IMG_20160410_000405A great king once decided to hold a feast with a twist to reward the most enduring child in his kingdom. He invited children to a special party so asked that presents be wrapped and put in a huge container for each to pick. The container was also designed in such a way the last person to reach the last gift got that best present. The king decided to reward the child who stayed calm throughout and waited for their turn. It was up to the king to decide in this heartwarming children’s tale that self-control deserves reward to celebrate children, family, courage, individualism, ambition, mutual love and self respect.the-kings-party_titleThe king ordered an extra special gift to be added to gift of last child to receive a present. The king wants to teach a moral lesson by inviting the children to a party to have a meal, entertainment, dancing, puzzles, quizzes to while away the time. In addition any child who demonstrated patience by  waiting for their turn last was to receive a prize. All other children rushed in and got the precious gifts still worthwhile and of great value. And yet still the last child’s present had priceless value as he won the test unknown to any beforehand so got a special present. Nobel Peace Party kids 2.jpgThe king called all the children together and told them the reason for the party to open their presents in front of him. With such a large crowd their endurance was tested again but they all behaved well.  king asked the boy who got the last gift to give reason why he stayed calm to share his story with others about what made him wait calmly for his turn. The boy answered his parents taught him to consider others first at all times. For there will always be chance to get his turn. The king asked the boy to explain further what he learnt from his parents that helped him to follow instructions. wpid-Bb87fFNCIAAv-qKHe said while growing up, if someone turned up at their home at any time to disturb family by looking for argument or fight his parents give person a seat then excused them for a few minutes. It was to go on their knees to pray for that person while they waited. So they asked God’s Help by committing the person in God’s Hands. They came back to talk to the person about their mission. his parents went privately on their knees to pray for the person while they waited. So they asked God’s Help by committing the person in God’s Hands. Years later the boy man grew into  They came back to talk to the person about their mission. 99/9% they calmed down, enjoyed good meal so they left in peace. The boy said sometimes he joined in voluntarily and heard their kind prayer and compassion throughout his childhood so learnt from them. Years later he grew into fine kind responsible and dutiful person.quote-mutual-respect-the-soft-answer-financial-honesty-with-the-lord-prayer-i-do-not-hesitate-gordon-b-hinckley-91-12-82He applied the principles learnt from his  parents in his own family. During his marriage he applied same principle of self control endurance. He recalled his lovely parents agreed in advance in case of any misunderstanding if both felt they were about to cross the line in anger they used code word ‘mild’ to walk away into the next room. It was agreed both must remain where they are for at least half an hour to 3 hours if time permits. To clear their head to reflect on their thoughts and actions to calmdown. Whenever it was felt a problem lingered they got together in a better mood to reflect rationally on the problem. So the moment they felt tension was building up towards an argument they reminded each other of the word mild.1446521485Then was asked what word mild meant he said a ‘mild’ answer gets rid of anger rage, wrath. So the offence packaged for potential fight is difussed by soft gentle answer to prevent, stop an unnecessary explosive argument. This helped him to apply mild principle in his own life as an adult. He carefully explained to spouse moment of walking away did not mean disrespect refusing to listen but rather to help calm now. In addition because he saw his parents live by ‘mild’ principle their family did not experience publicly strong language of violence or passive aggression silent treatment except the private discussions between his parents.null-17.jpgHe continued each day has its own daily challenges yet consciously both decided to love and honour each other.Though issues of life continue to exist their focus is to dwell on positives than look for things wrong to fix in each other. They learnt to be more flexible to tolerate one another with warts and all. They are not perfect just human beings changed from glory to Glory by God’s Help. Each day lived one a time knowing God is in Full Control of their lives and circumstances. The young man has full confidence in the Greatest King of Kings to reward him with even greater heavenly prize than the earthly reward he received on earth.


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