God wants you to Praise Him from early in the morning to the evening to be the No. 1  in your life as His Steadfast LOVE Sustains your life. FATHER  LORD GOD IS IN LOVE WITH HIS CHILDREN SO GOD WANTS SAME LOVE TOO FROM you. So God’s Steadfast Love Never ceases for you. His Mercies never come to an end because they are New every morning. God’s Great Faithfulness and God’s Enduring Love is to be Praised Always Continually by all times by all mouths from the morning sunrise through noon time to evening sundown. When up God is to be thanked for life, family, loved ones and friends, food, blessings, career, among others. Proper Knowledge and Understanding of God’s Love helps gain wisdom in Bible changes person better.
To fully appreciate accurate meaning of God’s Love you can read Deuteronomy, 6:5, ‘LOVE the LORD your GOD with all your heart, all your soul and with all your strength.od’s Spirit is right inside your heart and by your side even if you do not see or feel His Presence. GOD’S VERY IMAGE Nature is embedded or imprinted in all humanity. So people cannot detach from GOD’S LOVE without consequence. Loving Father God puts up with people by Grace so FORGIVES. So God’s Love is essential to Sustain Life on the earth. Without God’s Spirit Input, man ceases to exist physically in life, spiritually in the heart, at peace in soul so love God!!!
71271a88e417ba3d707c83b010963351_610000a4-08c2-41a0-8922-255610b254ab_2048x2048God Awareness links mankind’s destiny back to God as already tied to God in the womb and before the foundations of the earth. God link provides answers within God’s Agenda, Goals, Plans, Purposes or Answers to challenges. So God is not an option but a necessity. Taking time to personally read GOD’S WORDS reveals the True Nature of God’s Requirements. Some people see themselves apart from God as a separate being so not ‘religious’ but GOD IS LOVE not religious either. It is a personal relationship with God. It is a mistake to equate God with religion. As God wants to love people directly and to be be loved back by them personally. The study of the Bible in church and at home makes it clearer and easier to Love GOD.
A sound teaching from the Bible helps to learn more about God’s Presence Inside our hearts created by God. Paying more attention to God has rewards and good Dividents because connected to the Divine God. Decisions are made in line with God’s Way of Doing Things. The Expectation of God from His People is discussed to understand GOD’S Point of View. This is important to help all realise God is in Control of earth by Sunrise warming earth. God determines Rainfall and the Seasonal Provisions. So God is charge although works through the talents and abilities given to people.
The Love of God is shed abroad in our hearts inside our spirit according to
Romans 5:5. This confident hope of God Connection assures us God dwells in us. So God never makes us ashamed because God is Love. The cause of shame is the enemy of God deceiving people to rebel against God then accuse them of the evil caused by him. This is to create enmity or hatred against God so that people do not feel Loved by God. So makes people blame God while taunting people their God abandons them. A Christian believer must discern to know that the spiritual wickedness in high places is against God. Tries to discredit God to make God seem unloving and uncaring.
All those who look for God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength find God. Intimate personal interaction with God is essential to top up assembly gathering with fellow believers. Unless isolated or completely alone without others, then one has to practice presence of God. This builds trust in God so transforms lives. It good to acknowledge God personally and serve actively in the church one goes to. It is even better to take a relevant point from the sermon to meditate each day throughout the week if baby Christian.
With detailed notes made to reflect on applying Godly principled in your life daily. The Bible says in church take heed first loving yourself from home. Then take heed loving others as you also love yourself in the congregation. A pastor is first responsible for personal wellbeing, family, members taking heed of personal growth so church is free to worship God. Taking care of people’s needs is urgently necessary but sometimes impossible to find time for God. Even silent moments of Praise is vital to mature as believer in Christ. God is not an afterthought even if mega rich, famous or poor. God says all Praise Him from Sunrise to Sunset.
ddedb9e71ff75546da93c99fdd1188edThe blessings of God does not mean that He Lets you have your own way to do as you please. So God wants to change your heart because there is a way that seems right to a person but it always ends in self destruction. Some that way causes consequence of ignoring God inbuilt in wrong choices. God is not responsible for rebellious choices made but the natural course of actions affect decisions made. The Bible shows a true living history of Noah and his family saved by God. It is necessary to realise history is repeating itself again in the endtime prophecies. A new historical event is taking place that demands obedience to God.
Those who took  God seriously were the few members of Noah’s family as feared God. Many people laughed, mocked and geered at Noah for building an bark yet it  never rained. Noah believed and trusted God Faithfully so continued to build ark. It took many years for Noah to prepare, complete the ark, stock pile food, fill it with pairs of all living things including their feeds.  Eventually, God invited all the people and gave them warning to get ready to enter in the ark. Still many were too busy enjoying life to take any notice or take God seriously. So many people perished needlessly when they could be saved. Do not ignore God for your own good in Jesus Name!  We shall Praise the LORD HIS PRAISE SHALL CONTINUALLY  BE in our mouths in Jesus Name!!! God Rides the Praises of men to come among them to join in with His Presence. Living a meaningful fulfilling life takes God’s Help, Acknowledgment and Approval. So get GOD’S Attention through Praise!!!

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