1a4f2230f2863b89d83d8db59e1f18a9.jpgAfter Jesus’ Triumphant Entry in grand style in Jerusalem it was hectic with the people from all over the Roman empire celebrating the Passover. The busy city of Jerusalem packed with people meant extra accomodation and lodgings needed at that time. Jesus and His disciples also needed lodgings throughout the feast. As Jewish pilgrims from across Roman Empire would have filled the city to the brim for Feast of Unleavened Bread. The day on arrival Jesus in town was so busy talking to people, meeting friends in reunions during the festival. Mind you those without they had no Twitter to tweet, Facebook, no mobile cell phones, telephones, pagers, telegrams, letters or the postman. Messages were sent on foot, horseriders, camels or donkey backs without modern day express service taxis, buses coaches or private cars. No Kosher Supermarkets to buy convenience Passover meal food tailored for the day. They needed passover meal.john_2To ensure the preparations for Passover was made in advance before actual the celebration takes place. Having walked on foot many days doing Jesus Ministry the Apostles asked Jesus about Passover meal.  it was not overlooked so they can eat together with Jesus as was done many times, they asked Jesus about the Passover meal. Jesus gave an intriguing, mysterious detail in the New Testament accounts of the final Passover Jesus that celebrated with His disciples. The meal takes place on Yeshua’s Jesus’ final day before His arrest and trial many times. Jesus tells disciples notice was already given for the Passover meal as detailed by Mark 14:12-13 version in the Bible.

Now on the first day of matzah Unleavened Bread, when they were slaughtering the Passover lamb, Yeshua’s disciples say to Him, “Where do You want us to go and prepare for You to eat the Passover?”

He sends two of His disciples and tells them, “Go into the city, and a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him he will show you large room upstairs all furnished  there make ready the Passover . ..acce6-triclinium01.jpgJesus by His Supernatural Spirit at work in disciples and the man carrying the jar of water links them as he stands out to be recognized miracle of Jesus’ end time Ministry on earth. Yeshua Jesus instructs 2 disciples to make way into the teeming mass of humanity and assures them they will meet a man carrying the water jug container.  Even if Yeshua prearranged the man with the water jar to be there, the odds of 2 disciples encountering him at the right moment are astronomical. This is God’s Supernatural Miracle Power at work once again. This is even more intriguing considering fact that despite Jesus’ impending trauma and adversity He still Puts others first by ensuring they participate in Passover. Most men do not carry water on the head or cook a meal. The 2 chosen male disciples join man to prepare Passover meal. They did everything as instructed by Jesus so had Passover meal and washing of feet. Jesus in Humility washed disciples feet as part of Passover feast.97110608Soon it is Passover and Easter again globally to recall anddirect attention to same important thoughts prompted by mystery man Yeshua’s Final Passover. This man was indeed easily identified on location in Jerusalem leading disciples to the Upper Room believed by many to be actual place of Passover “Last Supper.” This is a very special and illuminating resource centre in living history. Many people still travel to Jerusalem to visit the Upper Room among other significant sites in Israel. God has blessed mankind through Jesus Christ the Means to the lifesaving gift of eternal life. To learn of more God’s beautiful deeply meaningful Passover Lamb Jesus Christ gift of Seder here is the origin of Holy Communion. It is instituted and established by Jesus by blending old covenant Passover and new covenant SACRIFICE of BLOOD of Jesus.last-supper-ray-downingThis grafting in ceremony of the Jew and Gentiles symbolically JOINT HEIRS with Christ in God. The traditional setting of Passover meal is a lovely set including the complete celebration of authentic seder. These is usually Haggadah, Seder Plate, Kiddush Cup, Two Candle Holders, and Matzah Cover and a step-by-step stages songs and prayers for conducting the Passover Seder meal. Passover Easter approaching Jesus’ Gift of eternal life is still freely available to all who believe, receive and support God’s Kingdom by prayers or their gifts. Jesus’ Powerful Blood Covenant representation called by some Eucharist is important in Christianity. The Passover meal was first exclusively to all the Jews and converts but to all in Christ also in all the nations. So it is good to take time out to get the loved ones together as a family or with friends to celebrate Passover and Easter. At the same time it is important or more important to REMEMBER the BLOOD SACRIFICE of Jesus to save all people. Believers renew faith in God by sharing the Passover Holy Communion Eucharist in REMEMBRANCE OF CHRIST JESUS’ Priceless Gift to all humanity.  This is true reason for season of Easter.



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