In a far away remote region of a country where there is no bicycles, cars, buses, or trains an old man gave ride to his young son on their donkey. They travelled together often to many places enjoying their quality time together. Travelling locally to do so many activities, selling fruits, vegetables and other items until one day an urgent need arose. It was important to meet the need so quickly they could not wait for the harvest season to sell their crops. So it was agreed to sell their beloved donkey by travelling to the next market town on a market day. They had to sell donkey for now so after harvest they can sell crops to replace the donkey. They went on the journey to the local market. At first the father walked and son rode the donkey.
Many people saw them after the last harvest season or two just a few distance from home. They were surprised how the little boy grew bigger than they last saw the family. So on the way, an interesting thing happened to the old man and his son going to sell the donkey in the local market. As they were going and walking alongside the donkey they met various people who made several contradictory comments to them. The first group of passers met along the way reprimanded both the old man and boy for not riding the donkey. This countryman passed them and said: “hey you what is the donkeyfor but to ride upon?”So the old man put the boy on the donkey and they went on their way. As soon they passed by another group of people one of them complained and accused the father of spoiling his son by allowing him to take the ride while the older father walked so said: “See the lazy young boy, he lets his father walk while he rides the donkey.” They had to switch so the father instead rides the donkey while the boy walks.
 So the old man ordered his boy to get off, and got on the donkey himself. Hardly had they gone any further when they also passed another group of people and they came under attack again. This time they were blaming the old man for riding the donkey and letting the boy walk on foot. So they complained and said to the others: “Shame on you a fit strong able bodied lazy old man freely enjoying the ride and letting a young weak boy walk on foot alongside you.” Now the old man decided they both need to ride donkey  together to please other people. By the time they came into town the animal right campaigners offended for abusing a delicate beast, so people began laughing and pointing at them. The man stopped and asked what was so funny? They responded and said to them “You should be ashamed of yourself for overloading a poor donkey with a heavy weight combined of you and your son.”

DonkeyAndRidersBoth the old man and the boy changed their minds again so had to get off the donkey and think of a new solution to this ongoing problem. So they came up with an idea so cut down a pole, tie the donkey’s feet to it, and lift the pole with the heavy donkey onto their shoulders. Sometimes the donkey was on top of the pole but at other times the donkey was under pole. Things got even worse as they carried the donkey so this time the people wondered why a perfectly healthy donkey was carried by a helpless old man and a child. Some people laughed again at them thinking they have completely lost their marbles. People went along giggling at them until they got clo.ser to the market bridge. The two now getting exhausted after carrying a heavy donkey for so long, by sheer accident it dropped into the river and almost drowned. The alarm was quickly raised by people who helped to rescue the donkey from the river. It took some time to get donkey out so the market was almost closing when they just made it in time.154917305-0ff86f1f-3c9a-49ef-bab2-d72b20f6c7ff9a2a6476ffbfa4cf856716b13589982fThe donkey was absolutely fine and even smiling by this time so sold happily into a loving home. Thanks to the generosity of a kind buyer who saved the day. In the end this old man and young son made a wonderful journey so able to sell donkey to buy the urgent basic necessities. They nearly lost the donkey in the midst of ridicule, mocking and the confusion of listening to so many different voices. So Jesus says His sheep Hear His Voice so not listen to stranger’s voice. They went back on foot knowing after next harvest season they will replace beloved donkey as their source of earning. They learnt an important lesson to be firm when they make up their own mind to stick with a decision as long as they harm nobody.The-Old-Man-And-His-Ass-Or-How-They-Carried-The-Home-Rule-Bill-From-St-Stephens-Review-Presentation-Cartoon-22-May-1886.jpg0239-old-man-son-ass8943028647_820b87f88a_b18-e1441465901572Jqadcf1So many people offered their alternative solutions to this same problem carrying it for a while on motor bikes and backs to help but ultimately final decision rested with owners of the donkey. At another one point a kind hearted soldier offerred to give them relief by carrying donkey on his back for a while. An urgent call of duty demanded he went on his way with colleagues. They could understand they when talked to the people complaining but few helped them. They could have told people to mind their own business because they took turns each so had a turn. In addition they can explain that the donkey had breaks in between to rest before they continued on journey. Above all, lessen here is in life if people who give advise are not fully aware of a bigger picture they may influence the person to make a wrong decision. So the person receiving advise must speak up to clarfy clearly what is going on. People perceive others from what they see from outside so assume they know how to give advise. All people cannot be pleased at the same time because of various points of view and differences in backgrounds. So sometimes may have to learn to agree to disagree even if ideas not understood.donkeypaintingThey did not know that sometimes more people rode a donkey than just the two they saw. People ride donkeys at holiday resorts, beaches for experience of past transport before the vehicles were made. This old man and his boy were verbally once attacked by total strangers who did not know their circumstances. They had  a happy ending for the old man and his son sold the donkey. The story has been told in the past with a sad miserable end to say one loses things precious to you if one does not make the right decision. It is important in modern times to improve the story to a happy ending because with God all things work together for good. A negative situation can turn into a good one as the donkey on this occasion was rescued safely. In this case to change the cruelty ending drowning of the donkey’s sadistic ending. As donkey was sold into a good home loved and well cared for so brings joy to the people enjoying donkey rides. A statue actually exists seen below to commemorate this classic story.statue-of-donkeyThe man and the boy were ridiculed in their journey for the choices they made. Rather than sticking with their original choice, which wasn’t hurting anyone, they heeded the cries of each passer-by. As they journeyed on, the ridicule persisted, no matter what choice they made. So they continued to change their actions according to the next person’s opinion they followed the next “latest trend”. Rather than giving them peace of mind, it only confused them more and more until they lost what they had. The moral of this story is “to please all, you please no one.” What went wrong for the old man and the boy? They were too desirous to please people around them. They lost their focus on which voice they should have been listening to in the first place the Voice of Sound Wisdom, Mind of Christ and Godly reasoning. God’s prophets speak to us with a Bible voice. The word of God continues to speak to guide all to direct steps on life journey.


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