With God all things are possible in God’s scheme of things so nobody is too big or too great to be saved. So the chief Roman centurion was touched during Jesus’ trial and crucifixion he became saved. As a highly respected and honoured Roman centurion in charge of his platoon it was a big deal to shift gear to change and become a follower of Jesus. He was seen as diminishing his status in human eyes changing from secured powerful rank of routine position into an unpredictable job with Jesus. Many are called daily to make a shift to decide to sacrifice status pecks and privileges to follow God. Not all have to give up their day jobs but for some it is the only way. For it is almost impossible to serve both masters with one leg in each camp. So for efficiency and better use of time and resources do make the cdecision to serve God. So they seek first the Kingdom of God then all things are added sometimes better and more than the left behind or lost. Other occasions the material loss cannot even be compared with the priceless gain of eternal life so may seem loss to the non discerning. Things of God are Spiritually discerned in terms of eternal life.likewise-i-say-unto-you-there-is-joy-in-the-presence-of-the-angels-of-god-over-one-sinner-that-repenteth.jpgSo the Kingdom of God is compared to a man who found a GREAT Treasure which finding it he sold all other things to help acquire the priceless asset of eternal life. And Jesus Christ already paid ULTIMATE price for greater love has no man than to give His Life as ransom for many. Many continue day jobs but others feel led to totally serve God in way chosen. There is no right or wrong approach but depends on what God calls person to do for God’s Kingdom. Each has to decide carefully in line with Word of God. Those left behind the scenes sponsor the Gospel to send those called. Both those sent and those sponsoring gospel are equally relevant and valued by God. For without preacher they cannot hear but without sending the preacher they cannot hear Gospel. So Kingdom of God eventually Supercedes to overtake all other kingdoms on earth and dominions. Those Called Chosen as part of God’s Everlasting Kingdom work directly for God ruled by Jesus Christ. 


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