TopPOVInspirational success requires leading by good example for good success based on the golden rule to treat others well. This is Godly thinking based on making right choices to influence others in a healthy positive way. Inspirational person bases thoughts on ethical and Godly Principles approved by God. So do as I DO Message in good way requires more from oneself first by the golden rule. An inspirational leader is transparent, open and so share information on relevance, need to know basis. Nichodemus, Joseph of Arimathea among others followed Jesus secretly in a discreet way to keep their status. There is no one too strong, too powerful, or too good to be reached by salvation message.come-just-as-you-are-to-legendary-church-christian-church-shares-miracles-love-inspiration-jesus-christ-christianity-love-each-other-praise-god-our-lord-legendary-church-christian-legend1.jpgGod enables wealthy powerful leaders to make decision to influence Jesus’ release for His burial in their own tomb visited in Israel. Focus on pleasing God First in total obedience, honesty, true to self in line with High Godly Standard possible. Underlying principle is to Consult God through prayer Decision Making Process of God First. Christian believers depend on God’s Source Material Bible. People’s private personal life matters to God for this Concerns God and Interests Jesus so wants to save you. As Bible in Matthew 16:26, says what good is it to gain whole world to loss your own soul? Do not gain the world through fame, adulation but lose your soul.  Godly wisdom is more precious than rubies. Knowldege and love of God is far better than 15 minutes of fame. Wisdom is above silver, gold as nothing compares with fullness of joy in GOD’S PRESENCE.To_Inspire_by_mushirOne needs God more than ever so cannot avoid God at all cost. Godly Principles are the Highest Blessings in life so as a last resort, when all other worldly ways have failed seek God no matter your position in life. Ask God’s Strength and ability to help let go of past to let God change you. This does not come naturally so an uphill struggle but truly believe God’s Method and rely on God’s method which Never Fails. One must set time aside to read to personaly study Bible for each particular issue desired. Seek First God’s Authority to act in line with the word of God. This is necessary to ask yourself in any given situation, what would Jesus Do. Jesus set a great example demonstrating complete obedience to God. The Holy Perfect Jesus without sin still seeks the Face of God to determine every course of action taken. In fact Jesus Said, He Only Does what the Father God requires Him to do. Jesus was out and about so reached out to people.downloadThe choice to please God has protection built into the lifestyle to do right thing. One is not as perfect as Jesus this is why God Sent Him to us. No one can deliver Himself or save another in terms of the Blood Sacrifice of Christ. Abandoning a proven the tested, reliable approach to inspirational success from the word of God caused downfall of mankind. The choice to ruthlessly hold on by faith in God to Overcome the world is through Jesus Christ. Jesus said He Has already Overcome the world. God created the world so wants people to continue to abide by HIS Way. Time and time again history has shown rejecting God like the prodigal son, is foolhardy stubbornness. As it goes back to you like a boomerang. Lack of cortex, experience and maturity  means serious decisions are often made naively with devastating consequences. Paul says he runs life race to win prize so does not lead others saved by God, Christ and fall short of heaven in his own life. saved-or-self-deceived.jpgAt the time making the choice like Adam and Eve, the premise of assumption on which the life choice was made is false. However, attractive, appealing pull and lack of ability to BOLDY SAY NO THANKS  ruined many lives needlessly. Adam and  Eve should have told devil to come back tomorrow for an answer so they could Consult God for Advice. Humanity would have a perfect world but 6000 years later people still make same choices. So chaos in the world started in Garden of Eden. It is the same impulsive pressure to choose instantly to go with flow to avoid being different. People are under pressure to conform, apply themselves to whatever situation they are in. So standing up to say no thank you seems like rejection of others. God Says good manners can be corrupted by bad influence so like bad apples ruins the whole batch. It is harder to resist to be isolated to remain rooted, grounded in faith easier to compromise. It cost to join in to gain the whole world to lose the soul. Talents, abilities given are used to enhance God’s Kingdom.Best quotes for success - Rajdhani engineering collegePeople must stay calm so not to make impulsive decisions. Be silent briefly and count 1-10 in the head while smiling in all situations. As professional automatic smile diffuses tension, remain pleasant polite even if client is not. This enables clear head to make take better action. In most people is lessons remembered from attending Sunday School as a child to hear about God and Jesus in early life. That seed planted grows in their heart throughout life. Even when people drift off from God the word of God is still alive so still at work in their lives because of Christ. When success comes and tries to distract person to overshadow the word of God, that person must stand on the word of God to make the right choice. So refuse to allow foothold trying to gaining any entry to be nipped in the bud to stop trying to derail their Godly life.god-most-important-relationshipConesequences are important therefore so people know it cost price paid so can cause pain and sacrifice to achieve good success. It cost a family letting go to endorse talent in the service of God to mankind. The time required to please everyone to keep up to please people, fans, bosses, family, all at the same time affects person required to carry on regardless of consequences. It causes chaos if the time involved is not properly planned for personal wellbeing. Peace of mind is a deliberate choice to make to ensure sanity and good health. The easiest way to improve your mood and your life is to take time each day to focus on the simple things that bring you joy. At the end of each day have me time to reflect to bring you the uplifting, feel-good refreshing time in Presence of God. Take a few minutes to pray, to sing, or do something happy for yourself. And then later can share your own bit of good news on social media appropriately. All of us do not know all the answers to life but God Does so Already Provides Useful Resource material meticulously. So, it is not to lose yourself in falling in love, the emotional highs of rock concert, travel, fashion, achievements that fulfills void. The Answer is Jesus, hold on fast to God rooted and grounded in Christ to root out causes of inner hurt inborn separation of sin. The real true path to joy, peace, love, fulfillment is Jesus our First Love.


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