417130_318506991531774_100001174279316_856608_1216941082_nGalatians 6:2-9 in Bible is law of Christ Jesus bearing mankind’s load of sin and problems. Christ sets example to bear each other’s burdens to lighten heavy burdens of life. God Says everyone has to helpful all by interdependence of each other. No man is an island so all help to to meet of others concerning everyone. f653da4f37175a4fd64752ac7852a3beJesus helps to unpack the baggages and carry the heavy load making His burden light and yoke easy. God uses so many different people from all over the world to bring change to accomplish victory in life. God uses people one may not know personally or ever meet physically to use to bless each other. God uses different methods of encouragement, kindness or living caring generosity to bring relief.vacation-with-girlfriend-they-said-it-will-be-fun-they-said-too-much-luggage-1450116983Through different methods God brings the encouragement, kindness or living caring generosity. So source of help and healing is God so better not to try to get water out of stone insisting on those hurting you first must change. Looking to God for inner peace brings strength to overcome life problems. The Bible says everyone deals with issues but answers inside problems if one searches carefully and honestly.6a0133ec7b075a970b017d3fa88567970cBy focussing on God, attention shifts to hope, confidence so distracts a negative mindset to transform and renew mind. The sound word of God in a sound mind of Christ Jesus does an amazing wonders for the soul, body and mind. A physical, emotional and spiritual transformation takes place as one concentrates on God more than problems to ease the mind. baggageUndealt problems and challenges pile up often beyond one’s strength to deal with alone. By delaying and proscrastination the problem fester’s by getting bigger so multiplies into numerous problems like cargo cult. It is exactly how unforeseen little problems soon increase if not dealt with immediately. Costs more to resolve later due to complex circumstances. The ability to trust God to release cases and contents to God’s Safe Hands take faith.luggageAt times the determinations to change seems to intensify difficulties and the challenges it brings. Yet like the secret contents of excess baggage unseen from the outside God protects people. Though outwardly nothing changes immediately the LORD God ALMIGHTY is working in the right moment the miracle happens. So do not try to second guess God or fix a time table limitation for change. It is by a wise choice decision change happens. tall-baggageIn the spiritual realm invisible problems pile up to form bigger problems at times not consciuos of. Allowing God to work through Holy Spirit is work in progress from Glory to Glory in Jesus Name with thanks to God. Years of problems do not disappear overnight. This is why realitic expectation brings right the results as all call upon God to help with issues in life.d747f6867b12d0017a6d9f0135b7ecd9Jesus says his burden is light and yoke is easy so we need Divine Exchange from Jesus to carry our cross as He carried His for our sins. Experiences of life weighs at times heavily but with Jesus coming into situations lives helps ease burdens. God gives the perfect peace beyond a human understanding to comfort in such times to reassure us of GOD’S LOVE for us. A child can call upon upon God’s help.3c248d2d34263be2ced1e9a20a8247b4

The baggage of life as seen here takes a shape or form specifically designed for its purpose and use. The hand luggage for example contains handy essentials that are urgent necessities needed. So the main luggage’s are safely stored for the final destination longer uses. In the same way God wants priority in life to be like ever ready hand luggage. Worrying and dragging problems about weighs on the body raking its toll avoided by use of alternative help provided by

The others prefer to seat on a problem in sight to feel it is in view and kept around for action. This means further delays of releasing burdens to God. Meanwhile to get a quicker answer and help must be willing to let go for transition safely to the destination go arrive on time for use.  God takes care of every kind baggage in life providing for all humanity to thrive. So cast your burdens unto Jesus for He Cares for you to lighten your load in life.baggage2With the same courage that one releases the baggage burden from the shoulders in same manner one can safely entrust it to God to resolve. A human heart needs God’s help to overcome problems in life. So God is bringing changes to restore life that does not require to dragging along baggage eternally. In God’s Kingdom all that mankind needs is readily available everywhere in Christ without huzzle. So Jesus burden is light and yoke is easy in eternal life in comparison to hell.



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