the_riches_of_god_s_grace.jpgThe Bible in Ephesians 2:7, says God Speaks of “Exceeding riches of HIS GRACE” lavished abundantly in love  abounding to HIS Children. So God’s Grace reaches far beyond any riches known. Ephesians 1:3-10 tells us God’s Riches of Abundant Grace Exceedingly Rich deep beyond comprehesion. Those Blessed by Father God, Son Jesus Christ, blessed in Christ with spiritual blessing in heavenly places. God Chose in Christ before foundation of the world to be holy and blameless before HIM. So God Predestined adoption of ‘sons’ through Jesus by purpose of HIS and praise for His GLORIOUS Grace blessed Beloved Children. Christ’s redemptive BLOOD, forgiveness of sin trespasses in Riches of His Grace Lavished on us in wisdom.amazing-grace1-e1357491083834God Gives Insight making known HIS mystery according to HIS Purpose HE set in Christ, plans for fullness of time, to unite all things in Christ in heaven and all things on earth in Ephesians1:3-10. “THOSE IN CHRIST” noteworthy for God’s Lavished Grace is Exclusively to those IN CHRIST. God Chosen HIS WAY of Coming in Christ condition to receive HIS spiritual blessings. Receive promise for future through FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST. God Provides for un/just if they received Christ or not as Loving Father God Loves all mankind as HIS creation and creatures. So in Christ God CALLS HIS Children to Enter HIS PRESENCE.gods-graceGod says cast your heavy burdens away for his yoke is easy and burden light. HE does not reject people but people allow their sins to create a wall of separation between them and God in Isaiah 59:2 its inquiries separating mankind from God. Past separations between mankind and Holy God sin caused HIM to reject or not listening to prayers. But a partition wall dividing God is removed by Jesus Christ restored relationship between man and God by Jesus SACRIFICE. In Ephesians 2:14-15, Jesus is OUR PEACE interceding for God to listen to prayers. For CHRIST is our PEACE made God and mankind one Christ destroys wall between God and HIS people. Due to Adam and Eve’s sin DNA passed on to mankind causing enmity with God; Christ, God FORGIVES  NOT EVER to REMEMBER THEM AGAIN.grace-enlightens-darkness-psalm-18-28AS FAR AS EAST IS FROM WEST SO GOD REMOVES SIN FAR AWAY FROM ALL so believer fully receives spiritual blessing in heavenly places bestowed on them. Become clean, transformed, renewed, born again to stand holy and blameless before Father God. God’s Child qualified to call God Abba Father HIS Children in Christ. Redemption through the Lord’s BLOOD fully forgives sins  boldly enter Presence of God through the BLOOD of Jesus to possess all blessings. The riches of GOD’S GRACE is HIS Extravagant love of Creator of heaven and earth choosing all HE Predestined to redeem. God knew mankind could not keep up with Perfect Standard required made provision for redemption in Christ since foundation of earth. God Told father of all nations Abraham, before promised descendants born exist as sand or countless stars will sin against God in bondage 400years. romans5-20_thumbWalk in HIM in Christ, comforting and blessing, delivering, sustaining all. Jesus gains direct entry point access so invites all in throne room of God. In Christ all receive blessing God stored in HIS Love Treasure House. BLESSINGS fully yours to possess belonging to Jesus. Christians are God’s LIVING Spiritual zillionaires realize in Christ priceless love of God in Christ helps discover contents of heaven Spiritual treasure House. Paul’s reason for writing letter to Ephesians, enable to discover Spiritual BLESSINGS on earth. Believers see Contents of God’s Treasure House truly understand the blessings of God adds no sorrow claimed in Christ.distinguishing-some-key-terms-justice-grace-mercy-75-638God makes all things new in John 2:1-11, Ephesians1:3-4. God’s Kingdom Lifestyle Spiritually discerned so understand God is not material possessions. God wants your SOUL TO PROSPER as one prospers in health or all areas of life. So Spiritual aspect connects man directly to God in Christ. Father God’s LOVING family is a Relationship God established in Christ for Christians. God expects all to receive to gain from exceeding richness of HIS Grace. Roman’s 2:4, God emphasises on proper use HIS Privilege not to impress believers in Christ. God encourage use of Lavished Grace but not abuse it, God Advises not to have contempt for Grace by taking it for granted. JESUS CHRIST’S HOLY, SACRED, ULTIMATE, PRECIOUS, PRICELESS BLOOD IS ATONEMENT AND PROPITIATION FOR SIN. TREAT WITH GREAT RESPECT, REVERENCE HONOUR. THE GREATEST LOVE EVENT IN LIVING HISTORY BLESSING CHRISTIANS & ALL.587357cb00f29c570cbe5389b9534d9a0e1103351_grace-energized-image-geUNMERITED LOVE FREELY GIVEN BY GOD TO ALL HUMANITY HIS Exceeding Richness of Grace Grace and the Greater Grace. God’s grace grace in Ephesians 2:7, God speaks of exceeding RICHES OF HIS GRACE far reaching beyond any richness Grace offers Freely to all humanity. Every aspect of Christian life rests solely on God’s grace poured on all. Life changes in Jesus Name receive Richness of God’s Grace in  Ephesians 1: 7. God is for all by HIS Grace for HIS Mercy new every morning. If God is for us who is against HIS Exceedingly Great Richness of GOD’S Grace eternally never ending for all in Christ waiting to see Jesus in Rapture in clouds to heaven.


Jesus-Christ-Wallpaper-salvation-soldiers-all-nations-beg-JesusEphesians 6:12 says powers of darkness try to fight God’s people to try to keep them from salvation in Christ in God’s Kingdom. God sends Jesus and angels to fight on behalf of the people to wrench them out of hands of the devil. People cry out to God to help or deliver them from evil God sent Jesus and despatches angels to rescue their people’s souls. surrenderPeople pray to God for mercy to be safe from enemies in hot pursuit who press on with attack. Adversaries pursue all day long in their pride many attacking God’s people. But when afraid, those who put trust in you will never be put to shame in Jesus Name as stated in Psalm 56:1–3. Jesus changes lives.Redeemed And ForgivenJesus is willing to accept everyone who calls on the name of the LORD God to be saved. JESUS promised God He will not turn away humble in need of God. Jesus bridges the gap between mankind and reconnects to God in Christ. So battle of souls is already won by God in Christ for all to walk in victory for eternal life. Believers accept God’s Son’s Free Offer of salvation but invite the Holy Spirit to Strengthen daily as many are called but few are chosen. The choice of choosing heaven after rescue is essential to keep growing in faith. Jesus prayed to Father God all the redeemed entrusted in God in Christ nobody takes from His Hands.20200721_163252photo-original.pngBattle over the souls of mankind in epic medieval card dice game helps to bring an understanding of meaning of heaven and hell. The whole heaven watches as people choose which side to be on. God laid out the consequences of options of each destination. Battle of souls starts in mind, thoughts, what focussed on daily. To choose to be on God’s Side eternally sound obvious but it takes God’s Grace.talentsinc-christian-arts-media-and-the-cultural-mandate-15-728Global battle of hearts and minds fought and won by Jesus for people who easily realise goes on in the whole world. Life unfolds Ordained by God is in end time Bible prophecy. Have knowledge not to perish in eternal life. God Hears those who call on HIM delivered from fears. Chains of bondage break souls set free by God in Jesus Name to walk in victory to triumph over enemy. Battle is won by Jesus Christ since 2000 years ago. Jesus defeated the devil Conquered the world.a6209e0f0a015a1d0fcf0bdb66679a8dBelievers accept and claim this victory won for them. The battle of souls is real as devil tries to control mankind. God ensures defeat of enemy through Christ Jesus for those who accept Jesus Christ. God Rescues from enemy trying to keep in bondage to manipulate to seduce out of God’s Hands in heaven no more tears, sorrow or crying. But hell fire fiery is a punishment torment of banished from God’s Presence. Heaven is Love, Joy and Perfect Peace, Reunion Blissful Eternal Happiness FOREVER in God’s Presence.


robe-of-righteousness.jpgThank God in Jesus Name Isaiah 61:10 in Bible says greatly rejoice in the LORD; let all souls exalt God Almighty, for He has clothed all with garments of salvation; He Covers with robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself like a priest with a beautiful headdress, bride adorns herself with jewels. So Christ Prepares in heavenly banquet for all those in any coming event is going to take place, most people first think, Oh God what am I going to wear?” So they start rummaging through the wardrobe closet to check out what they already have. It is also time to try on clothes that have not been in years or never been worn. Some even forgotten about was in existence. After selecting the few deemed suitable now goes on to the next phase to look for matching shoes, bags and accessories.The-Bride-and-GroomAlmost like a private catwalk one show is busy combining various outfits, looking in the mirror. Posing, turning, singing or dancing looking for the Perfect outfit. So after many takes of Selfies to ensure the best look can be chosen, finally leaves all the pile of clothing heaped for another time to deal with. Onto next stage of the decisions, decisions, decisions to chose ultimate clothing for best impression.43a75c9458566f9ef800d079a1756e26By this time other activities put hold to wait while they can make up their mind forpicking the favourite outfit, colours, size, shape appropriate for this event. So this continues for hours or even days of dress rehearsals for special occasions. If not satisfied with own choice must call on a few good friends to confirm choices. After, differences of opinions of styles to choose from decides to settles on a few. It is time to add the best hat and bags so eventually settled on best combination.15ff7-167936_108358732571739_3066798_nAfter many trials and error of process of choosing clothes for any function, rings a bell with many people who probably regularly go through the routine without professional dressers. If someone has a fashion designer consultant that takes pressure off out of the huzzle and stress and bringing preselected garments to comfort of own home to make it easier on clients. Experts give advise on shape fit, size appropriate or colour of theme.He-who-overcomes-Finally a pristine well groomed refined look emerges for all to see and admire. The hard work of chosing costumes pays off as one gets deserved attention taking beautiful pictures commemorate this important occasion. So many people can identify with these sort decision making some occasionally. Others on daily basis to present themselves to appear great in the latest fashion clothing lines. So can update their looks and dress to impress.Robe of RighteousnessWell, imagine invitation from greatest King of Kings to a banquet. This is most sophisticated party ever dreamt about in a grand palace. The everlating monarchy of Jesus Christ sends VIP invitation card to invite you to celebrate with LORD God ALMIGHTY. Yes you as God has Engraved your name on the Palm of His Hands and you are the apple of His Eyes. The good news is you get to eat a sumptuous food with God. God’s Standard is so High you walk on gold, sit on diamond chairs and use golden cutlery and diamond plates.0e5797216f746fb81bd53778811ec6dcCan you imagine the best outfit to select by yourself or the fashion consultant to recommend for you? Almost impossible to achieve considering God environment merits His Class of costume designed by God. God gets to dress you with the most beautiful garments of salvation and the garments of rigteousness. Years ago, if a gentleman invites lady to dance he buys the clothes, shoes accessories. So all she does is show up and enjoy quality time with her sweetheart darling beloved. 2009RH013c.jpgSo she is impressed and one thing leads to another and they marry. The rest is history as people say. The King of Kings Jesus is inviting all to His Dance already prepared the various garments to mark each occasion. The garments clothe and identify each one as belonging to God Himself. The Celebrations are so grand nothing compares on earth. This grand wedding celebration requires the most beautiful bridal garments jewels bedeck bride to express class wealth and status. Every believer is bride of the bridegroom because there is no sex in heaven. Full of love everlating deep joy so are included in invitation to banquet. weddig-ivitation.jpgEvery believer man, woman or child is a bride of Christ the bridegroom because there is no sex in heaven. The everlating deep lovejoy is free so are all included in invitation to banquet. ALMIGHTY God is Big God the Father of the bride so some people panic about what to wear to more appropriately to dress to befit ceremony. God Comes through for all as He Knows and Understand it is really hard actually impossible for humans to meet perfect Standard garment He Wants. 11_titleTherefore nobody is qualified on earth to dress God’s invited guests for wedding party. So Saville Street  excellent tailors making distinguished clothes for the high and mighty famous cannot match God’s Exquisite fashion. God made His Own provision by making sure everyone that accepts His invitation is provided for. So no huzzle, not worrying about what to wear, no borrowing or hiring expensive clothes to impress. God takes care of various garments for all people in costume department. robesSo the stress and pressure of what to wear is taken off people’s Shoulders. All to do is accept God’s Invitation to enjoy His party. One more thing to remember is to bring as many friends with you to party. this is too good to be true so there must be some hidden catch in the small print. Absolutely no hidden catch or alternative motive. God is so wealthy and has everything so you do not need to do anything to earn His Love or Reward. God sent Jesus to Sacrifice His Life in your place so you do not have to do so.heavenly-unionA place is freely reserved for all to freely accept invitation to enjoy everlating and endless party for life forevermore. This is the Good News Gospel of salvation in Christ Jesus for all. Christ Puts on all His people garments of salvation and the garment of righteousnes and praise. So rejoice in the Lord again I say rejoice for salvation in Christ Jesus.  This Gospel of God is message of eternal hope and love and peace of God thatbpasses all human understanding. God cannot be logically reasoned or analysed to prove Him. It is by faith, confidence and trust in God.


imageIn Luke 6:43-45 Jesus said a good heart bears good fruits treasures producing so much good to bless others with good things at all times and always. Good trees yield good fruits but an evil heart bears evil fruits. For no good tree bears a bad fruit or does a bad tree bear good fruit, for each tree is known by its own fruit. Figs are not gathered from thornbushes or grapes picked from a bramble bush. A good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good fruits. An evil person out of evil heart produces evil. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks good things or evil. For the natural man’s heart is very evil but the heart filled with the Holy Spirit of God please Almighty God to do good for God is A Good God. God is Good all the Time and all the Time God is Good. So  The Good God put the very good Adam and the very good Eve in the very good paradise garden of Eden. The very evil devil deceived them with fake false promise to give better deluded illusion Bigger vision than perfect things God Already Provided for Adam and Eve.imageThe devil manipulated Adam and Eve out Eden due to jealousy, envy, anger hatred because God rejected devil’s rebellious angels so threw him out of heaven. God prepared hell Exclusively for devil and evil angels. Jesus said hell is prepared only for satan demons in Matthew 25:41. God’s punishment for devil aka lucifer alias evil demons are banished forever permanently from Heaven. Cast out forever from God’s Presence and Glory into the second heaven. This place lies between God’s Home known as First Heaven and third heaven known space consisting of planets. From allocated space devil or evil angel demons roam about freely to and fro looking to recruit more people to join their evil rebellion against God. First deceived Adam and Eve, then continued by turning mankind into supergiant’s humans in rebellious marriage once roaming earth Nephillim.imageThe devil continues regular visits into heaven to dialogue with God until their time is up. The devil goes to talk to God in heaven because God’s perfect Spirit once put in satan is retained so uses ability to do fake counterfeit work as an angel of light. In heaven prior to his evil rebellion satan was once God’s most reliable, trusted good friend God or lead singer musician with a great voice. Due to pride wanted to be like God to take God’s Kingdom over to Rule people. So felt was better than God to rule heaven and earth wants sole control of things. A mere creature megalomaniac felt superior to take and rule What God Rules. Still vows to continue challenging God’s Power and God’s Authority over all God’s Own human beings God Created. It is evil spirits causing confusion, chaos to divide trying to take over an entire world single handedly. Still actively recruiting using evil spirit deceitful manipulation, lies controlling spirits to coerce innocent naive people promising them the moon.imageWith an utter disregard for God’s Patent Right to His Own Creation in encounter  between God and devil in Job 1:6:7. God even talks to devil asking him where did  you go this time, where have you come from? In other words, God asked what have you been up to this time? Already aware devil still deceives and continues to and fro entering heaven in Revelation in 21:27. As mankind is given a freewill choice to obey God or join devil God let people decide whose side to be on in real life. God lets free will decision take place because some people will accuse God for forcing them against their free will into heaven. So a good heart conscience has power to make good choices to bear good fruits. An evil heart is free in manner of evil men to bear evil fruits. So God says leave good wheat and evil tare weeds to grow together till the harvest time. Good wheat is preserved, bad tares destroyed by Jesus and God’s angels during final judgement because God has FINAL SAY.imageGod previously destroyed whole world twice in the past in Noah’s flood and by tribulation fire of Sodom Gomorrah. But the heart of man grew even worse than before both destructions. God realised it was no use trying to continue  destroying mankind. God’s past efforts, attempts to drive some sense into mankind ended in mankind getting worse. This is because the evil heart only goes to kill, steal and destroy but good hearts bear good fruits, giving abundant life more abundantly to enjoy life in God peace. Scripture teaches God CHANGED HIS STRATEGY and so He Decided to FORGIVE mankind to live. But has responsibility to choose good orevil. So the onus consequence of each choice made lies squarely on the shoulders of a person making choice. Good hearts bear good treasure good fruits, evil heart evil fruits. The Bible says people are known by their own fruits. So God sent Jesus to save all and Holy Spirit to help direct the affairs of the world. So mankind is not to lean on own understanding thought own mind. World conditions influence heart, mind, thoughts. Mankind’s thinking is influenced by spirit of error controlling the world. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor does evil tree bear good fruit.imageThis is why God Directs Christians to His Manual to guide thoughts, actions in line with Bible Scripture first before choices are made in life. God Loves mankind so much He Does not want anyone to follow the devil to into hell. Each person is to examine own heart or conscience to ask themselves about whose voice they are listening to. For it is better to Obey God rather than men. Seductive, deceitful, evil manipulative  spirits of the devil are still actively at work recruiting some to take into helm of death and destruction. God sent Son Jesus to help Overcome and endure to enter GOD’S rest, joy, peace in everlasting life in heaven. Destination of heaven or hell choice is up to individuals to carefully Examine God’s Bible Words themselves to make up own mind in Line with God’s Word to bear good fruit.imageGod’s Word is full of life, active, more powerful and sharper than two-edged sword. God’s words accomplishes what God sends words to do so not returning void to God. Who is your best advisor? So are you leaning on Everlasting God’s Counsel in Psalm 1 to check decisions daily hour by hour to please Good God? The more you make up your mind to follow God satan finds God’s Children as a bigger fish good catch to fry. So like Job, becomes desperate to plot attack to try to destroy to discourage believers of God. This is reason satan tries most to go to God to challenge to accuse believers trying to prove loyalty to God. The devil told God he wants to “prove” faithful servant Job’s dedication love for God. So satan answered LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and said, “Job fears God only because of what God gives him.” Battle of the devil to prove his point is ongoing till God puts final stop eventually in the end when Jesus Returns. imageGod is encouraging everyone to look up to God to ensure each firmly attached securely attached to the Vine Jesus. So branches breaking off from God by own rebellion do to bear fruit. A Good quality  fruit is God Kind of good fruit approved by God to please God. There is a way that may seem right to man but end is death and destruction. The devil thinks attacks of ALMIGHTY GOD’S BELOVED Children will hurt God’s Kingdom to prove to God he has some power of control over life. God Knows His Children have the eternal life. So helps quicken people’s entry into GOD’S PRESENCE faster than God would have liked. Paul said to die in Christ for God’s Kingdom is profit gained, to live to do God’s work promotes GOD’S lifestyle. The Holy Spirit Godly Good Quality Good Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23:-fruitsofspiritimageThis is the reason the main devil attacks again, and again people including Son of God Jesus. Believers are aware of plans of devil because he goes round in heaven and on earth to recruit more people to take to hell with him. This true the living history of mankind’s existence since Satan was cast out of heaven. Jesus is Given All Authority in heaven or earth to resolve conflict once and for all. Each person is given the choice to apply good heart to bear good fruit or ignore God to do evil to bear evil fruit. God Power lies within each individual heart and mind to do God’s Will in line with Bible by Power of Holy Spirit. Remember God’s Season of GRACE TIME extension is to forgive all to help change before too late to repent.x-fruit-of-the-spirit-that-doesnt-spoilJesus described what proceeds from the heart like good tree bearing good fruits. Jesus created excellent image of a heart tree bearing living fruits. God Kind of fruit never decays so lasts eternally into everlasting life. What is in each heart is reflected outwardly by mind, thoughts and verbalised. So activated by specific actions that portray Christ in a person the Hope of Glory.  Each faces God alone in judgement without excuse influence of devil blamed are unacceptable to God as responsible for sin or deception. God Already Chose Jesus since foundation of earth to help Overcome to conquer devil by word of testimony and by Blood of the Lamb Jesus. So each one must examines own heart to ask kind of fruit bearing?


a365b28637374bfe462211e46b1e747eJesus is Risen and Seen by Mary and the disciples and other people indoors and outdoors. After an agonizing week of Jesus’ trials, tribulations of His horrible passion suffering and deep trauma pain Jesus resurrected victories in living history and conquered death. Jesus has defeated the last arch- enemy death by bringing eternal life. This is important so celebrated each year to mark these amazing grace of God to save mankind. This new beginning of everlasting life is for all in Christ. Things are happening so fast in life pointing to transitional changes affecting the whole world. No matter what goes on necessary to be in Christ living in hope. Confidence in God is crucial as Mary overwhelmed by grief in time of sorrow so lost in thought she did not recognise Jesus Christ.Easter_Wishes_06It is important not to get so lost in grief not to recognize Christ around. There is tendency to dwell on worry or trauma of excruciating pain without hope. But Christ Rose from death to give life more abundantly in John 10:10.  The devil is trying to steal souls, kill and destroy but God Gives life more abundantly to Bless. Amidst Mary’s grief and tragedy Jesus is right in front of her and by her side go comfort her. Yet focussing more on grief made her not realise Christ is her great source of comfort and strength. So Jesus is already present in pain giving hope of eternal life. Jesus promised to be always with all never to leave any alone as orphans. Jesus is with all the people everyday in Spirit always to the end of the age. Some people assume Jesus just permanently sits by God’s Right Hand detached from current life events on the earth. Jesus is literally is on the earth dailyy attending to people who see Jesus in visions or physically involved in life. Though sitting next to God He stands up advocating, interceding and pleading God’s Grace in defence of mankind. So relevant to know in the face of tragic situations God, Jesus and HIS angels are around like Jesus, close to Mary giving her eternal victory. After Jesus revealed Himself to Mary she felt so reassured by His Resurrection knowing Jesus is Alive forevermore. Jesus is in Spirit working closely around brokenhearted involved in their pain. Jesus is Coming back soon to save, deliver in Rapture forevermore, those in Christ enduring to the end. One day soon there will be no more tears or sorrow like Mary rejoiced to see risen Jesus alive. Many people saw the RISEN Jesus and testified in books read today. Here 4  trustworthy and reliable facts in living history is documented evidence to prove Jesus is Risen indeed so alive.


1560104219535-1174773187.jpg20200413_2225181560074782646-1442511009.jpgIMG-20170709-WA0000Jesus is seen in clouds everyday globally is a testrun to assure people waiting for coming Rapture Jesus is getting ready.fa24dd84ebe38da01e5ba774bfe53103 World events unfolding set the stage as being prepared for rapture of believers praying as God’s faithful remnant elect.wp-1580213006520.jpg20190823_163250.jpg1560102652165-1174773187.jpg The people ready for God’s intervention are rejoicing ready to welcome Jesus. 1560076300374-1595745411.jpgGod’s Son Jesus seen in clouds in many places in God’s Sky Big Screen scenery displays. Jesus is seen in the clouds in various locations clearly. 15600776630701649782422.jpgJesus is seen daily in clouds in parts of the world. Is recorded in pictures, You Tube video or newspapers globally and this is in Italy. 1559072312850-685165869.jpg1560100311310-1174773187.jpg1560075083612-1442511009.jpg3FA9BF2000000578-4455888-image-m-151_1493388235745 1560099938666-1174773187.jpg1560100416267-1174773187.jpgIn depth detail features depict Jesus as accurately seen by people in these vivid Images. Jesus is playing guitar in clouds as some people report hearing heavenly music. So often heavenly choir is heard on earth.056cb7c914efa51aa531eabd06cce1741560075658124153832216.jpgMany people report in the news seeing face of Jesus in communication in NASA picture from space hubble telescope. So amazing God’s relentless Love of all mankind to take notice to change before it is too late. God wants all people saved.1560089995487-1052935009.jpg1560089745499-1958815206.jpg1560074186276-1442511009.jpg1560077290335-1595745411.jpg15600901198891515013349.jpg1560077601249-1595745411.jpgjesus-google-earth-6001560076769082-1595745411.jpgJesus seen by many almost symbolically showing winnowing fork process sifting of wheat from chaff to alert all people to heed God’s to repent before it is too late. Every single day God Reveals miracles to save, heal and deliver in Jesus Name.2015-08-25-e1440608731538God’s Sky Preview shows Wonders in the clouds like film trailers in cinemas showing the sample clips of current pictures. God Advertises Jesus in cloud to attract viewers to prepare for all eyes will see Jesus Coming in the cloud.barrenderoJesus is Coming Soon as seen here Jesus is in the clouds clearly visibly identified by all who see Him. Indeed Bible says all eyes shall see Jesus in clouds when He Returns during the Rapture and His Second Coming to earth in the flesh.maxresdefaultShows Previews of Jesus Coming in the cloud to get people ready for the actual real future big event. God is attracting world attention so take notice stay alert for Bible prophecy fulfilment.IMG_4281Jesus actively daily visits earth in clouds revealing Himself personally to people who see Him. God sends Jesus to save situations that can wipe out mankind.39de0af95f5758cdead1f957bc319961Jesus is seen wearing hat playing guitar to music in heaven in the cloud. Jesus is permanently in the world so interested in all. Jesus comes daily to save lives and help deal with many situations.wp-1456096178665God’s sky dress rehearsal practise is for real impending events to take place in the cloud. Whole world will see Jesus so many indeed are gathering evidence of God’s Wonders towards sky happenings.ac2dfa684143d832d799550bf935d06cJesus appears daily somewhere on planet to comfort people and to reveal God and heal broken hearted who love Him. Jesus Practise run for Rapture Second Coming.hqdefaultJesus is seen often in Beauty MAJESTY of God to confound all. Believe, accept God’s Son Jesus. God’s Truth Creates Magnificent Miracles of Wonder.cen_angelclouds_01-e1413627707894Jesus appears so many times globally in whole world to let all know He will be Coming soon to change things better so there will be everlasting peace, love, Joy of heaven on earth in harmony with all1560077755770-1595745411.jpg1560089572017-1174773187.jpgwp-1560103694108..jpg1560100600941-1174773187.jpg1560100997991-1174773187.jpg15600765708241649782422.jpgpotd-sun-cross_3550052k1560089838259148436159.jpg88fd75f7c75cecd60259570e8a0a49c8f9260df15f0d3a5fe596e574d598d72d1560076496553-1595745411.jpg1560074929689-622898020.jpg1560077917675-1595745411.jpg15600755306281649782422.jpg1560076063642-1595745411.jpg15600761237031649782422.jpgCross of Jesus photographed by many people. This reminds people of Finished Work of Jesus Messiah. Bible in Ezekiel 33:14 says GOD’S PRESENCE is with us.

hqdefaultGod’s Face appears showing a favourite body language smile or strict stern look detail moves. God is able to display His Strength in anyone who calls upon Him in all moments of life God Strengthes us.face_of_god_cloud_by_jamesbrey-d288n7k.jpg3953601866_b43081f6bb_o.jpgGod appeared to Hebrew Israelites in the pillar of cloud by day to reassure them of His Presence. Moses told God he will not go on journey unless God goes with them everyday to travel along to Canaan land. eikon_1129_02Moses boldly told God they will not go if God did not come along so God at night accompanied them like a pillar of fire to protect them. All the people saw God’s Visible PRESENCE around them daily.tumblr_oc1a0083wt1uc0ho8o1_500Many people are seen in the galaxies as the Hubble telescope searches space far above and beyond the earth. The figures seen observed described as interpreted fits image in the Bible context.b4b4a81cccfd22ca1ad5d62f878794ef.jpgMoses and the 10 Commandment Tablet was recently spotted in the clouds above earth in space. This images remind the world to remember God’s Words daily. Moses and Elijah are expected back on earth  for global evangelism unseen in living history. Through both Israel will be saved to reach countless multitudes from all nations and all tribes on earth. images (4)Their work will take place during great tribulation endtime prophecy to signal deconstruction for reconstruction of the New Heaven and New Earth. They will work with Jesus Yeshua lion of Judah to RESTORE earth to perfection. Then God YAHWEH WHO recently appeared in UK, WILL DESCEND TO DWELL IN ZION. So the 2 witnesses Moses, and Elijah who were Transfigured with Jesus plus Enoch translated alive into heaven. God and Jesus feature in sky testruns readiness for expected endtime arrival on earth. Jesus intercedes so God fastracks rapture to save righteous elect by prayer to God to shorten evil days.bd9c84a4dc9a2e6a34c120a00442a779.jpgGod sent His Chariots in the sky cloud to take Elijah alive to heaven witnessed by Elisha receiving his mantle for a double anointing promised to do God’s work.4448b6dce8d43249a563efe734f1bcd8Elisha prays to God to open servant eyes to see GOD’S heavenly hosts encamped around dwellings of GOD’S righteous to protect them day or night. God’s angels are sent to defend all His people.Cloud formation.pngthree-riders-sky-2559908f859a4395b7607576cb59325ecAngels feature a lot in the sky bringing answers, deliverance from God to all in need. Many see daily if reveal to them.pic-na1.jpg20190823_163250.jpg27f62863279f5832d3e5c1328b7664fdSome angels seem like women without wings as recorded above in actual photo footage by camera. God has Power to do whatever He likes to portray miracles.4e2c72d3ad809c4442ca3e3066c012feSo many guardian angels fly around us to comfort us and to let us know God Cares in all kinds of situation dealt with.4599753889Millions of millions of angels seen there is always 4 angels personally assigned to be with us always wherever in the supernatural Spirit realm guarding and protecting us.


God supernatural runs His Own world in heaven simultaneously in existence with earth. Sometimes hidden from the human eyes, God Shows it occasionally. Seen here Michael Jackson in sky cloud.3673158741_c2b00be8be_z-1A close up view of the larger image below seems like God Himself pointing towards Michael Jackson Cheering dance moves in heaven. Perhaps dancing in heaven?Screen-Shot-2015-06-26-at-8.39.26-AMGod has a Great Sense of humour so He does things to fascinate to comfort fans hurting mourning Michael Jackson. God lets him do favourite dance in heaven.Horse_001.jpgGod Manifests His Glory in cloud sky to encourage people in life so horses seen in so many places and pictured.0f6ee024b1793f4a103354c302b570b3Horses are seen in the cloud. God says people will renew their strength like eagles and soar on high winds of God.ae213d6b7f944787e552095234dce98cAnimals feature too on God’s Big Screen from time to time. Horses formed part of Jesus Second Coming in the clouds. The horses form part of God’s chariots.7b6de5e066c4a2645295eca386176569These signs and wonders God uses in living history to reveal Himself through various in the cloud. Day and night God shows miracles to people in shapes of animals seen in cloud like dolphin among the selected images on God’s Sky Big Screen Cloud News. A giant supersonic jet in screen appeared in Britain photographed by many on 8th May 2017 in Yorkshire. Flying to and fro was described in the Bible as a faster means of travelling. People want quick instant solutions to enjoy life and to arrive at their destinations. CloudConcorde rising again in form of a cloud snapped by an amateur photographer in North Yorkshire. Photo of a lenticular cloud sighting the Met Office said, is a “truly spectacular” snap taken by Thomas Beresford above Ribblehead viaduct on Friday. The BBC weather expert Paul Hudson said natural phenomenon was technically called roll cloud was quite rare. In this instance it is caused by air flowing over top of Whernside from east creating effectively stationary type of lenticular cloud. The shape and size depende on wavelength of stationary wave,” he said. The lens-shaped clouds form when the air is stable and winds blow from same direction. Others think it is a good sign to tebuild concord. BBC Look North weather presenter Abbie Dewhurst was certainly impressed by photograth. The Supersonic plane retired in 2003 British Airways as Air France decommissioned Concorde following a crash in France in 2000 that killed 109 people onboard and four on the ground. The Lion of Judah is seen in sky clouds by many globally.Qbmql3m.jpgPAY-Lion-King-cloud-MAIN.jpgcanicheJesus Lion of tribe of Judah manifests above in America and Cambridge UK as shown above. Jesus the Stone rejected by builders has become Cornerstone. There is salvation in other name under heaven among men by which all must be saved. So God’s Salvation Coming in Christ in Clouds. All need to lift up eyes ready to receive, welcome accept Jesus and saved. Jesus conquers dragon in the battle of Armaggeddon forever for  everlasting eternal peace on earth. 3DEA783600000578-0-image-a-33_14886361211423DEA784200000578-0-image-m-32_1488636082579

In addition to God, Jesus and Holy Spirit seen and heard in the cloud many other signs and wonders are seen in many countries and recorded live as reported all over the world. On 5th March 2017 in Zambia in Africa this human figure appeared in the sky for about half an hour. The figure was about 330 meters long or 100 feet and some thought it is manifestation of God as part of end time signs and wonders Jesus spoke about. A witness said: ‘We were shocked to see image looked like a human in the clouds for close to 30 minutes over a shopping mall. Some started worshipping but others ran away. It seems strange to people but all these are foretold in Bible by Jesus in Matthew 24 as part of the end time signs and wonders. We believe this ensures people pay more attention by looking up more in the sky often in readiness for Christ Coming in Clouds during Rapture. Birds and many other creatures are also seen in the skies too.

2e7b945d4e5242f349127c2199b0a834.jpgm1mzjasaf1h0images (1)cloud-illusions-122868732747411_640px9d2dca3d9c88ac96a02f8d0ee1e9a3ee

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. So God continues to reveal His Wonders to Keep people reminded that He is Actively Involved affairs of life. ln Acts5:10-12, Peter talks about Miracles of God’s salvation through Jesus. Peter said,’let it be known to all of you and to all people of Israel Judea and all the rest of the world in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, crucified, God raised from death by Him salvation comes. Jesus Lion of tribe of Judah manifests above in America and Cambridge UK as shown above. Jesus, Stone rejected by builders became Cornerstone. There is salvation in NO other name under heaven among men by which all must be saved. 6a00d8341c68f553ef0162fed4e2ec970d-800wi.jpg Tfu4jevGod’s Salvation Comes through Christ in Clouds. So all need to lift up eyes ready to receive, welcome accept Jesus and saved. Jesus conquers devil dragon in the battle of Armaggeddon forever for everlasting eternal peace on earth. So Spiritually speaking God uses symbols in the Sky to inform, give message or to alert people to focus more on nearness of endtime prophecies. These external visual images point to Biblical messages to link heaven to earth. Continue to look up to God Almight to open new window of heaven to pour blessings on mankind Fast prayers stop God’s wrath so call on God for Mercy. Almighty God, Jesus, angels, saints, prophets like Moses and Elijah visit earth anytime God decides to send them. So they are not restricted to heaven and Bible says during endtimes there will be many signs and wonders in the skies and the clouds. To prepare people to look up to God in heaven to get ready for Rapture. Later God, Jesus, Saints return to the earth physically to live and rule from Jerusalem in Israel. After Armageddon war Jesus will Reign one thousand years. The New Jerusalem descends from heaven after war of Gog and Magog to settle in Israel forever. So will Jesus ride white horse with sword out of His mouth to defeat enemies of God. People on earth will know God and have perfect peace so no more sorrow or tears or pain. Loved ones, families, friends reunite in perfect youthful body live forever on earth happily ever after.


God-Given Gospel Mission is to Jews first then all Gentiles in the whole world through Jesus and His 12 disciples. So ensured they achieved good success by making the world largely Christian. This group multiplied including 120 disciples in the upper room. Leading onto events of large scale increase of 5000 during Pentecost. Prior to this Bible says many Jewish believers followed Jesus in His ministry. So loyal people on the original gospel team core evangelists growing into world’s largest salvation project. In Mount Olives discourse Jesus taught living history events going to take place in Jerusalem. Jesus trained disciples to spread into various towns with Gospel in Israel first for 3 years. So many Jews and Gentile people became Christians. This teaching tells all people the Gospel Message is not exclusively only for the Jews though it starts with Jews. Jesus as Seed of King David a Jew paid hectic price Sacrificing His Life as Ransom for many. This is the reason why Romans 1:16 says the Gospel is to go to Jews first. Paul writes in passage “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to the Jew first and to the Gentile.”
God’s Divine Mandate reveals the order of evangelism as defined. The Gospel is first to go to Jew because the Jewish people are chosen specifically reasons. God chose Israel nation as His people through Messiah and God preprepared salvation plan for all to be saved. This Covenant is in Scripture on Messianic prophecies and so fulfilled in Yeshua Messiah. For thousands of years God prepared Jews for Temple in Jerusalem with sacrifices. Romans 15:8-9 reveals God’s Divine evangelism planned here confirmed. Jesus came to save first Jews because as a Jew charity begins at home first to offer salvation and Messianic Kingdom to Israel. When a Gentile woman asked Jesus for His Help, He said in Matthew 15:24: “I am sent first to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” Paul and other Apostles followed this divine order in the book of Acts by going to the Jews in the synagogues first to preach the Gospel. So salvation and the Messiah comes directly first to Jewish people.
Jesus told the Samaritan woman by the well in John 4:22: Salvation is first to Jews but saves Gentiles along the way. The Church is to follow same order of evangelism in Romans 1:16 practised by Jesus and the Apostles to witness to Jews first. Jesus taught them in turn to preach in Jerusalem, Judea then to all uttermost parts of the world. This is why Jesus said Gospel is first to Jews then gentiles in all parts of world. Many Jewish believers sponsor the Gospel message to all nations. Gospel in all the nations for salvation or witness against those who reject it to have no excuse to say they never heard it. God Loves all and wants all to be saved. Great commission says all must go in the world to preach. Some think Jesus means Gospel only for the Jews in His generation. So say it has nothing to do with Christians in modern generation. Private conversations on Mount Olive by Jesus tell people Gospel statement not Authentic God commands Moses received on Mount Sinai. Gospel includes all nations by Messianic Jews.
Jesus trained His disciples to go to the uttermost parts of the earth. Disciples responded to their calling with personal sacrifices like Jesus gave up day jobs and earnings. To reassure the disciples their sacrificesnot in vain Jesus promised them great reward in heaven with him for a loyal dedicated service. To sit on 12 thrones in heaven next to Jesus before God’s Throne. Established truth misconstrued to say 12 tribes of Israel, Jacob’s son’s are rulers of Jesus Kingdom already established on earth. So suggest Jesus already established God’s Kingdom on earth without need for Second Coming on earth. Some further distort the Gospel saying Jesus is too Glorified to live in the flesh and blood among humans so operates only in the spirit through His angels. So Jesus proves in the transfiguration that flesh and blood can be on earth from heaven at anytime. Nation of Israel is a ruling of God’s Kingdom established before Jesus was on earth. But the 12 tribes leaders are not same 12 Apostles now forming the 24 elders in heaven before God’s Throne. Jesus was born long after God’s tribes settled in Israel as God commanded them to do. Jesus also predicted Jerusalem and Temple will go under siege so they must flee from town to town to preach Gospel.
So spread Gospel along the way while they try to avoid capture. Escaping into the various towns in Israel means the Gospel received freely spreads freely to all other parts of Israel. Then spreads further afield to whole world as a result. Spreading out to the whole world by the discipled fulfills the great commission. The Great Commission was given from Jerusalem because the preaching of the Gospel began there. The holy city Jerusalem is mentioned 811 times in Scripture. God Chose this city as His Eternal City where He places His Name there forever in 2 Chronicles 6:6. Jesus Returns Physically in Flesh to Reign in Israel over all the world from Jerusalem for a thousand years. Ezekiel 5:5 says God placed Jerusalem at the centre of the earth. There Jesus died for the sins of the world and was raised again. He will Return there when He Comes again. Jerusalem and Jews are dear to God significant in Second Coming of Jesus. In Acts 1:8 Christ has commanded the disciples to take the Gospel in whole world starting in Jerusalem. This is important to lay a sound foundation for the Gospel. God’s Favour graft gentiles in great commission includes all world.
Ezekiel 5:5 says God placed Jerusalem at the centre of the earth. There Jesus died for the sins of the world and was raised again. He will Return there when He Comes again. Jerusalem and Jews are dear to God’s significant Second Coming of Jesus. In Acts 1:8 Christ commanded the disciples to take the Gospel to the whole world starting in Jerusalem. This is important to lay a sound foundation for the Gospel. The Favour of God grafts in Gentiles in the great commission also includes world. The Gentiles are not to replace Jews working together as siblings in one family in covenant as joint heirs of God in Christ. History has gone full circle because Jews purposely spread the Gospel did the world a great favour. As one good turn deserves another the seeds planted in the Gentile is bearing great fruit and multiplying. The Jews in turn are continuing to receive Gospel as Romans 1:16 commands believers not to be ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for SALVATION. God’s power is at work for the salvation of every one who believes. In Romans 1:16 is commitment to proclaim Gospel to the Jewish people in Israel to build a bridge of love by conducting the Gospel outreaches in Israel. Jewish people are open, appreciative and interested in the good news of Jesus the Messiah. Many continue to accept Yeshua as their Lord and Saviour since the time of Jesus. So Jews born anew in Messiah love God and are helping to take Gospel to more Jews for all Israel shall be saved. Israel is not an option or choice for Christians it is God’s Command in Bible Scriptures. So Bible provides 7 reasons why present age must prepare for return of Christ soon to earth. God Gives reasons for preaching Gospel to Jews in Israel in these details.
1. Romans 1:16 says the Gospel must go to Jews first. Paul writes in passage, I am not ashamed of Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation to the Jew first and also to Gentiles.” This divine mandate of evangelism defines Gospel is to go to Jews first. God chose the Israel nation and people through Messiah to Come to prepare them by Covenants, the Hebrew Scriptures so Jesus came to save the Jews as a Jew. Jesus came first to offer salvation and Messianic kingdom to Israel. 2. The Great Commission given in Jerusalem so preaching of Gospel began there. Jesus will Reign overworld from Jerusalem for 1000 years. Ezekiel 5:5 says God placed Jerusalem at the centre of the earth so Jesus died for the sins of the world and raised again. So Return when He comes to Jerusalem His Jewish capital for 3,000 years so logically strategically placed by God’s Wisdom. To preach Gospel to Jews in place they hold highest above all on earth Jerusalem is Elohim Adonai’s GOD’S Dwelling Place.
3.The Gospel to Jews fulfills prophecy to hasten Return of Jesus Christ. This prophecy in Matthew 10: 23 from Jesus says, ‘when they persecute you in this city flee to another. I assure you that you will not go through all the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes.” Jesus predicted in this prophecy that the evangelization of the cities of Israel will not be complete before He Returns. This prophecy will be fulfilled during the time of tribulation period Jewish Christians persecuted for Gospel witness in Israel. Since 2,000 years the present Church age Gospel is more actively preaching to the Jews in Israel because they were once scattered throughout the nations of the world since 70 A.D. This changed in 1948 when Israel’s rebirth as a nation again means Jews returned en masse to their ancient homeland. Messianic movement in Israel growing since the days of Jesus and Apostles evangelism Gospel preaching to Jews in their own homeland again. Continues to Second Coming of Yeshua confirmed in Old Testament in Isaiah 62:10-12 and in Isaiah 62:10-12. Is amazing prophecy says God will send Gentile believers to Jerusalem “from the ends of the earth” to proclaim to the Jewish inhabitants of Jerusalem the Saviour is Coming to redeem and rescue them. The Hebrew “salvation” in Isaiah 62:11 is the same word for the name of Jesus in Hebrew Yeshua, Y’shua or Yeshuach. Yeshua or Jesus in means “salvation.” “God’s Son, Jesus Yeshua born in Matthew 1:21 Saves His people from their sins.”
God wants Jews to say to Jerusalem Yeshua Messiah or Jesus is Coming! Gentile ambassadors of Christ prepare the way for Return of Yeshua Messiah Saviour like John the Baptist prepared Israel, Messiah’s first Coming predicted in Isaiah 40:3. And Isaiah 63 opens with Second Coming of the Messiah in glory. After His way is prepared His Gentile ambassadors of chapter 62 come to share the Gospel of salvation to Israel and Jerusalem. The Christian church is not replacing Jews. Prophecy is being fulfilled as Christ’s Coming Strategies of GOD’S PLAN. All believers says 1 John 2:28 who abide in Christ when He Appears are confident so will not shrink from the Messiah in shame at His Second Coming on earth. 4.Gospel preaching to Israel pays back the debt gentile believers owe to Jewish people. Paul said in Romans 15:27 believers are indebted to Israel because of Spiritual blessings they bring into the world. These blessings come through Jewish Bible, Messiah, and Judeo-Christian ethic of Western civilisation. The New Testament Church is obligated out of Christ’s love to share Gospel to Jews as Messiah’s ethnic people. Gives back to God to pay spiritual debt of gratitude to share with them the great riches of salvation given through Jesus Christ.KJV_Romans_1-16.jpg5. To prepare Jewish hearts for a great Tribulation Jesus talked about as signs of the Lord’s Return. An understanding of Bible prophecy prepares the people to know what is going on. Witnessing to Israeli Jews plants Gospel seeds to save lives after Rapture so the 144,000 Jewish evangelists in Revelation 7 can be saved and sealed. God’s Word does not return void so the Jews witnessed not saved, can after Rapture of Church be saved. So tribulation period touches many shaken to follow Messiah more than saved in all history of Christianity. So 6.Salvation of Israel is at the heart of God and Jesus who wept over the lost conditions of Jerusalem by saying, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing” in Matthew 23:37. Jesus laments over their rejection to be saved as their Lord Saviour suffer eternal loss and ruin. Christ Forgives Jews as Spirit of Christ spoke through Paul in Romans 10:1 of ardent desire and prayer to God Israel must be saved. Jesus weeps over lost condition of Israel whole world.
Messiah Purchased salvation for Jews through His death on the cross. Jews who believe receive Yeshua Messiah are saved. Christian love with compassion, understanding and patience, humility, empathy, give freely same opportunity Jews shared Gospel with them. This is in obedience of Gospel of the True Messiah Yeshua. The church has understand the plan of God as part of the Bigger Purpose of God. Christ is Head of the Church so all members are part of His Body to help propagate Gospel fulfil God’s Kingdom Agenda to help usher in the transitional change whole world is longing for. The Church alone cannot accomplish God’s Plan because they are too big for humans to achieve on their own. God teams up with mankind through Messiah Jesus and Messianic Jews to save whole world. It is those who Obey God to Prioritise for His Mission on earth enable Kingdom of God to expand into many territories. This can be best achieved when united with GOD’S Chosen people on earth.
7. The Gospel to Jews of Jerusalem as God commands is preaching Gospel in Jerusalem, Israel. The world directly is connected to Jews and Bible as God Ordained for believing Christians. This command by God in Isaiah 40:9-10 is to bring good news salvation to Israel with boldness and strength. Believers must by faith take this seriously to financially support Christians who love Jews and bless Israel. God opens doors with the opportunity for Jews to be saved by the hearing and believing word of God the Gospel. Jewish people are open and willing to listen to Jesus Messiah of Israel and the world. The Gospel has outreach to Israel so all must obey the Holy Spirit’s leading to give to ministry. For “How shall they call on Him whom they have not believed. And how shall they believe in Him if they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent in Romans 10:14. Greater blessing come in giving to the Jews because God says all those who bless Israel are blessed. God promises a special blessing on all who bless the Chosen People. In Genesis 12:3, God Says, “I will bless those who bless you.” God blesses and causes His Prosperity to abound, so the fruit abounds to your account” in Philippians 4:17. So Favour with God is recorded for all done in the name of the Gospel for God’s people in Nehemiah 5:8. Helping God’s Vision to flourish to thrive by Christian believers for salvation is GOD’S Command to all.


087ecbeb3c41c7f1c3950229e05d26e0Jehovah Nissi GOD’S Deliverance Power is at work the same yesterday today and forever in Jesus Name. Jesus has come deliver all in Jesus Name during Easter. Look at physical circumstances around contrary to victory. God’s Deliverance is celebrated to thank God for all HIS past blessing Providence. God Presides over human endeavours miracles Intervenes. Take time, appreciate thank God Opens doors Divine Interventions Jesus defeats enemy overcome adversity in life. Lean on God’s Wisdom to gain understanding to make better decision choices by Jesus example. When enemy thought he was going to finish God’s Son God’s Kingdom Jesus Conquered death and rose again.9ba8fdbb368d5cbf6f56eaa2a9a1067cGod’s Deliverance reveals Mercy, Grace, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Victory, Perspective. Today reminds us again to be more grateful and thankful to God. Sovereign God Jehovah Elohim Takes Precedence over all human endeavours. Above all not expected sometimes but God miraculously Intervenes. Mark day Esther overcame adversity by applying Godly wisdom. Praise God and Give God Glory, Honour in Jesus Name. As Judas Iscariot the traitor betrayed Jesus and hanged himself Haman hanged for his betraying God’s people. History God’s enemy try to eliminate His People but God Delivers through miracles in Psalm 68:20. God Saves, Sustains His people so when enemy comes like flood God Lifts Up His Standard against them.Esther Denouncing Haman, by Ernest Normand. “Days of Purim never ceases to be celebrated by Jews, nor should the memory of them die out. When enemies try to destroy His people God used Esther to rescue them. Purim is a story of God’s Rescue, Salvation, deliverance, reveals God’s Power to place at the right people in the right place, “for such time as this” to fulfill HIS purposes. The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer in Psalm 18:3. Celebrate Salvation of God Purim joyful holiday God has crowns for people who rejoice in Him. Purim time is to celebrate God delivering His People in Esther’s day, history, and how He extends grace and power to redeem in Messiah Yeshua Jesus. God’s Miracles Deliverance Spiritual Victory continues God’s Vision. Celebrating Purim joy rich reflect thank God for protection in love.


dfafc4914e8b094df0a8fbd4dcd7904fGod’s beautiful vivid rainbow coloured angel is seen in the vision dream flying peacefully and majestically in sky in the vision last night. In dream while sitting out with family and friends looking up in sky suddenly emerged the rainbow angel. His soft flowing rainbow wings in the clear blue sky bright sunshine, angel wings widely spread out in sky. In God’s  Throne room a rainbow surrounds God. Archangels, cherubims, seraphims are God’s Higher angels around His Throne whose rainbow wings show their status.Cloud-iridescence-in-skyGod’s beautiful vivid God’s Rainbow is significant sign as an important symbol Bible representing God’s Promises of Peace to Noah and His family. During the end time God’s Prince of Peace Jesus Yeshua Messiah will Come soon to save Christian believer groups in Christ. God uses HIS symbol in angel’s iconography visions to comfort people seeking God. Ezekiel 1: 26-28 talks of rainbow around Beautiful rainbow Cloud pictures taken by many people reveals God’s miracles recorded to remind the world of God’s REVELATION 4:3 PRESENCE reaching us from HIS surrounding rainbow. God’s Rainbow shines like emeralds encircling Throne. God’s emblems of Excellence and Divine Nature is manifested on the earth in Rainbow. God watches over mankind to bless them even if they choose to go in opposite extremes of what God says to do. God and Jesus Control mankind’s rainbow brain, rainbow DNA, rainbow foods connection in the rainbow bodies.wp-1577977052880.jpgmary-k-baxter-revelation-of-heavenwp-1577992340298.jpgwp-1577821993803.jpgwp-1577977124662.jpgIMG-20191008-WA0002.jpg2010729163740917274a172dc55947cfe64960f1409d262f3d946ff5 6c7885c046a73ea26090d93f9dd39f83cc2bf413888b962c5c5e63ffbeb140d6 Rainbow wings spanning so big touches top of sky flowing all the way to skyline with horizon. Accompanied by feelings of hope, reassurance, sombre joy calm. Prior to visions thoughts of unfolding events before shown from God in time of spiritual house cleaning to begin time of personal reflection to seek God’s face17c244683293a8f8858f1e4a75d198a5angel-cloud.pnge756acf2f1cd4991744_origGod’s Divine photographic timing is real so shows everything sometimes photos captures best moment in specific times. img_20161124_175044Beautiful rainbow angels sent by God to remind us His rainbow Sign Promise to be kind to people never destroy them but some destroy them. Good and nice to see symbol of comfort, hope from God in midst of adversity and troubles of this world in sadness. God Continues to Ensure people know He Cares about all what goes on here daily on earth. Many people see and record an actual angel footage in sky clouds documented circulated globally all over in the world.rainbow-angelarticle-2188615-148DAF69000005DC-72_964x721327a1602646fbea4393585d74ecec551fire-rainbow-bangkok-june-2015-1.jpg God’s messenger angels bring hope in time of despair to help encourage bring comfort. Skies feature communications from God as Jesus will appear in the sky cloud. Like trailers of the latests films in cinemas shown while waiting for the real film of the day. So God is revealing in His Stages clips of Jesus Coming in cloud to prepare people to be more alert. In book of Joel, God reveals dream and visions to people in the end time. We are excited by God’s Sky Channel Notice Board as so readily available in our world today.7517d2382ce9a272439e04a424073bc6Be excited by God’s Sky Channel Notice Board readily available in world today. God shows signs wonders enveloping the planet to relate with all His beings to connect with people on planet earth. God sends angels on His behalf with the beautiful wings of peace, love, hope and light ethereality, transcendental beauty, God’s MAJESTY and GRACE. Rainbow is the symbol of God’s Grace and majestic abundance in times of need to Trust in God as Source of all thing to mankind.tumblr_n987lrhASx1tc258so1_128017xi18mjssmnnjpgSo Jesus and real images in the cloud and sky is taken by many people seen that day. So this phenomenon of angels in rainbow colours are significant. God wants to let whole world know God’s miracle power to appear in history at time to comfort people. Most people blame God for the world’s problems but devil responsible for all misery, grief, pain, sorrow hatred that causes wicked actions that destroy. This is why people must trust God and Jesus to be saved because opportunity knocks to be part of God’s Kingdom.82700081262789629b201aef5139edb4Jesus and His angels will Come in Cloud in Rapture for only those who believe it will happen. Those who do not believe God will be left behind on earth to go through great tribulation worse than all evil happenings combined. So necessary to accept Jesus to belong to God and to be God’s Child in Christ. Only those in Christ who follow God Yahweh Elohim Adonai Jehovah saves in Rapture. This private personal decision for everyone. Everyone is born individual in life so a person faces God alone in judgement. All who are His ready for Christ to take in future Rapture by Christ. God Reveals more Cloud Wonders to prepare world to get ready for Second Coming of Jesus.Rainbow_Skies_by_welshdragonThose in Christ will be saved by Jesus and His angels when they come in the in expresses love and care for people hurting all is well. God sends Jesus in the cloud as Jesus went through deepest pain in life so understands the grief or sorrow of all human beings. This is why God has placed His Special message of hope and abundant love to confidence in Jesus. Those in Christ recognise its in line with Bible as clearly started in Bible in Genesis to Revelation. God’s gift of a rainbow is the sign of hope as promised through years on life’s journey on earth. This is how angels wings look close up.a7d999ea3ce8084a62fac1cc15ba80a9.jpgThe rainbow symbol of God’s Glory and abundance brought in time of need to Trust in God Source. God Connects with all people on earth through His rainbow expressing His Love and Care for people hurting. Jesus has gone through deepest pain in life so understands grief sorrow of all human beings on earth. God Glory intersects world foundation of the earth since beginning is continuing in God’s angelic realm. Ezekiel 1:26 prophet describes vision of God’s Throne like Rainbow surrounded by angels.Ezekiel 1: 26-28 describes God’s Looks in vision surrounded by 24 Jewish Elders = 12 Apostles+12 Tribe of Israel in heaven wearing crown on their heads looking like Sapphires stone sitting on thrones. High Priests wear the same 12 rainbow colours of jewels on breastplates to pray representing 12 tribes of Israel. Sitting on God’s Throne is Human Appearance resembling Image He made mankind in 27, with Brilliance all around Him. In 28, God’s Rainbow is like Cloud on rainy day. The Light of God’s Shekinah Glory Shines from Jehovah Ezekiel facedown worship gives adoration honour to God.2a08042eb408bea1bcb8f761c2b2c4f4Angels play prominent role sent by God to give special messages of hope and an abundant love to retereite confidence in Jesus. Those in Christ recognise events in line with Bible Genesis to Revelation. God’s gift of rainbow sign throughout the years on life’s journey from earth to glory. God always intersects world in foundation of the earth in the beginning in earnest continuing with the angelic realm. Angels play sent by God to help all human beings travel in nano seconds in stars system galaxiestumblr_nhipxoUDw61s1vn29o3_1280God directly instructs these ascending descending to obey GOD’S Commands and GOD’S biddings. Master Jesus joins in unison with God Assist in co-creation of earth, planets heaven new home, in existence higher dimension realms. All in Christ will enter a better place for all human beings invited to join this realm. Those who accept Christ are increasing the chances of God spiritual awareness, discernment of frequencies of all world events. They are becoming increasingly aware of phenomenom of signs of birthpangs of end times. This new earth and new world already exists as part of God’s eternal time in heaven. a71dcc47abbd29998e986c0967eb3163angel-in-the-clouds-florida-youHistory is unfolding simply as God told prophets and Jesus came to confirm. Together all alive and breathing beings, or those who pass into eternal existence simultaneously at the same time reunite in rapture with all already existing in heaven. As difficult as this sounds Jesus warns of these perilous times of great tribulation concept. It is necessary and important to understand the realities of God’s Point of view, true nevertheless. These messages of upliftment bring an understanding through internet. As the information is available in Bible and the churches. People begin to seek God and take seriously in society in Jesus Name.cen_angelclouds_01-e1413627707894God brings human being’s awareness of things occurring. God’s Plan intersecting earth ongoing in numerous experiences too much to write about all dimensions. Life events must be studied meditated on in line with Bible and shared. All in universe being prepared by God in Christ upgraded to another level in all universal occurrences are happening everywhere. God is inviting all people to not limit life just to the planet earth but think beyond daily living. Although the planet earth contains human race, and all perceived riches wealth to satisfy life experimental race. Ascending into heaven’s higher dimension in glorious body, Jesus proves God’s existence. This same way all those in Christ participate in occurring rapture so for the first time ever in history many as in the Bible taken into heaven so Jesus Christ rapture globally celebrated.6a0115700ec3b8970b011571043c65970c659e033a15bb3689e39590763236d113God’s Divine Miracles manifest always beautifully by God in earth realm. We wish to impress upon God’s love from higher realms of heaven for humanity. Since creation of all earth’s creatures, all earth beings, outer beings belong to God. This life miracles progressing beautifully for God’s higher creation so infused in the heart by God’s divine, pure love. So Jesus the Light of world Christ tells us all to know that people are loved here in season, transcending into eternal love forever. The dimension of love on earth cannot compare with depth of Love of God. All watching this events unfold assisted by God sending angels to comfort loved ones. God csn disguise Himself as Angel too so careful how to treat fellow humans.e756acf2f1cd4991744_origGod’s Divine photographic timing is real and shows everything. So Sometimes a photo captures a moment in time that is rare and unique in history to share on Biblical prophcies coming to pass soon in everyday in the world globally seen. Sometimes moments gives reverence impression of what is going on. Here are a few examples of photos that were taken just at right moment create truly beautiful to show God’s Majesty. God is ever near to bless, Love, Assist welcome people to His Highest Dimension realms of beauty, light, abundance, peace, joy, perfect peace, no more grief, sorrow. So enjoy high quality heavenly realm life. God qualities of dual life existence links heaven earth directly daily ocurrences. God sends Jesus to earth bring salvation love pales in comparison with heaven. Loved ones seem to fade but in Christ enter heavenly higher dimension. Focus on God’s Message to earth realm to keep eyes on Jesus Author and the Finisher of faith. Don’t focus on the negative things never-ending in the world. For God Still is in control not matter the doom gloom.6a3ffe53fb5a7ce08a42f791c9b464ebMore focus on God keeps mind in perfect by staying standing on the word of God. This is how faith only increases through word of God. Focus more on impending new life new heaven world to come in which all in Christ are entering. God, Jesus, saints and angels welcome with open arms with His Abundance of Love, homecoming into higher realms. Heaven is where all descended from into earth paradigm. The heavenly place is already familiar to all in earth dimension realm. Lives transform by beginning in starting a renewed life, bouncing into heavenly Joy between different times of earth life. Almost a continuation life time travel of of those ascending to higher dimension.17c244683293a8f8858f1e4a75d198a5Time ceases to be measured in that way of chronological meaning of importance so never ceases to exist. Sequence of time is absorbed in gloriouus moment of everlasting peace and joy eternally. So earth time concept is being replaced by new heavenly time release by God. All who continue to trust  God will join in future ascension experience which is real. Indeed as world is changing moving into the new earth higher dimensions, so many will begin to trust more in God as True Source and origin of life. Jesus is the contact point into higher dimension so God’s being angels, ascend or descend to do their Master’s God’s Bidding. This abundant love of God is available to all of to enter and transition into new world of God in Christ. God is extensing goodwill of trusting in Him as man’s Source God.cc2bf413888b962c5c5e63ffbeb140d6The message to all today is Trust God no matter what happens in life. Continue to believe in God Source in Christ Jesus and beyond into the higher heavenly realms. I have looked for closest possible image of rainbow angel seen in dream vision to share this message and this is the ones found as a symbolic representation of the living angels sent from God. These are the ones that best tell the message as much as humanly possible. I can confirm not drunk, hallucinating or high on any mind distorting substance. I accurately share what God Reveals to me simply as a humble servant the least among God’s dedicated saints and loyal generals.  The events of this world are being fulfilled as Jesus foretold most important thing is to live right for God’s Approval in Christ Jesus. Love God and love all people9e95c0fe868b7c3edda489b49d7be5f3mary-k-baxter-revelation-of-heaven


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A young couple recently set up a home together after marriage so asked what to do about the housework? Wondering what to do because domestic matters were previously taken care of by the man’s traditional full time housewife mother. The bride wants teamwork as both work full time and want to do it by themselves or hire housekeeper option.


This highly skilled man feels it is women in full control of the kitchen at home but contributes his part if asked. To arrive at compromise both seeking neutral advise because wife comes from background of house keepers. So their options under the circumstances are either division of labour to save housekeeping fees or do DIY for now but nothing set in stone.


They both are trying things out for now as starters but wants to have rota to see how things work itself out. But the wife feels it is a matter of who is around first to do it. At the moment, the wife works but does the majority of the housework. However, state of affairs brings worrying tendency to carry on vacuuming, dusting standard unique artistic skill. She feels women have exclusive cleaning style.

Hugh Muir doing the washing upYet wants husband to get involved in the task to master new skills as a challenge. This will mean giving up games, news or relaxing time as she understands. But it was not clear yet other domestic jobs in the future. These jobs seem to be divided along traditional gender lines of a man’s jobs versus a woman’s jobs in the home. The wife cooks more cleans as the man tends to the car maintenance or house, other issues related to the home.

article-2611641-1D4CC19900000578-480_634x853The living room seems fairly reasonable and pristine choice to clean as flexible based on first come first service provider for that moment requiring a quick clean. Especially the kitchen seems to be more of an issue as time is short kitchen more of a mess. So there’s help available to transform it in a quarter of hour time. To save and enjoy precious quality time each other after a long day apart. This is useful to helpful plan for a super-speedy kitchen clean up of the kitchen.


Minute 1

Clear all counters and throw out any packaging.

Put all food stuff away.

Minutes 2-5

Load everything into your dishwasher and switch it on. Dishwasher tablets are so powerful, they not only clean your dishes, they also remove hidden grease from your dishwasher… And a cleaner dishwasher means you get sparkling clean dishes wash after wash.


Minutes 5-8

Hand wash anything that still needs washing then wipe down sink, drainer and squeeze out the washing-up cloth.

Minutes 8-10

Clear any clutter, like bills and paperwork. Pop old newspapers and magazines into the recycling.

Minutes 10-12

Grab your cleaning materials wipe down work surfaces, your hob and the fridge.

Minutes 13-15

Grab the hoover or a brush and sweep the floors. Done! Allow all hands on deck willing to partake no matter how young. Encourage participation and built on it for future use they will need these skills.


Do you have any tips to share for when you need to get the kitchen looking as perfect as possible?