750x500-ehow-images-a05-ns-bf-show-respect-wife-800x800LOVE is a word associated with affection, romance, passion, joy, caring, intimacy. Many are still searching for that great perpetual feeling of love from a lover in relationship with. History is full of many wonderful lovely stories of celebration of love. Great lovers have done many great things. In the name of love pleased loved ones by accomplishing great feat seen as wonderful achievements. Some so great and too gigantic beyond anything seen before became historical monuments of great proportions millions flock to watch and document. From hanging gardens of Babylon in Nineveh, museums, castles for wives, cars, ships named after loved ones. Great cities of the world are known for romantic idyllic settings suitable for lovers to serenade each other. Cities are also known as love capital for instance, Paris has love locks on the Pont des Arts bridge.The ancient city of Kyoto is home to abundant lush, romantic blossoms. So also is another place less well known as an abandoned railway in Ukraine. Known by locals as ‘Tunnel of Love,’ the apple coloured arches stretch 3km is favourite pathway for couples seeking a romantic stroll. There are many exotic places in paradise islands or get away cruises, rides too numerous to name all. Despite these great love feats and wonderful achievements for love, it is interesting to note that GOD’S LOVE Exceeds all as GREATEST LOVE ABOVE them all. For GOD’S LOVE IS ENDLESS SO ENDURES FOREVER INTO INFINITY ETERNITY. God’s Love Lives on beyond existence of the world into the next after life. Proper understanding of God Kind of LOVE will help solve many self-imposed issues affecting love life today. Often most love monuments crumble after many years of restoration and reconstructed structures fall though dedicated memory of love.marriage.jpgGOD KIND OF GREATEST LOVE LASTS FOREVER, for it is above Faith and Hope because GOD is LOVE. God’s GREATER LOVE has none but Jesus Christ. Father GOD Yahweh’s LOVE flows through Son Jesus Christ from God to His Children. Numerous ideas and concepts of love exist from Greeks philosophers among other sources of history. Definitions of various categories attempt to clarify love matters to help differentiate between an Agape Godly Love, or family Storge love, Philos friendship and Eros sexual lust desire. These boundaries at times are complicated as society tries to box each love aspect specifically in one category. As Christian believers, it is important to look at all love more closely within God’s Love. To help make love matters better understood from a Biblical point of view often taken for granted. The God Kind of Love is essential to clarify this covenant connection between God’s Love for His mankind and one another. All want to feel loved and to love others so many are still searching for love after marriage. So what is often presented as love turns out different in reality. Love word misused, misunderstood often based on presumed imagination, opinion and expectations. True love starts with confidence in God’s Love Image Worthy of love in oneself in Christ. When you or loved ones doubt self worth or self value due to any set of unfortunate circumstances of life that experience does not define you in GOD’S Eyes. Taking time out to let any person know their Priceless whole value, in God’s Sight is necessary. Some people who disbelieve feel God hardly knows they exist let alone care or love them. Often it the simplest of reassurances of God’s Love that can make them to feel worthy as hard for some people to accept Agape Unconditional Love. Their past experiences of so much negativity mean they need God to heal their emotions. In the wonderful love seasonal happenings during Valentines Day love is brought to the forefront to think more about God Kind of love of God and one another. So necessary to study the Agape GREATEST LOVE from GOD in Christ by Holy Spirit. Added to God type of love is joy.Couple with packetsTo further explain Godly love entails self love in Christ. A believer’s life is hidden in CHRIST so no longer your own but the temple of God. This means constantly in 24/7 hours to keep asking approval in line with Christ before choice decisions made. Society prides itself on enforced socialisation, so seems personal touch of individual life is deliberately conditioned so self eroded for a sense of belonging. It therefore puts pressure to please, to feel accepted, to belong, to be affirmed and it takes over personal growth. As it is then assumed by trying to fit in, people learn to adjust to relate. On the other hand the dominant person in a group just bosses everyone around. The favourite ones get along but those considered least in group develop rejection complex. So begin to seek other friends or coerced to accept their assigned place and adapt to please. This pattern continues throughout until building confidence becomes major issue because often not taught how to define self first before taking responsibility of pleasing friends, loved ones, colleagues, mates or acquiantances. This also festers silently in subconscious mind behind the scenes so wondering why those feelings exist in anyway. This resurfaces during teenage years, peer pressure to comform developmental stages of discovering self more aware of self value relating to feelings of belonging, and being loved, sharing mutual respect makes all people feel good. Looking for affirmation is taken to whole new level as constantly seeking affirmation. Focussing on others for approval first before feeling human can be distracting personal develpment. Concept of interaction to build character influences behaviour and creates a social hierarchy. Children identify with strong ones dominating others so they thrive or shrink inside. Here individual attention means teaching the valuing self worth in relation to God then appreciating others. This is so true as a foundation necessary to protect people to some extent. People become affirmation conscious too early in life so do not realise builds self worth on projected image of others. So creates mimicking rather than wholesome focus on personal development in parallelism to peer interaction. Wholeness helps to be confident to love others also without blaming them for not being made happy by them. In reality nobody can make one happy as much as the Happy God Can. So confidence in God brings the joy people look for in other outward approval areas not the inward approval of God’s Spirit at work in them. If not dealt with such feelings can generate sense of misplaced loyalty. So look for love and affection in wrong places than believing and trusting God for true love in Christ.husbands love your wifeSterigio platonic friendship relationship is the kind of of genuine closeness of a sincere brotherly or sisterly love for any person not blood family. Yet grows and develops lifetime friendship beyond any sexual motives or alternative intentions. This pure love if found can later become marriage if both like each other so this stage transitions into matured love. The love each has through friendship takes place accordingly in most people’s lives. Love no matter how strong has human limitations. It is good to enjoy love more abundantly to the full in this life because there is no marriage in heaven. As Jesus said, marriage is just for married couples to replenish earth. This means in heaven each person’s glorious body is Holy like Holy God or Holy Jesus or Holy Spirit. So no more fleshly desire of sex anymore. It pure Focus EXCLUSIVELY SOVEREIGN on HOLY GOD AND JESUS CHRIST. It means fleshly desire is useful for only short life season on earth. There is no more death so everyone lives forever happily . There is family companionship altogether as Children of God in heavenly family and recognise relatives. Heaven is not small individual family units but perfect love of all connected to God in Christ Jesus the Good who rescues all lost sheep.13f49abb247a038eb79738e40c0897a7.jpgAgape Love unconditional manifestation encompasses true Nature of God. In any given situation as a Child of God, a love opportunity shows up all the time from ordinary human beings of True Love of God. This is really the sort of love God wants all to aspire to join God’s Love Feast in heaven. Like after services here where members bring various national dishes they enjoy together. So important to stop looking for the love mirage to be really appreciative of God’s Love. A real true love really to be understood to make life meaningful to self and others. The reason for God Kind of Love success built on anticipation excitement is it is tagged Directly to God Himself. It is God giving Love Strength of hope in expressing love for God’s people so return love flowing through like conduit to others. Without a deep connection to God may feel rejected and hated. Jesus is the stone once hated or rejected yet later became the Living Cornerstone. Learning to trust God in a wholesome way is essential to becoming Godly love conduit. Disappointment and rejection in the world means GOD LOVE MORE SOLID to build Sound Foundation by faith in Jesus Name. So human love cannot thrive in own strength. People do wonder what could possibly go wrong to turn lovers into staunch enemies? So no matter how deep professed love is God’s Love exceeds beyond human love that it cannot match the Love of God. The love of mankind is tainted by sin, limited so hurts, painful at times. This kind of love can make sorrow but with God all things are possible as one forgives. Loving God in others in crisis in another nation gives our time or money to charity; and makes us feel connected to a people we do not know on basis of love shared experience.androgyny-deception-88-638AGAPE GOD CHRIST LOVE Agape used by Christians to express the unconditional love of God for His Children described by Thomas Aquinas as the “will for good of others” in fellowship. So unconditional love sees beyond outer surface to accept the person for whom s/he is, regardless of flaws, shortcomings or faults. It is the type of love that everyone strives to have for their fellow human beings. Although you may not like someone, you decide to love them as a human being. This kind of love cares, sacrifices, gives, expecting nothing in return. Translating “agape” love into action takes the Grace of God so may not always be recompensed. Agape love demonstrates a behaviour towards another person based on commitment to chose Godly Love. It is love seen between David and Jonathan greater than normal love between people because Jonathan helped David fulfil God Ordained destiny at his personal expense, sacrifice risking own life from Saul his father. Agape love is compassionate kind of love to people as true love no matter what happens. So God’s Love is True, Forgiving is Best way to love God and mankind. By putting God and Jesus First, one is connected, rooted, grounded in Christ in God’s Love placing othes’s needs above one’s own. As God’s Golden Rule Says Love others as you love yourself. Jesus’ loves us, Sacrificed His life for us so called us saints beloved, to do same for others in 1 corinthians 13:1.misericordia-de-deusjpg12113045846pm1STORGE FAMILY LOVE It is a kind of family and friendship love. This is the love parents naturally have and feel for their children; the love that member of the family have for each other; or the love that friends feel for each other. In some cases, this desired friendship love turns into a romantic relationship so a couple becomes best friends. Storge love is unconditional, accepts flaws or faults, ultimately forgives. It is also committed, sacrificial, makes one feel very secure or comfortable and safe. The Storge family parental love is also for a parent by the child, or a child has for a favourite aunt or uncle. The love foster parent feels for the children in her care and the love a grandparent feels for child adopted by son- and daughter-in-law. Phileo love refers to affectionate, warm tender kind platonic love friendship with someone. This kind of love livens up Agape love. Although you may have an agape love for enemies, you may not have a phileo love for the same people. Translation of word phileo is love feelings about someone. So is committed and chosen love over long period of time. This love kind endures in sickness and in health. Such love makes marriage best friends as a caring couple or family throughout life in thick or thin. Philautia  self-respect, is love given to ourselves is not selfishness or vanity narcissism, but joy of being true to our own values. Strength to care for ourself helps so we can in turn care for others. Leads to Philia  shared experience love we feel for people by an achieved shared goals with  co-workers, football players, netball team, soldier’s camadere. Ludus flirting, playful affection is the feelings testing out potential love mates in love with long term as sweetheart. It begins with fluttering heart feelings of euphoria slightly romantic sensations responded to if Love is mutual. Most artists, poets, painters symbolise heart as love symbol, but it is deep brain generating chemical signals making the people to understand love. All these different forms and styles of expressing love described by Ancient Greeks is often summed into these main categories of terms: Eros, storge, agape and philia symbolizing the types of love. Above, these all these love details is the GOD GREATEST LOVE INTO ETERNITY i other words beyond natural flesh realm Supernatural Realm Directly Connected to God’s ETERNAL LOVE lasting forever. d90920d4073811b3160a9e3a14bedba5Éros (ἔρως érōs) means sexual passion.” Modern Greek word “erotas” means “intimate love or extremely intense desire for sexual intimacy. Eros is a passionate and intense love that arouses romantic feelings; it is the kind that often triggers “high” feelings in a new relationship and makes you say, ‘I love’ the person. It is simply an emotional and sexual love although based on sex and powerful magnetism. It’s the one which can gets into most trouble. It turns into other kinds of love like pragma but may start as romance attraction. Important in the beginning of new relationship, it may not last unless it moves higher into a relationship because it focuses more on self gratification instead of the other person. If the person “in love” does not feel good about a relationship anymore, they stop ‘loving’ their partner. Eros or erotica etymology root = Eros + action so associated with erotica. Romantic films TV dramas present eros lust appealing to intensify feelings between those people desperate to get into each other’s arms. Eros fleshly erotic relationship happens by mutual consent or in association with friends with benefits. Often it starts by attraction desire for sexual pleasure but sometimes can turn also into long term relationship and marriage. It can endure beyond sexual intimacy developing into the long-term but risky if sex is the only attraction. Popular views often promote love conditioned lust mindset mistaken lust for true deep love. Those who study deeper meaning of love see why majority does not last beyond addictive of 2 years. Many success stories of conversion into love. Few and far in between deception, manipulation, use, abuse, heartaches, broken heart, betrayal because hidden motive was lust. Just to obtain right to indulge, lust is painted in a itching ear tell them what they want to hear sweet talk language palatable to the targeted person. A person falls for bait, line, hook and sink with engagement ring to seal the deal. What starts with lust feelings of fantasy changes when reality sets in few bond into love. Not knowing what lies ahead both assume they are in love. Until the test of True of love takes place and fall foul. Most people exposed to the concepts of current generation possess Eros love thinking with genitals priority. Lust foundation relationship looks out for mutual attraction common interests to bond. Furthers physical sex attraction to someone of the opposite sex who’s personality and interests are similar to his or hers own. Begins to tick the right dating boxes as the perfect, smart, good looking, hopelessly in love, romantic, or compatible. Women have more to lose with child care demands career affecting wages, promotion, pensions. Looking at physical attraction alone is not enough. A young couple who previously never has raised children have no clues of what is involved ahead as marriage entails. The decisions made affect family outcome.
It is necessary not too zoom in too fast without seriously studying love matters according to God’s Love in Christ.heal-emotionally-free-broken-selfA general understanding and description of these types of love promotes healthy progressive relationship. All love types work together at different times or even simultaneously to enable family stages to survive in longer times. In some cases a relationship is long-lasting if partners share same style of love. These detailed definitions of love is to clarify and help people to understand better way to relate appropriately to different types of love. Learning about different type of loves helps people to gain better knowledge and information to make an informed choice on the various kinds of love. To understand how to behave and conduct themselves on each occasion. Each kind of love requires different response. The expressions of love here are not fixed in concrete. So fluid and flexible except Eros which cannot take place between siblings and in- laws to avoid incest. So people feel love in different stages of life. Each relationship must be taught correctly to help overcome confusion in socity about love matters people should know by now. Marriage consummation has storge love within marriage. Erratic nature of modern relationships makes love unappealing thought unpredictable. Above all, the most important part of a relationship is talking, communicating by active listening, empathy, love and understanding. Sequence stages in some relationships of love between a man and woman is God Covenant Kind Love. The Bible uses Greek explanations relevant as most books originally were written in Greek. Necessary to study to understand all these various categories of love. Love cannot be understood as eros alone. True genuine love comes from God Authentic Originator of Love relationship. God is interested in all other loves in relation to His Creation to be happy in love.back view of lovely young couple hugging in winterIt can turn into other kinds of love like pragma but starts as romance attraction. Often artists, poets, painters symbolise heart as love symbol, but it is deep brain generating chemical signals making the people understand love. These different forms styles of expressing love described by Ancient Greeks summed into these main categories of terms: Eros, storge, agape and philia symbolizing types of love. Above all details GREATEST AGAPE GOD LOVE IN CHRIST LASTS FOREVER INTO INFINITY IN ETERNITY. Learning about different types of love fascinates to learn different Greek love words. One can see or feel different loves in family relationship in different stages. Knowing kinds of relationship one is into helps to relate. Brings noteworthy understanding a true love because sexual attraction is just ONE COMPONENT OF LOVE AMONG OTHER EQUALLY VALID NEEDS MET. As each person longs for, wondering on the look out for someone to be attracted to so personality and interests complement compatible partnership. Essential to God is mutual interest feeling of attraction to help people present important validity towards right love idea as starter reasons for compatible relationship. People want balanced fulfilled soulmate though souls do not marry. Love flame attraction to a soulmate monogamy involve no one else so people want soulmates for they have compatibility attraction. Loyalty to one is a good sign for Loyalty to God by both. If only sexually attraction is focussed on, at first seems to have a right personality and stuff, but never assume that person is relationship soulmate until you find out about them so be safe friends only choosing someone based on what is claimed to be on a dating profile, they may or not be but a catfish so one should be careful not to get hurt. Research God marriage, ask why you need a person to converse while family loves you get so know the person publicly. It is hard to tell who is a soulmate, because people outwardly look alright and trustworthy. Be compatible to get along to stay in a relationship based on common mutual interest attached to deep love for one another. The real demands of life may be fine at the beginning but might change. Both need God Bigger to help them not just themselves to last in a relationship. Honey moon stage bait does not remain perpetually exactly the same. Love grows maturing through a life test testimony possibly overcoming difficult challenges. Despite many relevant love terms among others one must take time to explore in detail what love means to you. In English one word is used for LOVE so the English Bible word broken down must be taught and explained from time to time. As the Bible uses Greek explanations. Although there are many other diversities of love discussed here in movie language love is often negative or trashy among the few romantic films. Worldly people need to learn more about love to make love clear at all times to educate accuracy on love meaning. Love is misunderstood as eros alone but the love God is interested in is all the other loves too. Movie love is sex, divorce, and even hatred. Believers in God interested in God Kind of Love. Even though eros means sexual romantic love it is never mentioned in English Bible as sex is described as ‘knowing’ or ‘knew’ his wife. True Agape love is seen in love between David and Jonathan so greater than the love between man and woman because it is Godly Love. The definition of “LOVE” is misused or misunderstood word in English language.” So needs to carefully reflect God Kind of Love one step at a time slow and easy. Before one falls in love Stand Strong in God before going to altar or jumping into bed. Know Christ! Your First Love is Be Hot for Jesus Christ you need Him in love life to make long term commitment endure. Do not let someone using a picture some adjust to want make you love them determine a love proposal. Intense love eros feelings of passion emotion realize is sweet talks so understand real love. Never secretly choose partner online WITHOUT YOUR FAMILY APSAFETY IT IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD PROTECTION AND SAFETY.2fa46d789dc7f9fedd9d89e310c4ec64.jpgIf anybody insists keeping secret, love for you run and delete remove them that is not genuine love. Love is not a private secret mission because you need family for marriage to flourish. Be sure to get guidance from a matured loving married couple to learn about true love you will be amazed what you discover. Do not live love life making it by yourself as you go along. Life is too serious to play with the fantasies created due to lack of cortex. So Agape love is the best kind of love to show people far and near of GOD’S True love no matter what happens Gods love is true and forgiving. The question is can one love the way God does? Agape Love is sacrifice putting God and others needs above one’s own. True meaning of Agape is Christlike love. God compares genuine love marriage to Jesus the BrideGroom in covenant relationship with Bride Church as an example to follow. So think deeply about the love Christ for us before you tell anyone you love them. So enlighten yourself on the topic ‘love’ to learn how to love. Know the best way of handling love for your peace of mind. This modern generation, must learn to practice agape love which is the first type of love, then platonic love leading to storge eventually appropriate Eros in marriage. So current generation must understand love beyond Eros love not to think or choose partner based on their genitals only. Christians must long for agape love. As followers of Jesus Christ who introduced this kind of love for us, when we were sinners. Jesus Sacrificed His Life for us and now we are call saints. So beloved let us share agape love doing the same ourselves as said in 1corinthians13:1. Gods love is Priceless. His love is the Core of Love so we should continue loving, regardless of situations may find our selves in is very true basis of genuine love by faith in Christ. So do continue to love living the way Christ did. Agape love is the best way a human being gets stronger in the Lord. Agape love remains the inspirational, mature love experience provided by God in the heart to achieve. Agape love is sacrificial in nature so means living for others and offering services for others so do better yourself. The grace to love by faith and choice sacrificially expressed in daily living become living testimony. As Love is joy, life of Love is done by action deeds not mere words. Deep love must forgive daily to be in love with Christ for love to flow deeply to be happy together. With deep understanding for each other and respect hoping to grow old together to see great great grand children beyond fifth or sixth generation into eternity.


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