perfect-moments.jpgTreat mothers right no matter the time or place as this issue Attracts God’s Attention.  We serve a Perfect God so He is able to help create perfect moments. It takes special love sacrifice to become a mother so Honour and love her.11127503_1383945261929541_7489817711012539500_nThere is never enough time available to be there for loved ones. So takes special effort to set time aside for the loved ones especially mothers. The Grace to treat a mother well comes from GOD to enable BLESSINGS attached by doing it unto the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.24596d0e76e286fec417bc2bc0a476c0God Grants the Peace which surpasses all the human understanding and logical reasoning to obey to show compassion and unmerited love in some cases. God ordered parental love and honour so do the right thing to show love by example.acdc93c4ec270beb3f51df44ca63f1d4When everything seems lost and family destroyed God restores again as He did to King David to recover all his family plus the family of other’s once thought lost. So Praise and Thank God for the victory.success-is-about-how-to-manage-your-emotions-quote-inspirational-quotes-about-life-and-success-580x435The one who observes the wind will not sow so against all odds make a decision to do the right thing. You have only one natural birth mother even if many mums love you. God Choseto place you in her womb so made you wonderfully.

To treat mother right does not have to be gifts always costing money but just showing her honour and respect for starters. A quick phonecall or text reassuring her you are alright is all they ask for. Mothers never stop nurturing even if 100 years old. Once part of her physical body one remains intrinsically part of her being forever. Family is for life extending into eternity so treat mother right with gratitude.


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