As the Child of the King of Kings and the LORD of lords, GOD ALMIGHTY, GOD’S CHILDREN are ROYAL REGENTS OF A SPECIAL CALIBRE. COMPARED to earthly royals these titles given by God seem like a big joke. Often, the reality of life is contrary to situation of human royals. To belong to HIS MAJESTY JEHOVAH THE MOST SOVEREIGN HIGH GOD’S KINGDOM is spiritually discerned. This is because so many expected Jesus Christ to fulfil human Kingdom by taking over earthly kings to rule while on earth. Jesus made it clear His Kingdom was not if this world. As believers, it seems appealing to claim the status God put on His Children now before GOD’S Timing.


So many want to claim the inheritance heritage now to inherit the Kingdom of God. Others wonder why if royal priests and Kings they are not living in own palaces yet. After all God Promised to give houses and lands in this life and in the world to come to those who love Him, including vineyards and orchards to live the good life. Yet it seems for the majority of Christian believers, these reality or Royalty Lifestyle seems far from their realities. In fact, there was a story I noticed recently in the news, that a Christian community in Egypt collects and rummages through rubbish to earn a living from scraps found. The Spirit behind the diversion of wealth wants to sabotage GOD’S Purpose for mankind.


Immediately these thoughts flashed through my mind about how many earthly royals have to earn a living that way? Thank God, that those believers find that someone’s rubbish is another person’s treasure. At least it is better than doing  nothing or having no source of meagre income to say the least. The Enduring Promises of God can seem daunting as some are forced to live like paupers yet the heirs and heiress of HIS MAJESTY THE ALMIGHTY GOD. It makes GOD’S Children wonder if GOD IS REALLY RICH how come His Most loyal, faithful and dedicated servants are almost always the poorest. Worst of all many struggle to fulfill their calling under unbearable heavy weight of debt, loans, bills to run Kingdom belonging to the WEALTHIEST GOD! It seems an irony that the impact of wealth accumulation of few handful individuals  deplete GOD’S resources from His Work on earth.


Many are dying needlessly due to lack proper understanding for the use of the resources provided by God. Many think it is about increasing the quantity and volume of their wealth and assets that make them really successful. Yes to some extent, but the bigger picture includes God and His Provisions made available for all. It is very sad that the ones depriving others do so to hurt the innocent victims who own the wealth but cannot access it. As it belongs to others depriving them with many of the trappings of modern life, leaders play a key role in their communities. They look on as such indulge in luxury lifestyle yet many suffer and die. Each person is previous to God and included in GOD’S Abundant Provisions more than enough for the 7:8 billion people on earth to be worth 100 billion each if there is justice and fairness on earth.


These are the causes of many young people with high expectations and their expensive tastes feeling not included in Riches they were promised enhanced lives after education. It seems rather like getting into debt after training or attending university, so many do not see real fruits of their toil and labour. Some are disillusioned, disappointed or frustrated in life. They watch the rich getting richer. Especially those farther away from God seem to get rich faster than the humble  faithful servants and children of God. To rectify this anomaly some take on the world’s methods of acquiring wealth to fulfill prosperity    message in the church. So focus shifts from SALVATION and soul winning to make more money at the expense of the Gospel. So Christian Dom’s  passion and zeal shifted to creating wealth. The question is how much of such wealth is invested in building GOD’S SOVEREIGN ROYAL KINGDOM? The budgets of the earth’s kingdoms spare no expenses for the best quality, most luxurious high end up market of products meriting the status of royals. So then the children of God become perplexed and some feel let down for never achieving the royal priesthood kings supposed to be. It will not be long as earthly Riches become valueless to those in Christ in rapture. So need to lose hope, worry or fret by watching flourishing booming riches of others while they seem poorer.  God had His Own Agenda and Plans for all His Children that truly believe in Him.


The truth is GOD’S Method is not about only acquiring material things. As man’s Worth in GOD’S Eyes is not measured by earthly possessions in the Bible. Yes wealth is great to make the world go round but God gives breath to life. If the Spirit of God is removed by God from owner of wealth that person dies. So it becomes useless for it cannot be taken with them. God said there is no point in conquering the whole world and losing your soul. Someone can own the whole world, every company, every product, have landmark, every logo wherever so their name is read all over the world. Yet that does not impress God much because it God’s World Created by Him so all the silver and gold belong to God, including a cattle on a thousand hills and all people on earth. As stewards appointed use of God’s resources on earth, it is to ensure Jehovah Jireh the Great Provider sustains all His people on earth. And to Celebrate and Honour GOD’S MAJESTY through His Only Son Jesus Christ. God is not happy how His resources are diverted for the wrong reasons yet blaming Him for not doing enough. God is patiently waiting for all people to do the right thing to win more souls precious to God. This is why the wealth is becoming more of a bone of contention. God is Getting Ready to Move and Shake all things to Retrieve His Wealth in wrong hands by wealth transfer to the righteous for building His Kingdom. To Prove to His Heirs and Heiress Kings that His Words are True and will never return void. So wealth creation is to sponsor GOD’S Rule through Christ to Reign on earth.


The end times are showing transition charges God is making to restores the earth as the RIGHTFUL OWNER. Those who accept and receive Christ Jesus Reign and Rule with Jesus as GOD’S APPOINTED KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF Lords. This is not a fantasy delusion but the real accurate truth in the Bible. So those who feel let down by God and Jesus for not enjoying royal privileges, it is those who endure to the end that gain their CROWNS in GOD’S Kingdom. So it is important to understand Things of God are spiritually discerned. At the moment the god of mammon controls wealth that is why God said the love of money is the root of all evil because people love money, pleasure, self, more than LOVING GOD AND SPONSORING THE THINGS IF GOD THAT LASTS INTO ETERNITY. This is why although people accumulate wealth and seem to have it all but still unfulfilled and miserable. So always looking for next thrill yet never content or at peace. The Truth is God is missing link to fill void. To help them be at peace beyond human understanding within to enjoy the Priceless Joy of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, no amount of money can buy no matter how rich they are. The way to receive God’s Royal Priesthood as Kings is to work within God’s Plan and Purpose to restore the earth to perfection in Jesus Name. So aggrandisement of self is good as long as one contributes back to Owner God of Wealth because it is God who Gives Power to get wealth. To be rich and live to enjoy the riches is a gift from God and a blessing from God. So Honour God with your all  substance and cast your bread upon the waters. For you never know when the time might come for God to reward you according to the work of your hands. It is God who Gives
Increase, Promotion, Blessings, Liberty, Year of Jubilee. Remember God even in your youth and serve God so it will be well with you to live long into eternity as  a Royal Priest King in God’s Kingdom!


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