Messiah Yeshua’s Aliyah is His Coming as King of Israel as stated in Luke 13:35 when all say, Baruch Haba HaShem Adonai Eloheynu  kadosh, Yeshua HaMashiach Jesus Christ! All will see Yeshua Jesus again and say, Welcome! BLESS GOD YAHVEH, Bless the Holy Name of Messiah Yeshua, One Who Comes in Name of Adonai Yahweh and Holy be the name of the LORD GOD YAHVEH OUR GOD. The Messiah Yeshua Jesus’ Return to Israel directly connects to Aliyah of Jews returning to ancestral homeland chosen by GOD ALMIGHTY to Dwell in. Aliyah is one of the end time signs of God to restore the whole world. Yahweh GOD is Regathering HIS people as Promised after scattering them into different places over many generations. Various reasons well known in recorded living history is documented to explain why they were scattered into different places. At the set time Chosen by GOD, YAHVEH Jesus Will Return to Complete Aliyah and rebuilding of nation of Israel.slide_36.jpgThe whole world’s future is also tagged to Israel located in the Perfect centre of the globe. So GOD CHOSE the heart of HIS Earth Israel as HIS HOME on earth. GOD WILL SEND HIS SON Jesus, The PRINCE OF PEACE, To Return And Rule as the King of Kings of the whole earth. It is for this reason the nation of Israel is being regathered so Jesus will Live with GOD among all HIS mankind Family. These real life events are based on the accurate historical facts recorded in the Bible. And so taken seriously by all those who believe in Messiah Yeshua. Other reliable sources are the Torah, Tanakh and Messianic sources confirm these prophecies of the Messiah Jesus. It is witnessed and evidenced by disciples chosen by Jesus called the 12 Apostles. In numerous documents, scroll text, tablets discovered are written true facts about Messiah Yeshua Jesus Christ, SAVIOUR LORD, MASTER, THE KING of Kings.MV5BMjE4MTkyMzYyNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDg3MzY2MTE@._V1_GOD Will Establish New Jerusalem on earth in Israel His Capital Headquarters in Jerusalem. When Aliyah is completed Jesus Will Return Finally to Rule earth as the Expected Conquering Messiah. Jesus physically in the Flesh Will be back on earth. Every King has a main domain to live in even if he rules the entire world and owns property in many places on the continent. God’s Permanent Residence is in Israel where HE CHOSE TO PUT HIS KINGDOM on earth. Out of the entire whole world GOD ALMIGHTY creator of heaven and earth Decides to Establish HIS DOMAIN in Israel. Upon Arrival God WILL restore the whole world again into Perfect Paradise destroyed by the sin of Adam and Eve passed down to all. So this is why it is important to belong to God and be in HIS Kingdom in Christ and to be part of HIS Restablishment of HIS PHYSICAL PRESENCE on earth. In same way Jesus ascended to heaven Returns to rejoin family in Flesh in Israel on earth.5355b5db8e690.jpgThis is why it is important to study Bible to learn and understand what is going on globally to know all God Says about your personal future. So those who corporate with God will be coming in His Presence eternally. So many are making Aliyah to fulfil the prophecy in the Bible. From all over the world people of God are making this prophetic event of Aliyah come true. So preparing for Messiah Jesus’ Return Physically on earth. Bible events unfold according to God’s Plans and Purposes. The people who LOVE Yahweh Elohim Adonai GOD and HIS SON Jesus happily wait excitedly at the prospect of seeing GOD and Jesus back on this earth again. As it was in the beginning, when God Walked and Talked Face to face with all His Friends Adam, Noah, Abraham, Enoch among others so again God WILL RETURN to earth. This event is reason for Aliyah so God Will be with HIS BELOVED FAMILY, FRIENDS on earth.Jesus_chooses_his_twelve_disciples-600x300.pngThis event is reason for Aliyah so Jesus and God Will also be with HIS BELOVED FAMILY, FRIENDS on earth. Everyone passionately in love wants to stay close to each other all the day long especially during honeymoon time of relationship. So Good News is, God Passionately Loves mankind so wants Loving Relationship on earth. God Gives freewill choice to all who want to remain in God’s Kingdom to gather together to get ready to prepare for HIS RETURN. Jesus Christ is Coming Again so people have to make up their own minds to decide if to follow God. The place on earth Chosen by God for HIS Son Jesus is Zion land of Israel. So living history is unfolding to directly connect heaven to earth physically. God Ordained Purpose for Aliyah happening as predicted in the Bible and as foretold by prophets. Aliyah remarkable event is happening because people from all parts of world is ongoing regathering fulfill prophecy.51y36cA1FUL._SL500_AA280_

Many arrive in humility with thanks and gratitude to God quietly, and stealthily, without fanfare or ceremony. Some still ready for Aliyah on the way as Jews to be evacuated relocated in Israel. The LORD GOD YAHWEH’S MARVELLOUS DOING FULFILLS HIS SIDE of Covenant made many centuries ago. Careful documented living history, Godly practices instituted by God helps also identify blood line for Aliyah. Many able to link ancestry trace their Jewish roots all the way back to the original grand/sons of Jacob Israel. Prior to founding Israel so many compelled to live abroad in hostile conditions. After many years in foreign lands and facing atrocious circumstances now hundreds of thousands of Jews are returning since 1948 in the millennia. In past numerous Synagogues use to dot many lands. After founding of Israel, in a huge wave many make Aliyah to Israel in preparation to welcome Jesus Messiah and Yahweh God. Despite trauma, tragedies, persecutions, holocaust Jews maintain God’s Covenant with Abraham. Jesus the New Covenant is Coming back too so interceding for all. Kramskoi_ChristGod and Jesus are making ALIYAH TOO though rejected and abandoned sought refuge in heaven longs to return Home. All nations and so, many others grafted in form part of Aliyah gentile converts so carry on this extraordinarily deep Jewish traditions rooted in the ancient land of Israel. Though still facing adversity GOD COMFORTS Jerusalem according to Bible in Isaiah 66:13. The DAY OF THE LORD is coming in the face of daily persecution and a vicious civil wars, against stubborn resistance GOD ESTABLISHES HIS OWN on earth are ready to COME HOME. So recently, some remaining Jews arrived in Israel two weeks ago in a clandestine operation. Among them walked a rabbi carrying an 800-year-old Torah scroll which has been handed down through many generations. Despite the trauma, tragedies, persecutions, holocaust Jews maintain God’s Covenant with Abraham. Jesus the New Covenant is Coming back. Regathering of Israel as Jesus Revelation 22:12 says, Jesus is Coming Quickly too.JESUSJesus the New Covenant is Coming back too. So the regathering of exiles of Israel continues just as Isaiah 11:11,12 foretold:

It will also come about in that day that my Lord will again redeem a second time with His hand the remnant of His people who remain from Assyria, from Egypt, from Pathros, from Cush, Elam, Shinar, Hamath, from the islands of the sea gather scattered of Judah from the four corners of the earth.

God’s preservation and regathering of the dispersed of Israel testimony of HIS faithfulness and reliability of the Bible prophecy. So GOD Sustains HIS people through famine, dispersion persecution, attemp genocides. Actively regathering before all the watching eyes. Of course, this accurate helps gain knowledge to prevent people from perishing. God Laments, that, “My people perish for their lack of knowledge in Hosea 4:6-7 in the Bible. God Says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and those who reject HIS KNOWLEDGE, HE WILL reject them not to become part of HIS KINGDOM. This real event on earth is ongoing regathering of Israel so very much fulfillment of Bible prophecy. So keeping all informed about prophetic developments equips to live prudently and victoriously in volatile last days of the end time living history. This is the reason why many Messianic believers in Israel feel passionate about Aliyah. After all, these years their hopes and dreams manifest relatively for Jew and gentiles made one in Christ Jesus.


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