imageSome celebrate Valentines vintage style keeping eyes on Jesus to strengthen love for each other. As words may not be adequate enough to express love.

greatest is love (1)Great wisdom and understanding of God value of love is required to fully know God’s Love. LOVE is daily journey.Powell-The-greatest-of-these-is-love1-449x450God’s love to teach children and remind adults on love walk of life in Jesus Name. The standard God set is in Bible on what true Godly love means for all.p10304691.jpgLOVE is inclusive of all people to treat them kindly to show example by Love among each other. Yet still have love boundaries of marital and agape love.862_001Love and acknowledge love in little boys and girls and celebrate the little boy in you. God said we must be like the little children to inherit Kingdom of God.imageDo not focus on their being perfect for only God, Jesus and Holy Spirit are the Perfect Ones, so you perfect in Christ.image

Do not seek approval to feel perfect for God made you in His PERFECT IMAGE! Believe in GOD and live in Christ Jesus.

imageLoved ones love you but cannot fulfill all the needs in your life. GOD CAN in Christ so dwell on God’s Love count blessings.  imageEnjoy Valentines day in way you please, be safe and happy as can be with loved ones with gratitude and thanks to God!


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