heavenly-country-2-638.jpgThe debate continues on who gets to go to heaven by some observations made by people. As a result the people draw their own conclusion by deciding in their own opinion who will make it into heaven. In the Bible God says that many people will be very shocked about who makes it into heaven. This is because mankind looks often at the outward parts of people but LORD God Almighty Looks at the inward parts of the heart of a man. So in other words, God Says Do Not Judge a Book by its cover but by the contents. This means merely observing someone’s lifestyle so then concluding they are lost is not how God determines SALVATION BUT it is EXCLUSIVE RIGHT OF GOD THROUGH THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST to Decide who is saved or not saved in man’s eyes. God has not appointed anyone on earth to logically reason or argue any person’s salvation. That is for God to determine on judgement day when the Book of Life is opened to reveal secret deeds of all.52540842Outward manifestation used to compare unfairly by worldly standard or methods is not approved by God. Bible states in Luke 13:29, that people will come from the east and west, from north and south, and all recline at table together in the kingdom of God. In Matthew 8:11, same verse is repeated in the Bible stating, I tell you, many will come from east and west and recline at table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in kingdom of heaven. People will come from all walks of life and backgrounds to be saved. So God Confirms in Bible many people will come from North, East, West, South surprised they are saved by LORD God Almighty. Unfortunately in the same vein the self – righteous ones who thought they had exclusive monopoly right to God already guaranteed heaven, are rejected by Christ. So God’s Standard Measurement of SALVATION is by calling upon the Name of Jesus to be saved.p-3587-everyoneheavenGod made heaven for all people from all nations, tribes, languages, to live with HIM together forever. The only reason God created hell was to punish satan and one-third of angels who rebelled against God in heaven so thrown out. Matthew 25:41 in the Gospels states originally that hell was made for only devil and demons. God did not intend anyone human being to be in hell because it is a place prepared specifically and designed devil rejecting God. Again in Luke 16:19-31 it is repeated those on the left hand rejected by Christ, depart cursed, into torment, everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. But people on earth influenced by devil and demons are recruited into hell sadly through deception, doubt, delusion for Rejecting Son of God Jesus Christ, God’s Kingdom Ruler. Those who trust in God living, meditating daily on His Word are saved by God’s Grace in Jesus Name are saved. In addition, to grow and mature requires believers have an interaction for fellowship with the other believers to promote, support and share the good news adapted in each context. In LIGHT of GOD’S Grace, Compassion and Mercy, LOVING FATHER GOD DOES NOT WANT anyone to perish. GOD HAS Designed various approaches to reaching out to so many different people through HIS SPIRIT WISDOM GOD KNOWLEDGE. ONE SAME SPIRIT OF GOD MANIFESTS IN DIVERSE FORMS IN DIFFERENT WAYS THOUGH THE GIFTS OR TALENTS SKILLS AND ABILITIES GIVEN TO EACH PERSON BY GOD. SOME PEOPLE ARE CHOSEN TO PERFORM TO DO THE WORKS OF GOD. The Bible says each member of the Body of Christ performs different functions to GLORY & HONOUR OF SOVEREIGN GOD ALMIGHTY according to HIS PURPOSE.875bde06d61ed165357a1bd8c3a4a933.jpgSo outward manifestation is not a fair comparison basis to use to determine who is saved in Christ. Unfair worldly standards and methods not approved by God cannot be used to condemn people. It means it is none of anybody’s business using gossip to declare salvation, Except God. The Bible says some people are like white washed graves looking fantastic to man on the outside but rotten inside so does not impress God much. Jesus Calls them hypocrates. The best anyone can do is share the good news but Allow the Holy Spirit to change that person. So one cannot force people to change or impose fixed way of life on all. God Loves variety therefore HE CREATES diversity to show His Majesty and Glorious Beauty Image.tumblr_inline_npo0mtrADy1t13fkp_540From the outside a person may seem to be completly lost in the world’s opinion but saved in God’s Kingdom. As nobody knows what takes place inside a man’s heart but Only LORD GOD HAS the heart of mankind in HIS HANDS. God Controls the heart of man although people choose to ignore God HE Does not ignore them if they call on HIM in Christ privately. So nobody can tell the inner thoughts of a person in relation to God. Only God can read people’s hearts and minds and so to determine who belongs to God in Christ. Ordinary human beings and mortals find it impossible to live up to that Ultimate Perfect Standard of God by their own effort and strength without God. Many people like prodigal son take Only God seriously after finding out by learning the hard way in life. So this means that any self – damage caused by a previous unsaved reckless lifestyle takes its toll on people and outwardly and inwardly.alone.jpgThe consequences of a previous lifestyle during time of unsaved escapades in life is not the basis used for salvation by God to decide whether one is saved, baptised, going to heaven. Nature takes its course, so if a man has children out of wedlock before salvation, those children are part of living proof of past actions. Yet God in His Mercy Forgives sin after repentance saves that person and all the priceless children belonging to God if they call upon Jesus Name. Society may judge label condemn that person but they are good enough for God. Nobody has ever created human life by using their own original life creation ingredients like God. Every human being is also God’s property whether il/legimate. So only God Exclusively is Originator of life. God fearfully and wonderfully creates all human beings whether they hate HIM or reject HIM. God Loves all people saved so sent Christ Jesus to all to call upon God directly, privately, in secret moments of life. One is created whole in GOD’S Eyes even if one does not measure up to the world’s standards. The Godly Standard of HIS MEASUREMENT OF SALVATION IS COMPLETELY BY GOD’S GRACE SO CALL UPON NAME OF JESUS TO BE SAVED.c1a7c5f658e0b9ed0860b8a12e54cb2b


2 thoughts on “WHO GETS INTO HEAVEN?

    • Absolutely Jesus Said to be prepared and ready for Only God Knows the Day and Time. Not even Jesus or angels in heaven know except God ALMIGHTY to Decide Exact Hour and Day, Thank you and God bless.

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