imageMatthew 7:24-27 says, “Everyone who hears God’s words and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. Like the buildings completely carved out of a rock endures all stormy weather. So the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on a rock. Everyone who hears the words of God and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. The rain fell, floods came winds blew beating against house so it fell and great was its fall. In same storm wise builder’s house saved.IMG-20160406-WA0000Jesus is telling everyone saved in Christ it is important to endure storms of life. Jesus the Solid Rock Foundation Power Controls so Calms still the storms of life. Jesus commanded a scary wave coming against their boat, ” Peace be Still” and immediately the storm ceased and they did not drown. In the same way all sorts of storms of life rages against everyone, yet with Christ aboard boat one smiles at storms. A storm did not spare Son of God Jesus or disciples but Jesus has the Power over storms of life because He Obeyed God. Jesus Obeyed God even to death on the Cross although All Power in heaven and earth is Given to Jesus to Overpower any storm against them as Jesus did.imageThe point Jesus is making is importance of actively listening, hear God accurately to do exactly God’s Commands Christian Believers are to do. As the Patent Owner of all His Creation God Provides Manual Bible to read daily for His Instructions to guide and direct people. Jesus says those who listen and obey God’s Precise Words gain accurate Knowledge to withstand all spiritual storms of lies error in the world deceiving people. Jesus is saying the fear of God is beggining of wisdom. As Godly wisdom protects person in unnecessary disaster storms prevention in life.imageJesus Demonstrates Complete Total Obedience to God in Freely Sacrificing His Life as a ransom for many. Jesus Chose Obedience to God so God Highly Honoured Jesus Christ by Lifting JESUS Name Above all other human Names in heaven or earth. God Is PLEASED Jesus Obeyed God so Almighty God in RETURN Glorifies Jesus Christin all the earth. Due to Jesus Devotion Loyalty to Father God, Jesus Conquered and Overcame world….imageTo benefit from God’s Eternal Blessings Jesus reminds all the human body is a temple building of God’s Spirit go Dwell in. All who build body temples in Christ the Solid Foundation withstand storms of life beyond this life into eternal life. Jesus talks about building on a sound foundation using sound words of God as building material blocks or bricks to ensure the foundation is constructed right. Buildings on solid rock withstand raging storms sometimes blown by the wind, stirred and shaken not destroyed.imageOn the other hand a cheap building that ignores all planning regulations and the surveyors reports on proper foundation collapses like a pack of cards. Reviews of poorly constructed buildings is always traced back to shoddy work destroying lives. Inability to respect simple rules or  take in anccurate knowledge sound advise costs careless person with ripple domino effects on others. Since storm is natural part of life Jesus says prepare in advance against it. So the one who takes in Godly Knowledge does not live in fear, or panic because assured guaranteed safe eternal insurance eternally in Christ. Obedience living in Will of God endures in Christ. It is like houses carved from a rock still in good vintage condition.imageJesus compares all those who refuse to accept and obey ignoring Sound Godly Knowledge Foundation to buildings on the sand. Without deep foundation fall and collapse like rubble. Jesus says all can avoid a spiritual disaster, chaos and tragedy by trust and confidence in God. So when the storms of life rage Jesus is in the boat of life to silence storms to bring peace within. Life cannot be taken for granted and left to chance or handed to rogue builders to construct for you. In God ‘s Kingdom God expects all to build own spiritual house in obedience to God in Christ to withstand adversity. So each must soundproof board safely in Christ against raging storms of life to eternity.Matthew724_4.jpgMany architectural beautiful buildings in living history survive thousands of years so endures test of time against all odds. It is due the sound foundation input and hardwork of experienced masons trained for many years. So those who apply due diligence even build structures defying gravity. On the other hand buildings that did not count the longterm inflation cost abandon project leaving real estate relics including building and civil engineering infrastructure development projects now littering whole world. Wasting building resources, finances, country’s prosperity wihout vision, measuring possessions in physical terms only. For years pumping money credit crunch abandonment has stalled development. So economic crisis, means some of the world’s beautiful and most amazing projects abandoned have come to epitomise national struggle.5dd194f6-a019-4f15-8286-e9fe47992e94-2060x1236Sea side fronts are highly desired so that people can enjoy their love of the sea. Demand is so high sea side homes have turned into the sea front property homes with high commercial value. Time share sales means joint ownership schemes so different people own the same property used at different times of the year. This pressure to meet demand during peak holiday seasons means more buildings are required. Expensive houses are built closer and closer inside the sea front on the sand. Sandunes formed by the sea waves deposited on coasts thousands of years erode with time. Many miles of sea front vanish into sea washing away a property close to the sea. Restoration projects try to save in vain due to strong tidal waves taking houses built on sand. Many now build on higher solid ground. imageJesus is giving a sound advise in advance to take care to reinforce house building during the foundation laying stage with good sound concrete pillars, best quality strong building materials. It is advance preparation process that foresees risks that can avoid danger affecting building taken seriously by wise builder. A foolish rogue builder naively ignorant assumes a faulty tower will ride the storm. Without making correct decision realise structure collapses. Jesus says do not cut corners rejecting Best Quality Cornerstone, Top Carp Stone and Living Stone Jesus Christ when building your body temple for God. Wise planning obedience choice decision and consequences is up to all to make to build on the Sound Rock Jesus Christ.


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