b42750a9b226a6464c67d2199ba3064dJesus values human life so visits hospital to help promote health. God is the FIRST SURGEON GENERAL so took Adam’s rib to create Eve. God could have used piece of clay to make Eve but Chose to Reveal HIS Magnificent Medical Ability or Power to set example for all humanity to follow as is still done today. God Demonstrates HIS Prowess and Genius as Creator of the intricate details of cell tissue organs and every delicate part of the human being. God Knows about how body is taken care of to prevent from self abuse due to lack of care or self control. God hears prayers on behalf of sick and infirm so can heal. Sometimes healing takes different forms and stages. Some instantly healed others recuperate slowly to rebuild, heal body.35d698b0dd4897ea3d9cadeee94b38e6

God sends Jesus to be present around the people praying and angels surrounding a group caring for people. All who believe in God trust Jesus for healing whenever it is humanly possible. With prayer and intercessions people stand in the gap to cry unto God for Mercy, Compassion and His Healing Touch. Adam woke up from his coma completely whole in that state of perfection in Garden of Eden. Since sin entered mankind through Adam and Eve the human body changed from the Perfect state into imperfection so takes the Grace of God to live beyond 3 score years and over into fullness of old age. For a person to live to oldage is GodGift. For some God enables life to be lived so people thank God for their lives daily. It is God’s Grace God’s Spirit keeping man.


Psalm 90 describes average life span of a human being as Threescore years + ten years” = 3×20+10 years = 70 years old. Before sin people lived longer for many years like Methuselah among others in the Bible. The fall of mankind destroyed perfect genes and cell tissues causing so much pain and suffering. With a general good care God prerves life in good health to “three score years and ten” meaning: “seventy years old”= 3×20+10= 70. This average mean number ranges from 1+ to adults living today to over 120 years old according to the Guiness book of record. Psalm 91 says with long life God sustains as Isaiah 46:4 says God throughout life time crowns with white hair old age as a Gift of God. James 1: 17 says all good gift and perfect gift are from God Above, so Proverbs 17:6 says fullness of life is God Granted to Glorify God. Most important point connection to God is Christ beyond life matters to eternity, God’s Presence.


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