tumblr_ni4vrmwIRL1s1vn29o2_1280.jpgMalachi 2:10 says we all have One Father LORD God in heaven Who created all the human beings on earth and in heaven. God creates blacks and whites including other creatures under heaven. It is God Who creates a white baby in black family to prove HIS mystery to world. Malachi the prophet asks an important question if truly all mankind descend from Father God through Adam and Eve why is there so much treachery sibling rivalry between family members of God? One expects the Children of God of Love to be also full of HIS Love, Grace, Compassion and a consideration for each other yet Malachi posed the question “Have we not all one Father? Has ONE God created us all If Father God creates all through Adam brothers and sisters why is there hating, slandering, dealing treacherously by the Children of God. Why faithless profaning of Name of God by dealing treacherously with others if One God created us. Why deal treacherously everyman against his brother, profaning the covenant of our fathers? God’s Covenant with Abraham includes all the nations tribes, countless multitudes of all people like grain of sand on seashore. Our Father God produces all the races so everyone who does God’s Will acceptable to God no matter bigotry, segregation, religious hatred of others towards them. God is disrespected for creating variety. Some even call others derogatory names as apparently a leader in Harvard’s Arab Student Association asked Livni, “How is it you are so smelly?” Insulting remarks with root in common Arab slur that Jews are “descended from apes and pigs” and as a result they stink. Presence of such vile anti-Semitism in elite university is not surprising, but it is a sad reminder that believers must take a stand against.efebdddd6f0f695d9730acf9d95c2109.jpgRomans 3:29-30, Romans 10:12-17 says God is the Same Father of the Jew and Gentile. There is not one God to Jews and another kind to Gentiles. LORD God ALMIGHTY Father to both Jews and Gentiles so Ephesians 2:18 says Jews and Gentiles have access to Father God by ONE Spirit of God at work in all HIS Children. God Puts HIS SPIRIT in mankind to give life through HIM Jews and Gentiles alike have access through ONE Spirit to the Father God. All by ONE Spirit in Father may come to God as Father through HIS OWN SPIRIT manifest in different forms to many is according to God’s Divine Purpose. God the Father is really fed up dealing with tantrums between the prodigal sons and the stayed home sons arguing daily to feel better than the other. God wants His Children to live in peace and harmony not wrangling daily of who is superior. God is exhausted tired of noisy quarrel of HIS Children angry at each others throat fighting, arguing does not please God.mal-21016-honoring-your-spouse-5-728.jpgEach wants grasp, maneuver to control something or other thinking each can rule better than God Himself. Attempts to deal with one accord harmony  Spirit of Unity and Love God preferred in HIS Kingdom Family. 1 Corinthians 8:4-6 says Father God is One True God above other gods for believers who Obey True God. There are many gods, many lords to us there is ONE LORD Father God and One Lord, Christ Jesus Messiah.slide_21.jpgl-119728.jpgThe overwhelming disputes, especially the constant noisy angry fights upset God more than mankind knows or has recognised their bad manners hurt God like any loving Father Hates to see his children tearing each other apart. The irony above all is there is no need for the uncalled for wranglings between all the members of God’s Family. Each side also assumes they are perfectly right entitled to do as they please without consulting God for HIS Approval. The evidence of each side’s actions speaks for itself so something obviously is not working well. Each side is in denial, blaming, accusing each side for the troubles in the world. But the author of confusion or the spirit behind conflict is not taken into account to see clearly who it costs going through disunity. Father God has also sent many mediators in the past to try to resolve this perpetual conflict among siblings in vain. So Father God is making ONE LAST OFFER MANKIND CANNOT REFUSE through Jesus to be saved and delivered personally. Each individual first must seek God personally before taking on the responsibilty of trying to rule others. God Already Chose JESUS to Rule on HIS Behalf with God’s Government upon His Shoulders. Some really just wasting time trying to usurp what Belongs to God. By so doing enter into condemnation and damnation from God because they are trying to fight God too. Nobody fights JEHOVAH Nissi, Mighty One in Battle, without self destructing. 

20_barrier-christ-reconcileGod wants spirit of compassion, mercies, love towards all of HIS Children by each one for HIS Son Jesus Sake because Jesus Ransomed His Life to save all who accept or receive Him. Matthew 23:8-9 says call no man your father on earth, for you have ONE Father God, Who is in heaven. This study in the Bible tells all humanity again that God ALMIGHTY made all people in His Own Image as stated in Genesis so all human beings belong to Father God the Sole Patent Owner of the priceless human beings HE creatstatedd made varieties and different shades of people to confound wise. God Chose to please Himself to Show HIS Glory of the people HE Made. We all share One Father God, Only Judge of eternal life according to His Standards not based on outward appearance because God searches the heart. God looks inside the heaha made to see the love and compassion He Put in through conscience to live in peace and harmony. The greatest victory God wants between all His Children is to love one another even if they did not make choice to Belong together in GOD’S Family. That Perfect Choice was Made by God so point in trying to ethnic cleanse or get rid of those one does not like. God wants all equally loved by HIM FOR GOD IS NOT A RESPECTOR OF PERSONS. GOD DOES NOT PREFER ANY ONE ABOVE OTHERS. 


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