ac5998d396674bb8edb5620bbabca9a2Jesus King of Glory Yeshua Messiah is always in our midst interested in all we do to Glorify GOD’S Kingdom. Great is God’s Faithfulness to us in Jesus Name. Things are changing rapidly in the world as God is shifting all things into proper places to reorganise the earth into HIS ORIGINAL PLAN. The necessary changes bring restoration of God’s righteousness Perfect Peace which passes all human understanding. Eventually mankind will enjoy fullness of joy with no more sorrow, pain, crying or tears. It is long term goal long road journey of life to hold on by faith to achieve desire of lifetime achievement reward crown of God’s Crown of life from King of Glory. Those unaware of the impeding changes to come it is good to read and research the Truth for yourself to make informed choice. God has Compassion Grace and Mercy so gives plenty of opportunities for all people to learn, study His Words, Ideas, Thoughts, Instructions to Obey HIM. GOD IS KINDHEARTED PATIENT SO ALL will come to the Knowledge of God. Seen all around the world is warnings the Jesus King of Glory gave happening to fulfil Prophecy everyday. People need to take God more seriously and to follow Jesus King of Glory in Christ to be saved.


With the daily demands on time with so much to do the last thing on people’s minds is reflection of their future. People think they have a much more important urgent priorities vying for immediate attention. However, the most important and significant issues are often left on the back burner. Yet it is equally essential to muse on the deeper things of life to put life into perspective. The modern life as we know it today may seem never ending but life in eternity lasts even longer. Which means lack of propet preparation towards the future is bound to bring consequences of each one own doings. Therefore cannot be ignored or ridiculed as the fantasies of obssessed fanatics. These Realities of God’s Truth unfolding globally are worth noting seriously because there is choice to be made. Ignorance is no excuse because God gives sufficient time to all humanity to make their free will decision. It is imperative not to be too busy having so much fun to ignore weightier issues of life. Real Life matters cannot be overuled by flimsy excused for God Keeps meticulous accurate records daily of all actions of everyone. Whether one believes or not God patent creator owner of life keeps eyes on all people on earth to ensure HIS CHILDREN saved raptured into heaven. So it matters to God those who take His Son Jesus King of Glory very seriously to Accept, Respect Honour God’s Agenda, Plans, Purpose for mankind.  Events are happening all over the world simultaneously to bring complete overhaul change forever. The world cannot take God for granted anymore because God is getting ready to act with serious consequences affecting the whole world. This is not to put fear to panic but make decision to belong to God no matter what happens in life.


It’s much more valuable and useful to think positively about yourself and your life instead of worrying about your shortcomings. Everyone has their faults and no one knows them quite as well as you, but instead of focusing on the negative aspects of your life, it’s important that you seek positive so entrust your future into God’s Safe Hands. Your name is engraved already in GOD’S PALMS so God Knows you more than you know yourself. There is need to focus more on the immediate 24  hours of life but that does not mean abandon the thoughts of the future or eternity. The Bible guides mankind into an Eternal Bright future in God so no need to be afraid of the future. With Jesus the King of Glory fully in charge one can face tomorrow with great confidence in God. It in the interest of all to pay more attention to God as God is Revealing His Mission on earth which includes all people regardless of whether they love God or not. God Still Loves them so does not want anyone to perish but wants all people to be saved. This is the Greatest desire of God people acknowledges and recognise HIM FOR WHO HE TRULY IS. So God does not want second hand faith of someone’s wrong opinion about God but wants all to know first hand accurate information directly from His Words in the Bible. God is not an afterthought but the main life line that Directs the path of all lives on earth. So taste and see that God is Good.

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