robe-of-righteousness.jpgThank God in Jesus Name Isaiah 61:10 in Bible says greatly rejoice in the LORD; let all souls exalt God Almighty, for He has clothed all with garments of salvation; He Covers with robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself like a priest with a beautiful headdress, bride adorns herself with jewels. So Christ Prepares in heavenly banquet for all those in Christ.new-clothes-new-life-jesus-hug.jpgWhen any coming event is going to take place, most people first think, Oh God what am I going to wear?” So they start rummaging through the wardrobe closet to check out what they already have. It is also time to try on clothes that have not been in years or never been worn. Some even forgotten about was in existence. After selecting the few deemed suitable now goes on to the next phase to look for matching shoes, bags and accessories.The-Bride-and-GroomAlmost like a private catwalk one show is busy combining various outfits, looking in the mirror. Posing, turning, singing or dancing looking for the Perfect outfit. So after many takes of Selfies to ensure the best look can be chosen, finally leaves all the pile of clothing heaped for another time to deal with. Onto next stage of the decisions, decisions, decisions to chose ultimate clothing for best impression.43a75c9458566f9ef800d079a1756e26By this time other activities put hold to wait while they can make up their mind forpicking the favourite outfit, colours, size, shape appropriate for this event. So this continues for hours or even days of dress rehearsals for special occasions. If not satisfied with own choice must call on a few good friends to confirm choices. After, differences of opinions of styles to choose from decides to settles on a few. It is time to add the best hat and bags so eventually settled on best combination.15ff7-167936_108358732571739_3066798_nAfter many trials and error of process of choosing clothes for any function, rings a bell with many people who probably regularly go through the routine without professional dressers. If someone has a fashion designer consultant that takes pressure off out of the huzzle and stress and bringing preselected garments to comfort of own home to make it easier on clients. Experts give advise on shape fit, size appropriate or colour of theme.He-who-overcomes-Finally a pristine well groomed refined look emerges for all to see and admire. The hard work of chosing costumes pays off as one gets deserved attention taking beautiful pictures commemorate this important occasion. So many people can identify with these sort decision making some occasionally. Others on daily basis to present themselves to appear great in the latest fashion clothing lines. So can update their looks and dress to impress.Robe of RighteousnessWell, imagine invitation from greatest King of Kings to a banquet. This is most sophisticated party ever dreamt about in a grand palace. The everlating monarchy of Jesus Christ sends VIP invitation card to invite you to celebrate with LORD God ALMIGHTY. Yes you as God has Engraved your name on the Palm of His Hands and you are the apple of His Eyes. The good news is you get to eat a sumptuous food with God. God’s Standard is so High you walk on gold, sit on diamond chairs and use golden cutlery and diamond plates.0e5797216f746fb81bd53778811ec6dcCan you imagine the best outfit to select by yourself or the fashion consultant to recommend for you? Almost impossible to achieve considering God environment merits His Class of costume designed by God. God gets to dress you with the most beautiful garments of salvation and the garments of rigteousness. Years ago, if a gentleman invites lady to dance he buys the clothes, shoes accessories. So all she does is show up and enjoy quality time with her sweetheart darling beloved. 2009RH013c.jpgSo she is impressed and one thing leads to another and they marry. The rest is history as people say. The King of Kings Jesus is inviting all to His Dance already prepared the various garments to mark each occasion. The garments clothe and identify each one as belonging to God Himself. The Celebrations are so grand nothing compares on earth. This grand wedding celebration requires the most beautiful bridal garments jewels bedeck bride to express class wealth and status. Every believer is bride of the bridegroom because there is no sex in heaven. Full of love everlating deep joy so are included in invitation to banquet. weddig-ivitation.jpgEvery believer man, woman or child is a bride of Christ the bridegroom because there is no sex in heaven. The everlating deep lovejoy is free so are all included in invitation to banquet. ALMIGHTY God is Big God the Father of the bride so some people panic about what to wear to more appropriately to dress to befit ceremony. God Comes through for all as He Knows and Understand it is really hard actually impossible for humans to meet perfect Standard garment He Wants. 11_titleTherefore nobody is qualified on earth to dress God’s invited guests for wedding party. So Saville Street  excellent tailors making distinguished clothes for the high and mighty famous cannot match God’s Exquisite fashion. God made His Own provision by making sure everyone that accepts His invitation is provided for. So no huzzle, not worrying about what to wear, no borrowing or hiring expensive clothes to impress. God takes care of various garments for all people in costume department. robesSo the stress and pressure of what to wear is taken off people’s Shoulders. All to do is accept God’s Invitation to enjoy His party. One more thing to remember is to bring as many friends with you to party. this is too good to be true so there must be some hidden catch in the small print. Absolutely no hidden catch or alternative motive. God is so wealthy and has everything so you do not need to do anything to earn His Love or Reward. God sent Jesus to Sacrifice His Life in your place so you do not have to do so.heavenly-unionA place is freely reserved for all to freely accept invitation to enjoy everlating and endless party for life forevermore. This is the Good News Gospel of salvation in Christ Jesus for all. Christ Puts on all His people garments of salvation and the garment of righteousnes and praise. So rejoice in the Lord again I say rejoice for salvation in Christ Jesus.  This Gospel of God is message of eternal hope and love and peace of God thatbpasses all human understanding. God cannot be logically reasoned or analysed to prove Him. It is by faith, confidence and trust in God.


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    • Thank you so much God bless you. God is so Good Bible says not to worry or be anxious about what to wear, what to eat, or where to live. God Says look at birds and plants, Our Magnificent Lord God Designs, Provides and Feeds them all and more beautifully decorated than Solomon in all his glory. God Provides garments of salvation, garments of righteousness to beautify His Children in Jesus Name.

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