imageJesus talks about angels in Bible so good to begin to ask why Jesus refers to angels talking to Nathanael about Supernatural Knowledge. True confirmed miracles are well documented by TV ‘Supernatural.’ As the Son of God and the King of Israel many people’s expectation was for Jesus to deliver them from political power and foreign government rule. People wanted Jesus to use Supernatural Power from Above to Prove Superiority by removing and displacing dominant Rule exploiting and abusing citizens. This is the sort of thing Nathanael wanted desperately to see Manifest in Jesus Christ the Messiah. If Jesus Claimed is So Powerful imbued with all Power and Aurhority from God in Heaven and earth healing and raising the dead plus Lazarus why is Jesus not wielding political power for His people and the nation’s proselytes? Many were becoming disillusioned and disappointed because it seemed all hope was lost since things got worse for believers rejected by families and denounced as traitors under Graeco-Roman rule. Jesus saw necessity to Clarify God’s Point of View glossed over often  under the pain of pressure of tyranny. Jesus proceeds to Settle Once and for all before impeding crucifixion supernatural things for understanding.

imageIn John 1: 51, Jesus immediately also articulates “greater things than these” expectations that people need to see beyond natural physical material world. Jesus brings peoples imaginations and perceptions into the Supernatural realm of things to come then and in future. All the people and Nathanael will see that “heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.” These things mean among other several instances in the Bible where someone sees heaven open: e.g. Ezekiel 1:1, Mark 1:10, Acts 7:56. In each of these instances, the person has a vision accords some greater divine reality. This verse comes immediately after the previous verses John 1: 49-50 where Nathanael declares Jesus is the Son of God and King of Israel. People expect Son of God to Prove Majestic Power to make sense to them. For this is the vision of man’s concept of Divine reality to confirm greater understanding of Jesus to them as Messiah. So Jesus counteracted with His Divine Vision His Statement in verse 51 to correct their misunderstanding of His Sonship and His Chosen Role by God as the King of kings Royal Duties of Due Diligence.

imageJesus links heaven and earth through the “the angels of God ascending and descending” links Jesus’ like Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28. Jacob glimpses a new reality of heaven so says, “Surely the LORD God Elohim is in this place, yet not aware of Awesome Presence in this place! This wonderful house of God with entrance gate of heaven connects Jacob a mere mortal to God directly. So many people like Jacob and Nathanael see God and Jesus the Son of Man in a different light yet Father God or Saviour Jesus’ Presence of the I AM, “House of God” and “Gate of heaven” in John 8:58, John 2:19-22, John 10:1-9 is always with them. Second, the title “Son of Man” shows reality Nathanael does not yet understand about Jesus. Nathanael declared Jesus Messiah in John 1:49, as the Son of God and the King of Israel, as highly political terms. Powerful Titles by Nathaniel reinforce the government on Jesus’ Shoulders prematurely before Set Time of God. People’s false hope for quick fix economic relief from political pressure of taxes cause some to doubt Authentic Messiah. So Jesus uses “Son of Man” to confound wise to define and to identify Seed of David God Promised.

At present, most people like Nathanael only understand Jesus’ messianic role purpose in a political way. By changing titles, Jesus gives indication Nathanael will understand Jesus Messiah in a very different way. Today Jesus CORRECTS people’s false EXPECTATIONS OF HIM
seen through Nathanael so all will see a deeper reality and confirmation of the REAL JESUS CHRIST THE MESSIAH. So Jesus Christ the King of kings WILL BE SEEN EXACTLY AS HE DESCRIBES BY ALL to help believe. Nathaniel and the others saw Jesus’ Power Unfold in the signs given across the rest of the Bible book in John 14:11. Jesus manifested Supernatural Power as the Son of God miracles at wedding in Cana performed first of signs revealed through His glory. His disciples and many Jews believed in Jesus when they many many other miracles as recorded in John 2:11. The resurrection of Lazarus went viral many Jews believed climaxing in sight of the risen Jesus in John 20:29 – “Because you have seen me, you have believed.” Jesus said those who believe without signs or wonders are genuine believers who do not doubt Him or Father God.

imageAgain back to text in John 1:51, Jesus Said, Truly, truly, I say to you, you will see heaven opened and angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man. In this Gospel of John Jesus describes to us the activity of God’s angels from heaven ascending and also descending on the Son of Man Jesus. The angels “ascend” in order to serve God and carry out the Lord’s Biddings. And “descend” in order to serve us on behalf of God by bringing in answers to prayer or unexpected Favours and Surprises from God. Everyone has 4 Angels always around them, guarding, protecting and directing us based on instructions from GOD. It is interesting mention of angels directly by Jesus. Jesus uses Gospel Message Testimony Power of God Joining heaven to earth to Show God Does Whatever God Likes. Heaven becomes directly connected for the people on earth to see directly into heaven. This beautiful vision envisages result of Christ mediation reconciliation of man with God to repair re-establish communication. Jacob communicated with God through angel messengers to pass errands from God and vice versa. Jesus and God send or brings answers So ladder is means of communication between Heaven and earth. Heaven and earth were separated by sin until LORD GOD ALMIGHTY ABOVE in Heaven Had Mercy Restoring all people underneath heaven. So ladder points to Son of God, Son of Man Jesus, Reuniting Heaven to earth as Bible says, there is No Way of getting to Heaven but by Christ. Jesus Ladder Represents joint Top Heir Divine Nature of Christ and His human nature.

imageIn John 1: 51 Jesus Presents Himself as Spiritual Stairway pointed seen by Jacob in dream union between Heaven and earth. Christ makes possible now such true reality by faith in God. Jesus Called Nathaniel, an Israelite indeed in without deceit. Nathaniel saw fulfillment of Jesus Symbol far Superior Vision to Jacob’s vision True ladder communication from Heaven. Jesus IS True Mediator between God and man so all believers are part of True Israel in New Covenant as family of all believers in history. Through Christ, the only Mediator between God and man in 1 Timothy 2:5 we have access to Father God Elohim in Ephesians 2:8. Christ is God’s Chosen Way for all God’s Favours to come to us and for all our services to go to God. Believers pray daily to LORD GOD ELOHIM ALMIGHTY Thanking GOD in Jesus Name. God Responds to us as we approach God, to communicate with God boldly through the blood of Jesus. God Hears prayer and Answers Prayer. We Thank God for Jesus Christ OUR Spiritual Ladder between Heaven and earth, to approach by God by faith in Jesus Name, welcomed into family of God True Israel. Jesus Our Spiritual Ladder Connects us all to God working through Jesus Christ our representative of God on earth. So the angels sent deliver God’s Heavenly Mail Replies Express Service in Christ.

imageIn prayer, we communicate with God. In reading and hearing God’s word, He communicates with us as we prevail in prayer through this incredible privilege of communicating with God of Universe Who Loved us with everlasting Love. So this Supernatural Privilege of Jesus had angels involved announcing conception birth, messages to escape to Egypt by Jesus’ family. Jesus was comforted in garden of Getshemane during intense prayers before being crucified. Jesus said during trial He could Command the angels to come and rescue him if HE Chose to do so but did not because He fulfilment Decision to Lay down His Life as a ransom for many. So at Appointed Time by God angels will do exactly as God orders them to do during Jesus’ Rapture in cloud and Second Coming. So angels permanently worship God and sing to God as first most important activity Praise God. So the Bible says to “Praise God, all you angels,” in Psalms 148:2. Angels help us to learn to praise God with them. We pray together in and sing God’s Praises, to the Lord!” Under angel’s watchful gaze, they want to help us to be able to stay safe, in this world and forever, “I will give thanks to you, O Lord, with all my heart, for you hear the words of my mouth; in the presence of angels I will sing your praise; to worship at your holy temple and give thanks to your name. Angels help us worship God in great angelic hymns sang by angels on Christmas morning with “Glory to God in the Highest.” Prophet Isaiah in angelic vision said “Holy, Holy, Holy to God though still alive on earth.” Today Jesus Tells us to recognise we are not praying alone, but angels help to praise and thank God with all our being.

imageThe angels descend upon Jesus brings us God’s assistance. The Archangel Gabriel brought Mary God’s Word, as Michael did in Daniel answer to prayer by God’s accompaniment bring protection. The names of angels say a lot about how they are sent to serve us. Gabriel means God’s strength so sent to Strengthen Jesus and strengthen us, like the Virgin Mary responded to God’s Call. Raphael means “God’s medicine” so sent with healing miracles from God to heal us to open eyes of our heart to see God. Michael means “He is who like God” striving to defend us from all evil that renders us dissimilar to God Who is Holy, Holy, Holy. Their presence accompanies us in a particular way throughout everyday. God sends angels when necessary to help human beings as we pray together and ponder Good News never is old news. Together with Jesus inside we receive God’s Healing Medicine of God through the Great Physician Jesus Christ. Jesus said people who die in Christ are alive. The angel of death does God’s bidding to accompany all believers as saints into GOD’S Presence in spirit to live forever in immortality into eternity.

Jesus tells Nathaniel and others they will see heavens open and angels ascending and descending on Jesus. Nathaniel was in fervent prayer, looking for direction of Hope and Consolation of Israel. Private prayer where no one observed him yet Son of God Jesus Sees and Hears private prayers. This shows Our Lord Jesus witnessed in Spirit what passed on in Nathaniel’s mind, This shows our Lord knows all secrets of the heart so told Nathaniel the thoughts of his heart though Christ never met him before. Jesus formed Nathaniel in the womb so knew him before foundations of earth. Already Knew Nathaniel to his utter surprise. Jesus Impressed Nathaniel as the ‘stranger’ Jesus Who Knew general character to describe private thoughts and internal state frame of his soul. Christ communes in Spirit with God and benefits believers by angels from things in heaven and on earth reconciled and united together. Nathaniel was surprised so said to Jesus how come you know me? Many people believe God is so cut off far away in the distant heaven with all loved ones but not Known Cares about by God. This is not true though may not see God God and Jesus Loves Deeply and Cares by reconciling united together. imageJesus used occasion referring to extreme spiritual interest and memorability of Nathanael. Jesus touched Nathaniel’s mind to change from doubt to belief in living visitation of Jesus. So Living God brought great transition happening in his life, recommenced when old world past traditions of men passed away for New One Made In Christ. His lips never spoke deepest secrets of soul revealed. Touched his secret meditation known by Jesus fathomed his deep consciousness, inside his psyche mind and soul by the great Messiah. Jesus answered to satisfy him Knew inward temperament, mind, to give undeniable proof of Omniscience, acknowledged all seeing Eye discovery. Before Philip called under fig tree, SEEN BY JESUS as secret hidden place on earth is Subject to Jesus Christ. All nooks and crannies are well known by Jesus. It was Philip who called but Jesus was privy to all what passed between them though alone. Ministering conversations are subject to Christ in all private matters. Christ knows the account Philip gave him, the objection Nathanael made; invitation of Philip given him to come and see Christ for himself, to decide for himself based on Informed Choice. God Calls all people in Christ to obey, comply to save souls. Jesus taught if not under bondage will account to God on passing to heaven carried by God’s angels.

soul-carried-to-heaven.jpgWhether sitting under the fig tree, pub, highest office, glamorous place, concert hall, church or unknown village not on map Jesus Sees all so Still Sending Call while ‘sitting under tree of sin, doubt, sceptism, religion, fear like Elijah sitting under Juniper tree, angry Jonah because Nineveh repented God Sees all countries those sitting for Jesus for good. As Micah 4:4 mentioned Nathaniel may be reading Scriptures, and meditating upon them. Observing thinking, reading, reflecting on Jacob’s dream angels of ascending and descending from heaven. John 1:51, is inspiring fresh insight to surprise, giving convincing proof of Jesus’ Supernatural Power as Son of God. Praying in secret, acting different from general way men pray in synagogues, corners of streets, so to be seen. Nathanial likewise was proved righteous as Christ said of him, a true rare Israelite, no guile hypocrisy visible, prevailed when the others daily plotted evil argainst Jesus to kill him. It was usual with doctors to read, study in the law under fig trees rarely pray there.

imageNathanael had surprising undeniable proof of the deity of Christ as the True Messiah. Since, infancy was sought to be killed by Herod seeking to destroy, the Messiah, and king of the Jews. So Nathanael under the fig tree is common representation of philosophical sort of person thinking about dream of Jacob’s angels up and dow stairway to heaven. Showing relationship heaven and earth possibility of communication between two realms in Christ as believers today dream dreams and see similar visions. This musing on deep spiritual matters allows Jesus to Call him member of the twelve without hesitation as disciple. It shows self discipline spiritual maturity to be set apart at times as Jesus did 40 days and nights before embarking on choosing his disciples. Jesus Stayed in Close Contact With God through Private Prayers to equip Him better in Service to God so Remained Dedicated to God.


John 12:21 Greeks came to Philip from Bethsaida in Galilee with requestrequest “we would like to see Jesus.” After hearing or seeing miracles performed by Jesus wanted to talk to Jesus. Jesus said to them unless a grain of corn falls to the ground, dies it cannot bear much fruit. Jesus Reminds them Godly kind Good Success was more than mere dialogue of arguments and debates to convince them. It involved Embracing the Word of God fully, dying to old beliefs and the traditions of men to Believe The Son of God. As Jesus died and resurrected so those who believe and receive Jesus die to self serving selfish manipulation of man to impress them to convince them. In John 14:8 Philip said, “Lord, show us Father God. Jesus said when you See me you See Father God. Phillip agreed that Jesus is enough for us.” So Jesus is Enough for believers even if desired political government like His Days on the earth are similar. Jesus IS GIVING HOPE OF VISION OF HEAVENLY CONNECTION IN JESUS CHRIST.


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