Mother gives birth to 17 babies at once, breaks world record – An American woman has completely annihilated the previous World Record for the most babies in a single pregnancy by giving birth to 17A woman breaks the world record by giving birth to 17 babies all at once. An American woman has completely created news becoming current World Record for the most babies in a single pregnancy by giving birth to 17 babies over 29 hours at the Indianapolis Memorial Hospital. “It was mind boggling said Dr. Jack Morrow after helping the lady through the entire operation.” The children kept coming, coming, coming and coming. He thinks maybe going through bad long dream perhaps lasting for quite while to come. Names had been given to the boys with an obvious continuity of thought: James, Jacob, Jarod, Jarvis, Jason, Jeffrey, and Jeremy, Jerome, Jesse, Jimmy, Joachim, Jonathan, Jonas, Joseph, Julian, Jimbo and surprisingly, Darth Porkinus. This was similar to another multiple birth of 11 babies born together in a pregnancy. 334

  Indiana doctors are calling it a complete miracle, as well as a world record, as a 42-year-old woman welcomes in 11 healthy, full term baby boys. Maria Hernandes, of Indianapolis, gave birth on Wednesday after undergoing only two hours of labor and a miraculous vaginal birth. She also carried the 11 babies through a 38 weeks gestation period, which is unheard of when dealing with a multiple pregnancy. Hernandez and her husband say they had trouble conceiving so decided to undergo medical treatment in vitro fertilization (IVF), desperate to become parents. To their surprise got more than they hoped for. 6 of 11 boys are identical twins weighing in between 1 pound 1.5 pounds. Currently in a stable condition in the neonatal intensive care unit Riley Children’s Hospital. Doctors surprised and shocked such a successful delivery without caesarian section. “We could not stop the babies from coming out,” said Dr. William Roberts. “They literally came out one after another. From the time the first baby came out, and the 11th baby was born, it was only 17 minutes.” The hospital staff says they have contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to supply them with this birth information to have Maria Hernandes and her family registered. It is amazing miracle wonderful news again of modern proportion enabled by excellent medical doctors facilities, resources and nurses plus auxiliary staff. Above all the Glory goes to God the LIFE Giver for miracles, preserving, protecting and saving lives of the mothers and the babies. Another mother at 101 years gave birth in Italy as seen here in the picture as shown below.
This miracle is considered controversial surgical operation done in private clinic in Turkey, where European laws on ovary transplants do not apply, as admited by centennial mother who does not wish to disclose the name of the clinic where the operation was undertaken. Very grateful to all the team of doctors who decided to go on with operation,” she admitted in tears. “So grateful to give birth her 17th child. Said is a true blessing testament to power of creator she told local reporters. “She longed for more children but could not due to ovarian cancer at 48 years. For so long felt useless to God as could not procreate anymore when diagnosed. For a long time believed God was punishing her for only bearing 16 children, but in HIS GODLY generosity granted process for treatment of fertility once again. So acknowledged 100years fervent Catholic.
101-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth After Successful Ovary Transplant

101-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth After Successful Ovary Transplant

 Dr. Alexandro Popolicchi fully endorses the controversial ovary transplant, which is deemed illegal under European health laws, and which was undertaken in a private clinic in Turkey where such laws do not apply. Although he admits the procedure is highly controversial, Dr. Popolicchi believes the ultimate decision  was up to his patient to make. “Who am I to judge if it is the proper thing to do? She has given birth to a beautiful baby and this miraculous birth is definitely a gift from God!” he told reporters. “The operation was completely legal in Turkey and undertaken by a handful of expert surgeons. The lady is in great health for her age and I predict she has still a many good years in front of her to share with her child. Many children are born in this world unwanted or by accident. Beautiful to know child comes to life in that loving home as stated by some of the reporters. Although Miss Vertadella’s husband has passed away since 1998 the 100 year old widow managed to find a sperm donor to make the birth possible.
Meanwhile, Malegwale Ramokgopa here gave birth to her 25th and 26th child in 1931 at the venerable age of 92. So used to be the world’s oldest mother recorded previously. So believed to be Malegwale Ramokgopa, this woman born in South Africa in 1839 who gave birth to twins 3 days after celebrating 92nd anniversary on October 3, 1931, made nation-wide headlines at the time. A single mother who has set a new delivery record is the mother of the biggest baby in the world today. The baby holds current biggest baby record although many previous births were close to same size. He tops the charts for now until another one comes along as history repeats itself. baby-biggestIn 2005, a woman in Brazil gave birth to a “giant baby” weighing 17 lbs (8 kg), twice the size of an average newborn. Ademilton dos Santos is the heaviest boy born in Brazil according to the Brazilian Gynaecological Association. Ademilton was born by Caesarean section at the hospital in Salvador in north-eastern Brazil. He is Francisca Ramos dos Santos’ fifth child, and doctors said his unusual size was probably due to his mother’s diabetes condition. The world is seeing more impossible miracle babies and unusual deliveries. Adored by those fascinated who cannot have enough of them. Or those who loath them labelling in comments as irresponsible choice by attention seeking mothers. Whatever an opinion expressed their medical history achievements makes great strides. And it is made possible to show how far the human beings go to, to achieve success meaningful to fulfil their hearts desires. 



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  1. As president orange 🍊 says its fake news.


    Just because you did not see mother and babies does not mean it did not really happen.

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