image_url_1452939689Yet again in the news attention turns to female survivors as one’s responsible for solving men’s unwanted sex and date rape problems in society. From electric bra in India to date rape nail varnish, the focus is placed on the female victims not perpetrators. So this shows the different perspectives of men and women on sex. Generally, it seems that men’s attitudes towards women’s sexuality is trivialised. So the violation of women by trespassers seems to permeate some menwho want to take undue advantage of vulnerable women. Young men isolated, alone and lonely must be entrusted to responsible guaranteed chaperons so not to be lost if living independently away from parental home. Parents should train children on value of human life and their behaviour. The local families must also interact and supervise by inviting them for meals at weekends. Although brainy at modern gadgets young people lack maturity and correct knowledge of real matters of life. Do not assume they automatically know the right things to do if not physically present with them. Parents cannot be responsible 24/7 for adult children or their actions. Ground rule boundaries on value of life and body sex dignity guides them so do not feel embarrased to tell them. Do not put confidence in material provisions for them as enough to teach good morals. Strong influences from the games, macho sexual bravado conquest attitude culture points to lack of respect for women’s body. Proverbs 31 describes qualities of a virtuous woman as vessels of HONOUR. Women are Holy Temple Dwelt ln By Holy Spirit of the Living  and Jesus Christ’s Creator’s Property Asset.tumblr_mqmcz8bu2e1rli2p2o1_540Masculine innuedo target sexual fantasy escapades for gratification of such men. It seems men see women as their object or tool of pleasure. So pick women at any time to indulge in sex only for relief without due regard or consideration for the women. The liberal views held, is often traced to public opinion that unmarried person is legally allowed to have sex after 16years. Perverts want age of consent even lowered to just 10years. Though the age of consent is not in the Bible, such laws make some people feel entitled to have free sex any time as long as it pleases them. As a result of lack of proper understanding think they can exercise their right to have sex with anyone, anywhere, anytime, without any consideration of the feelings of those forced to pleasure them. They lack the understanding of true romance, ethics, etiquette or decorum of a genuine love relationship. So want lust miscontrued as love by demanding free milk without responsibility of providing for the cow. This liberal view creates an attitude that sex can be obtained by drugging women to avoid rejection of their request.Train,  discipline men on meaning of true love. InspirationalQuotes.Club-simple-happiness-bring-Izabella-ScorupcoWith an element of perceived power and control invades the dignity of reputable women who refuse to allow such men to take advantage of them. But pervert will not have no for an answer hence the date rape. Although such men subject women to sexual abuse, yet it is women targeted and blamed for creating the opportunity for men to abuse them. In other words, men want to have their cake and eat it by having sex without consent. The porn industry contributes to liberal views on sex. As it encourages people to feed on images that drive them to indulge in acts of impulse. Abuse of women is also seen by such men that women exist to meet the men’s sexual needs. So to genuinely protect women men must learn etiquette of the body and ethics of boundaries of sexual intercourse. Love lessons on the time- table must be taught compulsory as a social enhancement subject in all schools to deal with menance in society16382-spouse-love-400x200Children and the young must be taught true lessons on genuine love affection for family, siblings, friends, from early years. This life lesson helps to build self confidence to explore misunderstanding of love. Importance of valuing a human body including their own also be taught. Respecting personal boundaries of touch limits before hormones kick in fuelled by porn, drugs, alcohol and also gang rapes. These rules must be taught and projects given to discuss the reviews tied to good morals. This will educate them correctly to avoid permissive lifestyle of the right to sex at anytime, anywhere, anyone. It is apalling constant attack on women in age of the sexually transmitted diseases, Hiv, aids, herpes among others. These causes lifetime trauma and an emotional upheaval crisis of victims of sexual abuse date rape so cannot be taken for granted. Despite punishment of perpetrators the survivor’s life is ruined. The traumatised symptoms include most suffering panic attacks, fear of people, nightmares, lack of trust, lack of trust, inabilty to have a stable relationship because of effects of abuse. Sex is deep human feeling for women not just an act conducted and easily forgotten. Society must adopt the more honourable dignified views on sex to openly talk about the dignified higher quality sex based on the mutual true love affection of both partners together. The need for self-control in waiting and not rushing to indulge sex is a also powerful training to remain faithful in marriage. To be addicted to a liberal sex yet think one will change finding a special person testing waters is anomally. This becomes grass is greener syndrome lifetime habit.877bf7eeffa898617a58b833a2b70516Women must not be naive, vulnerable gullible and too trusting, too polite to say no to those private invitations to isolate them for abuse. The freedom of movement must not let women be so naive to think they have a right to walk alone at night. Call a licensed taxi firm not any one passing by at night. Get a lift home with friends well known. You never can tell people’s motive for their singling you out. Do not be flattered to follow them because they assume you know their intentions so you agreed by following them home. The question is do you really know what such a man thinks about you for hanging around them? Some see it as opportunity to indulge yet forgetting pain caused to others. The whole society must change attitude to liberals views to casual sex. Even when naive teenagers try to big themselves up they lack brain cortex to understand implications to themselves and others.androgyny-deception-6-638Other frivolous sexual provocation acts include bottom pinching of women, on other occasions people thinking a peck on the chic is harmless kiss. So repeated implying often that it is seems ok to kiss someone without consent. Whistling as women pass by construction sites seem to portray women as sexual objects. The message of perceiving women as object of sexual relief for men is quite serious so must be taken more seriously. A full lesson must be given consistently at an appropiate age on respect for women’s and life. The men must seek help before moment of such intense passion drives them crazy to conduct mad act of abuse destroying themselves too. An attractive beautiful woman appearing anywhere at anytime does not permit anyone to take advantage to abuse them to violate them to condone sexual harassment. All those who encourage and propel sexual abuse as a little bit of fun do not actually really fully understand damage caused to many lives. Sexual harassment usually affects the women’s performance at work used against them by perpertrators. If society wants to solve these problems they must prevent sexual abuse not encourage it.6cf1c051062a9820973fb22002b9e533This article concludes by saying that the abuse affects men too. 1 in 4 women are abused 1:13 men are abused so the same counsel goes to young boys and the men suffering from sexual abuse. Seek help in confidential talking therapy to learn to take power back to be in control of your again. The damage may be done to the physical and emotional feelings but you are still perfect in GOD’S Eyes. Jesus knows and understands the truth of your circumstances so FORGIVES you so also forgive yourself. God is not going to be reminding you of the abuse but wants to heal your heart, mind and soul if you let Him. Do not become a second victim by abusing yourself through bitterness, hurting, pain, substance abuse, alcohol to numb the pain. These only  waste your money and tear you apart from a beloved family relationship who loves you most and cares about you. You do not want to be punished by God for unforgiveness to pervert to live next door to perpetrators if you do not repent go to hell with you. Why not Obey God to forgive, let go, and allow God to heal you to bring true love!!!


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