imageNew Creation in Christ means new life, old past and gone new lifestyle taking over becoming transformed, renewed through salvation in Christ and blood of Jesus. Accepting Jesus renews faith in God bringing new changes in life.image

This happens because God’s Holy Spirit Comes to Dwell inside us in CHRIST so  brings new Godly thinking and actions to help make better choices, decisions. As GOD’S Property under Jesus Christ NEW Management one has Great Trusted and Reliable friend to Call upon.imageThe old miserable worthless self image is gone forever because you belong to God. You learn now to value yourself as GOD’S GREATEST Priceless Asset and a Precious Treasure to God. Knows God as a Personal Friend and Confidante.


God takes you out from the enclosed confined cocoon of sin transformed to blossom like a butterfly free to flourish. God beautifies you and Provides for you as His Beloved Child Highly Favoured in CHRIST Jesus. You live to please God.imageGod says anyone at all can become a NEW CREATION no matter your past or what you have done or not done. God’s Mercy and Love extends to SAINTS and sinners alike. God TRANSFORM villains to valiant for His Glory and Testimony.imageAs GOD’S Holy Temple for His Spirit and Presence to Dwell in people see you as God’s Sacred Space Human Ability And Living Sermon. No matter all challenges faced Sound Foundation in Christ Will  Carry you through to stand life storms.imageAll things become new because by the blood of Jesus Cleaning from sin. God does not count your sins but through His Son FORGIVES you and Loves you. You let go of your past to embrace the new lifestyle in Christ provided for you.image

In Christ, God gives you Strength to live everyday knowing you can do all things through Christ Jesus Who Strengthens you so become Stronger in GOD’S Spirit in you. So because Jesus Lives you can face tomorrow reassured GOD CARES.imageOne becomes born again washed by the Word of God Jesus Christ and Power of Living Word of God. The God is powerful so performs Spiritual Heart Surgery to give new leash of life. God is Faithful, Gracious, Merciful so Compassionate.imageChrist takes control of your life, guides your spirit to make wise decisions by the power of God at work in your life in Jesus Name. You become transformed from kingdom of darkness into GOD’S  Kingdom of Glorious Light in CHRIST.


You stand on Living Word of God daily walking through paths of righteousness by faith towards cross of Jesus Christ. Mindful of Jesus’ Sacrifice for your life, Looking up to God to endure to the end in Jesus Name by GOD’S GRACE.


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