A happy wife is a happy life so men go ahead treat wife on mother’s day. Remember to celebrate with breakfast in bed, proceed with beautiful gifts you buy, make, provide chocolates, flowers, jewels, clothes, shoes, lingerie, cruise ship. This time of year again when we remember the important role played by mothers in our lives. As a mother’s job never ends from Sunrise to Sunset and throughout the night taking care of babies, so bless and reward her. Running after toddler, sometimes alone so only by themselves with young children. A lot of sacrifice involved in motherhood some take for granted. Some mothers may do without food and basic needs, necessities to provide for their children. Some give up careers to fulfil their due diligence caring for children. Others employ the nanny to care for them or send to daycare centre.valentine-boy-1678610Teach children to appreciate mothers as they have only one natural birth mother no matter how many mums love them. God Chose that birth mother for unique reaaons so help bring up child in not animosity of bad mouthing the mother. It is intense caring for new born babies especially. After a full term pregnancy one expects relief from the pressure and the stress of expectant months. Only to find out the non stop demands of crying baby or babies. The mother is often exhausted without family support and often treated by some, “you made your bed so lie on it attitude.” So do not receive necessary compassion they need to be able to care for babies. The young naive ones think babies are like dolls so will be able to handle them without input of family. Some focus on baby designer clothes or shoes plus latest gadgets and prams. It means baby may be seen as accessory lack understanding of sacrifice involved so support them. A Godly mother is commanded to teach a child daily, morning, afternoon,  evening with a sound Biblical upbringing. imageMother do endure in silence not always complaining about joys of motherhood. Seen directlly as co-creator partnership with  God do not feel comfortabler to say anything perceived negative. So once the baby is born the mother automatically is expected bonds naturally attached and lovingly with the baby. It shocking to some, changes of trauma of conception and stress affecting women badly they become mentally disturbed by the post partum depression. It is often hard to detect immediately as mother let’s go of her body image attention paid to herself in past before giving birth. The constant demand non-stop baby, toddler, running around home, taking care of a husband, cooking, cleaning all at the same time by one person often becomes too much for them to cope. Some misconstrue as lazy by unsympathetic husband comparing her to perfect mother’s housekeeping skills. Forgetting their mother was full time housewife during their childhood. Honour and reward her for her efforts to raise husband and the children together.imageGive her gifts and presents to build self confidence. Do not insult her to further fuels low self esteem and can destroy a family relationship if not properly dealth with. The frustrated man reports the bizarrely incompetent behaviour of his wife to doctor for help. Woman obliges receives medication compounding the problem. As the treatment makes her docile and sleepy forced to rest to help recover. It is the man now stepping up to run the home or call for help from other women in the family to come look after the children. In the extreme cases pften happening the woman continues to slide downhill. As the unhealthy upheaval struggle takes toll completely resulting in irrepairable damage to the family. So the woman loses control of the children to social services in extreme illness. On the other hand when men become more domesticated and helping wife some family members become offended so treated by in law or jealous people as incompetent wife abusing husband. It their family going through suffering so doing the right thing helping as none of those gossipers come to help anyway. So demonstrate genuine love by gold gifts. imageGIFTS SOFTEN HER HEART SO HELP HER OUT FOR YOUR CHILDREN’S SAKE. The man continues to demand to be taken care of although now a fully grown man competes with their own helpless babies being cared by their wife. This mother’s day we want father’s to know it takes two to tango. Some become offended by their wife’s unexpected pregnancy blaming her for ruining their perfect union disrupted by an unwanted baby. They claim they may want babies later but not now so hate their own flesh and blood. So become jealous of the bond between mother and child so decide to punish her with an affair for lack of attention. Others disown child alleging they are not the child’s father. Some attack their child by verbal and physical abuse due to such negative attitude towards them. Women have no choice but to continue caring for child. The role of mothers is changing with pressure to work while mothering, men need to step up in duties and responsibilities towards their children. So necessary to make life bearable easy for wife by supporting her.wp-1456483535355.jpgThen helping with domestic chores is considered as MORE LOVING ACTS to women than sexual intimacy alone. To the man affection is sex but to woman her needs must FIRST BE MET before she feels loved to enjoy intimacy seen as pleasing her man by marital duty. Women’s way of thinking must be taken extremely seriously to help understand women better. Throwing lots of money at problems does not always resolve what women want. And providing the material comforts, a good home, gifts, holidays are great but woman wants you not those things. This is also the misconception of some men saying, “they work hard to provide for the family yet the woman is ungrateful.” The woman wants a man to work hard but not reason to not be involved in the child care at home. Such a man has no idea what the woman is talking about. After all, she has a roof over her head in beautiful comfortable lovely and warm home provided for her. Bills taken care of but staying home apparently doing nothing as man goes out in freezing cold to hostile work environment.mothersdaysubwayart8x10.jpgHer Priceless Valued job of caring for their infants 24 hours non stop, day or night is undermined.  Helping a wife does not diminish you as a man rather enhances her love for you!!! Of course there are domestic goddesses who never let a man near her kitchen under any circumstances. As superwoman, seem able to juggle all different roles perfectly synchronised. At anytime wearing the different hats simultaneously as wife, mother, cook, cleaner, laundry, mother, shopping, etc. as her husband king is well treated too. Most women dream of fantasy of keeping it all under control. In reality it is possible to do teamwork. So do call for help and accept help. It takes a whole community to raise child. The Bible says the older wiser women must support younger wives. Do not suffer in silence stoically soldiering on doggedly to self destruct. The Bible says seek and you will find, ask and you shall be given,  knock and the door shall be  opened for you. Humble yourself and respect those able to help cheer you on, and keep telling you can do it. Be aware and know that is part of what helps to make it through tough times for a better and a faster recovery.imagesimages-1.jpg

The love and support goes way beyond that crazy time in my life. Mother have always tried to do whatever they can to make life easier and better. Always be there to listen and to give pep talk if  needed. And sisters or genuine friends, always there when if needed, no matter what the crazy circumstances may be. So be grateful for support and all the encouragement always seems to have in endless supply. Happy Mother’s Day with Love to you all mothers!!! To have a mother mothering you is important because it is when you become mother you want to be MOTHERED MOST!!! Do not burn bridges because you find love or madly in love planning your wedding.wp-1456483608345.jpgYou are going to NEED ALL THE HELP you do not know about yet in the future. That is why families love you enough to help cheer you on want the best for you. and  know that is part of what helps to make it through tough times. So sisters help clean the house, do chores, cook for the mother pamper, nurture the mother more. Right after birthing or ‘borning’ baby get the help to keep your scattered self together essential through stress. Do not be lost overwhelmed drowning yourself in pity party. At the end of the day, even after all the help received to bless you, God Continues to love you. So love God and train your children to love God too as Jesus loves you so wants to bless and protect family in Jesus Name. As you help children as the BLESSINGS from God, BLESSINGS of God follow you all the days of your life in Jesus Name.wp-1456482580134.jpgReceive help and enjoy the fellowship of mothers to grow in your new role as a mother. The BLESSINGS of God will not add sorrow to your life but children will arise and call you BLESSED among women. Those who do not have ‘own’ children the Bible says barren woman has many more children than mothers. So help other mothers and bless them. This is a transition and new lifestyle lasting a lifetime. By the way FAMILY IS FOR LIFE  for years into eternity with God the Father of all. No where in the Bible does it say tear apart family after 16 years!!! Jesus lived at home 30 years in city of Nazareth as GREATEST GOOD GIFT IN NAZARETH GOD GAVE BLESS WHOLE WORLD. Be grateful, thankful for help even if not perfect as you will things yourself. Focus on help for relief than criticise helpers. Thank God for all mothers, we love you all.We-love-you-allSo love God and train your children to love God too as Jesus loves you so wants to bless and protect family in Jesus Name. As you help children BLESSINGS from God, the BLESSINGS of God follow you all the days of your life in Jesus Name. So be blessed enough to get such a sacrificial help. Remember children are not your private assets but are God’s Property entrusted into your care as a steward!!! Be kind incredibly grateful for the gift of their lives joined to yours into eternity with God. Be thankful for being a mother as understands better what it costs physically, mentally, emotionally, Spiritually to  mothers to mother young children. It helps to appreciate to thank mothers for their true sunshine blessed children in their lives. Happy MOTHER’S Day, on in depth day keeping it real!!!images-5

Wives need to be respected more by the family as they hold the family together practically Strengthened by God. Though man is Head of the household and family the detailed day to day management is in the hands of wife. As competent planner attention is focussed on minute details often men gloss over not deliberately. God desinged women to notice the little details that seem insignificant while men focus on the bigger issues. This is why marriage union is an excellent team work because both do complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. To know these differences is essential to help organise a family better. Mother’s   day helps to acknowledge and celebrate mothers, parents to thank them to show Gratitude. GOD said Honour parents, so most is a great opportunity to do so. Give them what they need most which is your presence in their company as they grow older. Make the most of it before it is too late to enjoy family life together. If one no longer has a mother, still love or help kindly, elderly ladies to bless them. Your mother watching over you in heaven and will be pleased you are doing the right thing to help others.article-2152323-0245D1E6000004B0-492_308x185You can also celebrate the memory of mother with a meal with friends in her remembrance. Thank God for wonderful blessed years of love showered on you by mother. And do thank the mothers also alive in your life. Ensure the present given is sentimental and meaningful to her. Women want a unique gift of some kind. So the point is choose anything with her name specifically printed or inbuilt to her taste. Women often are emotionally attached to gifts and so may decode the present. From the price, size, shape, colour and whether appropriate for the specific occasion.There are books and lots of information on various gifts. If not sure ask her relatives to help you choose if she does not mind.wp-1456483650750.jpgOtherwise do your homework in advance and get exactly what she prefers. After all it is her present to make her happy. Do not go last minute into a shop to grab any item recommended by shopkeeper. The reason is they may not know your wife’s taste although you have good intentions it may not sit well with the wife.Pleasing her by paying attention to smallest detail, writing down a specified item codes can help choose better. If not no matter how expensive or the quality of frivolous choice without consulting her can cause arguments and ruin the day. Do not let ambition to surprise her cauae you to pick the wrong item that cauaes offence. Women like a unique gift and present expressing thoughtfulness, love and attentuon to detail. So wants  presents tailored solely to her not the practical element. Even if relevant to use in the home ensure it is her personal gift solely first for her use only. She may or not decide to share her box of chocolates for example. Buy or make gift worthy of her interests, passions, hobbies or desire element which is good enough for her. It is worth making the effort to appreciate mother and show your gratitude.


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