Jesus-Christ-Wallpaper-salvation-soldiers-all-nations-beg-JesusEphesians 6:12 says powers of darkness try to fight God’s people to try to keep them from salvation in Christ in God’s Kingdom. God sends Jesus and angels to fight on behalf of the people to wrench them out of hands of the devil. People cry out to God to help or deliver them from evil God sent Jesus and despatches angels to rescue their people’s souls. surrenderPeople pray to God to be merciful to save from enemies in hot pursuit who all day long press their attack.  So adversaries pursue all day long in their pride many attacking God’s people. But when afraid, those who put trust in you will never be put to shame in Jesus Name as stated in Psalm 56:1–3. Jesus changes lives.Redeemed And ForgivenJesus is willing to accept everyone who calls upon the name of the LORD God to be saved. JESUS promised God will never turn away the humble person in need of God. Jesus came to bridge gap between mankind and reconnect to God in Christ. This battle of souls is already won by God for all to walk in victory for eternal life.Cross+bridge+christ-e1328133861855Believers accept God’s Son’s Free Offer of salvation but invite the Holy Spirit to Strengthen daily as many are called but few are chosen. The choice of choosing heaven after rescue is essential to keep growing in faith. Jesus said He prayed to Father God to redeem and entrust to God so nobody can take out of His whole heaven watches when people are choosing which side to be on. God had clearly laid out the options and the consequences of both destinations. The battle of souls starts in mind, thoughts and what ones focusses on daily moment by moment. It is a deliberate choice to be on God’s Side perpetually. It may sound simply obvious but takes God’s Grace.talentsinc-christian-arts-media-and-the-cultural-mandate-15-728Once global battle of hearts and minds is clearly understood by people it is easier to realise what is going on in the whole world. Life is unfolding as Ordained by God in the ends time as part of Bible prophecy. Those who have knowledge will not perish but have everlasting life. God Hears those who call sincerely on Him so Delivers from all fears.


The chain of bondage broken so the soul is set free by God in Jesus Name to walk in victory so triumphs over the enemy. The battle is already won by Jesus Christ since 2000 years ago. Jesus defeated the devil and Conquered the world. Believers are to accept and claim their victory won for them. The battle of souls is very real as devil tries to control mankind. So God ensures defeat of enemy through Christ Jesus for those who accept Jesus Christ.


God Rescues from an enemy that tries to keep in bondage and to manipulate to seduced out of God’s Hands. So must choose side of heaven or hell. Battle over souls of humankind epic medieval card dice game helps bring understanding of meaning of heaven and hell. Heaven has no more tears, sorrow or crying. Hell fire fiery is punishment torment destruction banished from God’s Presence. Heaven is Love, Joy and Perfect Peace, Blissful Eternal Happiness FOREVER.


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