0432fb5fe9e55ef968f9e0163760552a.400x268x1.jpg JESUS WILL VISIBLY RETURN IN PERSON AS FLESH AND BLOOD to earth as Bible says All Eyes will SEE Jesus. An invisible person is not SEEN Jesus comes from heaven in John 14:2-3 to earth. When His disciples watched Him ascend into the clouds; two angels stood by them and said, “Men of Galilee why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who isntaken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven in Acts 1:11. This same Jesus will come back in person in flesh to earth in same way He was SEEN going into heaven.15672488778164789516421857147924.jpgThose who don’t believe Jesus will Come again in the Flesh are antiChrists. Those deceived who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ’s Coming in the flesh are opposers of the Lord Jesus. Bible says in 1 John 4: 3 anyone against Jesus is not from God. Test every spirit because those who do not confess Jesus Christ came in Flesh  are not of God spirit of antiChrist. So beloved do not believe every spirit, test the spirits whether its from God. Many false prophets in the world antichrists who refuse to believe Christ RETURNS VISIBLY in the FLESH fight God Himself. The Plan of God will not change or stop by twisted misinterpretion of those who continue to lie to cover up error of false predictions. Some say Jesus has already appeared in spirit in 1914 is not true.Rapture.jpgJesus will COME in the RAPTURE SEEN IN PERSON SEEN BY ALL IN CLOUDS in the air to heaven. Believe Jesus and God exist and will return Flesh and Blood to Israel VISIBLY. All Eyes will SEE Jesus on return to earth in Second Coming on the white horse. Jesus Says when SEE Him  the Son of God you SEE Father God. Ask God’s Forgiveness to restore your life in Jesus  Name. In Ezekiel 33:3 /3:33 people told to warn others about God and Jesus wrath against those who reject God. The Bible shows Jesus is the same yesterday,  today and forever so He has not turned into Archangel Michael. Jesus will Come back to live on earth. Informe all about Jesus Testimony because Jesus comes to Mount Zion with the 144000 in Israel to reign forever. Jesus didnt dematerialise into invisible form but REALLY VISIBLE SO WILL BE SEEN BY ALL ON RETURN.  God APPEARS HUMAN FLESH 44 TIMES IN BIBLE SEEN; ATE WITH PEOPLE SO GOD WILL COME IN FLESH LIKE JESUS HIS PERFECT IMAGE OF GOD. All people are created in God’s Physical Image as a Father God known to HIS Children.ahnsahnghong-in-the-flesh.pngWhen Jesus ascended first into heaven to present Himself to God after resurection in Glorified body in John 20: 17, Jesus told Mary, ‘Do not touch me, for I have not yet ascended to my Father; I must ASCEND to My Father and your Father and My God and your God. Jesus returned to earth on same day in John 20:19 so went through wall as the doors locked in Upper Room and visits disciples in GLORIFIED FLESH. Despite Glorified body Jesus was back on earth as Flesh and Blood before His final ascension in 40 days. Yet some continue fabricated lies using any selected verses to try to diminish, belittle, reduce Jesus Christ Highly Exalted HONOURED Son of God in Philippians 2:9. God Bestowed on Jesus Name Above all names at the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow and tongue confess Jesus is Lord to Glory of Father. Jesus Exclusively Earned His Sacrifice of redemption for mankind. No other name given among men under heaven can by mankind be saved, only Jesus Saves.the-second-coming-of-jesus-christ-when-why-and-how.jpgTHE LORD HIMSELF WILL DESCEND FROM HEAVEN WITH A SHOUT LOUD VOICE OF ARCHANGEL AND TRUMPET OF GOD. JESUS APPEARS BOLDLY AND PUBLICLY SO ALL EYES WILL SEE JESUS in RAPTURE and SECOND COMING. The replacement theology lies God replaced His people not true. As God’s favourites by special covenant in Christ, Jews and Gentiles rule earth as kings and queens. Nobody replaced Christ or Israel chosen by God to receive Gospel First due to the GREAT Sacrifice of Jesus as Jew, so Jews First and then all NATIONS according to God’s Agenda. Jesus is ONLY CHOSEN as GOD’S SON by SPECIAL COVENANT and as Jesus came in the flesh will return in flesh to rule in God’s Kingdom on earth. God’s specially chosen ones sealed Jews 144,000 in GREAT TRIBULATION with Jesus after rapture reign on Mount Zion. Thess 144,000 Jews in Revelation 7:9 are from the 12 tribes of Israel (Jacob). AND WITH JESUS in Jerusalem Israel. Jesus is going to be SEEN IN CLOUDS BY PEOPLE ON EARTH DURING RAPTURE. Believers IN CHRIST ALIVE WITH THE BELIEVERS RAISED FROM DEATH WITH JESUS GO TO LIVE IN THE MANSIONS PREPARED BY JESUS IN HEAVEN for seven years.tumblr_llig8qMvAV1qizvnso1_500.gifJews keeping accurate record of living history so know their family tree. Those who do not know God REMEMBERS HIS people TO CHOOSE 144,000 HE SEALS in GREAT TRIBULATION. Those not sealed by HOLY SPIRIT of God and hate Christ setting themselves up to be slaughtered. In GREAT TRIBULATION antiChrist is in charge of global trade so no buying or selling takes place unless they take the mark mark of the beast. Repent and be rescued in Rapture or sealed left behind to face consequences. Absolutely so true God’s Mercy Compassion extends LOVE so will not annihilate earth due to evils of sins. God lets stubborn horror thrill seekers remain ‘entertained’ by wicked violent destruction. The left behind on earth in unbelief mock God’s Rapture as devil’s levitation. The Rapture Rescue in Christ is God’s Grace in Answer to pray to SHORTEN evil days. God grants relief and respite from evil to all those fed up with destruction of mankind by others. We prefer the joyful peaceful PRESENCE of God through RAPTURE in the interim.the-rapture1.pngBelievers in Christ seen taken up in the great tribulation motivates to believe in shaken to the core by simultaneous evil happenings, awaken in their sense then receive Christ. Shocked intensity of type of evil violence unseen before on earth finally challenge some to understand the true exteng of wrath of God. Those who believe rapture into heaven publicly seen by the whole world. Believers in Christ stay in heaven for 7 years impacted by trust, confidence in God for all accepting Jesus Christ. Countless multitudes from various nations tribes, languages accept Jesus through the evangelism of 144000 Jews working with Moses and Elijah back in Flesh from heaven on earth to save people. In Revelation 7:9 says, After this vast crowd too great to count people from every nation, tribes, languages, standing before the Throne and before Lamb Jesus in Heaven. Serve God day and night 24/7 compared in chronological earth time to highlight understanding God’s Temple in HEAVENLY Dwellings praising God and Jesus for salvation and victory.1-thessalonians-4-5-rapture-7-638 Jesus physically returns with God and all saints from heaven back to the earth in Second Coming to Rule for 1000 years in PERFECT PEACE. Wicked rebellious people wiped out by rejecting Christ as the Son of God, Only Chosen Way. After 7 years Jesus will RETURN to the earth PERMANENTLY to New Jerusalem. Live among people on earth in their midst as satan is bound in an Abyss. More people living during 1000 years accept Christ as Saviour. At the end of 1000 years satan let loose briefly then a final judgement and punishment. God’s Mercy extends to persistent rejectors of God before the final total annihilation hell fire for all non – repentant rebellious ones. Those who refuse to change to accept Jesus as KING of Kings LORD of Lords when He Returns to rule 1000 years on earth will perish said God. Absolutely nothing else can save mankind except Saviour Jesus Christ. The Titles, Status, Ranks, wealth, riches, material possessions are totally useless so cannot save. Bowing knees to acknowledge Christ LORD’s Testimony of God better get act together before it is too late to say sorry to God to be saved. 


Single people get married in experiment as apprehensive of love and marriage so given choice to try before you buy in test run before deciding if this is for them or not. Experiments strongly independent couple moving into relationship to hep over come phobia of giving up their love of their independence. So agree to live together for one week in this experiment filming every moment to figure out what they both want. They discover necessary the changes involved in setting up home together so making room and space for each other. It is interesting to find out how both learn to adjust to each other’s personality and differences. They visit friends to observe their married lifestyle to help them plan how to focus, include, interact to involve each more their new relationship. After visit the young man picks few tips on making couple photo in house to grace it to feel more like home. The man impressed by other’s marriage prepares a meal to surprise his wife too. The lesson here applies idea of marriage to find out potential problems to address them to solve problems. Choice is given to remain open to commitment to take it further in actual marriage if both agree. Sexual intimacy part is withheld to help focus more on bonding, learning to gel together to form a marriage relationship to meet each other’s needs better. This process can be a possible set up to help some people try before you buy to ensure they really want to join together for life. In other cases marriage is much deeper so week is hardly enough to get to know person enough to marry. Marriage is like taking up 30 year mortgage so the house and location must be right. So to keep up in order to achieve a very high standard required they felt best thing to do is to compromise. Both begun to take more notice of the other’s needs to care for the other. They had to learn to adapt to their friends to be more likable and to have special couple time acceptable to friends and family. It is similar in some ways to an experiment to choose couples based on personal profile, interests and hobbies among others. The experiment found couples who agreed to marry but it did not last long. It was not successful as an unnatural unrealistic setting live on TV. Though experiment was organised by team of talented experts, professionals and a free furnished home to live in. It did not last long as family plays major part in marriage relationship eventually.

An attempt to train young people on real life experiment to help learn to manage family life and work simultaneously. So a real home life including raising family and babies was arranged for potential young people who plan to have children to fulfil their lives to be happy. The real life crying babies given to some with the real parents nearby with expert support to guide the young people. This brought reality shock of family life to them with one refusing to corporate to do anything realising it was too much. So discovered it was nothing like a walk in the park as imagined in their fantasy utopia in their head. These experiments do bring reality check to awaken naive children thinking of finding love from a baby to feel loved. As they finally realised the sacrifice and the hardwork involved in raising family and children combined with work found out it was not a picknic in the park. It was not as much fun as they thought so in the end made up their minds to hold on to their youth further to enjoy their lives, go to college, train in a skill career before setting up home. Some had to call upon their parents to come over to help them run their home. It turned out that raising a family is not as easy as they had imagined prior to the experiment. These experiments attempt to replace a natural traditional family choosing or arranging marriage by mutual agreement. To some extent, anticipation of new relationship seems exciting adventure in beginning however, pretty soon dust settles down mundane work sets in to run home. It is shock of their lack of awareness of  the responsibility involved causes them to rethink their fantasies. In any case the world allows people freedom of choice to do what is best for them in personal life regardless of the outcome. This is a new way in addition to online dating or other methods that works best for people. So opportunity is given for some to fulfil the desire of their heart and enjoy their choice and decision. 



family-scripture-study_1300345_inlJoshua watches his parent’s read the Bible to his family sharing stories of Goodness of God. His parents told family living history of God and Jesus with pictures and paintings to illustrate stories. He watched family routine daily when his parents woke from morning till night time when he went to his room to sleep. His parents seemed so precise exactly on time each day like clockwork. They knelt by their beds each morning together and walked in to say good morning. He knelt by his parents sides to join them pray. It was their dedication and love that was the best example he saw and wanted to practice.married_couple_praying-3Joshua noticed his parents thanked God for everything in their lives, for family, grand parents, friends, work, their home grateful for blessings ask God in Jesus for strength to overcome challenges of endless lists of other numerous matters. Sometimes he dosed off beside parents at prayer. And his little sister Charlene prayed with her dolls beside her bed too in her room. She seemed to catch the prayer bug he heard her prayers when he passed by her bedroom to his bedroom. At times he heard her praying with innocent voice thanking God for family, her favourite foods, sibling and her dolls. Joshua watched his little sister seem to take to prayer like a duck to water effortlessly. So Joshua wanted some of what she has inside her so keen to love God, full of joy and love. Each morning and night Joshua overheard sister’s prayers. Sometimes praying for him to be closer to God to enjoy a special friendship with Jesus as his Special friend as He is of all children.200322906-001Joshua heard Charlene talk to Jesus and God kneeling beside her bed like they were in her room with her. He was impressed with her trust and confidence in God and her Joy. At times his parents went with Joshua to pray in his room with him and with Caleb in his room so Joshua began too prayed by his bedside his bed. Like the family he tells God about his day, asking God for his forgiveness praying for his friends daily and at night. He begun to understand what he missed by not praying as his family members did. He then found deep peace and calmness inside him so not as angry and frustrated as he used to feel. He felt the Presence of God around him didn’t feel fear or shy anymore of praying.fall on your knees.jpgJoshua’s new found faith, trust in God to call on God was a highly significant knowledge so impressed his parents. They raised him by good example but did not pressurise him to follow their belief trusted he will find God in his own time. His parents talk about God and to work on communications to ensure family tensions resolved quickly. His family  relates with respect and best intentions first port of call of duty of care for his emotion to help good responses. Joshua read the Bible online, on phone and played healthy video games inspiring his faith. He was amazed by wonderful Christian Bible teachings confirm his parents teachings at home. He learned to study the good news to promote and shared with peers. He realised the world is not just full of evil negative news. He was happy to discover God in other families and children who knowingly love God so wants to do the tight thing to please God and family daily.ne13may27-ALL-hearing-with-the-heart-N1305_Romney_Heart_2527_prayingFamilyJoshua was impressed by other families who lived like his own family praying, so assured he doing the right thing, humbly believed in God. He was happy to know he had a Special Friend Jesus who Loves children and prayed for them from heaven. He understood his parents didn’t have all answers to problems in life but relied on God to be with them. As his confidence in God grew his strength in God increased because he realised the Bible has answers to problems in life his parents told him. He felt the joy seen in his parents especially in his little sister Charlene. Knew in his heart he was on right track to focus on God as he enjoyed playing sport and playing football with friends. He learnt Bible living history of how God created different people from one race in Adam and Eve pray to God.Ghana-family-praying.jpgJoshua sees for himself the children from all over the world pray and love God as much he does. He feels he truly belongs to BIGGER Family of God’s Kingdom in Christ. He learnt to understand his life is not perfect as God wanted it to be. Sin caused the world to go through unecessary problem in life. He read matters affecting him and the world so asks for further help from his parent if unsure of anything he read. His parents are happy and willing to answer his questions and point to specific Bible texts to prove God’s words to live by. Joshua continues to grow and learn more about the world around him. He prays for friends searching for answers in wrong places encouraged by sceptism in God. He is believing God to continue to help him grow in Christ throughout his life into his future eternity in infinity. Learning to love people as children of God even if looks different.praying-couple1-425x280.jpgThose not understanding LOVE of God pray and apply God’s word in difficult situations ask what will Jesus do. He learns to torelate others knowing all have same equal rights as himself to live on earth to enjoy a family life as much as he does. He prays for others to learn more about God to remember God in days of their youth as God Commands. He is learning to partake in good positive things to build up to respect them. He finds people may be less fortunate than himself but not reason to despise, mock or ridicule them. He looks for children isolated or without friend in playground to play with them. His mother gives extra foods and fruits he shares with the children in need. MOM.jpgHe understands Bible words so his world is to discover God things changing around him to bring total peace on earth through Christ. He has good days and bad days, learning to lean more on God help peers. He is building a good relationship with his parents to gain Godly Wisdom. He does his best to listen to his parents God commands to obey parents so it will be well with him to live long. He is not perfect but does his best to please God he does the best he can. He sees people enjoying precious times in parks playing music some worship God. So realises God is praised and worshipped all over the world in different places according to each culture. Joshua is trained to be nice to people even if people are different in lifestyle, tastes, demeanour.Karen-Ard-Photography-Beverly-Hills-Estate-engagement-session-Fab-You-Bliss-001.jpgAbove all, he learnt to Trust Jesus to be with him always surroubded by Heavenly hosts of God Sent to be with him always. He calls on God to be with him in tough times thanks God for all blessings he receives because of God’s Favour. He has so much to learn from wonders of God and universe information is precious to Joshua so he looks up with great confidence to coming of Jesus day or night. This hope Joshua has in looking forward to the joy of the LORD God as his strength. This confidence in believers holds onto to God to keep on keeping in God in Christ. Boy-Looking-at-Stars-MED.jpgThese days Joshua watches with joy in hope of God’s beautiful universe and wonders of God’s Creation. He sees many stars, glorious planets and wonders of night sky. He kneels down and to pray to God before settling into sound sleep. He dreams visions dreams God said in Joel in the last days part of end – time prophecy children, young and old see visons and dream dreams. God talks to children as much as HE Talks to adults to deals with all people. He writes his visions and dreams his so his parents are amazed about wonderful messages God Reveals to Joshua. So if people respond, God RESPONDS and draws near to them. GOD DRAWS NEAR  TO REVEALS HIS SECRETS TO THEM. God loves people to love HIM to discover God as Joshua did too. 25a521f4c0ba0444d1f96f0d867b5a74.jpgJoshua gets to bed at night assured of Jesus presence in Spirit with him in his room. He listens to his favourite Gospel music song to calm himself down after looking at wonders of God in the sky. The other children all over the world know Jesus loves all the children of the world. Whether they are red children yellow, black or white children Jesus loves and owns all the children no matter where they live on earth. Jesus cares for them all so He intercedes to God to answer all prayers. Their angels in heaven watch over them and sent to help them in need, sad, lonely or if in need of special friend as Joshua loves Jesus. God warns those hurting children its better millstone hung around their neck to drown in sea than hurt HIS BELOVED CHILDREN on earth. God prepares HIS KINGDOM for children encouraged to love Jesus for theirs is Kingdom of God. Jesus says adults humble yourself like children worthy to please God. Joshua is not perfect or holier than thou he is a little boy who loves Jesus and wants to please God. You can devote time and learn more about God. Every problem in life has answer in the Bible King Solomon said there is nothing new on earth. And history repeats itself though the it takes a different form has same effect on humanity. People are blessed in God’s mercy, compassion and love so join Joshua and accept Jesus for your eternal life.


walking_on_water1.jpgJesus loves all people on earth so visits Ashoka family in Spirit by interceding in heaven for them. God hears Jesus prayer so answers by sending angels to deliver them from all their destructions. In turn the family becomes transformed leading a Godly lifestyle. They pray over all their children asking God blessing on them. preciouslovebymallett.jpgThe Ashoke family love their children so pray set good example in love of God. So the oldest son Funke pretty soon notices the joy, changes and the transformation in parents. Funke goes on his own quest trying to find the answers to “Who am I” in the Bible. He finds answers in books that explain topics at child level. Often reading more details from the Bible.tumblr_static_7tdyveax01s044wksw4oo04c4He spends most of his free time reading after studying and doing his homework. He began to enjoy Bible messages, read stories written about young people in the Bible. He was fascinated, impressed God is available 24/7 to call. In Jeremiah 33:3, God Says ‘Call to me, I will answer you and tell you the great unsearchable things you do not know.’ He shares the good news with his brothers and sisters about God’s Love and Goodness to all. 6667ab77af3c71949d5a96af15be86cf.jpgConsequently, as their family prayed more, they saw miracles, changes in their own personal lives too. They also refused to be part of things displeasing to God. Brother Tunde and sister Lola join in prayers and Bible studies. It is Bible stories and memories that helps focus on God and Jesus as they grow up. To feel useful they volunteer time in the youth team to help in their church. bcba4bd5f9aa77c4520d21f08f499814.jpgFamily changes seen by others in their community helps others want to know the secret of good success. They always answer, its the LORD God’s Doing by HIS Grace they are Strengthened in faith in Christ. They believe with God all things possible so trust in God to make perfect all things concerning their family life in Jesus Name. With God all things are so possible including faith to walk on the water of life like Jesus. God is author and finisher of faith trust God to keep you to endure to end till Jesus Returns.   


What Men Want.jpg

Men say they want food, sex and silence so surely that cannot be too much to ask of women? If so why a simple request it seems, impossible, complicated, causing arguments and fights? Is it unrealistic to focus on the 3 things when relationships demand more than just love or sex and silence? Do what men want agree with what the women want? And are these congruent with what family needs as a whole? Women do need more than love, sex and silence so this causes conflict in relationships. What love means to each is completely different to expectation so cannot assume love, sex, silence only is all that creates relationship. So women need men to be sensitive in handling a practical love with deeper affection due to mood changes caused by the cycle or hormones. Mutual love understanding needs men’s support for women’s wants too. Both want needs met completely in different ways issues that include their family stability, intimacy, and security. So women give up more for marriage in terms of health, wealth or happiness. As a result need specific love in the natural hormonal mood swing. It affects a love relationship, sex, silence desired by the women too. Need more support to help with children, comfort and an exclusive time for quality time. So three demands of love, sex, silence make a relationship work for a short season. Both must give and take by expressing feelings so is not just meeting men’s needs too. Woman in need of caring love for both to be happy. Originally men not made to be alone by side of women 24/7 but part of a bigger family group and a support mechanism essential for survival of the community. Men and women today isolated as part of problem of unrealistic demands on a young couple. Silence in relationship is unrealistic for a successful coupling.162452,xcitefun-man-time-5.jpgA relationship is not exclusive attention for only men’s needs but about essential needs of women too. And more issues of discussing finances, bills, housework, or duty of care to children, parents as they grow, cooking, work shifts. Originally as God intended women were a full – time carer, men supposed to work outside in a family business. The changes through life education brought new roles mixed up in modern times. So traditional men continue in a masculine role job, others find themselves called on to do the non -masculine domestic work. Swapping the roles sometimes means the woman is a bread winner. It requires men grow up up and help to multi-task equally when house work needs to be done. A woman naturally brought up to talk to express feelings and emotions. Helping to do the housework is sexy to some women for feel valued and appreciated. A pressure is on man to live up to modern women’s standard causes problems. The man can help cook, clean, baby sit, do laundry so both can have quality time. Women are still not appreciated but some men are better running, managing home. Choose what is best for couple to fanthom how women maintai home efficiently as they expect. Take on some responsibility of a domestic side to help woman ease their burden. The women in turn contributes upkeep financially working too. Better both parties sit down to decide what is best for their home. Review role time to time adapt changing to dynamic of life. 15652569466357529003341902984011.jpgDo not to compare spouse or partner to parents or siblings as better than them. Judge Judy says, ” If you choose a person knowing their strengths and a weakness accept them warts and all. A happy wife is a happy life and makes a deeper love connection for more sex. Stop innatural demand on men to perform traditional roles if not doing it well. Do not nag or complain if everything done by man not up to your standard. Value, show loving gratitude and appreciation to the man not always finding faults and attacking men with verbal insults, physical fights. Do not withdraw affection and intimacy using that negative behaviour continues to cause resentment and men’s sexual frustration. Men feel rejected not taught a lesson to wake up to function better. It is necessary to understand its unnatural to do housework. Both need to discuss it and get help to support each other. Help available so ask to get help from friends and family if okay to do so. If financially able get a housekeeper or nanny to ease pressure with clear boundaries. Men in relationship owe duty of care to women and a changing needs of women’s body. To support women to be the spouse and partner desired. The couple must adjust to changes as parents yet make time for love, sex and silence. Children sleeping is quiet time to meet each other’s needs too. Not lost in a process of parenthood roles. Women body changes are men’s business to support them in love daily.49b975cc5c82f4b96aa19291bd57a383.jpgMenstruation natural cycle interferes in sex is disliked for intruding in intimacy. Menopause hot and cold flashes causes disputes between men and the women about room temperatures or windows opened or shut. The women’s genuine concerns dismissed as going ‘Mental’ or mentally unsound paranoia not taken seriously for help and support. It affects peace of mind cause mental breakdown, stress, and peri-natal / depression. All a woman’s problems begin with men not understanding of real needs the women deal with. Nobody is perfect so learn to be more to tolerant and compromise as team. If person’s favourite colour is red but hate red cannot control a behaviour to permit you to insist they get rid of all red and change to your favourite colour blue they cannot stand either. The fact is two becoming one flesh is not taking over their lives to run it your own way. Each person is completely whole person and deserves treated with great respect. Possessiveness is sign of insecurity, low selfesteem in relationship for member’s well-being as men, woman, child and whole family. No relationship cuts itself off from good source of help by isolating exclusively wondering why they are not happy. No man is an island learn to give and take, be thankful to God for people in your life. Treat politely with respect, dignity, honour, love flows back to you.



63f75a613ee93ca52fcfcfb5919189b8.jpgFeel sorry for being a man? Upbuilding boys in education is key to help growing up to them equip to face challenges in life. Teach boys to be men as youngsters to understand social interaction. Before they join social media platforms train in good manners, politeness and respect for self and women. To stop controlling behaviour offence against women roots of macho image projected as a strong or entitled aggressive pattern behaviour. Root cause is deeper  by the actions men thinking powerful means picking on the weaker gender and children. If women are aggressive saying hurtful things to spouse, partners, friends online, causing distress. Solutions for next generations is self -confidence, self -value projecting life on others in culde sac relationship thinking. Bring awareness of unrealistic demands on women, men need to better understand women’s emotions, feelings, needs and moods. Men through training will understand, adapt to unique needs of women to know these essentials. Hot debates group discussion takes place on helping people value women and each other better. Upholding a sound ground rules between men and women in early years reveals clear differences exist, so define, teach to deal with and get along better. A lifestyle led in the boardroom misses out on the other side of the coin.7408zoom.jpgA look at deeper lever level starts from the womb with the conception of male and females in first 3months showing an identical features in an early stage. Then during beginning of the second term of pregnancy, babies clear features are recognised as a boy or girl. The XX or XY Chromosones cells hormones shape both babies to grow specifically as girl or boy accordingly. So mothers can tell the gender of a baby before ultrascan due to baby movements and other sensations felt by mothers including the heart rate, pulse and size of stomach shapes. Others use taste for some foods and heightened sense of smell, swelling of feet, activity of baby kicks as clues, common features, by expectant mothers to know gender of a baby. Mature wiser mothers nurturing expectant mother due to own experience can tell indepth gender beyond natural look. So hospital scans confirm a gender for people prepare shopping for colour of clothes, prams, beds, cots, toys suitable. Right away, blue colour mostly used for boys pink for girls in Western countries. Early baby psychological conditioning of boys in tune with nature requirements.blessings-images-quotes-sayings-pictures_701.jpgSimilarly family shops for pink items identified for girls programmed to be more girly. This trend continues into schools as boys clearly identify with boys in the playground more and adult males featured around them. The girls grow encouraged by society to be feminine. Puberty changes continue in boy’s voice changes as they learn about genital part experiences. The girls grow breasts and learn about private areas of body and the menstrual periods. Both encouraged to be more masculine or feminiline in line with fashion, culture appropriate roles. Schools teach lessons on reproductive organs process changes in moods  swings hormones. Trends ingrained in memory and entrenched pattern of behaviour of role of boys and girls turning into men and women in adult lives. Process continues, skills and training designed gender is reinforced.  During employment trend continues in men’s skills, domestic type of work for women. Eventually progress was being made by encouraging genders to choose careers without gender labelling jobs. Is good sign of integration of men, women. Despite efforts to help both genders coexist, still certain differences exist unaware in childhood conditioning.63fa5d125e23c429fe52cad68ebe3352f2594d3c6ebb26a9ad7fd425a802bc56Young women often expect men to talk to them as if they are girlfriends. They want open deep free conversations so to share their deep feelings to support each other. The men prefer quiet moments to watch football, play games or they read newspapers. The men expect the women to join in without interruptions to talk or tell them about their day. Both have very different outlook on relaxing woman if desperate to offload her mind to their man. If the man not interested sees the woman moaning, nagging, complaining distracting from focussing on his games on computer. So not fully understand a deeper emotional needs of woman. As nurturers, women have the capacity to look, glance, read decode people. There is a deeper insight of merely observing people yet knowing instantly naturally more than meets the eyes automatically. For example, some lack deeper indepth voice recognition in conversation to pick changes in tone, voice, body language, or silent love messages, scent, colour, size, shape, height, favourite food, or minute details usually noted by the women.god-helps-those-dpIt is amazing specific things women pick as clues making decision subconsciously. Others do little things such as fidgeting, nervous smile, frown, inability to focus on what does not interest them present themselves in uncertain way. All these actions mean some women expect a man to pay more attention in more detail to recognise and read their minds. Natural female tendencies are more sensitive so important and meaningful to women for men to consider these issues. Women assume that men already know these things by now because an adult. On the other hand, the man expects the woman to be more in tune with intimacy desire requirements and to respond instantly. Men tend to be outwardly referenced by looks and those appealing as attractive for sex. The two means of using physical looks and sex means lack of deeper level of personal knowledge and development before commitment. Interaction limited to the physical need of sex overshadows bonding. This means a woman wants to marry a man like her best girl friend to talk, shop or do things together. One is to love God first and whole family so one develops confidence to grow and mature.give-birth-to-the-vision-joaynn.pngMen zoom in faster for a physical side of romance passion but cool down to zero emotion after sexual intercourse. A woman loved, embraced, held, hugged, kissed comfortably, appreciated, told verbally beautiful. Men sleep soundly woman feel dissapointed lying in bed looking at ceiling. Or on phone to text best friends or research shopping items to buy. Complete surprise to some but knowing this will make relationships better in the world. In terms respecting each other to realise how both function will change things to become improved. Conscious training to prepare to treat others according to gender difference helps communicate better understands improves communication to help avoid frustration to express themselves. These natural tendencies of the generational gender roles are define men behave towards women and vice versa. On a personal level both want to feel loved, heard, highly valued and appreciated. Yet each seems unable to really get across their true feelings or emotions. Conditioning boys to be boys to play with boy’s toys, girls encouraged to play with dolls seems acceptable norm. To sustain community roles and functions of each gender these are separate human relations generally.IMG_20160519_212107Focus, too much on others as separate entities mean they are not prepared to deal with other’s needs. So to correct misconceptions to support a gender properly both need to know how men and women operate in life. It is said men are from Mars and women are from Venus speaking has symbolic element of truth because physical earth exists inbetween Mars and Venus. This implies direct block in communication between both so needs extra effort to overcome the block in communication. The.effort to get to know women better to respect them. All human beings are born by women and so play vital role as God’s co-creators. So necessary to train young boys and girls to develop a good attitude towards each other early. Most often form an opinion about each other by TV drama scenes, playground break times. It is essential to educated early on proper respect for each other. From 5 years old children understand sharing toys, ask for things, have due regard for to include friends in conversations.God's opinion.jpgIt is important to teach good manners to take turns to express real true feelings emotionally feel heard not ignore quiet ones. Adults, teachers and significant others must not awaren their comments and jokes influence children for life. An awareness of emotion and love feelings understood by young children some may not be able to verbalise deep feelings of affection to others so use kiss, pull a girl’s hair, hug, put arms around a girl. Some think real adult intimacy ‘fighting’ in bed copy similar action ‘innocently’ as seen in cartoons, films or in real life. People think cartoons seem as innocent fun but scenes in cartoon sometimes unsuitable inappropriate. In addition, children watch role models or team of experts so want to be like them. Pressure to be like due to their low self-esteem neediness, thinking it is only the others responsible for their happiness without equal input can make them feel happier in life. Pressure other made responsible for his total happiness not reciprocated. Begin to look for partner to meet needs rather than help meet other’s need through interdependence. Such ideas are formed so tend to make teenagers look for love in wrong places instead of God.Connect-1140x460.pngThe pressure on youth to grow up and be independent means many do not stay at home long enough to mature to learn family. Without the practical experience or involvement helping to understand relationships better, learn from women they become involved and make it as they go along learning the hard way. Though seem to profess love for each other, yet cannot relate. Jesus stayed hom 33 years with a foundation to upbuild values. Relating to others must start from 5 years using play activities at the children’s level to teach love. Good seeds planted early starts to bear good fruit if boys LEARN EARLY TO RESPECT GIRLS AND WOMEN AND VICE VERSA. The world will be a better place if males and females are deliberately trained to recognise and understand differences early. Young children watch adults relate with to form copy ideas of love seen. Others see romantic cartoons displaying perceived affection concept of love expressed in films. Make life-long impression on them. They often watched loved up couples, imitate them without chaperon support. Many misunderstand reality of demand, pressure relationship thinking without others have no life so impose their happiness upon partner.64fc26f76d1ea307a705e660a51d5e8cIt is impossible to demand others fulfill all unmet needs from an early childhood. Each person must seek professional help first to overcome issues that can damage the relationship. General misconception is great lovers will fix all life’s problems for them. Ability to understand both is a work in progress to relate better. There is need to treat women with due regard greater respect lacking in some because of macho views of men about women. So women need to be trained to talk to men in specific terms straight to the point to tell them needs not take it for granted he should remember. Men wired providers traditionally so externally referenced go out to work. Women attach more deeply to children as extension of themselves due to body contact in pregnancy better equipped emotionally bonded to care for children. Feminism however demands equal right so men compelled to take on nurturing role not originally. Lack of any unfavourable atmosphere not conducive to love or sex. Underlying tension does not auger well. A meaningful successful outcome depends on good indicators of circumstances and events. So falling in love alone is not enough to resolve life-long issues of marriage or sex. This is why relationships dismissive of these matters cannot thrive. This is the reason why men and women deserve the proper understanding from an early age.tumblr_nhhyem3xn51r9bipco1_500.jpgRelationship compromises both parties involving extended family. The isolation causes pressure from anything affecting each other. Real expectation is originally to be part of bigger family for support for the couple’s own good. Men cannot be possessive to exclude a woman’s friends and family who embraced him in family to take over to isolate her. A happy wife is a happy life so mansions, cars, gifts, holidays not enough because a personal hands on one-to- one relationship is what women want. Though not too close for comfort  as each have me times, man caves, girl’s night out, continues family. Forsaking all others to take to hold vow disconnects all previous potential rival contender hand in marriage. A marriage licence is not guarantee to abuse spouse to cut off and isolate woman because the new sole owner monopoly management. Extra support helps women flourish and be happy. How can the emphasis on only academic education lasting a few years take precedence over matters pertaining to life beyond infinity be left to chance. The sixties education trained people to play real roles as part of a team. Modern society tends to draw people away from God Who said it is not good to be alone so created Eve for Adam. Studying God’s Principles of marriage, helps work God plan for marriage for mankind.God-the-reason-to-never-quitLove and sex seem not the only reason to marry or to relate but does involve much deeper needs not taught in the textbook. Economic issues mortgage and children, work schedules, baby sitting, affect love, sex among others. These fundamental matters need to be properly addressed to educatepeople involved to know what they are letting themselves into before they embark on such journey of life. The two major complaints in relationships is the lack of understanding others perspective helps transition to mature love levels. Not to damage relationship beyond repair. The men cannot assume in a relationship is sex make happiness without applying golden rule, ensure woman’s emotional health and well being. Men’s mistake is provision of material needs for family equals love and affection. Wonder why spouse not content and happy seem being away on business reinforces their relationship better. Partner address the improves relationships. Men must be trained before dating to be aware and more sensitive to women. Important to teach responsibility in a relationship on how best to respond to mood swing and emotional outbursts. A relationship has unpredictable episodes be prepared for in advance. So some women complain their men never there for them.” The other complaint is there is not enough intimacy connection felt deeply by those women. The women feel alone even in relationship in many ways so find it hard to relate and to trust the men to be there for them when they need them most. Emotionally available, listening, deep heart connection to help safeguard their hearts in God in Christ. 6e5426e42cdd5d426a39d245fc668379Men complaint women nag, talk too much, too many arguments fight about not having enough sex so feel unloved. Such men feel lonely in relationship yet want intimacy from women. They feel intimacy better less fighting enjoy more sex. Deeper connection enhances love affection, increases respect so both do not feel alone anymore. Such a genuine emotional connection, in turn leads to trust, giving women complete feeling of being loved, needed and appreciated. If partner feels sad, angry, needs affection taking time to show love and empathy than neglect deepens relationship. No one can fix another person unless they want to. A woman’s emotions have hormonal, periodic, menopausal, other factors so not to be taken lightly. Not to treat women as having tantrum try to fix sabotage, minimize, scoff, ridicule, mock ignore. Deep connection includes family, relatives in appropriate way. The imagined fantasy expectations created in the mind of relationship differ from practical real life experiences. Focus to deal with these issues at hand problems to determined if the relationship works instead of a greener grass syndrome as more interesting. The relatively simple fundamental skill of deeper connection relationship with women changes love profoundly. Helps the work of parenting from friendship or other relationships. IMG-20190902-WA0001.jpgIMG-20190905-WA0005.jpgThe men who learn emotional deep connection ultimately gain better in their relationships with more love and more amazing sex. Men often have more intimacy libidos than  women so want some more like Oliver Twist in the bedroom. Regular sex means love intimacy to feel loved. Sometimes a cuddle, kiss, hug, holding hands are all some women want to relationship fresh not over indulge to ruin sacredness of sex. To avoid becoming worked up so not feeling rejected, not bothered frustrated this conversation must take place before childbirth and breast-feeding demands on couples changes a relationship. This is simply what women REALLY want if time is taken to treat relationship with passion and respects. Love and passion treated with love and dignity lasts long. It keeps the bed warm at night because two are better than one if they agree to walk together in life in marriage. So God Almighty Conducted the First marriage and said it not good to be alone so the well-being of relationship needs God.










Bible in John 17:2 says God Gives Jesus All Power and Authority over all flesh to Give Eternal life to all. God of ALL FLESH in Jeremiah 33:27 GIVES POWER to Jesus the Messiah. Jesus Christ RECEIVED from Father God Universal Dominion. All flesh, i.e. mankind given to Jesus to save them. 7 times Jesus speaks of believers GIVEN to Him by the Father in John 17:2, John 6, John 9 , John 11, John 12 John 17:2. So All people on earth, in the past and in future belong to Owner God, Creator in Christ, as God’s Patented property. No matter origin, country of birth, belief God Chose Christ to Rule GOD’S Kingdom over all. 


image231Galatians 6:7 in Bible says God is not mocked, for what one sows one reaps. Jesus said in Proverbs 3:34 towards the endtimes scorners will scorn and laugh at Jesus, God, Gospel. If scornful people repent, God forgives them but if not God is Scornful to the scornful and humble people receive God’s Favour. Mark 5:35-40 says Jesus encountered mockers who laughed to ridicule Him doing miracles. Matthew 12:30-32 says whoever mocks is not with Jesus so against God. All who do not gather people as fishers of men with Jesus scatters, meaning mockers of God cause people not to believe so drive them from God. Mocking God causes the loss of faith because it sows the seeds of doubt in the minds of genuine believers. God Says losing faith by mocking God is double trouble so a fearful thing to fall into Hands of the Living God. 31 Jesus Says, every kind of sin or slander is forgiven but blasphemy against Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. 32 All who mock, speak slander against Son of Man Jesus will be forgiven if they repent but those who speak against work of Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this age or in the age to come. As Galatians 6:7 says do not be deceived because God is not mocked in vain so what one sows, one reaps. Bible says mockery behaviour and attitude is shown by fools in Psalm 74:22. In Psalm 1:1 wicked enemies, slander, mock and ridicule God, Maker, Spirit Giver of liferapture-mockersYahweh is Merciful, Compassionate so Forgives all who slander or mock Jesus and God. Repent, ask God’s forgiveness, stop mockery destroying or hurting you to cut off from God forever in a hellfire torment. Mocking God is not a laughing matter or joke as some wrongly think.  Mocking God in John 6:50-71 causes the premature spiritual ‘death.’ Jesus ‘bread’ of life from heaven is soul food to ‘eat’ and not ‘die.’ The Holy Communion or Eucharist is celebrated to remember gift of life gained in Christ’s everlasting life. During Jesus’ Ministry on earth, people followed to mock the miracle of raising Jairus’ daughter from death. So mockers laughed at Jesus because they did not believe He Can raise the dead back to life. Mockers exist before time of Jesus, after and now into the future. People who do not Fear God or Respect Jesus, with audacity Mock Jesus Minding God’s Business. Mockers lack faith, trust and confidence in God, do not believe Jesus’ Authentic Power to Restore Talitha to life in living history. Jesus resurrected 3 days after death on Cross atheist mock. atheist-mocking-jesus-christWhen Jesus was about to raise Talitha from death mockers thought it was too late so said, “Why bother Teacher Jesus anymore? Jesus overheard conversation of doubt so overuled them saying, do not be afraid believe. Jesus did not let doubters into the room so behind closed doors did miracle witnessed by Peter, James, John brother of James in house of Jairus, the synagogue leader and parents. 38 Inside home of synagogue leader Jesus saw the commotion, people crying and wailing loudly. 39 He went in and said, “Why commotion and wailing, the child is not dead but asleep.” 40 But they laughed at Jesus so He put them all out and took child’s father and mother and disciples with him near child. 41 He took her hand and said to her, “Talitha koumi!” which means “Little girl, I say to you, get up!” 42 Immediately the girl stood up and began to walk around and was 12 years old. Seeing miracle they were completely astonished. 43 He gave strict orders not to let anyone know and told them to give her food to eat. Those who doubt God’s Power in Jesus, Son of God mock God’s Plan in Christ as Role Model for Israel First so nations saved.jewskilledjesus1The people mocking Jews forget all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. All nations under heaven were at Jerusalem at passover, voted to crucify Jesus, so affects all the people on earth. Those fuelling anti-semitism fight God HIMSELF so must change. Jesus proved mockers wrong by miracle of raising Talitha dead girl raised seen walking in town so not a secret but Jesus did not want to show off. Some people mock Jesus’ miracles by giving credit to devil Beelzebub, prince of devils in Matthew 12:24, and repeated in Luke 21:15. Jesus casts out evil spirits by God’s Power and Pharisees and Chief priests read, knew, saw or heard God’s Miracle Power in Jesus. God Delivered Jews from Egypt, Moses’ Snake swallowed the magician’s snakes, knew miracle parting of red sea, drank water from rocks; discredit Jesus performing miracles. But think the devil has a greater power than Almighty God Creator of whole Universe Who said, I AM God of all flesh is anything too hard for ME in Jeremiah 33:27? Jesus said the mockers believe in their father devil’s power than God’s Power. John 8:44-25 says Jesus did not cast out devils using Beelzebub chief of demon’s evil power. Jesus Said an endtime sign is mockers, scoffers will ridicule Gospel, deceive people even elect if not alert, watching, praying to God to shorten evil days. Gay Jesus.jpgMatthew 12:30-32 Jesus said, “whoever is not with me is against me, whoever does not gather with me scatters. 31 So I tell you, every kind of sin and slander is forgiven but a blasphemy against Holy Spirit is not forgiven. 32 All who speak a word against Son of Man Jesus forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this age or in the age to come. One of the reasons we know Christ is coming soon is a huge increase in scoffers and mockers. One of the vilest signs is complete mockery of God and HIS Righteousness. Mockery in the world spreads so people pray to be saved to discern Yahweh the One True God. Mockers of Jesus reject prophecy so do not properly study Christ and the Gospel messages of sin. Never fear the mockers because God is on our side, but beware because there is more in future.enhanced-6319-1404320938-1God Calls them arrogant fools who lack Godly Knowledge. Never associate with such people because they will not make you stronger in Christ but lead astray. If the world hates Jesus a true Christian is mocked too. Mockers do not understand Word of God, instead scoff in ignorance. God allows them to fool themselves to self – destruct. Beware in these endtimes unbelievers mock God more than ever before even professing Christians mock God and HIS Ways. People who ridicule Bible and falsely spread lies throughout Christianity fight God on many issues so twist Scriptures to fit ideas to justify evil actions against God. So vital key texts in Bible are edited, deleted as Psalm 14:1-2 says fools say to themselves, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt and commit evil deeds, none practices what is good. The Lord God looks down from heaven on humanity to see if the discerning are searching for God. Psalm 74:10-12 says how long O God will these adversaries reproach you? Shall enemies blaspheme God’s Name forever? So why draw back your Hand, your Right hand? God Pluck Arm out of your bosom, consume them. God is KING of old, Working salvation in midst of earth. In Jeremiah 17:15, Listen to what they say, “Where are things the LORD threatens us with? Come on! Let us see them happen! So provoke God to anger taunting God by mockery.hqdefault (2)2 Peter 3:3-4 says, know this first, there shall come in the last days the scoffers, walking after own lusts and say, where is promise of His Coming? Since fathers fell asleep, all things continue as from beginning of creation. Galatians 6:7 says stop being deceived God is not mocked, people harvest whatever they plant. In Isaiah 28:22 Bible says stop mocking for sinful chains become heavier. So LORD God Almighty’s destruction is decreed against the whole land. In 2 Corinthians 4:8-10, troubles abound but God is NOT defeated. If not sure what to do still do not give up. Though persecuted, hurt or destroyed, constantly experience ploys to sabotage Christ Resurrection message Powerful life, still Believe. Matthew 5:9-13 says Blessed are peacemakers, they will be called children of God. Blessed if persecuted because of righteousness for theirs is Kingdom of heaven. Blessed yet insulted, persecuted falsely by all kinds of evil against you because God at work in you. Rejoice, be glad, great is your reward in heaven, in the same way persecuted prophets before you. And Proverbs 19:11 says a person’s wisdom yields patience, one’s glory is overlook offense. Proverbs 29:11, says fools give full vent to anger if provoked but wise quietly hold their peace so forgive.hindujesus1 Peter 3:15-16 says in your heart revere Jesus Christ as Lord. Alway prepare to give answers to all who asks you to give reason for the hope you have. Do this with gentleness, respect, keeping a clear conscience. All who speak maliciously against Godly behaviour in Christ will be ashamed of their slander. Proverbs 9:4-12 “Whoever is naive turns to those who lack understanding saying “come, eat food, drink wine mixed. Abandon all foolish ways, live way of understanding. Whoever corrects a mocker is insulted and reprover of wicked receives abuse. Do not reprove mockers to hate you but reprove a wise person and the wise love you. Give instruction to a wise person to become wiser, teach righteous person to learn more. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the LORD God to gain better understanding. Godly person’s days will be many so years added to life. Do not be wise in own eyes, be wise in God to own advantage because a mocker bears pain. Mocking God affect the blessings received from God. God loves all HIS creation so sent JESUS to save people. 2-Peter-3-3-Mockers-in-the-Last-Days-blue-copyProverbs 14:6-9 says scorners seek own wisdom by their own devices, but God’s understanding is easy for the discerning person. Leave the company of a foolish person because they do not understand wise counsel. Wisdom of shrewd person discerns the right way but folly of fools is deception. Fools mock at correction so upright receive God’s Favour. Proverbs 19:28-31, says the wicked mockers feed iniquity of condemned fools. Matthew 12:35-37, says the good person brings good treasure from the heart but an evil person brings evil things out of the evil heart. Judgment Day gives account of all thoughtless words uttered to acquit by own words or be condemned.” Proverbs 1:21-23 says some people on busy noisy streets and entrances to the gates of city utters words: “How long, oh naive ones, will you simple-minded scoffers delight in scoffing as fools and hate knowledge. “Turn to reproof, hear Spirit of God in Christ and God’s words to you. Scoffers try to silence God Knowledge. Matthew 10:22 mock Christians for Christ sake. 8b96dff02e0e1e63ea9eee0282606ad9All who keep themselves in Christ will endure to the end and be saved. Mark 13:13 says people who hate God’s work hate those devoted in Christ to God but must not be influenced by them. Those who keep faith to the end are surely saved. John 15:18-19 says “If the world hates you, remember it hated Jesus first. Those belonging to the world love it but those chosen out of world do not belong to it. Believers are in the world but not of the world so the world hates them. In Isaiah 66:5 Bible says Hear the word of the LORD you who tremble at HIS word: “Your own people hate and exclude you because of God’s NAME saying, ‘Let the LORD be Glorified so we may see your joy!‘ They will be put to shame. In Mark 10:32-34, Jesus and all people with Him on road to Jerusalem as He led way His followers were amazed but others in crowd were afraid so fear and unbelief cause some to doubt God. Jesus took 12 apostles aside to tell them happenings in Jerusalem. He said in Jerusalem, the Son of Man will be turned to the leading priests and teachers of the law. So will say He must die, and turn Him over to people who will laugh at him and spit on him. They will beat him with whips and crucify him. But on the third day He will rise to life again. In Psalm 22:5-9 all who are amazed call on God, are saved, so trust in God, never disappointed, but scorned despise people. Some poke fun to pour insults from their mouth, shake their heads, mock Jesus on Cross, “Put yourself in the LORD’s HANDS. Let GOD SAVE Jesus. God Heard so Rescued Jesus for God is Pleased with Jesus!”  end-times-events-jesus-returns-second-coming-of-christHosea 7:3-6 “Some delight the king with wickedness, princes with their lies. They are all adulterers, burning like an oven whose fire a baker need not stir from kneading dough till it rises. On the day of the festival of a king, princes become inflamed with wine, join hands with the mockers. And hearts like oven approach him with intrigue, passion smolders all night, in the morning blaze like flaming fire. Job 17:1-4 as his spirit was broken and days cut short, mockers surrounded and dwelt in his sight with hostility. Job prayed, O God help! Who will put up security for the saved? Closed minds lack understanding so God will not let enemies triumph. Job 21:1-5 says, “Keep listening to wise words and let this be your comfort. Bear with God’s words after God speaks, mock not. A complaint against God or impatience is not good. Look at faithful Job, appalled, lay hands on mouth. 2 Thessalonians 1:8 says God is a flaming fire so inflicts vengeance on those who mock God and those who do not obey gospel of Lord Jesus. Important to Honour and fear God, nobody mocks a boss at work who pays salary. A smart wise worker wants to be in good books of the company to get promotion and pay rise. In the same way God expects people’s Appreciation Gratitude to Jesus, Holy Spirit, Trinity given due Credit.


maxresdefault (2)Nasa ‘bans Jesus’ in internal newsletter amid fears use of name is ‘sectarian.’ A Christian group in the space agency’s Johnson Space Centre claim free speech is being stepped on. The Christian group claims NASA banned using word ‘Jesus’ in e-bulletins. A row has broken out over the Son of God and Nasa, as a Christian group working with the space agency claims members are banned from using Jesus’ name. The JSC Praise and Worship Club, at Nasa’s Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas, told to stop using Jesus name in club announcements appearing in centre newsletter. So filed complaint against the restriction coming from Nasa attorneys. Nasa engineer Sophia Smith said she was “shocked” and also “very frustrated.” “Nasa has a long history of respecting religious speech. Yet will not allow name of Jesus in announcement about our club?” she told Fox News. The newsletter sent out on email alerts the members of the centre to events from dance classes to football games. So the Religious liberty law firm known as the Liberty Institute issued threat of federal lawsuit over the issue of the freedom of religious expression for the government employees unless Nasa makes apology and lifts ban. Nasa released a statement saying does not prohibit use of specific religious names in employee newsletters or other internal communications. NASA Johnson Space Center NASA is at centre of this controversy where the electronic newsletter is dispatched. “The agency allows employee-led civic, professional, religious other organizations to meet on Nasa property on employee’s own time.MAIN-NASA-bans-Jesus.jpg“Consistent with the federal laws, Nasa attempts to balance employee’s rights to freely exercise religious beliefs with the obligation to ensure that no government endorsement of religion prevails. “We believe in and encourage open diverse dialogue among employees and across the agency.” Nasa JSC Praise & Worship Club began in 2001, members meeting during lunch hour to discuss matters of Christian faith and sing Christian songs. Attorney Jeremy Dys, said on May 28, 2015 a newsletter carried announcement reading: “Join praise and worship band ‘Allied with the Lord’ for a refreshing set of spring praise and worship songs… To do express Gratitude to God’s work, The NASA JSC Praise and Worship Club began 2001 with members meeting to discuss matters of Christianity. “The theme for the session will be ‘Jesus is our life!’ So Prayer partners available for anyone who has need. JSC civil servants, contractors welcome. Subsequently the Nasa legal department contacted the club. Liberty Institute’s complain was the club told that “Nasa would be censoring all future announcement featured name, ‘Jesus,” adding the name made announcements “sectarian” or “denominational.” So in order to illustrate Nasa’s religious history, the Liberty Institute’s website details in February 1962, Nasa astronaut Scott Carpenter quipped, “Godspeed, John Glenn” as Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth. In 1968, Apollo 8 astronauts – Bill Anders, Jim Lovell, and Frank Borman – read the Creation account from Genesis 1 while orbiting the moon on Christmas Eve. They note that: “Infamous atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, sued Nasa over this and lost in O’Hair v. Payne, 1969.”