always-love-your-motherLove your mother because you will never get another exactly like her. Jesus Loved His Mother so Entrusted her to siblings before ascending into heaven. Love may not be a word associated with mother or each other but love her anyway. Growing children see mother as dominant person who seems to say ‘no’ more than ‘yes.’ One sometimes may feel suffocated and imposed upon by the mothers who asked you to help do many endless chores. Just as you are about to relax to enjoy your favourite past time to rest to watch favourite program you are asked to go to bed. Instead of doing the right thing you stay up late playing video games or watching films. She asks you to join the family prayer time and study God’s Words. Then when you finally feel to sleep at 4am hardly dosed off when you are awakened again by mother to go to school, college or work.NO-2BONE-2BWILL-2BEVER-2BLOVE-2BYOU-2BLIKE-2BYOUR-2BMOTHER-2BLOVES-2BYOU.On Sundays when weekend comes and you want to hang out with friends she takes you to church. Midweek it church and Bible study so God is always in your family business. Mother seems to be permanently on your case never letting you get any moment of rest in your own mind. To you she seems constantly on your case and at times like ‘Eveurybody Hates Chris’ you are held responsible and accountable for all the actions and behaviours of your siblings. So you feel under an enormous immense intense pressure to please to always perform in school at your best. Meanwhile you watch sibling spoilt brats are pampered, cannot do anything wrong but slightest mistake or things not done told off and punished like Chris.17868.jpgAs far as you are concerned she is your ‘worst nightmare’ that drives you crazy but you have no choice. This is because your mother is doing the right thing raising you as God ordained her to do. But the world which is not your blood family plus significant others in your life spur you on towards liberal secular views that make your mother seem like tyrant to you. You begin to fantasise about the day you will leave home forever. As far away as possible from her to the ends of the earthto get away from her control. Yet you have no choice but to submit to her authority. It seems even your father condones and endorses her discipline and encourages her to ensure you turn out as the best trophy child of family. Why? Because you are the oldest and default parent in training to carry on the family honour and duty in society. Your life seems to so miserable until you felt free from leaving home.485f65b3904e4b1d706a32f5a62dde7ebd8beea935c09dc14f0ec01b4a2b80a8That freedom turned out to be short-lived because entering the adult world was a shock to the system. For the first time, like a prodigal child, you had nobody to look out for your well-being. The so called friends and hangers on turned out not to be trustworthy or as reliable as your mother. You longed for her food above all else and her love and affection. Now it dawns on you actually it was mother who sacrificed to give you the best she can afford in life. You act like everything is alright and refuse to return home because traditions of men say you must leave home anywhere. It is only now that you realise what it takes to maintain the home, manage finance and pay the bills. Finally you now appreciate mother for never complaining about the family. She gave her best to raise many children including so many fostered ones. You somehow develop in life and got married too young thinking it will help replace the family left behind.hqdefaultIt is when you came full circle to gain more awareness and understanding of family. You respect mother even more now that you are raising your own family. Instead of blaming her especially for all your misfortunes in life, you realise the one person that loved you unconditionally is your mother. By now your mother is quite elderly so not as strong and active as she used to be in her youth. She matured but a compassionate mother you have taken for granted in the past. Then realisation now sets in to make the most of her limited by making peace with her. Today that opportunity has come to overcome your shyness or pride to hug her and tell her, MOTHER I LOVE YOU!!! First make sure you both sit down and tell her how much you value and appreciate her. Then hug her and ask for forgiveness of anything if ever done by you to offend her. Give her a token gift to remind her of this day and precious moment. In our case we her children got together to thank, celebrate and appreciate her unfailing love for us.386483_409896402413676_1536622247_nNever allow anything to come between you and your mother no matter how old or young you are. Her wisdom and love saved and protected you from so many things you did not know about. Treasure her wisdom and advise as the Bible tells us in Proverbs. Listen to her corrections for it for your own good. It is never too late to humble yourself to make peace with mother. Seek God’s Face on her behalf if you have any concerns and help provide with a specific budget corban set aside for her use and needs. Then watch God bless and honur you beyond all your expectations because you are obeying GOD’S Command so it will be well with you. If your life is not doing well, check your relationship with your mother, the co-creator with God to replenish earth. She may be small in your eyes but highly BLESSED and Favoured in GOD’S Sight. If your natural mother lives too far away by distance to meet physically, Skype, text, send letter, postcard, email, phone, instagram, tweet, facebook, imo, so the possibilities are endless. There is so much available communication highway so efficient there is no excuse not to let her know you love her, bless and honour your mother. BY THE WAY I LOVE YOU IS NOT A PATENTED WORD FOR MARRIED COUPLES ONLY. Remember that when you feel like choking by mere thought of the words,”I LOVE YOU MOTHER. “image

We say I love you to each other everyday in texts, phone calls, verbally every time we communicate. We said “I love you”  before as a routine but it intensified after my mother’s passing into heaven. It was then the preciousness of the Love of mother is highly valued knowing now directly connected to heaven because of mother’s faith and love of God. You can start saying I love you even if nobody ever told you that before. You owe it to yourself to feel God’s Love and to share God’s Agape Love. God’s Abundant Love flows through you as God’s Love Conduit also to impacts your mother’s life too. Take full advantage of Mother’s Day Sunday celebration to express love to your own mother. Keep loving your mother forever into eternity in Presence of God of Love. Jesus is your Greatest Love because God Says Greater love has none but Jesus for you. Our mothers display unconditional genuine love of God so Honour and love your mother in Jesus Name.God bless.


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