shelly-cawley-0-800Mother and baby love miracles reveals great affection deeply impacts both lives to save them. Such strong bond is well known as unique and so special changes dynamics of mother baby relationship to spur both on even to live. As blog shows miracles between mothers and babies saving both lives against all odds when doctors gave up on them due to medical conditions. It was such a strong bond between mother and baby literally saving their lives. The miracles highlight the essential need of skin to skin love oxytocin between baby and mother from birth. Babies are attached strongly through crucial body contact. As seen in this proven true living testimony when Shelly Cawley woke up from coma when she heard her baby cry. The then 23-year-old Shelly had to undergo an emergency Caesarian section (C-section) at Carolinas HealthCare System North East in North Carolina. The doctors put her under and proceeded with C-Section. Moments later, Rylan Cawley, Shelly’s first baby girl was born. Unfortunately, Shelly’s life was put in danger when a blood clot broke during operation and rendered comatose for several hours. Shelly’s husband, the then 35-year-old Jeremy Cawley, waited helplessly as the doctors tried everything to bring his wife out of the childbirth coma. Shelly was in coma for almost a week. The doctors were afraid that they will lose Shelly but staff nurse Ashley Manus had an idea that just might save mother’s life. “We are a big proponent of skin-to-skin baby contact. We believe it has great benefits for the mother and baby,” Manus says. Shelly’s newborn baby had been resting at the nursery a few floors away. With the help of the ICU nurse, Manus placed a naked Baby Rylan on her mother’s chest. Manus hoped that Shelly was still conscious deep down and that her maternal instinct would kick in when she hears her baby cry. At first, nothing happened. Baby Rylan was so peaceful lying on her mother’s chest that she fell asleep. Manus and the ICU nurse remained hopeful when Shelly hears her baby cry, she would be jolted out of her coma. Running out of options, nurses gently pinched and tickled Baby Rylan until she let out loud cry 10 minutes later. The nurses saw a spike on Shelly’s vitals as the miracle happened, Baby Rylan saved mother’s life. Similarly in Australia a mother nurtured baby back to life by oxytocin skin to skin love seen in this pictures here.2699DC7E00000578-0-image-a-7_1426260265457This miracle happened on 25 March 2010, Australian mother Kate Ogg gave birth to twins Jamie and Emily just27 weeks into her pregnancy. Although Emily survived the birthing process, Jamie was born in distress and was not breathing. After doctors spent about 20 minutes to resuscitate Jamie and failed, they told Kate and her husband David Jamie died, and nurses placed Jamie’s unmoving body onto his mother’s chest so she could say her goodbyes. Then the couple experienced a miracle. Kate and David thought they were only extending a farewell to deceased child, remarkable thing occurred: after about five minutes or so, Jamie began moving, and then his movements became more pronounced. Nonetheless, doctor present at the scene informed parents such movements were simply reflex actions and were not indicative of life. Kate and David steeled themselves to spending an extra minute or two with the child they believed they would never know for more than just those few moments: “I wanted to meet him and to hold him and for him to know us,” Kate said. “If he was on his way out of the world, we wanted for him to know who his parents were and to know we loved him before he died. We’d resigned ourselves to the fact we were going to lose him; just trying to make most of those precious moments.” That “extra minute or two” stretched out to more than two hours. Then something more remarkable than Jamie’s previous movements took place: the supposedly dead child opened eyes. “We thought, ‘What a blessing, we get to see his eyes before he passes away,'” Kate said. “But stayed open!” As most of us probably would, at that point couple began to considered possibility child wasn’t dead.PbUqYUW.jpgToday at about 5 years this is the miracle twin because the parents changed their minds about a bad report to trust God. “I think half of us said then, ‘What if he actually makes it?'” David said. “If he does, this would just be a miracle. The other half was saying, ‘No, he’s been declared dead, this is purely instinct. As noted in news accounts, David and Kate practiced Australians “kangaroo care”of hugging love warms body circulation to bring back life in such miracles. There are no words to accurately describe how incredible of an event this truly is. Jamie and his twin sister Emily will soon be turning five years old. They are happy, healthy, and downright adorable. There is not a day that goes by where Kate and her husband don’t remember the miracle that made their family the family that it is today. Hold your loved ones a little closer next time you see them. Family is a beautiful Gift so must  never be taken for granted. In Hong Kong another miracle happens as a baby cries wakes dead mother up. I believe strongly this particular cry touched GOD’S Heart for He hears babies and infant’s prayers.

x240-pPaAgain this miracle cry of this baby brings the dead mother back to Life. This true story and miracle happened in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hong Kong. After the mother gave up for 3 hours after giving birth, child could not stop crying. But when child touched mother still crying she came back to life as seen in love recorded video. This amazing testimony show miracle wonders love accomplishes if genuinely intimate appropriately. So Parental affection enhances the baby’s emotional growth and stability by love. The motherly love must be more allowed to help mothers not become anxious or stressed with  worry passed onto a baby. This classic cases need to be taken more seriously to encourage stable emotional development. External reference of life is essential to develop character so needs attention to promote the motherly love.

This miracles deserve Praise and Thanks to God first and foremost. It helps all the women especially to fight for baby’s life with skin to skin love oxytocin warmth and hugs. Most mothers are deprived of the ‘dead’ baby thinking looking at baby distresses her more. So feels the need to wrench child away as quickly as possible for burial. This causes uncessary loss of lives as some ‘dead’ people wake up in the mortuary. Those around hear their cries and bring them back to life into the land of the Living again. Thanks to the excellent medical facilities or resources life is extended and preserved longer. Yet we must remember to Thank God the Source of Life whose Spirit in mankind Sustains life on day to day basis. These loving mothers and babies truly know and value deep love connection between mother and child. This helps mother and baby to thrive so the world becomes also better loving place. More motherly love and affection encouraged and celebrated will definately change the world. So on Mother’s Day it is time to allow mothers do their love job best and help support and Honour them.


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