn leads to trust, giving women complete feeling of being loved, needed and appreciated. If a partner feels sad, angry, needs affection taking time to show love and empathy than neglect deepens relationship. No one can fix another person unless they want to. A woman’s emotions often have hormonal, periodic, menopausal, other factors so not to be taken lightly. Not to treat women as having tantrum try to fix sabotage, minimize, scoff, ridicule, mock ignore altogether. Such deep connection includes family, relatives in appropriate way. The imagined fantasy expectations created in the mind of relationship differ from practical actual real life interaction experience. Focus to deal with issues at hand grasss problems if determined the relationship works instead of a greener grass syndrome as more interesting. So the relatively simple fundamental skill of deeper connection in the relationship with women changes love profoundly. It helps at work, in parenting frienship and in all relationships. The men who learn emotional deep connection ultimately gain better in their relationships with more love and more amazing sex. Men often have more intimacy libidos than  women so want some more like Oliver Twist in the bedroom. Regular sex means love intimacy to feel loved. Sometimes a cuddle, kiss, hug, holding hands are all some women want to relationship fresh not over indulge to ruin sacredness of sex. To avoid becoming worked up so not feeling rejected, not bothered frustrated this conversation must take place before childbirth and breast-feeding demands on couples changes a relationship. This is simply what women REALLY want if time is taken to treat relationship with passion and respects. Love and passion treated with love and dignity lasts long. It keeps the bed warm at night because two are better than one if they agree to walk together in life in marriage. So God Almighty Conducted the First marriage and said it not good to be alone so the well-being of relationship needs God.



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