PIC BY JON HILMARSSON / CATERS NEWS (PICTURED: A close up of Christ the Redeemer as seen in the Northern Lights display – Iceland ) – This is the heavenly moment the figure of Christ was spotted during a spectacular northern lights display. Seen high in the sky, the shape of the aurora has an uncanny resemblance to that of Christ the Redeemer. Captured during in a rare show containing vibrant colours of red, green and even purple, the Deitys head, shoulders and outstretched arms were seen hovering near the Icelandic town of Akranes. The breath taking images were taken by Icelandic photographer, Jn Hilmarsson, 48, who was prompted by his ten year old son to take photographs of the vivid skies. SEE CATERS COPY



Supernatural beings seen in the sky at any place people gather together to watch God’s Magnificent creations. Jesus accompanied by angels Shows up to remind people to make Him their First Love in life.

100720177God is URGENTLY displaying the unusual Scenes to captivate and draw attention to Himself through beautiful Creation of nature. People are pleased to see these wonderful colourful scenery so God tells them to REMEMBER HE LOVES people.






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