1ef54116fada4c28cf127c9b7ee0f389John 2:15 warns Christians against loving the things of the world 1 John 2:15. So do not love this world nor the things it offers you, for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you. In 1 John 2:16, ‎1 John 2:14, ‎John 2:15 same is echoed by Paul this notion by his desire to see the saints focus on things above, not tangled up with the vain things of this fallen world in Colossians 3:2. Texts are interpreted from complete devotion in a monastry or nunnery to the relevant daily interaction appropriate for church to function in a community. So some set themselves apart to create Godly life.obeythe-one-who-died-for-youThis is part of the reason some consider all things too worldly too secular for the church to be part of. So strict adherents of the two extremes want separation of what is considered church and what is considered worldly. Pious puritans who endorse literal intepretation of Bible are careful to maintain a kind of traditional way of life. A few may live in communes to practice their faith and belief without constant intrusion or interference from the world. This is often a group of the loyal faithful persecuted over time so set up a camp to practice their faith.3_2corinthians617_3Some maintain simple lifestyle by living off the land, farming, harvesting fishing agricultural produce keeping live stock, other viable source of organic lifestyle. It can work successfuly beginning with the dedicated committed people tired of city living rat race looking for alternatve way of living. With common interest of faith does work for some. In other cases can be built around autocratic strong person manipulations of the gullible vulnerable in search of dreams and hopes of better life. Often turns into the cult perceived distorted view of the world. Especially if surrounded by secrecy, bullying and the cult leader telling everyone what to do.what-the-gospel-reveals-about-usOthers believe Jesus lived in the world but set apart for God yet had interactions on a daily basis with all sorts of people from different walks of life. Jesus had His friends considered too secular for religious folks, ate with tax collectors, prostitutes and worked with many in His Ministry. Based on Jesus’ example feel they do not need to isolate themselves separately to function as believers. Some have secular jobs and lead normal lives. They can be found in many professions and practice their belief outside career unless people of the cloth. The process of being in but not of this world comes with boundary matters ethics due regard issues of where to draw line (1)Faith decision often meet secular choices that seems to contradict personal belief or conscience based on religion. So the believer is to abide by a Godly Counsel of Psalm 1 demanding adherence to Obey God rather than men. Peter points out in Acts 5:29, when the choice was to please God or men then Peter and the apostles answered and said, we ought to obey God rather than men. As demonstrated by Jesus’ Sabbath healing and eating corn with disciples in corn fields plus others. Jesus always puts the well being of the disciples and apostles first to save, heal, deliver, feed or their Ransom Sacrifice. Jesus said He did nothing except to Obey Father God even unto death on the cross. 504709--27142033-930f-463a-94d1-e61a344523fd-thumbThe believer makes choices daily from what is deemed a moderate appearance to lifestyle choices of entertainment and what to eat or watch in the media with regard to Godly Standard. When believer decides to uphold Godly values is seen as being too fanatic or anti-social. Secular views may not fully understand Biblical implications and consequences of some decisions. The law of freedom endorses the rights of all people so the choice is given to each to live and let live. Despite this right to agree to disagree in peace it occasionally becomes bone of contention as each side insists on doing things own way without compromise.houses-of-the-holyIronically, when a faith person becomes too secular in their thinking or way of life, they are also blamed and accused of being to worldly. So not considered the real true authentic religious type. Some entertainment, fun activities and habits deemed too secular for some believers. There are those who think faith is just limited to fixed rules, regulations, the buildings, the format and posture of the routine fixated method from generation to generation. Hence some stuck in the draconian ancient Shakespearian way of English in church not in tune with their modern younger members. These causes old wine versus new wine conflicts and misunderstandings detriment to church. hqdefaultWhen a mega super gigantic prosperity church can outdo secular worldview by living indulgent lavish lifestyle the same world screams at the guerrlila business principles encouraged by banks. Those believers who stand out as millionaires or billionaires take a lot stick for doing exactly what is considered perfect norm. So acres and acres of lands, mansions, jets, cruiseships, seem to be regarded as exclusive perks of the rich and famous. So believers who boast of their love of golf, holidaying and fishing or hobbies seem to raise eyebrows. Did Jesus teach poverty as Godly Standard? Does being in the Spirit not doing works of the flesh mean believers on knees 24/7 praying? Is wealth given rightfully by God’s blessing to Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Solomon better than earn through one’s own hardwork an issue?obedience1The real issue is a faith person believer’s wealth cannot be distinguished from the non faith person in material possessions or ethical standards. Especially if it seen as the ponsy scheme aggrandisement of faith person the world does not tolerate that. Some think the believer must only concentrate on faith by religious prayer not grand luxury wealthy lifestyle. To be in the world but not of the world debates goes on. Some think academic studies is secular unless all about faith hence do notencourage too much higher level of education but basic minimum required. The salvation message has a Theocratic Finale when the world is restored again completely under Jesus Rule in Kingdom of God’s Original Sovereign Control.

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