imageIn Luke 6:43-45 Jesus said a good heart bears good fruits treasures producing so much good to bless others with good things at all times and always. Good trees yield good fruits but an evil heart bears evil fruits. For no good tree bears a bad fruit or does a bad tree bear good fruit, for each tree is known by its own fruit. Figs are not gathered from thornbushes or grapes picked from a bramble bush. A good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good fruits. An evil person out of evil heart produces evil. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks good things or evil. For the natural man’s heart is very evil but the heart filled with the Holy Spirit of God please Almighty God to do good for God is A Good God. God is Good all the Time and all the Time God is Good. So  The Good God put the very good Adam and the very good Eve in the very good paradise garden of Eden. The very evil devil deceived them with fake false promise to give better deluded illusion Bigger vision than perfect things God Already Provided for Adam and Eve.imageThe devil manipulated Adam and Eve out Eden due to jealousy, envy, anger hatred because God rejected devil’s rebellious angels so threw him out of heaven. God prepared hell Exclusively for devil and evil angels. Jesus said hell is prepared only for satan demons in Matthew 25:41. God’s punishment for devil aka lucifer alias evil demons are banished forever permanently from Heaven. Cast out forever from God’s Presence and Glory into the second heaven. This place lies between God’s Home known as First Heaven and third heaven known space consisting of planets. From allocated space devil or evil angel demons roam about freely to and fro looking to recruit more people to join their evil rebellion against God. First deceived Adam and Eve, then continued by turning mankind into supergiant’s humans in rebellious marriage once roaming earth Nephillim.imageThe devil continues regular visits into heaven to dialogue with God until their time is up. The devil goes to talk to God in heaven because God’s perfect Spirit once put in satan is retained so uses ability to do fake counterfeit work as an angel of light. In heaven prior to his evil rebellion satan was once God’s most reliable, trusted good friend God or lead singer musician with a great voice. Due to pride wanted to be like God to take God’s Kingdom over to Rule people. So felt was better than God to rule heaven and earth wants sole control of things. A mere creature megalomaniac felt superior to take and rule What God Rules. Still vows to continue challenging God’s Power and God’s Authority over all God’s Own human beings God Created. It is evil spirits causing confusion, chaos to divide trying to take over an entire world single handedly. Still actively recruiting using evil spirit deceitful manipulation, lies controlling spirits to coerce innocent naive people promising them the moon.imageWith an utter disregard for God’s Patent Right to His Own Creation in encounter  between God and devil in Job 1:6:7. God even talks to devil asking him where did  you go this time, where have you come from? In other words, God asked what have you been up to this time? Already aware devil still deceives and continues to and fro entering heaven in Revelation in 21:27. As mankind is given a freewill choice to obey God or join devil God let people decide whose side to be on in real life. God lets free will decision take place because some people will accuse God for forcing them against their free will into heaven. So a good heart conscience has power to make good choices to bear good fruits. An evil heart is free in manner of evil men to bear evil fruits. So God says leave good wheat and evil tare weeds to grow together till the harvest time. Good wheat is preserved, bad tares destroyed by Jesus and God’s angels during final judgement because God has FINAL SAY.imageGod previously destroyed whole world twice in the past in Noah’s flood and by tribulation fire of Sodom Gomorrah. But the heart of man grew even worse than before both destructions. God realised it was no use trying to continue  destroying mankind. God’s past efforts, attempts to drive some sense into mankind ended in mankind getting worse. This is because the evil heart only goes to kill, steal and destroy but good hearts bear good fruits, giving abundant life more abundantly to enjoy life in God peace. Scripture teaches God CHANGED HIS STRATEGY and so He Decided to FORGIVE mankind to live. But has responsibility to choose good orevil. So the onus consequence of each choice made lies squarely on the shoulders of a person making choice. Good hearts bear good treasure good fruits, evil heart evil fruits. The Bible says people are known by their own fruits. So God sent Jesus to save all and Holy Spirit to help direct the affairs of the world. So mankind is not to lean on own understanding thought own mind. World conditions influence heart, mind, thoughts. Mankind’s thinking is influenced by spirit of error controlling the world. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor does evil tree bear good fruit.imageThis is why God Directs Christians to His Manual to guide thoughts, actions in line with Bible Scripture first before choices are made in life. God Loves mankind so much He Does not want anyone to follow the devil to into hell. Each person is to examine own heart or conscience to ask themselves about whose voice they are listening to. For it is better to Obey God rather than men. Seductive, deceitful, evil manipulative  spirits of the devil are still actively at work recruiting some to take into helm of death and destruction. God sent Son Jesus to help Overcome and endure to enter GOD’S rest, joy, peace in everlasting life in heaven. Destination of heaven or hell choice is up to individuals to carefully Examine God’s Bible Words themselves to make up own mind in Line with God’s Word to bear good fruit.imageGod’s Word is full of life, active, more powerful and sharper than two-edged sword. God’s words accomplishes what God sends words to do so not returning void to God. Who is your best advisor? So are you leaning on Everlasting God’s Counsel in Psalm 1 to check decisions daily hour by hour to please Good God? The more you make up your mind to follow God satan finds God’s Children as a bigger fish good catch to fry. So like Job, becomes desperate to plot attack to try to destroy to discourage believers of God. This is reason satan tries most to go to God to challenge to accuse believers trying to prove loyalty to God. The devil told God he wants to “prove” faithful servant Job’s dedication love for God. So satan answered LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and said, “Job fears God only because of what God gives him.” Battle of the devil to prove his point is ongoing till God puts final stop eventually in the end when Jesus Returns. imageGod is encouraging everyone to look up to God to ensure each firmly attached securely attached to the Vine Jesus. So branches breaking off from God by own rebellion do to bear fruit. A Good quality  fruit is God Kind of good fruit approved by God to please God. There is a way that may seem right to man but end is death and destruction. The devil thinks attacks of ALMIGHTY GOD’S BELOVED Children will hurt God’s Kingdom to prove to God he has some power of control over life. God Knows His Children have the eternal life. So helps quicken people’s entry into GOD’S PRESENCE faster than God would have liked. Paul said to die in Christ for God’s Kingdom is profit gained, to live to do God’s work promotes GOD’S lifestyle. The Holy Spirit Godly Good Quality Good Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23:-fruitsofspiritimageThis is the reason the main devil attacks again, and again people including Son of God Jesus. Believers are aware of plans of devil because he goes round in heaven and on earth to recruit more people to take to hell with him. This true the living history of mankind’s existence since Satan was cast out of heaven. Jesus is Given All Authority in heaven or earth to resolve conflict once and for all. Each person is given the choice to apply good heart to bear good fruit or ignore God to do evil to bear evil fruit. God Power lies within each individual heart and mind to do God’s Will in line with Bible by Power of Holy Spirit. Remember God’s Season of GRACE TIME extension is to forgive all to help change before too late to repent.x-fruit-of-the-spirit-that-doesnt-spoilJesus described what proceeds from the heart like good tree bearing good fruits. Jesus created excellent image of a heart tree bearing living fruits. God Kind of fruit never decays so lasts eternally into everlasting life. What is in each heart is reflected outwardly by mind, thoughts and verbalised. So activated by specific actions that portray Christ in a person the Hope of Glory.  Each faces God alone in judgement without excuse influence of devil blamed are unacceptable to God as responsible for sin or deception. God Already Chose Jesus since foundation of earth to help Overcome to conquer devil by word of testimony and by Blood of the Lamb Jesus. So each one must examines own heart to ask kind of fruit bearing?


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