imageGod’s Face Seen in Norfolk Britain in UK, United Kingdom in 2015. As Bible tells us God shows His wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below so all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved in Acts 2:17–21. On God’s servants men, women, old and young people God Pours Spirit in those days to prophesy. UK cloud in sky maps spotted numerous times in complete formation in different locations in Britain. Authentic genuine pictures document often UK cloud. The world now looks up to cloud platform to convey messages in business world, God Reveals Himself in cloud to His people. God Seen in the cloud has a direct impact as people start talking about Him. God wants to bring His Gospel Cloud Message Concept to His global audience, updating the message with stylish modern twist to capture attention of the whole world.wp-1456088889053.jpgGod Inspires Awe by Announcing His PRESENCE to prepare all people towards His Son Jesus Coming unexpectedly in the clouds. God Loves Deeply, Intensely and Corrects those He Loves so warns all to avoid impeding wrath punishment. It is important to take seriously UK Images in the cloud so deserves a closer look. The sky is GOD’S Canvass to paint His Ideas, Thoughts and Messages to the world trying to avoid a direct dialogue with Him sometimes. God Chooses to make His Presence known, seen and felt from time to time in cloud. He does not like to be overlooked or ignored. Modern cloud businesses collaborate to support firms on globally God’s Global Presence is acknowledged by all nations. UK image in the cloud is not exclusive targetting of the avangard dominant culture.wp-1456084766433.jpgRather it is God Holding UK or Britain accountable as the world’s premier leader to set tone of Honouring God to all other nations. To whom much is given is much required. UK is primary Christian nation so owes responsibility duty care to God’s work.  can clearly see exact replica of the UK cloud image compared with  the natural map of United Kingdom. This images are not photo shopped or created by man by appears suddenly in cloud formations. Are result of UK clouds, winds or storms cause image clouds to drift, move in various shapes all around the world.wp-1456092759340.jpgThese repeated images of UK seen here are from different years, dates, times or seasons yet look identical as if coming from one camera take. These cloud UK has occurred over different time frames documented by different people in UK. This is the more reason why it seems so significant because of their frequency. It is essential to ponder over these pictures to reflect on GOD’S PRESENCE revealed in cloud asking why particularly UK?  To observant God Lovers Seems to feature UK specifically for His Own Reasons so necessary to find global meaning. Why is the cloud becoming a centre of focus to communicate Heart of God?4D22AD0E7B2F4CCD83EF017AD73141DAGod displays Love and affection for His people to show He Cares Deeply about the plight of humanity. The cloud source of studying God’s Message in astronomy or space exploration happens always for many centuries. The Hubble Telescope Reveals Majestic Magnificence of God beyond imagination. New Planets seen detailing indepth pictures skies beyond human eyes fascinate people wanting more of such information. Similarly, the end time messages are constantly also depicted in the clouds by savvy experts to share the Gospel message of Godlove.

wp-1456078384150.jpgAll over the world are many fabulous images seen. Similarly God is advertising His Ancient Timeless Classic Messages to mankind to listen more actively to Him for their own good. Endtime news reports daily show the shifting patterns of changes affecting people globally. So when looking for cloud provider, look for a company to support operations with a data centre facilities plus and employees on the ground. GOD is reaching out the world because many have abandoned His Words in Bible. God Changes tactics to MANIFEST His Presence in new ways to share His Gospel Message of God’s Love.wp-1456090562564.jpgIn addition, it is also revealing more of the hidden mysteries of God as He is Getting ready to SEND His Son to earth to reconnect heaven and earth. This is part of the reason why God constantly reveals to mankind Directly Involved He  is part of human affairs in the multiple locations. Clouds regularly featuring UK constantly so numerous as coincidental.IMG_20160816_153120280.jpgwp-1456090591046.jpgSo a closer look needs to be taken as to why the UK is regularly featured in the clouds. Although weather phenomena and scientific explanations given make sense why Britain features prominently among the nations? This important question must be addressed on issue to reflect why clouds reflect UK most among the other nations? Day or night the UK Cloud images recur in many pplaces captured films shared globally by the cloud fans. So fascinating images taken unexpectedly by avid observers in seconds instances capture scenes of UK images. All other nations have images before dissipates forever into thin air.IMG_20160304_210758The Sky Cloud is GOD’S Gigantic Canvass Plasma Screen to Tell us anything dear to His Heart concerning all lives. As people choose alternative ways to communicate so God Ensures He Keeps in Touch with all humans through the skies by GOD’S Cloud  Messages. As wide as the Sky is or deep as Sky ranges between heaven and earth there is no distance between God and mankind. GOD Shares what is in His Heart through images, shapes, tokens, sense of honour to capture attention of people. Modern technology means some people are too busy to remember God in their lives. So occasionally God Calls their attention to show His Beautiful Creation to express His Unconditional unlimited love sends angels to help.Host-of-Angels-by-Joanna-Lueck-11-20-11.jpgThanks to God cameras of this modern technology enables beautiful images to be documented. Constantly pointing to reaoearly to UK map image cloud scenes in comparison to other images. Day or night these UK Cloud images recur in many places so are captured on films shared by cloud fans. Fascinating images taken by these avid observers in seconds from the ground in some instances capture these images. Why unexpected taken images turn out to be identical in relation to UK subject matter? Avid observers in seconds from ground now instantly capture images documented. Without prior notice happen to be at the right place at the right time for the images posterity shares. From ground on multiple occasions and in various locations identical UK map cloud seen.imageThis evening UK image in the cloud was posted in 2011Banks, on January 5th, 2011 By John Evans. As Consistently good businesses yearly celebrated the new accelerated data cloud so sky cloud spotters discover too the most exciting images ever. The identical cloud scenes are from different times and locations as stated earlier yet seems like the same image over and over again. However, the cloud forms these images so many times it needs to be taken more seriously by people aware of how God MANIFESTS through different scenarios using token symbols context to convey His Message.659e033a15bb3689e39590763236d113All over the world God Still REVEALS His Wonders to call people’s attention so as to take notice His Magnificence. So the Presence of God is Marked by Clouds as His Shekinah Glory is Revealed so Glory of God fills Chosen place.  When Moses finished work of the Tabernacle CLOUD of God representing VISUAL PRESENCE Manifested Covering meeting and all the people saw the Glory of kavod of God as it filled tabernacle in Exodus 40:33–34. These cloud solutions points to the end time message of God Revealing His So many Wonders in the clouds in the sky.image Supposing someone consistently often writes your name boldly across the sky as some do to loved ones to propose or celebrate anniversary, the message is loud and clear so people know what the message is for. In the name same way, God is Trying to get UK’s attention.God wants UK not to drift away from GOD’S PRESENCE. God’s Love clouds seen on many occasions are well documented. So this is not a virtual reality but actual footage among many others. God must be expressing His Love for the broken hearted. During specific moments of intense pain one lifts up the eyes to the hills to see GOD’S POWERFUL LOVE in action during despair see a Wonderful scene of Nature tailored to your needs.IMG_20160719_171949194_HDR.jpgSo JESUS and the Holy Spirit reminds you when you are in awesome wonder, consider all works God’s Hands Made. At times God Manifests HIS GLORY or Unique Creative Ability to DECLARE HIMSELF A LIVING DEITY to challenge the easy comparison with deities. As world shifts attention to the sky for business cloud ideas so God in the cloud reveals Himself more. God is showing Himself in forum language accessible to capture their attention. So by all means enjoy the great scenes in the skies and share but also necessary to ask why is God showing these views.question_cloudSo question is why UK often seen? UK needs to understand her role in global history ordained by GOD in end times. It is the rehearsals of realistic assessment of world events pointing to all destinies attached to UK as prominent key player in events happening globally. This issue is in the interest of all those concerned about the end time manifestations in line with word of God in the Bible to you. Mankind needs restoration peace for all so requires thinking greatly why Cloud Scenes in so many regions?hqdefaultWhy is God, Jesus, angels, showing up in cloud in sky on premier days connecting significant events on global on platform. The cloud platform properly supports all God’s people in Christ firmly on higher level by global presence. God and Jesus Looking as Cloud Providers of heavenly company supports operations with data centre facilities for available believers in Christ. God loves people so much He communicate messages in clouds so wants healthy relationship with people uptown or downtown. God shows His wonders to cloud spotters opportunity for His Purposes. HEAVENLY resources made available in stages in cloud reveals God’s bigger wholesome Christ salvation picture eventually. Precepts on precept and line by line God reveals Himself in small doses to world not to overwhelm mankind. In the endtime all God’s cloud databases join up in His Global Puzzle in cloud is clear for to all see.1120.jpgThe cloud is going to play a prominent role in God’s end time agenda of Coming of Jesus in the clouds. People look up to God as their salvation is near through the clouds. Alertness used in capturing cloud images is same kind of alertness God Expects from all to see Jesus Coming in the cloud as Lightening. Vigilance is necessary to see Christ in His Coming in Clouds in Glory. This is God Calling forth everyone to look up more into the sky or clouds. In Colorado clouds take on wave form when two layers of air move at different velocities and whilst having different densities. So what are these images pointing to by God Who said He will show Wonders in the clouds and sky. Is God telling us a Message by UK maps?imageNature’s is sometimes wonderful and so magnificent, magical, frightening and intoxicating at the same time. Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis flood volcanic eruptions, are but a few. Here is a selection of Cloud spiral in the sky. An Iridescent (Rainbow) Cloud in Himalaya. The phenomenon was observed early morning on October 18, 2009  More  nature’s vast palette of awesomeness and wrath from the ground or on trail, Cranborne, Dorset. This UK map cloud is seen above Britain many times near the houses in multiple locations. UK shape stayed in the skies above Coudon, in Coventry, for around a minute before drifting apart. These UK maps happens too frequently in sky clouds too many to ignore. God’s Purpose is to alert the UK nation to seek God more.wp-1456092759340.jpgThe education assistant, who works at Coventry Transport Museum posted image on Twitter, describing it as Coventry’s  gift to baby George. So God has an interesting present and message through UK for the whole world. The billions of people around the world will all need to lift up their heads to look at the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ one day. God is Calling to Attention all the people of UK in Britain to take notice. GOD Remembers the role UK played all over the world proselyting for the Gospel Message of salvation. This present for Prince George is similare to Jesus Presented to the whole world to be saved. GOD wants BRITANNIA to lead in the Gospel message to the world. So these UK dramatic pictures of clouds in the shape of British Isles seen after birth of Prince George. Great British weather as never seen before of cloud formation in the shape of United Kingdom in 2013. UK ensure God is Highly Valued Globally Honoured Creator of universe recognised as King of Kings and the LORD of lords.image

The above eye catching photograph of UK map was taken when the night began to close in at Preston, Lancashire, Friday. These images of Britain exist often seen, photographed or filmed by many people day or night. The night incredible images captured by photographer Denny Small, in Heaton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. God Holds Britain Dear in His Heart among nations so shows Manifest PresenceGod CORRECTS those He Loves because He does not want anybody to perish but for mankind and His creatures to be saved. Have you snapped a photo of British Isles in the sky? email picture to exclusive@the-sun.co.uk or text it to 63000


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