2374ECD000000578-0-image-26_1416835630211.jpgA mother makes entirely edible candles from chocolate and nuts for her son’s birthday. Melissa Jarvis’ creation is entirely edible as wick is made from almonds. The Chocolate-lover took two and a half years to perfect her design 3 year old Aston was the first to try them on top of his birthday cake. The mother spent more than 2 years making edible candles for her son’s birthday cake. So Ms Melissa Jarvis was inspired by the celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal and made her creation from almonds and chocolate. They were finished in time so her son, Aston, could be the first person to try them on top of a cake for his 3rd birthday. Melissa Jarvis and son Aston Jarvis celebrated his third birthday by blowing out edible candles seen here.

2374ECB700000578-0-image-20_1416835411191 (1)
The candles are made from chocolate with a carved almond wick and took two-and-a-half years to make in UK. The candles are made with an almond wick, which the chocolate-lover carved by hand. Ms Jarvis, from Fareham, Hampshire, who is managing director for chocolatiers Lady Chocolate. said: ‘The most difficult bit is carving the nuts in a certain way so it opens the natural capillaries of nut which fuels the fire. ‘It took a lot of food research development to find something that would light. ‘It took me two-and-a-half years of carving these nuts to get it right. ‘In the last few months they were lasting long enough to use them as birthday candles. The candles are home-made and don’t have any wax in them so they are absolutely safe to eat. She said she wanted her son Aston to be the first person to have edible birthday candles.

23773AD100000578-0-image-37_1416841485853 (1).jpg‘All parents want to be able to provide for our children. It’s a really big driver for me, he’s a chocolate expert.’ And although her inspiration, a food genuis Heston Blumenthal, used wax for his, Ms Jarvis’s home-made candles did not use any for hers. Ms Jarvis, the former PA, said: ‘Over the two-and-a-half years of making them I’ve had to teach myself everything about the process. ‘I think the whole concept is really great, edible candles mean you don’t just have to stop after eating the cake.’ How these was made possible took time, effort and hard work but it paid off. So looking further into options of making it commercially viable when available safety precautions are enhanced to sell in the future. Close friends and family can enjoy the home made edible candles for now until it turns into global success.2374EDD500000578-0-image-28_1416835660609 (1)



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