This discussion came up as people were asking,”why is mankind in need of any kind of forgiveness from God for sin?” Some people feel alright, so do not think they need forgiveness from God. They do not believe they have done anything wrong, or committed any crimes worth punishment. As far as they know they are good people living normal lives according to proper state approved standards and values. Therefore have no concerns because they feel they have not offended any one. This is the common popular attitude towards the inherited original sin from Adam and Eve. Such a response is given by the average person as they often feel they are leading quite a fairly decent life. When God originally, created the first perfect people God saw all His creation and said they were very good. Not long after they were deceived to disobey God so sinned. Since then, sin bug filtered in DNA passed down to date.the-cross-the-curseandrogyny-deception-7-638.jpgSo Bible makes it clear all people have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God so in need God’s Grace Mercy and Forgiveness. God’s words in the Bible is clear all people need to repent from sin although may not be directly committed by modern society. No one is righteous in their own way without GOD’S Input through Jesus. To help further explain why past sin affects modern society, it is helpful to apply DNA science as follows. Families show inherited trait in genetic cells and tissues passed on to children. Ancestry defects reappear in generations later in the family tree. Traits are passed on to children and children’s children for many genetations. Often similarities are seen in pictures and photos although never met. Internally, lifestyle choices of diet, alcoholics, Hiv or environment like Zika, has direct impact on unborn babies in womb. Babies, though not directly in contact with source of illness bear brunt through no fault of parents. So advice is given by doctors and health officials to watch decisions made if detrimental to affect the babies or next generations.androgyny-deception-8-638Modern technology enables deep insight into scientific studies to show details of damaged organs of babies and adults in MRSI SCAN. Similarly, in spiritual realm whatever ancestor did is automatically imprinted so translated to descendants. The Bible makes it clear the children are affected so used to be punished for the sins and actions of their fathers. In the new covenant Jesus cancels generational sin cleaning and transforming through the blood of Jesus. The father’s no more eat sour grape’s and the children’s teeth is set on edge. Meaning each person is now directly responsible for own sin so must repent for God’s forgiveness. In Jeremiah 31:29, and Ezekiel 18:2 God says people will no longer be punished for mistakes of predecessors. This is the means to seek personal deliverance from past ancestral sins or curse impediments that can hinder life and progress. These manifest either physically or spiritually.God Acts FirstHeed God’s Command to repent for self and intercede on behalf of family. These issues play part in daily lives of people without an awareness of root causes of issues dealt with. This is often why this proverb is quoted concerning the land of Israel and all grafted Gentiles included in GOD’S Covenant. ”Parents have eaten sour grapes means the actions and choices of adults rub on children copying such actions impacting behaviour. Furthermore, babies inherit genes and chromosones that are passed on from parents. This is seen in hospital with new born babies in detox for foetal alcohol addiction. Others are innocent babies born with Hiv virus in treatment among other congenital birth defects contributed to by parents. These babies were not involved directly as the participants but affected by association.img_1941.jpgThis is why God is not Mocked for bad company corrupts good manners. So whatever babies are exposed to affect them. Therefore the parents face such consequences of raising the baby and are constantly reminded of poor choices. So some feel sorry, responsible, for passing onto their children, so bereft with guilt or others blame themselves. This is how trangression stain of sin from Adam and Eve contaminated all mankind. Mankind tries to remove sin stain by their method or own strength through ritual annual animal sacrifices to take away sin for too long. Repeated cycle each year until God took pity and Sent ONE SACRIFICE to eradicate and clean sin once and for all. i-am-an-overcomerThere are some worse stains in life that can be removed with relative ease. Of course, not all stains come out. Some stains, like blood ink and dried paint, may be impossible to remove. Some fabrics or dyes are not able to withstand use of cleaning or stain removal agents. On the whole, stains must be instantly removed to avoid spoiling the outfit. As some regular/ common stains may leave behind disturbing effects on the fabric. These include, blood, ink, rust stains are easily removed using special processes. But the treatment process reaction on some fabrics can ruin the material. This is similar to spiritual stain of sin in mankind removed by Christ so man will not perish but have gift of eternal life. So God demonstrates His Love to sinners and crimson red sin is removed by Jesus’ blood becomes whiter than snow. It is the blood of Jesus that Cleans pure white linen cloth stain better compared to the other identical untainted white linen.the-love-of-god-tara-ellis

In the natural realm despite all human endeavour, expertise or competence, a micro fibre if enhanced under highest microscope still reveals a significant difference although seems perfectly clean to normal naked eyes. Some very irritating stains are easily cleaned with a solution prepared and bleached dried in the afternoon sun for 2 to 3 hours then washed as normal. Certain pens may leak and leave behind a mark which definitely destroys favourite shirt and weaken it due to regular washing in constant efforts to remove the stain. So instead of using a brush again and again you can try two simple techniques. For instance if the ink mark is fresh then the user should soak it in milk so that all the ink in absorbed. Otherwise if it is an old and dirty mark then a good hairspray sprayed according to size of the affected area and depth in the fabric material is washed normally to remove the visible stains. Many stains caused by food, oily substances or beverages may disappear when dry. But left untreated, a yellow or brownish stain appears over time. This is caused by the oxidation of the sugar in the staining substance. It is the same process that makes a peeled apple turn brown after exposure to air. Sometimes the oil from stains make irregular “cross pattern” when it follows fabric fibers. a1john1_9Oily substances successfully removed in dry cleaning unless left to oxidize. Once they become yellow or brown, becomes much more difficult to remove as stain. You can help do a better job by pointing out stains when you drop off clothes. Then we can treat these stains before cleaning, since the heat of drying or finishing may set the stain in further.” Similarly one needs to run quickly to God in repentance again and again for forgiveness. This is how Jesus taught the disciples to pray to be forgiven their as they forgive trespasses in Jesus Name. This is not encouraging a sin conscious or sin centred life. But an awareness to continue to maintain the spirit of rigthteousness of God. So good to plead the blood of Jesus over family, self, work, general prayer for sins of nations. Many people today suffering in pain and affected by decisions or choices they did not have control of over. Life in general is hard with many challenges so people tend to blame others for wrongs that is suffered. Often blaming God, family, or government or their parents. Similarly, sin was blamed for the health condition of a young man. Jesus intervened to say that it was not sin but to Glorify God.who_sinned_man_born_blind_promoThough sin is not directly responsible for all health conditions, people are also warned not to lead reckless lives because sin affects relationship with God. Actual advert of cleaning company sounds so identical to instant healing received in season. So a spiritual sin tackled early can prevent issues getting out of control. God is inviting all people to come with stains, warts and all for Jesus is able to clean them all. The church of CHRIST is like a hospital full of people in need of the physician Jesus. Everyone goes for salvation, healing in the spirit, mind, body and soul. So choice given to those willing to be redeemed from inherited generational sins. For salvation from own personal sin against God not to be passed down to the next generation, if not dealt with. Undealt with sin passes down to children by God to the 3rd and 4th generations in Numbers 14:18. This passage indicates God visits the sins of the fathers on the children, even to the third and fourth generations.androgyny-deception-45-638Although God is so slow in anger and abounding in Love HE never lets guilt go unpunished. If parents do not repent God punishes children for parents’sins to third and fourth generations if they do not repent too. So requires prayer to God to have Mercy to cancel all punishment intended by God. Ignoring God means an automatic acceptance for GOD’S Plans to come into action. In the Bible, we read about destruction of Achan’s family by God, for causing the defeat of the whole nation. The LORD God, is a Jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the children, wife, relatives. Achan and his family died as a result of his disobeying God Command in Joshua 7, for all spoil exclusively belonged to God. The whole nation was also punished for sins of Hophni and Phinehas including death of Father Eli and their wives. So God punished parents and nation for the sins of the unruly children in that case.androgyny-deception-66-638.jpgThe view God takes is that if the parents set good example following Commands daily the children will tow the line and do the right thing. As new generations tend to repeat the sins of their forebears or vice versa.  Therefore, Godpunishes  parents and the children.” This is why God visit the sins of the fathers on the children to the 3rd and 4th generation. In John 2:1-2, Bible says, My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world. One must go to God to ask God’s Forgiveness to delete your name from punishment through repentance. Both children and parents suffer for their parents’ and children’s sins. The Bible  says God WILL NOT anymore punish the children for their parent’s sins. The LORD proclaims through Christ Jesus the sons will no longer bear all the punishment for the father’s iniquity, nor will the father bear punishment for the children’s sins.wp-1455108518016.jpgIf a father rejects the Covenants of God so takes his family into sin to reject God, children will suffer the consequences. In Exodus 33 11 The LORD GOD spoke to Moses face to face as a man speaks to his friend in tabernacle. Moses asked God to be with them on journey to Canaan or Moses will not go. God’s directed Moses by an intervention due to children’s stiff necked behaviour in Exodus 34:6-7, “The LORD GOD is Compassionate and Gracious God, merciful GOD passed before him and proclaimed, “The Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth,keeping mercy to 1000s of generations forgiving iniquity, mistakes, transgression and sin. Yet, by no means clearing the guilty, visiting iniquity of the fathers upon the children and the children’s children to third and fourth generation.” It means generational sins live beyond the sinner if not dealt with. Blessings last longer due to the actions of ancestors to thousands of generations in family. But God punishes less time compared to the generational BLESSING so accept Christ.accept_jesus_todayGod is not punishing the children for their father’s sins but they were feeling the natural reaction consequences of sin. In Exodus 20:6, God shows His LOVE to one 1000 generations. God lavishes His unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who Love Him. People blessed by God and saved are more than those cursed. In Deuteronomy 7:9, God is Faithful, Keeping His Covenant for a thousand generations. James 1:12 says Blessed is the man that endures forever because they shall be saved to receive the crown of life. The lack of physical healing does not mean all illnesses are the result of curses from sin. Jesus said it is not parents or the son that sinned to cause the blindness healed in John 9:3. Jesus answered those thinking it was SIN that caused illness, Neither has this man sinned, nor his parents but the works of God to be manifested. To show God is The True, Powerful Living God, Whose Son Jesus is Empowered to do miracles through the Holy Spirit. God is Good and therefore Fair in justice. Man’s actions though may affect life is a result of the natural consequences that follow. Choice is given to mankind by God to choose BLESSINGS or curses in Deuteronomy 28. Whichever path is chosen is clearly spelt out by God in advance leading to a particular result affecting descendants so choose the BLESSINGS of God in Jesus Name and be saved!!!


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