jesus-executives-600x4652Jesus had many rich friends and wealthy families that sponsored the Gospel. As seen in Passover and Easter celebration Jesus had a place provided by a wealthy family to stay with all the disciples. This place is called Upper Room in Jerusalem in Israel. This large building is standing as a memorial Testament to the Gospel of GOD’S Kingdom. The wealthy played a very prominent part enabling the word of God to reach many people to be saved. Jesus called hardworking fishermen and a doctor Luke to give up their day jobs to follow Him. Above all, they were to learn to trust in Providence of God’s provision completely. They were taught by Christ to work full time for God’s Kingdom first then all things will be added. Jesus told them to carry no purse, no money, no extra clothings or shoes, not even bags to carry anything but rely completely on God to supply all their needs according to God’s Riches in Glory from heaven. As often seen the disciplestravelled on foot for many miles journeying from place to place town to town spreading Gospel. By dedicated sacrifices Gospel spread from Jerusalem to Judea and abroad.Jesus-Serious-About-Money.jpgWherever they went assured of kindness and generosity the rich wealthy friends or poor people who gave. In Luke 9:1-4 Jesus told the disciples to  “Take nothing for journey, no staff, nor travelling bag, walking stick, food, money or change of clothes. He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to perform healing. 3 And He said to them, “Take nothing for your journey, neither a staff, nor a bag, nor bread, nor money; and do not have 2 tunics apiece. Any 4 house you enter stay there until you leave city. So in Matthew 10:1-9 Jesus again said take no gold or silver or copper to take with you in your belt. Also, in Matthew 10:10, take no bag for the journey or extra shirts, sandals or a staff for a worker is worthy of his keep. Jesus Christ sent His 12 disciples abroad, who by this time were able to teach also the others what they learnt and received from the Lord. Told must not be anxious to commend themselves to any people’s opinions to esteem outward appearance. Jesus sent them to proclaim Gospel not to worry about what to eat, drink, wear or where to stay for the Heavenly Father God KNOWS their needs. As they seek GOD’S Kingdom First God Adds all other things before they even ask God.falling-moneyJesus practiced what He preached living exactly as He instructed, recommended the disciples to do. When Jesus travelled away from His Hometown Nazareth He had no permanent place to call His Own. In Matthew 8:20, Jesus again reassures His disciples He Lived in the same way in the moment of the Gospel. Able to work as the Spirit of God directed Him without worrying about shenanigan of pressures of assets. He Knew God Made available in advance all they need through sponsors of the Gospel. Jesus told His followers to follow God and Son of Man not to be the adherent of a new sect or party exclusive gated class of the super rich because of the Gospel. So told them foxes and birds have places of repose shelter but the Son of man has no home and no pillow to lay His head. God provides through the rich believer converts like Zaccheus whose tree is still standing in Israel as a living witness of God’s Grace for the rich. x-zacchaeus-was-curious-about-jesusJesus’ job description to disciples means modern people need to understand that Jesus Has Confidence in GOD’S SOURCES to provide every need Apostles, disciples have. Jesus trained the disciples to focus exclusively to reach out with the Gospel through personal dedication or sacrifice that seems like cruelty and punishment. Self sufficient fishermen used to earning living told to live an unpredictable life may not be aceptable to some. Yet they never lacked any good thing and their needs met throughout ministry. So Jesus was provided for through His very rich wealthy friends who recognised God’s Power and blessings to get wealth. They to know to enjoy wealth is gift from God. Jesus had rich network rich connections yet also performed miracles for the rich. Jesus performed His first public miracle for a wealthy family’s wedding turning water into wine as rich need Jesus too.slide_52.jpgJesus taught the rich and wealthy to help proclaim the Gospel to provide for all the disciples. So it was a win win situation so they did not worry about where to lodge during the Passover. Many past journeys were taken care of so they trusted in God to provide. Modern word of God needs to take a cue from Master Jesus to seek the promotion of Gospel first not just costly garment extravagant prosperity lifestyle portraying Gospel as ponsy scheme to enrich self at the back of others. In 1 Timothy 6:17-19 Bible says, for the rich in this present age, charge them not to be haughty, nor to set their hopes on the uncertainty of riches, but on God, who richly provides everything to enjoy. They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous ready to share, storing up treasure for themselves good foundation for the future, so they may take hold of that which is truly life. It is true Jesus told the rich young ruler to give up his wealth follow Him. Other occasions Jesus did not rebuke rich wealthy friends who owned property. He used their property to host Jesus and disciples like the Upper Room house among others. So Jesus is telling the rich, wealthy and famous to ensure they make provision for God in their lives so they do not gain the world but lose their souls. Zaccheus humbled Himself so received his miracle and still part of God’s Testimony in Israel. Many rich people have seen so much wealth so realise they need to seek God in Jesus as Zaccheus did so known in living Bible does not say all the Christians should sell everything they have and give it all away. Rather, Joseph of Arimathea a rich man, buried Jesus in his own new tomb. Jesus made His grave with the rich Joseph the landed gentry member of the Sanhedrin. This gave Him honour among the men of good reputation who chose to exalt God’s Son’s position. Such a rich good man devout did not consent to the counsel’s deed of court in condemning Jesus. Nicodemus an important rich Jew first sought Jesus by night as night best time for public and prominent man to see Jesus. His days were too filled with throngs always about Him so there was little opportunity for proper earnest and satisfactory conversations. Nicodemus a secret private disciple did not want to affect his powerful position, status and office in society. Luke 19:1-3 Zacchaeus chief among publicans, rich yet met up with Jesus for meal in his house repents, so saved as result. Jesus had rich friends like Mary & Martha and brother Lazarus raised from death. Many rich people donated to sponsor Jesus so His financial accountant Judas Iscariot managed purse on behalf of whole group. Yet so greedy he sold his Master Jesus for 30 pieces of silver denario despite caring love Jesus showed him. Jesus believes in an ethical business principles of making profits rather than burying talent. Jesus taught disciples to use preaching teaching skills to share Gospel with others. God’s Profit Increases in souls, souls, souls and more souls. Jesus taught them to use talents first for God’s Kingdom and Glory.holyland2012-1561.jpgJesus had many associates of wealthy class so was not impoverished because His family was well off. He received gifts including gold, sheep, donation provided sufficient funds etc. at birth. They were middle class so paid taxes in census of Jerusalem during birth. As the master builder carpenter they were fairly well to do comparitively. In Galilee tourists and the worship centre of Jerusalem pilgrims were always in need of accommodation and lodgings. So was a booming business centre with constant demand for more housing. As a carpenter would do quite well in business so had the necessary financial resources. Jesus had literacy and command of reading the Scriptures and knowledge of Tanakh where Jesus read and taught openly in temple and in the synagogues. Literacy was reserved for 3-5% of the population so Jesus was well educated. Jesus attended wedding with His family in rich family where the feast was so grand they had many guests so run out of wine. A large feast afforded only by reasonably rich as weddings lasts for days if not months. This reveals Jesus belonging to class of His day and having friends among the rich and famous.  The Gospels describes Jesus as tekton Greek word meaning a construction designer who built grand houses of His time on earth. The Gospel and Jesus Talent also brought favour and great connections ensuring Jesus and the disciples were able to stay in the Upper Room with 120 followers including mother of Jesus. The owner must be very rich and wealthy to keep on maintaining all throughout the Passover and still even after Jesus death, resurrection and 40 days dwelling with disciples. After ascension then Pentecost and dwelt there and broke bread in each other’s houses after 5000 saved during Pentecost. To provide the members sold lands property to share to provide for all. Thereby continuing to care for God’s increasing believer group.



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