Business people-showing teamworkGenuine real happiness is highly desired by everyone to feel good to enjoy life. So the question is what defines happiness? How do we know what really constitutes a true, genuine, real, happiness? Where can we obtain happiness? It is important therefore to know and understand what happiness means to each person or the family and nation as a whole. Happiness is defined as the ‘state of being happy,’ being of good cheer and contentment, pleasure, contentedness, satisfaction, cheerfulness, cheeriness, merriment, merriness, gaiety, joyfulness, and joy, joviality, jollity, jolliness, glee, also blithness, carefreeness, merriment, gladness, delight, good spirits, high spirits, light heartedness, good cheer wellbeing, enjoyment, felicity.’ The list is quite long so a plethora of various kinds of meanings and different interpretations are subject to each context as some definitions may not seem appropriate in all contexts. So is it possible to attain happiness at all times? Life is often full of unpredictable surprises affecting happiness. So varies from day-to-day hour by hour sometimes based on mood swings. This changes do affect emotional responses of happiness. Is it realistic in the face of challenges to maintain happiness? Is it fair to demand happiness from others as their source of happiness and blame them for inability to make them happy. There are debates ongoing as to real authentic happiness. Whose happiness counts most above all the others in various contexts?happypeopleThese question are blogged in an effort to try to answer some of these questions in light of the Bible’s stand on the topic of happiness. Is happiness a boundless unlimited joy that goes on forever. Often people complain of not feeling happy so making a decision based on feelings of unhappiness. ln happiness dependable factor to rely on to make major decisions in life? These questions are necessary and relevant for accurate knowledge and understanding of true happiness. To achieve happiness is be a deliberate choice to choose to be happy no matter what. Can one help others to obtain personal happiness if not feeling happy? How does one deal with relevant issues of personal, corporate happiness to ensure all is as happy as can be?happiness-1.jpgWe all want to be happy, but sometimes trying to find happiness is a struggle. So often times we search for happiness in all the wrong places, in the wrong ways, when the answer is much simpler inside God. The Bible says, Happy are people whose God is the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH YAHWEH in Psalm 144:15. Also Psalm 16:11, says God makes known to His Children the PATH OF LIFE, FILLED  WITH FULLNESS OF JOY, IN PRESENCE OF GOD’S RIGHT HAND ARE PLEASURES FOREVERMORE! God is key to happiness. God is Sunshine and Shield to happiness.happiness_quote_313 The Lord God Laughs too so laugh, for He knows their day is coming. 14 When the wicked draw the sword and bend bow to bring down poor, needy, slay upright surely God is their Salvation; Trust God and be happy not afraid. GOD Himself is my strength, my defense; my salvation.” In Isaiah 12:3 and Romans 5:2 Jesus has Gained Access for us by faith into God’s Presence and Grace in which we now stand. We boast in the hope of the glory of God. So in Deuteronomy 24:5″When a man takes a new wife, he does not go to the army or be charged with any duty; he is free at home 1 year to give happiness to his wife he has married.The_happiest_people_quote827The verse in Genesis 30:13 like Leah said, Happy am I!  Women will call me happy. So she named son Asher. One can pray with own name in verses to renew mind. In Genesis 34:19, the young man did not delay to do thing, he was delighted with Jacob’s daughter. So was more respected than all in household of his father. In 1 Kings 10:8, blessed are men, blessed are the servants who stand before Lord God continually  to hear GOD’S Wisdom. In, Psalm/113/9″s”God Makes the barren woman abide in the house as a joyful mother of children. Praise the LORD!success-is-not-the-key-to-happiness-happiness-is-the-key-to-success-11Proverbs 23:24, The father of righteous greatly rejoices, he who has a wise son will be glad in him. In 2 Corinthians/7/13 God for this reason Comforts us. Besides our comfort, we rejoice much more for the joy of Titus, as his spirit is refreshed by you all. 1 Kings 4:20 says Judah and Israel are numerous as sand is on the seashore in abundance eating, drinking rejoicing. Again, in Luke/1/14 have joy, gladness, as many rejoice at his birth. There is now greater understanding that things do not automatically generate happiness. As a thing lasts for a season and looks for the next better or bigger thing to indulge in. So the cycle continues looking at an old gadget a few months or years before at the time it was the latest. Today people wonder how on earth they bought that.charlesspurgeon131342Timothy 6:17 says rich in this present world not to be conceited or to fix hope on uncertainty of riches, but on God Who richly supplies us all things to enjoy. John 13:17  you know these things Jesus said, you will be happy if you do them. In Deuteronomy/20/6″if you plant a vineyard that and not begun to use its fruit let him depart and return to his house not die in battle for another man to begin to use its fruit. Psalm 127 : 3 children are a gift from the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them; They will not be ashamed when they speak with enemies in the gate to defend you. The family must make “a big deal out of each other’s success so celebrate accomplishments, so more likely to be satisfied and committed to relationships, enjoying greater love and happiness.”t1200-CHOPRA_2Proverbs 3:13-18 Blessed are those who find wisdom, gain understanding, for wisdom is more profitable than silver and gold. Jonah 4:6 The LORD God appointed a plant and it grew up over Jonah to be a shade over his head to deliver him from his discomfort. And Jonah was extremely happy about the plant that sheltered him from the heatwave. Luke 12:19 ‘And I will say to my soul, “Soul, you have many goods laid up years to come; take your ease, eat, drink and be merry.”‘To be happy at the price of another’s loss is not pleasing to God as it destroys lives.happiness-willofgod-quote-lm.jpgPsalm 16:11 says You make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is my fullness of joy; In Your right hand is my pleasures forevermore. Psalm 21:2 You make me most blessed forever; You also make me joyful with gladness in Your presence. In Psalm 43:4  I will go to the altar of God, To God my exceeding joy; And upon the lyre I shall praise You, O God, my God. Great Joy and happiness is experienced in GOD’S Presence by those who Reverence His Sovereign MAJESTY.bryant-mcgill-happiness-permanent-state-2s8h1 Thessalonians 3:9 For what thanks can we render to God for you in return for all the joy with which we rejoice before God on your account. Jeremiah 15:16 Your words were found and I ate them, And so Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; For I am called by Your Name, O LORD God of hosts. Also, Romans 7:22 For I joyfully concur with law of God in my inner man. Agreeing with GOD’S words and promises is very important to show Gratitude to God. In Genesis 21:6 Sarah said, “God has made laughter for me; everyone who hears will laugh with me.” God wants us to laugh!!!osho-secret-of-happinessActs 11:23 Then when he arrived and witnessed the grace of God, he rejoiced and began to encourage them all with resolute heart to remain true to the Lord God; 1 Kings 8:66 On the eighth day he sent the people away and they blessed the king. They went to their tents joyful and glad of heart for the goodness the LORD God shown to David His servant and to Israel His people. Psalm 16:6 The lines have fallen to me in the pleasant places; my heritage is beautiful. Psalm 92:4 For You, O LORD, have made me glad by what You have done, I will sing for joy at the works of Your Hands.stock-photo-group-of-happy-people-jumping-isolated-on-white-background-155729933Psalm 111:2 Great are the works of the LORD God; They are studied by all who delight in them. Isaiah 61:10 I will rejoice greatly in the LORD, My soul will exult in my God; God clothes me with garments of salvation, He has wrapped me with a robe of righteousness, As a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. In Acts 13:48 when the Gentiles heard this, they began rejoicing and glorifying the word of the Lord God; as many are appointed to eternal life, believed. The salvation of people makes believers rejoice so happy!Happiness-Matters-What-You-Love-is-Critical-to-the-Planet.jpg.Matthew 25:21 “The faithful servant’s master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant you are faithful with few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into joy of your master.’ In Jeremiah 9:24 let him who boasts boast of this, that he understands and knows Me, I AM the LORD who Exercises loving-kindness, Justice, Righteousness on earth; for I delight in these things,” declares the LORD. Matthew 5:3-10 says Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. “Blessed are all those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. “Blessed are gentle ones for they shall inherit earth.CA-heart2015-1024x768Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that the LORD is good; How blessed are those who takes refuge in Him! Revelation 22:14 Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city. 1 Peter 4:11 If you are reviled for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of the Glory of  God rests on you. James 5:11 We count those blessed who endured You heard of the endurance of Job and have seen the outcome of the Lord’s dealings, that the Lord is full of compassion and is merciful.InspirationalQuotes.Club-hope-happiness-god-David-BrainerdProverbs 28:14 How blessed is the man who fears always, he who hardens his heart will fall into calamity. The Psalm 144:15 says How blessed are the people who are so situated; How blessed are the people whose God is the LORD! Proverbs 29:18 says, Where there is no vision, the people perish unrestrained, But happy is he who keeps the law. Proverbs 14:21 He who despises his neighbour sins, but happy is he who is gracious to the poor. Proverbs 16:20 He who gives attention to the word will find good, And blessed is he who trusts in the 128:2  You will eat the fruit of your labour; blessings and prosperity will be yours. Job 5:17“Behold, how happy is the man whom God reproves. Do not despise the discipline of the Almighty God. For happy is the man God reproves. James 5:11 says, count all those blessed who endure to the end. You have heard of endurance of Job so seen the outcome of the Lord’s dealings. The Lord is full of Compassion and is Merciful. “So Psalm 94:12 says Blessed is the man whom You chasten, O LORD, And whom You teach out of Your law to help you enjoy life.happiness-wallpaper-quote1 Peter 4:14 If you are reviled for name of Christ, you are blessed, because Spirit of glory of God rests on you so be happy. In 1 Peter 3:14 even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. DO NOT FEAR INTIMIDATION, AND DO NOT BE TROUBLED, be happy. Psalm 73:18-20 says surely sounds of terror are in his ears; while at peace destroyer comes upon him. While the meat was still between their teeth, before it was chewed, the anger of the LORD was kindled against the people, and the LORD struck the people with a very severe plague. God says be happy as God deals with your enemies. You set them in slippery places; You cast them down to destruction. So are destroyed in a moment! They are utterly swept away by sudden terrors! Like a dream when one awakes, O Lord, when aroused, You will despise their form. Rest assured in God for His Vengeance on your behalf.Happiness-needs-no-cause-1024x697-1God Controls the voice of gladness, joy, celebrations but withdraws them also as seen in Jeremiah 25:10-11. God says He Will take from them the voice of joy, the voice of gladness, voice of bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the sound of the millstones and the light of the lamp. ‘This whole land will be a desolation and a horror, and these nations will serve the king of Babylon seventy years. Then God restores joy and voice of gladness again. In Luke 16:19 says, “Now there was a rich man, and he habitually dressed in purple fine linen, joyously living in splendour every day. He had no regard for God so thought he was self-made man. God saw his arrogance, cruelty and unreasonable wickedness for depriving others made unhappy by his actions. God dealt with him instantly that night ending his life.dalailama166116Luke 16:25“But Abraham said, ‘Child, remember during your life you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus bad things; but now he is comforted here in heaven, and you are in agony in hell. Luke 12:16-20 says Jesus told a parable, saying, “The land of a rich man was very productive. “And he began reasoning to himself, saying, ‘What shall I do, since I have no place to store my crops?’ “Then he said, ‘This is what I will do: I will tear down my barns and build larger ones, there I will store all my grain my goods. He did not take anything with him but died due to greed and selfishness.happiness-quotesThe choices made help to determine the course of action required to be happy. So Psalm 37:35-36 says, I have seen wicked, violent man spread himself like a luxuriant tree in its native soil. Then he passed away, and lo, he was no more; I sought for him, but he could not be found. In Psalm 73:16  When I pondered to understand this, It was troublesome in my sight the end of the reckless life without God has unhappy consequences. Jeremiah 12:1 says, Righteous are You, O LORD, I plead my case with You; Indeed I discuss matters of justice with God. Why has the way of the wicked prospered? So why are all those who deal in treachery at ease? God defend His Children so Will Vindicate giving Joy and happiness.The-seven-steps-to-happinessPsalm 73:3 says For I was envious of the arrogant As I saw the prosperity of the wicked. But the LORD GOD is for me. In Habakkuk 1:13 Your eyes are too pure to approve evil, So God You cannot look on wickedness  with favour, but Why do You look with favour On those who deal with people treacherously? God Why are You silent when the wicked swallow up Those more righteous than they? Vengeance is GOD’S decision to conquer the enemy to give victory. Isaiah 22:13 says, Instead, there is gaiety and gladness, killing of cattle and slaughtering of sheep, eating of meat and drinking of wine: “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we may die.”Happiness-is-NOW-B-Roll-Photo-1Habakkuk 1:16 says therefore they offer a sacrifice to their net And burn incense to their fishing net; Because through these things their catch is large, And their food is plentiful. God warns against trusting in material objects as source of wealth. God is to be acknowledged as true Source of wealth to receive Glory and Honour. In Isaiah 5:12 Their banquets accompanied by lyre, harp, tambourine, flute, by wine; But do not pay attention to deeds of the LORD, Nor consider Work of His Hands to Give Due God Credit for His blessings. Our hands are BLESSED with BLESSINGS of OUR LORD GOD ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH.happiness quotePsalm 17:14 From men with Your hand, O LORD, From men of the world, whose portion is in this life, And whose belly You fill with Your treasure; are satisfied with children, leave abundance to their babies. Cannot ignore investing in God, as He blesses people to leave wealth to their children’s children. Do not worry about future happiness of descendants.  God in Job 21:13 Ensures,”They spend their days in prosperity, And suddenly they go down to Sheol. In Psalm 52:7 it says, “The man who did not make God his refuge, but trusts in abundance of his riches was strong in his evil desire.”For not considering God in his bank balance.Happiness-resides-not-in-possessions__quotes-by-Democritus-23.pngJob 21:7 says,”Why do the wicked still live, continue on, to become powerful?Psalm 37:35 says I have seen a wicked, violent man spreading himself like a luxuriant tree in the soil. Psalm 37:7  says Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who carries out wicked schemes. God will work things out for you. Psalm 37:3-4 Trust in the LORD and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. Delight yourself in the LORD GOD, HE will give you desires of your heart. Isaiah  56:12  “Come,” they say, “let us get wine, let us drink heavily of strong drink; And tomorrow will be like today, more so.”Isaiah 5:11 Woe to those who rise early in the morning that they may pursue strong drink, Who stay up late in the evening so wine may inflame them! Amos 6:1 Woe to those who are at ease in Zion to those who feel secure in the mountain of Samaria, distinguished men of the foremost of nations, To whom the house of Israel comes. Luke 6:2 “Woe to you who are well-fed now, for you shall be hungry. Woe to you who laugh for you shall mourn and weep. God takes unfair happiness seriously so metes revenge.Quote-Plant-Seeds-of-Happiness-Steve-Maraboli.jpgUntil I came into the sanctuary of God, I perceived their end. Surely You set them in slippery places; You cast them down to destruction. How they are destroyed in a moment! They are utterly swept away by sudden terrors!  Ecclesiastes 2:1 I said to myself, “Come now, I will test you with pleasure enjoy yourself.” And behold, it was futility. Ecclesiastes 7:6 says as the crackling of thorn bushes under a pot, so is laughter of a fool; And this too is futility. Acts 12:21-23. On an appointed day Herod put on his royal apparel, took his seat on the rostrum and began delivering an address to the who people kept crying out, the voice of a god not of man!” Immediately an angel of the Lord struck him because he did not give God glory so eaten by worms and died. Seeking pride in only excessive pleasure taking GOD’S Glory risks GOD’S Wrath so be content and grateful to God.happy-family-collage-background-people-outdoors-31666183.jpgIsaiah 22:12 states, sometimes joy comes after weeping so the Lord GOD of hosts calls to weeping, wailing, crying, shaving the head wearing sackcloth in sorrow plus repentance to receive real true happiness from God. Sovereign GOD’S Methods must be clearly discerned to fully understand true happiness. It is God Who Gives Peace beyond human understanding to go through challenges and still have Joy of the LORD as your strength. True Joy and Happiness are not in things but help enhance happiness for a moment. This is why some accomplish great things but go off to next thing not yet enjoyed this one. As easily bored not content with lot fixate on others to prop happiness or promotion. So put others down to feel good about themselves.464AB7A68A8F40AAAAB84405DA577DF7Esther 5:9-11 in Bible says Haman went out that day glad and pleased of heart; but when Haman saw Mordecai in the king’s gate, who did not stand up or tremble before him, Haman was filled with anger against Mordecai. So went to his house and sent for his friends and wife Zeresh. Haman recounted glory of his riches, number of his sons, all the instances the king magnified, promoted him above princes and servants of king. His inflated ego caused him to boast in himself and all his achievements never once giving God thanks or the Glory. He forgot all his joy and happiness that day by zooming in on Mordecai with hatred. This destroyed Haman. Also Habakkuk 1:15 says the Chaldeans bring all of them up with a hook, drag them away with their net, and gather them together in their fishing net rejoicing and glad. They were happy destroying others. An enemy attacks happiness by the bait like fish is hooked by anglers. At times, by violence like net drags or sweeps away to gather harvest as own. So satan, casts out baits and nets in stormy seas of life, taking some individuals by crafty deception, sweeping others in whole masses to do evil. Those who reject Christ to Reign over them in Luke 19:4, are often lured, hurried, dragged away as prey out of God’s Presence into sin.happiest-people.jpgIn Christ the saints are saved daily from devil causing misery to slay the whole human race. Salvation recognises God as Source of happiness. Resources gained in Christ profits soul’s ministry hardwork. Proverbs 14:13 says mocking laughter of the heart is pain and end of joy is grief. Making oneself happy and laughing at the exploited is not allowed by God. Such a happiness leads to sorrow and grief because it is God Who Gives Power to get genuine happiness wealth blessings, riches. Luke 12:20 says to the man who disregarded God, You fool! This very night your soul is required of you; so who will own what you prepared? In Numbers 11:33 while meat was between their teeth, before it was chewed, anger of the LORD God was kindled against such people, so the LORD struck them with a plague. Such natural disasters often affects the world.Happiness-ChecklistThe triumphing of the wicked is short, joy of the godless momentary. In Esther 5:13 Haman abandons his own personal happiness to attack the Jews costing him his life.  Those getting rich work hard so deserve their wealth. Yet God says do not fret if others prosper and you feel not as equally rich. Be happy for them do not fret.  Psalm 37:1 Do not fret because of evildoers, be not envious of wrongdoers. Daniel 5 describes injustice against God by Belshazzar the king who held a great feast for a thousand nobles, drinking wine in his palace with God’s vessels. God dealt with such arrogance against Him immediately. A Christian believer’s focus is on Christ and God through the Holy Spirit. Proverbs 6:23 command says God’s Word Lamp Shines Light on soul. happiness.jpgMatthew 8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Pure thoughts help to be happy in life. 1 John 18 says let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. This makes heart to be congruent to actions reflecting extra happiness. Deuteronomy 33:29 Blessed are you, Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by the LORD? He is your shield and helper and your glorious sword. Your enemies will cower before you, and you will tread on their heights. In Job 5:17 Blessed is the one God Corrects; and be happy with discipline of Almighty God. God Corrects those He Loves in Proverbs 16:2. If I were to ask you what makes you happy, you probably have no problem providing me with at least a few answers like new car, less body fat,higher paying job, a lottery win, a better holiday, me time and so on. So answers have similar themes of happiness depending on only external circumstances. Surprisingly all these is materialistic so things do not determine long-term happiness. If joy is assumed it makes life more joyful as realistic and so actually improves long-term happiness.aristotle-happiness-quotes-happiness-depends-uponHappiness is determined by the inner personal state of mind brain condition and perspective on life. These factors affect perceptions or experiences to influence happiness. Happiness is not caused by external circumstances but depends on personal interpretations of life events, functions and experiences. All experiences can impact life so one has to regard your happiness as constant to determine the number and nature of pleasurable events experienced in life. A study on moods and activities tracked by asking women to record previous day’s activities and experiences. Researchers concluded major life circumstances not directly affected household income, job prospects, benefits correlate minimally with moment-by-moment happiness. What correlate strongly with happiness was deep sleep quality on one hand or proneness toward depression.life_is_happiness-1Money enhances the happiness already within a person. In order to be happy we all need enough money to pay bills and a little room to purchase the extras. Some level of income threshold contributes very little to being any happier. Having household income to live comfortably around $50,000 is said to moderately related to happiness. An income above results in often vanishing correlation between money, happiness. Data also indicates incomes a little higher or little lower than $50,000 makes a little difference..Those who earn $50,000 per year are much happier than those who earn $10,000 per year, but earning like $5 million per year are not any happier than those who earn $100,000 per year. People are happy not because they live in wealthy nations or have material stuff. Some equate their material things with perceived happiness. Maintaining things causes stress for momentary happiness. Though things help to live in extremely wealthy nations. Happiness adjusted at the pace of walking or running speed as settings on a treadmills. So happiness factors include, sex in a suitable married relationship. Making lots love by sexual activity improves the cognitive function to promote neurogenesis production of new neurons suppresses chronic stress. If you need another reason to have more sex, you are welcome. 2. A Safe space for Calm Room” to recharge emotional batteries from radiation electromagnetic TV particles signals harmful to mind, brain and imagination processing.”happiness-1-624x294Radio waves and cancer debates suggest, cognitive effects from overexposure are undeniable. Smog” of radio waves from computers, WI-fi, cell phones, Bluetooth headsets. Boost mental performance to give mind a reprieve from technological buzz by a walk in nature or meditating. Schedule time to mentally disconnect to recharge daily. Listen to favourite music or Pray. 3. The chill factor. A cold shower or swim as shock causes blood to move to core of body, bathes brain and vital organs in fresh blood. Finish showers with turning the temperature as cold as possible to give your brain invigorating boost. If brave, you can try an ice bath.gandhi-happinessLessons From Ice Industry 4. Decision making style process for any potential action. Reflect on the choices required clear sign of making decisions based on unfounded assumptions. Have a critical mind so never jump in without testing the water first. 5. Jesus systematically fasted for 40 day periods. He taught his disciples to pray and fast because some problems can be solved way. Fasting boosts mind, and mental perception, creativity.  Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), aids memory functions and stimulates the growth of new brain cells. The acute stress caused by fasting causes the brain to release endorphins, leads to feelings of well-being euphoria.happy-people-multicultural-5.jpgThe Power Of Happiness Comes From Yourself, Not From Others. Happiness can easily fade if you depend on others to cheer you up. To gain permanent and genuine happiness, you need to make it a daily habit to be happy. Apparently it really is little things in life that make us happy. According to research by DoubleTree involving 2,000 adults. It may surprise you to learn humans are generally optimistic, with over half of the adults saying they have a “glass half full” attitude to life, and 56% describing themselves as particularly happy. Over a quarter said a few little things will cheer them up, and the research determined that little surprises provide us with the greatest amount of happiness, with 82% saying best things in life unexpected. An effective route to happiness is not only necessarily through experiencing major events that we might have planned out such as getting married, moving house, getting that all-important promotion, or even being on a holiday.” “Rather it is small, unexpected, pleasures in life that make us smile each day to help us build happier and more meaningful lives for ourselves and for others.”happiness-choice.jpgCheck out 40 little things in daily life that bring us true happiness. 1. Finding money in your pocket that you didn’t know you had.2. Asked by someone who cares how you are doing.3. Climbing into bed when you have fresh sheets.4. Some taking an extra-long bath or shower when you have free time. 5. Smiling at a child you see in public.6. Receiving a 10 minute massage from your partner or friend. 7. Cuddling someone before you have to get up and start your day. 8. Waking up and realizing it is a sunny, beautiful day. 9. Having a long phone conversation with ones you care about and have not spoken to in a while. 10. Watching the rain fall when you have nowhere to be, and you can curl up on the sofa. 11. Watching children playing and laughing together, reminding you of the joy in the world. 12. Spending some time with your pets, animals in general! 13. A kind stranger giving you a genuine smile.14. Have a nice, long stretch when you first wake up to get body moving.  15. Laughing loud at fun memory..Happiness-he-art16. A gesture of kindness from someone in your life – as simple as your child helping you cook dinner. 17. A smell you love, from baked bread or freshly mowed lawn. 18. A meaningful, long hug from somebody you care about. 19. Putting on clothes after they have been warmed on the radiator. 20. Taking a few moments alone if things get hectic. 21. Some watching the sunset or the sunrise. 22. The smell outside after the rain has stopped. 23. Listening to favourite artist album. 24. Receiving an email or a letter from a friend. 25. The chance to be creative, from painting your old set of drawers to doodling a picture. 26. Some holding hands with lover. 27. Eating breakfast in bed. 28. Playing a game you used to love when you were younger. 29. Eating healthy, tasty food makes you feel good about yourself. 30. An extra half an hour to snooze in bed. 31. Having some time to yourself to read a book you love. 32. Buying your favorite drink or snack and savoring it. 33. Some receiving flowers from someone who cares about you. 34. Eating your lunch outside in the sun. 35. Trying out a new recipe creating something delicious. 36. A gesture of support from your friends or family. 37. Listening to a song you used to love and haven’t heard in years. 38. Taking time to help others with their problems. 39. Spending time in your home when tidy and clean. 40. Achieving small victory, fixing washing machine, replacing light.635884720931064231-1954055658_happinessExtra happy people are of a very great significance because of the effort put in to remain happy. Extra happy people go the extra mile to focus more on happy, thoughts, actions, so find good to dwell on in every situation. Miserable people seem to hold on to bitterness, anger, negativity yet think they can be happy at the same time. Extra happy people go an extra mile in terms of choosing to smell the roses than worry about the thorns. Happy and miserable people always live together so go hand in hand presented like two sides of a coin head or tails. Yet Extra happy people consistently choose to be happy. Extra happy understand no matter how you try to help a miserable person they seem to prefer to be sad. Happy people learn not to deprive themselves by the happiness of miserable people. Greatest happiness secret is loving and caring for family, loved ones friends and people.


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