KingdomOfGod_Title_webThe Kingdom of God is the Rule of Eternal Sovereign God over all Creation creatures and things says Psalm 103:19; Daniel 4:3. The Kingdom of God embraces all people both in heaven and earth that willingly subject to the Lord GOD’S Authority. The Kingdom of God is Controlled by God with ALL Power and Authority in heaven and earth given to Jesus Senior Leader. Jesus trained His 12 disciples, Jesus sent them out to preach the Kingdom of God, to heal the sick in Luke 9. All those who Love God and accept Christ join Kingdom of God abandoned by many in rebellion to become part of eternal life in heaven.kingdom-of-heaven-city-heavenly-city-mary-k-baxterThe Kingdom of God in the Bible is mentioned many times. The actual term Kingdom of God occurs four times in Matthew 12:28; 19:24; 21:31; 21:43, fourteen times in Mark, thirty-two times in Luke, twice in the Gospel of John 3:3, 5, six times in Acts, eight times in Paul, and once in Revelation 12:10. To emphasise seriousness of Kingdom of God to take God seriously, Romans 14:17 says the Kingdom of God is not to meet up in God’s Name, party, socialise and eat good food then repeat the process forever. For the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. So the purpose is to make God Number 1 and to celebrate the Sovereign God in Christ. To seek first the Kingdom of God then all other things will be added. It is all about Sovereign God First, Jesus as first love, the Holy Spirit and people.


The vision of Ezekiel Reveals God’s Image He made mankind in. Kingdom of God means God is LORD of one’s life so God’s Property so focus is on Godly Values to Love and please God First then love people. The Kingdom of God is in existence before foundation of the earth. God was totally in charge of all Creation and all creatures. The earth was later formed out of chaos and God put man in charge of his life. God entrusted mankind with responsibilities to cater for all things so accountable to God. In the beginning life was perfect so God said it was VERY GOOD.


This did not last long as mankind did not keep the covenant with God as part of his bargain. Therefore to Restore Original Theocratic Rule Directly by God, the Seed Messiah was Promised to bring change. It took many centuries to enforce change because generations to come in future had to be born first so the Seed Messiah can be eventually born. So years in-between these generations the descendants to the current generations. In other words God’s Children through descendants have so much life history to share with the world. Describing Godly experiences of these various stages of the relationship between God and man is long story that takes lifetime knowledge. Careful studies of this history brings one awareness to understand modern life. So helps clarify experiences in connection with living life today.


It is relevant to know the salvation story of mankind in relation to Sovereign God Creator. Most people knowledge of these effects on life today of the past. This is essential to be in the know about these transitional changes that will take place to solve this old time to restore all mankind to solve problem of the history of life. This is the reason the Kingdom of God is in the heart of the people who love God. Living in constant expectation for actual reunion physically with God in the Flesh. Many events have been planned by God now taking place in sequence since the beginning. Details are written in many record books to remind people to keep their minds on God. These issues recorded are so vivid and happen daily according to God’s Agenda Timing. Some are plain for all to see or hear but others require a further study of these records to gain accurate knowledge. The depth of knowledge is so vast some take years to fully comprehend what God Has Planned. This personal decision between God affects and man the public corporate consequences of a nation.


The decision is sometimes seen as an option to choose to believe God and serve Him or opt out by free choice. Decision is pending for many people but others have aready accepted that offer of arrangement of God. This is the brief description of Kingdom of God in the simplest format to discuss what is going on globally. The Seed finally Came as God Promised so celebrate in victory. Others felt not good enough for them so dismissed Him as unacceptable to them. This difference of opinion is ongoing but God makes allowances for free choice so lets people make up their own mind. This is the Kingdom of God in a nutshell to let people find out more for themselves and where they stand with God.


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