Jesus VALENTINE’S poems expresses our Gratitude, Appreciation, Love, Trust, Thanksgiving, Confidence and Faith in Jesus. Christ is Reliable at All Times so Celebrate VALENTINE Christ poems. These Christian bulletin poems are also   Dedicated to Jesus Christ. We Give Glory and Thanks to Father God for Jesus Gift with Love in Christ through Holy Spirit.10623-valentine-poems-for-herSo Christian Valentine poems Honour Love of Christ. We Thank God For His Gift Privilege Jesus Our SALVATION in Jesus Name. Inspiration Christian Prayer for Valentine Day poem supports Godly Love. Christian Faith, Believes, Accepts and Recognises God’s Love Encouraged today about Jesus, God Son’s Loves all. So give your heart to Jesus.Valentines-Day-Poetry-poems-freeValentines Wishes and Messages extend to the Members, Son, Daughter, Mother, Father Cousins, Nephews to celebrate the Love of God. Today is wonderful day to remember loved ones. So these cards sent to all are quite a useful expression how one feels deep from the heart to all during Valentine day about Love of God.images-3Take time to love yourself today because Jesus Lives one can face tomorrow. The day can be spent in the Presence of God quietly thanking God in Jesus Name. Or most people celebrate with family and friends at home together or go out for a meal. Whichever suits you best LOVE of God Dwells richly in you in Jesus Name.images-2

God’s Love is So Powerful so helps us to overcome adversity in Jesus Name. The day is not just about buying gifts and exchanging presents though part of the celebrations. Those not still yet sure of Godly Valentine read 1 Corinthians 13. So tell those in your life you love them, we made it easy for you to share Love. The world needs more love words backed by love actions so share Jesus Love. images-1

This ensures the Godly Love Message is shared by those who LOVE GOD with all others. Jesus helps ensure everyday you tell family you love them. Even if nobody ever told you growing up Jesus Loves you still do so. It may not be how you were brought up create New Life in Christ Jesus as Child  of God. Jesus The Light of the world Sacrificed His Life because God so Loved the world He Gave His Only Begotten Son to Save all.images

Similarly, Valentine paid price with his life for upholding the love between the couple whose marriage he officiated as priest hence Valentines day. Jesus PAID THE PRICE For All so Bought us with Jesus Blood. No longer your own belong to God whether child or adult, single, married, widowed, divorced, Celebrate Jesus Love in Jesus Name! How about writing some poems for Jesus? No matter how crazy or cruel the modern world do not blame it on God but it is caused by the rebellion of mankind. God LOVES you so much to redeem you by Christ Love for you. So receive and enjoy GOD’S LOVE in Christ for you.


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