506px-Valentine,_Laura_-_Aunt_Louisa's_Nursery_Favourite_-_0029.jpgConcept of determining a child’s sexual maturity is used for marriages legally in state laws ongoing debate in countries. Interesting to note men decide the age as constitute core body counsel making that law. Furthermore child bride bears brunt of decision made but child is not consulted. So depends on each state of various laws existing with exceptions based on parental consent. Conflict of interest parent controversial motive of giving away in childtainted with urgent financial pressure demand burdens of an overwhelming need. The child pawned immediately based on a sexual maturity concept for relief of a family debt. Puts heavy burden weight on innocent child as millstone with no clue of decisions of parents. Debate goes on for meaning of sexual maturity of child’s body involved. Not fully grown child doing adult marital duty and responsibilities beyond them.800px-Lodewijk_XIV-Marriage.jpgThe child has no say in the matter yet all arguments favouring the girl child bride marriages, based on mainstream scholar opinions. Such views suggest it is not a chronological age of a child that matters but marriageable age. Sexual maturity is defined as the basis by men with vested interest. So biased despite medical facts condone puberty as the stage of sexual maturity. Adolescence considered age 8 to the late teens or early 20s. Boys, girls reach adult height and weight undergoes puberty for boys, girls for reproduction. So sexual maturity is defined as age or stage when a person or organisms can reproduce. As considered synonymous with adulthood in humans, the process of sexual maturity is termed puberty. A puberty process is growth of child in the teenage years contradicts child sexual maturity. Others say it is at age guardian of girl feels has reached sexual maturity. Determination of sexual maturity is the prerogative subjective matter judgment depending on motives for the marriage. Based such strong belief of readiness of a child as sexually mature conduct a lavish marriage contract marrying the girls less than 12 years old as acceptable. Assume child is sexually mature but child knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about sex.images (7)The irony of pathethic tragic situation in such society practice of silence on sexual taboos is the norm. Sex is considered too private personal matter cannot possibly be discussed between mother daughter or father and son. Sex cannot be openly publicly discussed or taught in schools. The question is if such strongholds of silence forbids a teaching discussion to bring awareness to impart knowledge of sacred sex how can the girl be sexually mature? Who decides body is developed enough without breasts essential for the breastfeeding of babies? How can a child automatically know physiology anatomy details required without trained advisor to prepare them in advance for sexual maturity. Who decides a naive ignorant child unaware of is sex sexually mature? Contradicts practical experience of girls in a society determining sexual maturity of naive ignorant children without any ideas of implications coerced marriage. Such is sense of social insecurity causing a child bride marriages across the world.images (6)Parents who fear social stigma if grown up adult girls past 18 years still at home are likely to marry them off young. The fear of crimes such as rape, is traumatic so may lead to less acceptance of the girl if she becomes victim of a crime. Girls may not be seen as eligible for marriage if not virgins. Cultural fear an unmarried girl may engage in illicit relationship or elope causes a permanent social stigma to blemish to her siblings. Impoverished family may be unable to find bachelors for grown up girls in an economic social group. Such fears and social pressures proposed as causes leading to the child bride marriages. Extreme poverty may make daughters an economic burden on family, seen relieved by early marriage to the benefit of the family as well as the girl herself. Poor parents may have few alternatives to afford for girls in family; they often view marriage as a means to ensure daughter’s financial security and to reduce economic burden of a growing adult on the family. Child marriages can be seen as a means of ensuring the girl’s economic security, if she lacks family members to provide for her. Reviews of community history by scholars do claim poverty, shortage of grooms or uncertain social economic conditions frequently are some reasons for child marriages. So according to UNFPA, factors promoting and reinforcing child marriages include poverty economic survival strategies; gender inequality; sealing land property deals or settling disputes; control over sexuality and protecting family honour; tradition culture; insecurity, during war, famine epidemics. Other factors: family ties marriage as means of consolidating their powerful relations by the suitor.dressed_for_wedding.jpg.size_.xxlarge.promo_The girls married often are traumatised in shock because nobody prepares them in advance of what was going to befall them. Child marriage has lasting effects consequences on girls, from their health education and their social development perspectives. These consequences last well beyond adolescence. One of the most commons causes of death for girls aged 8 to 19 in developing countries was pregnancy and child birth. Some parts estimated as having the highest rate of child marriage in the world, about 3 in 4 girls marry before their 18th birthday. These consequences are due largely to a girls’ physical immaturity where pelvis and birth canal are not fully developed. Teen pregnancy, below age 15, increases risk of developing obstetric fistula, since their smaller pelvises make them prone to obstructed labor. Girls who give birth before the age of 15 have an 88% risk of developing fistula. Fistula leaking with urine or fecal incontinence that causes lifelong complications with infection and pain. Surgically repaired, obstetric fistulas to repair years of permanent disability, shame to mothers resulting in being shunned by the community. The. married girl’s increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases, cervical cancer, or malaria higher than non-married peers or girls who marry in their 20s. Some  governments have tended to overlook the particular problems resulting from child marriage, including obstetric fistulae,premature births, stillbirth, sexually transmitted diseases, cervical cancer and malaria. This is equivalent to almost 67 million women. About 12 per cent of married or in union before age 15. The prevalence of child marriage varies substantially among countries. Child marriages related to child’s  betrothal, including civil cohabitation and court approved early marriages after teenage pregnancy takes place in countries. In cases officially legally allowed one marriage-partner child usually the female. Many already have several wives and grown adult children old enough to be grand parents of their new wives. The causes of child marriages is poverty,  bride pricedowry, cultural traditional laws allow child marriage religious social pressures, or regional customs. Fear of remaining unmarried, illiteracy, child’s perceived inability to work for money causes child bride trends to prevail.child-marriageTeenage girls with low level education suffer greater risk of social isolation and domestic violence than more educated women who marry as adults. Following marriage, girls frequently relocate to their husband’s home and take on the domestic role of being a wife, which often involves relocating to another village or area. This transition may result in a young girl dropping out of school, moving away from her family and friends, loss of the social support that she once had. A husband’s family may have higher expectations for the girl’s submissiveness to her husband and his family because of her youth. This sense of isolation from a support system cause severe mental health implications including depression. Large age gaps between child and her spouse makes her vulnerable to domestic violence and also nonconsensual sexual intercourse. Girls who marry as children face severe and life-threatening marital violence higher rates. Husbands in child marriages are often more than 10 years older than the their wives. Increasing power or control of husband over wife contributing to the prevalence of spousal violence. Early marriage places young girls vulnerable in situations completely dependent on husband. Domestic sexual violence from husband or in-law lifelong devastation affects the child’s mental health issues consequences for young girls because at formative stage of psychological growth development. Mental health problems consequence of spousal violence include depression and suicidal thoughts. Child brides in marriages face social isolation and emotional abuse discrimination in the homes of husbands and in-laws.72db5a96-dd91-4d84-b241-ab1b1b5d3027.crop_1196x630_0,0.resize_1200x630.format_jpeg.inline_yesHistorically, child marriage was common around the world. The practice began to be questioned in the 20th century, with the age of individuals’ first marriage increasing in many countries and most countries increasing minimum marriage age. Child marriages are still common throughout history for various reasons, including poverty, insecurity, political or financial reasons. Today, child marriage still fairly more common in developing countries as parts of India, South/east Asia, West Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Africa including developed America and Europe. Incidence of child marriage though falling in most parts of the world is increasing in others. Many countries still have the highest observed rates of child marriages below the age of 18 the UN accepted legal age for all nations. In the past early child marriages, teenage motherhood was typical. In Ancient Rome, girls married above the age of 12 and boys above 14. In  Middle Ages, under English civil laws derived from Roman laws, marriages before the age of 16 were common. Imperial China, had child marriage as the norm. So religions in history influence the marriageable of children’s age. Christian ecclesiastical  law forbids marriage of a girl before the age of puberty. Hindu vedic scriptures mandated the age of a girl’s marriage to be adulthood defined as three years after onset of puberty. Jewish scholars and rabbis strongly discouraged marriages before onset of puberty, in exceptional cases, girls ages 3 through 12 legal age of consent according to halakha might be given in marriage by her father.images (5)Providing a girl with a dowry at marriage is an ancient practice which continues in some parts of the world. This requires parents to bestow property on marriage of a daughter, often economic challenge for many families. The difficulty to save and preserve wealth for dowry common in times of economic hardship, droughts persecution, or unpredictable seizure of property and savings for discriminatory taxes such as Jizya. Difficulties pressed families to betroth girl irrespective of her age, as soon as they had resources to pay the dowry. Some European married their girls early, once they had collected the expected amount of dowry. A bride price is amount paid by the groom to the parents of a bride to consent to marrying a daughter. In some countries, younger brides fetch higher prices. This practice creates economic incentive where girls are sought and married early by family to highest bidder. Child marriages of girls seen as a way out of desperate economic conditions, or simply a source of income to the parents. Bride price is another cause of child bride marriages and child trafficking as parents are ignorant of a destination consequences of the child abuse multibillion booming industry.girl-min-marriage-age-with-parental-consent.pngSocial upheavals such as wars, major military campaigns, forced religious conversion, taking natives as prisoners of war and converting them into slaves, arrest and forced migrations of people often made a suitable groom a rare commodity. Bride’s families would seek out any available bachelors and marry them to their daughters, before events beyond their control moved the boy away. Persecution and displacement of Roma and Jewish people in Europe, colonial campaigns to get slaves from various ethnic groups in West Africa across Atlantic for plantations, militant campaigns to get the slaves from across as property and for work, were some of the historical events that increased the practice of child marriage before the 19th century. A New York Times report and other scholars claim origin of child marriages in India due to invasions that began more than 1,000 years ago. Often invaders raped unmarried girls or carried them off booty prompting communities to marry off daughters early to protect them. Similarly, among Sephardi Jewish communities, child marriages frequent from 10th to 13th century invaders rule spread in Spain. So practice intensified after the Jewish community was expelled from Spain. According to UNICEF, there exists many high incidence rates of child marriage with over 70% of girls marrying under age 18, in some nations. Boys are sometimes married as children, though, “girls disproportionately most affected. The research on effects of child marriage on underage boys is small. By September 2014, 156 million living men married as underage boys. Many are dependent on the family turning blind eye to underage marriage so struggling in secret pain or suffering in silence hard to crack down down for variety of reasons. Including cloak of servant, dancer, entertainer, marauded by powerful grown adults. On the surface all seem well but often the child married has difficulties not often publicly acknowledged. All over the world child bride marriages still do take place due to such high preference.4135.jpgSexual maturity is defined as the age or stage when an organism can reproduce. It is also considered synonymous with adulthood. So in humans, process of sexually maturing is termed puberty. Sexual maturity is considered the age or stage when an organism can reproduce. It is sometimes considered synonymous with adulthood.Some try to justify child bride marriages by saying in the Bible Jesus’ mother Mary was a child bride. In those days most nations used to have child marriages but changed as longevity of life promotes delay of marital age. As better living conditions improve life so no longer rushed into child marriages. Some suggest apocryphal accounts state at the time of betrothal to Joseph, Mary mother of Jesus was 12–14 years old, but such accounts are unreliable. Globally, in past history all people were encouraged to marry early due to a short life span. In those days extreme natural disasters or vulcanic eruption, poor living conditions and threats underpopulation after the plagues wiped out whole communities. So to replenish the earth people where encouraged to reproduce fast as many children did not survive. After so many early births hope some children survive. The damage to abandoned child brides is ernomous affecting children and the community as a whole. Global public education in schools and libraries with leaflets to bring awareness to boys and girls on sexual maturity growth of the body is crucial. Perceived capability and potential for sexual intercourse cannot be the only measure of sexual maturity. For the body changes required for sex, conception, birth is often non existent. So the child bride is tortured to comply to pay fulfil their expected due roles in impossible circumstances. This is direct violation of the child’s human rights so many have no voices to speak on their behalf to defend them.



  1. Its a biased article . Stop misguiding people . Girl above puberty can marry and procreate , this is healthy . And age of puberty = Age of marriage ===Age of consent ====Age of majority

    • This article is not biased because you mentioned quite rightly that a girl “above puberty” can marry. This article focuses on a child’s body under developed not fully grown “above age of puberty” with complex health medical issues caused by physical damage of pregnancy because child biological anatomy is not suitable for carrying pregnancy. Children die needlessly due to lack of proper medical care as a result. Some are often rejected and abandoned. The data statistics provided confirm evidence globally as shown. Thank you for your comments. God bless you.


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