hermaphodite-manilaMANILA, Philippines Jose Maria Garcia, a 19-year old born with both ovaries and testicles has both male and female sex organs given birth at the Amisola Maternity Hospital, reports the Manila Times. The babies born hermaphrodites displaying physical characteristics and genitals of both genders, a “miraculous event” according to Dr. Xi Huan Chow, Medical director at Amisola Maternity Hospital. “Feels privileged to experience unusual birth as told reporters, visibly happy with turn of events. “Hundreds of people come to witness these miracles of nature. Babies are extremely healthy and vibrant with life,” he explained with enthusiasm. Jose Maria Garcia, the mother and father of the two children, admits the birth was not expected at all.“I have never had a sexual experience with someone outside of myself. I was unaware I could impregnate myself, but I would never go back even with what I know now. An unexpected birth of these children are beautiful and I am happy to share life with them,” told reporters. So the twins seen here have same genetic condition affecting them too. This is a unique case as same person is father and mother so own practical life will help to cope in life to manage and understand.herma-twinExtremely rare chromosomal disorder. Most experts believe such occurrence is impossible outside of animal kingdom, although many cases of human self-fertilization have been reported in medical literature, explains leading researcher Dr. Akira Hashimoto of the University of Tokyo.“Often in asexual reproduction, an organism reproduce without involvement of other organism. Asexual reproduction is not limited to single-celled organism. For example, a great number of snails or the slug hermaphrodites. Hermaphroditism is also found in some fish species and to a lesser degree in other vertebrates,” he acknowledges. “The evolution of sexual reproduction is still a major puzzle for biologists,” he admits. The first account of self-fertilization in history is ascribed to Juanita Franciscella, a Spanish street artist also known as “bearded woman of Castilla” in 1483 is said to have given birth to a child of her conception. The birth was judged heretical by Spanish Inquisition and she was burned with her child at the stake. In some countries medical profiling is done with therapy to decide gender chosen by person involved for a reassignment genitalia corrective surgery development. Specialists do one specific gender treatment with a talking therapy counselling to ensure transition smooth to help marry. Gender chosen is dependent on the need of classification documentation in school, life in general. Use of public facilities require a gender per service resource centre. This is why surgery is done earlier in few months or years after birth if child in good health. Parents prepare child then decide based on personality traits and inclinations.



  1. Thanks for your comment on this post and hope you have been blessed by message on these matters. There are confidential support counsellors and trained talking therapists who help discuss any private issues concerning gender alignment. We hope we have been of some help to you. God bless you.

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