hqdefault-1Many years ago the head of a personally well – known farming family business while working together engaged in the conversation about Rapture. The adults discussed how soon or how quickly it is before Jesus is Coming Soon. One asked “if Rapture is soon why bother to do anything at all if Jesus is Coming Soon.” As a little child, I listened nearby and heard conversation since then question stuck in mind. It was the farmer pastor, so zealous in tune with God who seems ready for Rapture. As a devout Christian often talked about God but worked hard throughout the day discussing the Bible. Quite rightly so as believers are to greet each other with the Psalms, hymns to encourage each other by the Word of God. They also regularly prayed together as a family and studied God’s Word. So when up in morning first thing talked to God, during breakfast or other meals discussed the Bible. When out and about talks to God as if HE LIVED in his family created impact of closeness to God in me as a child in mind and life. In his church the way he announced “God is here with us as we worship HIM,” made me feel as a child God was Sitting inside the vestry. I literally thought as a child that he had physical face to face meetings with God before each service started. I thought he held a meeting with God about all church members needs and concerns with God. imagesTheir faith was similar in some ways to other faithful saints of God in the world but not of the world. A bit like the Amish with total focus on word of God whatever they did had basis on foundation of the word of God. Their zeal, passion for God means they lived directly in connection to heaven lifestyle. The realistic practical hands on faith in action appealled to me as a little child listening to them. They paid close attention to other personal matters as equally important. Relevance of God reinforced Gospel daily through conversations to remember God’s Words and blessings. Their love for God deeply impressed me as they made Christ their First Love. They naturally loved God and Jesus so much they longed to be in their PRESENCE Spiritually filled with Spirit of God. As good examples of living sermons at home and outside observed a child I realised how they kept their minds stayed focussed on God. Therefore constant intense Godly conversations as I remember, made a lifelong impression on me till today. Now reflecting on these conversations years later as an adult has brought fond memories of Rapture part of their frequent discussions in the Bible Study meetings. I realised an interesting life lesson to help me better understand the Rapture. That Rapture question ‘why bother to plough, plant crops, sow seeds if Jesus is Coming Soon’ taught valuable lesson on Goodness of God. When seeds are planted they prayed to God to grant them good rain, excellent weather and bumper harvest. Watching observing, partaking at a child’s level and listening significantly inadvertently taught me a Rapture life lesson from plant growth.images-2My first lesson I recall is learning various crops grew at different times in a season. Bearing in mind dedicated expectation of Jesus daily heard as a child I soon noticed some crops were harvested by 3 months but Jesus did not return then. About 6 months passed I realised the other crops were ready for harvest yet Jesus still not returned. Watching plants grow taught me the practical meaning of timing of biennials, perennials and other crops. So reflecting today helps me to understand lessons I learnt about Rapture as crops grew. Plants grow at set time naturally orchestrated by God for each crop cycle. Alongside the main crops rotated around other crop germinating different times of the year. As a result of being a child, my Rapture Timer was watching crops at various times. Planting season, harvest season associated with Coming of Christ.v2.JPGAfter all, it takes time for the tiny seeds to grow and bear fruit good fruits. Jesus talks about old seeds dying before a new shoot emerged in some crops. So plants took years to bear fruit ranging from 1 year to 5-6 years or more in some cases. Pretty soon I enjoyed process of seeing change as a child fascinated by seeds, branches turning into trees for food or fruits. Some took a longer time to finally eat food or fruit since seed planted so I had to learn to patiently wait or endure in anticipation. Soon the years flew past, crops and trees continued to bear fruit. God Says as long as the earth remains seedtime and harvest will never cease. Eventually after waiting for Jesus to return for so long observing the crops I learnt the time Used by God to program crops, plants, trees was different though similar in some ways. Years later as an adult it makes sense to me why it takes long for plants to grow as seen taking place. The seeds planted did not grow overnight or bear fruit. Principal laws of nature followed its course for plants to grow. No amount of fertiliser, or hybrid genetically modified seed, fertile ground multiplication, fast tracked viable crops. ‘Mother nature’ is not rushed so waited for the natural course of growth process.IMG_20160515_165830Only GOD KNOWS EXACT TIME OR DAY SO IS NOT RUSHED BECAUSE GOSPEL MUST FIRST BE PREACHED TO ALL THE NATIONS FOR WITNESS SO THEY HAVE NO EXCUSE TO SAY THEY NEVER HEARD THEN GOD WILL DO HIS OWN THING. So continues seedtime, and harvest time in form of planting, harvesting, investing, gaining profit or interest as it means to each person. But in addition keeping eyes on Jesus Author and Finisher of faith. As it turned out to be symbolic prophetic question posed by one of the family members. For he soon passed into Glory in heaven in same year not long after hearing him talk about the Rapture. Part of me as an adult reflecting now asks did he know in anyway or being prepared without knowing he was seeing Jesus sooner than rapture. So discovered like the grass grows and soon withers so such was life as said in Bible. Perhaps as a child his intense passion of excitement about rapture I heard that day made me feel he was almost at heaven’s door.c4fddde304b7426131a2521146fd33f0

Many Bible prophecies confirm all Jesus said 2000 years ago the Rapture will take place into heaven with mansions already prepared by God to receive the believers in Christ. Like seasonal crops harvested in 3months, 6months, 3years, 6years or 24years realised life consists of various time schedules Run by God. Most of the adults of that generation are now living happily with Jesus in heaven. So they did not need to ‘worry’ about the times or the seasons, for they eventually passed faster before the rapture occurs. At that time global pressure of Rapture was so strong because many people tried to predict the times. As a child listening and observing their faith, contributed to by extra zeal in their lifetime I learnt the Sovereign LORD GOD is in Charge of the universe and time. However long it may seem that the Rapture takes, God is not like man to lie. Once God Says Rapture WILL surely come to pass those in Christ believe and receive Jesus as their gain of eternal everlasting life.


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